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The False Anointing: Where Will It End?

Posted by Job on July 4, 2008

From Soli Deo Gloria.

The Carnival Church
The temple prostitutes are here


2 Responses to “The False Anointing: Where Will It End?”

  1. pjmiller said

    I posted a couple more links to this series,”The False Anointing: Where Will It End?” today Job, if you’d be interested.

    Also found that horrible song which is mentioned in one of the clips above, “New Winos Drinking Song…i posted a copy of the lyrics too.

  2. walter said

    Tom Winfield said…
    Jessica, loved what you had to say as a twenty-something Pentecostal. I am 72. So good to see a young person with discernment. I am a veteran of several “Holy Ghost Revivals”–Lakeland No. 1 with Rodney Howard-Brown, 1993; Brownsville, 1996; and John and Carol Arnott meetings at Calvary Assembly of Winter Park, Fl, 2008. You see things at these revivals that go beyond the normal Pentecostal-Charismatic services, and, in fact, you need to, else why would a Pentecostal go? But on the whole, the spirit of the leader and what he or she says and does is very important. When the Holy Spirit tells the leader to punch someone in the stomach to heal them, kick an old lady in the face to hearl her, body slam a guy to heal him, leg drop a pastor to heal him, we need to stand up and shout “STOP!!! This is not the God of the Bible!!! This is not Jesus!!! This is not what we see His apostles doing!!!” So again, I am heartened at your conclusions.
    July 4, 2008 8:19 AM

    Liars and Perjurers in Revival
    Not Innocent”
    Todd Bentley
    Third Wave Exposed
    Justine Peters Vs Todd Bentley

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