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YouTube Censors Videos Concerning John Hagee’s Pro-War position

Posted by Job on July 9, 2008

YouTube Censors Videos Concerning John Hagee’s Pro-War position

This action by John Hagee and his lawyers does appear suspious in light of the up-coming CUFI gathering/Summit on July 21-July 24.

As the author of this post at Talk to Action points out, some of these clips have been up for a year or more: (8 of his own video’s were removed).

During previous Washington CUFI ‘war gatherings’ and hate fests we’ve gotten an inside look at the happenings–I’ll be surprised if this is true concerning the one later this month. I see you have to wear a badge at all times to have access to any of the closed meetings, ( quote, You must present a photo ID to register. You must wear your Registration Badge at all times during the Summit)

Senator Joe Lieberman and Senator Rick Santorum are at least two of the politico’s due to speak. Wonder if Bridgette “ARABS HAVE NO SOUL!” Gabriel will be speaking again this year?: (see this now infamous video clip here before it too gets removed)

If you have not as yet, gotten a look inside the Hagee political war-mongering organization CUFI, plus  Hagee and his followers ultra-dispensationalist views of scripture/prophecy, the excellent PBS program: Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is still available on line to watch as well as the transcript. I remember watching it last fall, and the total SHOCK I had when listening to this documentary.


“If a line has to be drawn, draw it around Christians and Jews. We are united.” – “When 50 million evangelical bible-believing Christians unite with five million American Jews standing together on behalf of Israel, it is a match made in heaven.” -Pastor John Hagee, CUFI Founder

PBS Video (EXCELLENT, eye-opening program)

Portions of the transcript/interview


12 Responses to “YouTube Censors Videos Concerning John Hagee’s Pro-War position”

  1. Brigitte Gabriel was speaking in the context of what is taught in the Arab world. She was not claiming Arabs have no soul. She is of Arab descent herself and was a Christian facing persecution at their hands. Unlike many who criticize her and never faced a single day of what she’s experienced. I’d like to see what many here would say if they endured some of the REAL persecution she faced in her childhood.

    Laura Ingraham and Brigitte Gabriel Discuss Christian Persecution in Lebanon By Hezbollah (Audio) Be sure to listen to the audio there.

  2. But regarding Hagee, you know I’m not surprised.

  3. Brigette is of Arabic descent. Many who accept replacement theology need to realize that Muslim persecution of Christians and other innocent Arabic people is for real. Hagee is wrong on lusting for a war with Iran and parroting a neo conservative foreign policy. Yet, Muslim extremism plus persecution is real. I just believe a solution to that isn’t preemptive war (or demonizing all Arabic people), but dialogue and voluntarily spreading the Gospel worldwide.

    By Timothy

  4. Job said

    IC and Truthseeker:

    I never downplay Islamic atrocities against people. However, Gabriel’s rhetoric is extreme, and she willingly allows herself to be used by people like Hagee. Hagee plays the old tried and true trick of getting someone like her to say the things that he wants to but cannot publicly be associated with saying. Sorry, but Gabriel knows what Hagee’s agenda is, and since she so often and willingly supports him she is probably behind it 100%. Going to Hagee’s dispensational dual covenant theology gatherings filled with people that would cheer were Israel to just go ahead and nuke, gas, biogerm every Palestinian so they can rebuild the temple, recreate biblical Israel, and cause the rapture and saying “Arabs have no soul” is no different from how the “southern conservatives” used to invite the hardline segregationists to speak at their gatherings and then “kinda sorta” distance themselves from the racist things that they KNEW that the speakers were going to do and say when they invited them. Need I remind you: Hagee is a good old boy from Texas and knows how to play that game. With all due respect to what Ms. Gabriel endured, there are plenty of Christian survivors of Muslim atrocities that aren’t supporting Hagee’s lust for power, money, and blood. I am sorry, but people like Hagee are bigger threats than the Muslims are.

  5. Job, she’s Roman Catholic.

    But she did NOT say “Arabs have no soul”. Watch the video again. She is Arabic herself.

    While we have issues with this “do whatever Israel wants” mentality, we don’t have to go tossing words in anyone’s mouth and it’s not godly for us to do so. If a Black man who escaped a street gang said “the gang world has no soul”, it is no different and just as factual a statement.

    Like the crusades or not, the Arab world was literally taking over the world till they occurred. So to assert that the Arab world has and is actively trying to take the world for its self by force has plenty of factual backing. The statements of Muhammad’s later years and the later writings of the Koran support the assertion too.

    No she should not be teaming with John Hagee, but I think what I noted in my first sentence let’s you know she’s got even bigger issues than Hagee and that there is something afoot in politics even bigger than him.

    Hagee a “bigger” threat than Muslims. Are you trying to say there is a “lesser” of two evils?

  6. If you’re saying Hagee is a “bigger” threat in the sense that he could toss the nation into another preemptive war, that could really break this nation and not turn out as expected, than I understand your mentioning that Hagee is a “bigger” threat than the Muslims.

  7. Coram Deo said

    John Hagee has proven time and time again that is a satanic mouthpiece. Anathema!

  8. Job said

    Independent Conservative:

    When I say that Hagee is a bigger threat, I am speaking in an eschatological sense, of the beast or the anti – Christ. Islam is incontrovertibly false, a false religious system to begin with, so I pay it no heed. I am thinking that the beast and the false prophet will represent an apostate form of Christianity that will be pro – state, pro – rich, pro – war, offer explicit non – Christians salvation outside of Jesus Christ, and offer its members salvation through a false gospel of “values.” Hagee is not the beast obviously, but he is helping create the mindset that will lead to it.

    And by the way, if Gabriel is Roman Catholic … I did say “pro – state, pro – rich, pro – war, offer non – Christians salvation outside of Jesus Christ” etc. Her cult is already where Hagee is headed.

  9. Islam also in many ways fulfills the roles of the Beast and false prophet. I think if you looked a little more into what Islam claims will come in the future you’d be a bit surprised.

    And yes the RC cult is basically what pimps like Hagee are pressing to become. It’s almost surprising that Hagee ever spoke against it, given how much Word of Faith has similarities to RC.

  10. As for Israel, Israel isn’t monolithic. Many Israelis want freedom for Palestinians. It’s wrong to oppress Palestinians and it’s also wrong to bomb Israelis as well. It’s a 2 way street. The Replacement theology crowd needs to get that. God didn’t replace thing. God just added Jewish people and Gentiles on the same salvation covenant when he came here. That doesn’t mean there is a dual covenant, but God extended his promises to all people. Also, The Bible perfectly says that salvation of the Jews and we should respect all humans. This doesn’t mean dispensationalists lust after people dying. Even prophecy outlines people dying and an Antichrist system for a temporary period of time.

    By Timothy

  11. Job said


    I wasn’t speaking against all dispensationalists. I was specifically talking about the Hagee crowd that is pressing for war. I am not speaking against all Jews, just the ones who want to go to war against the Palestinians and Iran. And I am sorry, this whole Iran thing is hypocritical: what gives us the right to say that they can’t have nuclear power? What give Israel the right to blow up Iraq’s nuclear power plant in the 1980s? They use the justification that Iraq and Iran MAY use their nuclear power capabilities to generate weapons. Why not wait until there is EVIDENCE that they are making weapons and THEN move against them? And incidentally, what gives us the right to dictate who has nuclear weapons and who doesn’t have them? It isn’t as if it is only our allies that have them: Russia and China have them too.

    I honestly think that it is all about economics. If the Arab countries convert to nuclear power, then they will either A) be able to sell even more of their oil on the open market or B) they will no longer HAVE to keep pumping the oil unless they really WANT to if you know what I am saying. Seriously, this whole thing is an outrage. I believe in national sovereignty, and there shouldn’t be this cabal of international nations telling nations what they can do with their own economy. The only reason why everyone thinks that it is OK to threaten Iran with war over their desire to adopt nuclear power is because Iran is a Muslim Asian country. Were it a European country, even an unstable poor eastern European one, the idea of bombing them into submission merely because they want nuclear power would be regarded as insane.

  12. I agree with you on Iran though. Most people realize that Hagee and much of his crowd promotes extremists ideals and unfortunately Briggette is a Papist. I see the points that you’re trying to make. I don’t believe in a war in Iran neither do I feel inheritely threatened if Iran develops nuclear system to power their own nation. They do have a right to acquire their on national sovereignity. Thanks for your clarification.

    By Timothy

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