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Hey Hey Hey McDonalds Says It Is OK To Be GAY!

Posted by Job on July 5, 2008

From Slice of Laodicea McDonald’s Chooses Sides in the Culture War

Any of you Christians still bowing before the false idol of capitalism? Hey, I am not against capitalism, I am just talking about the politically conservative Christians who claim that God handed capitalism (along with democracy) on Sinai and Jesus Christ endorsed private property rights in the Sermon on the Mount. I keep telling the religious right Christians … big business only cares about money and gaining power that they can use to make more money. They don’t care about your values, and just like the rest of the world THEY HATE YOUR JESUS CHRIST. Open your eyes and stop pretending otherwise. Big business is part of the anti – Christ agenda just like everybody else. I still remember the 1980s when the dispensational pre – tribulation rapture cult had so many of us convinced that the anti – Christ was going to be a Soviet communist …


14 Responses to “Hey Hey Hey McDonalds Says It Is OK To Be GAY!”

  1. Kyle said

    Sigh! What can we do? All businesses are supporting some demonic cause or another. Heck! the United Way supports abortion causes and just about EVERY company big or small gives them money. You see the real issue is not “which” ones but rather how “all” are supporting /embracing some sort of unbiblical ideas. What can we do I say again. We need to eat, have transportation, and cloth ourselves.


  2. Job said


    Well Ingrid Schlueter of Slice of Laodicea says that she eats at Subway anyway 🙂 Seriously, I know what you are getting at. Paul stated in Corinthians that it is OK to eat things sacrificed to idols. But we are not to forget that they are idols! Lots of conservative Christians tie their Christianity with nationalism, democracy, and capitalism, and I am just showing them that trusting in anything else but God is wrong.

  3. I defer to my post titled I’m Sick of the American Family Association. You Can’t Force the Immoral to Christ!

    Will the AFA tell all Christians to leave the states of California and Massachusetts? They “marry” homosexuals you know!

    And will they seek for Christians to boycott all things produced in whole or in part from the states of CA or MA?

    It’s ridiculous foolishness! I said FOOLISHNESS. Not calling them fools, but the action a foolish endeavor. When the saints in Corinth were buying meat, even if they did find a meat seller who was not sacrificing the meat to idols, IT WAS ROMAN TERRITORY. You better believe there was homosexual behavior a plenty! So I’ll eat the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, no pickle or onions please!

    A company catering to homosexuals does not literally equal the MEAT BEING SACRIFICED TO IDOLS. It means they pander to homosexuals as a corporation. So if the AFA and others want to boycott on the basis of idols, I await them boycotting all things from the states of CA and MA and also boycotting all the other companies that cater to homosexuals. If they do this in earnest, we won’t hear from them online, because they probably won’t find a company that provides Internet service and is Kosher enough for them.

  4. Oh and the corporations already know, a Liberal boycott is far more effective than one from the “Religious Right” in impacting their bottom line. They also know the Liberals have the disposable income. So taking it to a battle of boycotts, the Liberals win.

  5. Oh where will Ingrid eat when she hears about this?

    …A host of new advertisers have entered the gay market recently. The year-old gay cable channel from MTV Networks, LOGO, has introduced Sears Brands, Sprint Nextel and Bally Total Fitness to gay viewers in the last several months, while viewers of the channel on Time Warner in New York City have also seen Weight Watchers International and Subway restaurants.

  6. Kyle said


    Hence the need to rid companies of Christians. In other words all companies are being bought lock, stock , and barrel by the Homosexual mafia thus the need for

    “Leading Corporate Diversity Firms Says Companies Have To Start Firing Christians”.

    Ah! what a nice intertwining of two separate posts.


  7. Devon said

    Good Lord..this is horrible…and Kyle is right..what can you do…wherever we eat or buy our clothes or cars, you know the major industries are going to be pro homo at the end of the day…

    I remember back in the early 90’s when I first heard of companies doing this evil…the first company i remember was the Swedish firm , IKEA……I was appalled..sickened..and to this day and never again will I ever buy a product from them..simply on principle..they were one of the first to promote benefits for…everyone does it..

    Even allegded family places like Disneyland!! For shame…..

    Slouching towards Gomarrah indeed!! More like a bullet train…

  8. The bottom line is, none of them ever told you they professed Christ, so what since did it ever make to assume they would ever uphold any godly standard and be suddenly “appalled” when they don’t?

  9. Devon said

    Common sense IC…Common sense I thought would hold the day…evidently, I was wrong about that…growing up in the 70’s, everyone and I mean just about everyone whether pagan or christian looked down on homosexuality as they did adultery and blue movies…

    NOW….things have completely flip flopped…and again, the reason being that our Judeo/Christian fabric has been ripped out from underneath our feet so that we no longer share that en masse with all of our citizens…yes it is true that even though most people in the 50’ss, 60’s and 70’s were not regenerate, they still shared common values of our Judeo/Christian heritage…now that is no longer shared and hence you have Ford, GE, Du Pont etc etc committing themselves to every whim of social engineering out there…

    That is why it is appalling…

  10. Common sense, you mean the wicked mind of man? If man knew what was good for him, all men would be believers on Christ.

  11. Devon, you have to admit what “common sense” is to a McDonalds executive. For them “common sense” is to MAKE MONEY. That’s it. As long as it does not land them in prison, it’s legit, because they live by the laws of men. So if catering to homosexuals makes money, they’ll do it and it works within their frame of “common sense” because there is no Christ in it, no fear of judgment and now fear of a Jesus coming to judge wickedness. It’s the SAME logic they’ve always used, only before there were no reports saying homosexuals had so much money.

    One day they will likely start firing Christians and when they do, they’ll look at the AFA and say, “well you Christians were “boycotting” our products anyway.”

    Search the AFA web site for “Olympics China” and you come up empty. Why is this group (AFA), that is so dogmatic about “boycotts” not speaking word one about an event taking place in a land that persecutes Christians for breakfast, on top of the army of American corporations sponsoring it?

    The AFA is NOT really working on a mission to help Christians spread the message of salvation by believing on the Lord Jesus. The AFA is a political body, that makes the Vatican proud!

  12. Bruce Rockwell said

    I ran into an article on Google that takes a totally different approach to the current homosexuality issue. To read it, Google “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up.” Although obviously written from a Christian standpoint, it says that “God is behind gay rights” and goes on to explain what’s behind this statement. Since the article is not copyrighted, anyone can publish it.

  13. Devon said

    I know your right IC…but you still see the majority of the lost are against murder and rape…really, Homosexuality is just so evil, I thought that the masses would continue to be appalled by this particular sin….Not that I am advocating or have ever advocated any kind of hatred or personal hurt to those that struggle with being gay…

    I just assumed it would be anathema to all peoples regardless of beliefs…man…was I wrong there…

  14. Devon, they are killing their own babies in their mother’s wombs and claiming it’s OK. Today alone over 1000 babies will be slaughtered in wombs across the USA and I guess adding to whatever figure will be up your way in Canada, even more.

    No there are no limits, none. The homosexuality, murder and so on, all well described in Romans 1.

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