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Todd Bentley Caught On Tape Committing Assault

Posted by Job on July 2, 2008

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Video of Todd Bentley Assaulting a Man.

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Some guy with tats and piercings all over beats some guy on stage and they claim it’s the “healing” power of God. This man talks about demons, when he’s the one who really is working in the demonic.

Check out this video.

(Hat tip Battle 4 Truth.)

And the Word of God says:

2 Corinthians 11:13-20 (New American Standard Bible) 

13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.

14 No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

15 Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.

16 Again I say, let no one think me foolish; but if you do, receive me even as foolish, so that I also may boast a little.

17 What I am saying, I am not saying as the Lord would, but as in foolishness, in this confidence of boasting.

18 Since many boast according to the flesh, I will boast also.

19 For you, being so wise, tolerate the foolish gladly.

20 For you tolerate it if anyone enslaves you, anyone devours you, anyone takes advantage of you, anyone exalts himself, anyone hits you in the face.

This ungodly demonic mess Todd Bentley is doing is nothing new and it appears after nearly thousands of years nothing has been learned and people still run after these false apostles. Being beaten and devoured and still falsely calling it a move of God.

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11 Responses to “Todd Bentley Caught On Tape Committing Assault”

  1. billie said

    Why don’t people with any mentality at all see thru this freak? Todd gets me upset but I still watch GodTv and I tell other people about this fool. GodTv is worse than any adult channel on Directv. I hope this guy has some b_lls and sues this maniac before somebody is injured bad. God help us all to see the true light of your way and expose freaks like Todd, Hinn, Parsley, Copeland, ect.

  2. Jesus did none of this. He spoke and it was so. The apostles spoke and it was so. My Lord and my God. This does not line up with scripture.

  3. Semilogical said

    Did anyone talk to the guy that was on the stage with Todd?

    Have you ever been in the presence of God?

    I’m pretty sure this whole article is biased and most likely the video was edited by someone that has no idea of what is going on.

    Have you ever been touched by God? In any manner?

    Do you know that God can heal the terminally ill?

    Do you know that God can restore life?

    Most of all do you care that many people are being healed at this event?
    Christians and non-Christians alike.

    It’s easy to defy and deny what is going on, but without knowledge or perspective you are nothing more than a raving lunatic.

  4. picky , picky.. get a real life, get Jesus..

  5. The Spirit of God is a gentlemen. The physical act of kicking never came into Christ’s ministry and he is our example. If Jesus didn’t do it then where does it come from? Jesus spoke over those in need. This fleshly new age gospel has crept into the church, but are these men acting in accordance with the teachings of Christ? Read the gospels for yourself. Did Jesus slap, kick or say goog, goog over those in need of healing. Regardless of what healings are taking place in these meeting they have to measured by the Word of God, hence try the spirit to see if they are of Christ. Everyone is excited by healing and dismissed the word which judges all doctrine. Even satan minmicks healings and the like.

  6. micey said

    he calls it healing, i call it assault… i work in the OR and if that man had stage 4 colon cancer, that kick could have killed him and then todd would be a murderer…

  7. So it seems that first off the user has removed the video, WHY? if it really was an assualt and not a healing, than why not leave it on there. Second off lots of scripture there. How about John 14:12-14 or 1 John 3:16-18 (emphasis on the verse 18, but I’m sure that verse 17 gets you stuck too when you see a homeless person) but all that aside, reality check Jesus said it in John 14 If you so much as believe in me you will do ALL OF THE THINGS THAT I HAVE DONE AND GREATER!!!! you can’t jump around that, unless you call Jesus a Liar. Tell me that the things that are Going on the Healings that are taking place around the world by the powerful NAME OF JESUS are false. And I will say that you need to re-evaluate your outlook on the power of God, and re-evaluate your Love for your Christian brothers and sisters. Do not persecute them, for that is not Love, but speak to them, for It is our Job to Love all I think that you should re-read 1 John. And Stop all that your doing to put your relationship with Daddy first. Cause until you do that Hate that seethes from you will corrupt our family.!

    Arson (setting hearts on fire for the Kingdom of God) Montoya

    • Job said

      Arson Montoya:

      That video was up for months, and those who saw it can vouch for its content. Second, it has long been confirmed that not a single person was actually healed at Bentley’s revival. Several of the people who Bentley claims to have healed have since died of their illnesses. I do not claim that faith healing is not real, for my asthma and kidney swelling were immediately miraculously healed, and I can produce medical documentation proving that I once had kidney swelling and rather serious and worsening asthma but have them no longer. Not a single person from that Bentley revival can produce medical confirmation that they were ill previous to and healed immediately following his revival.

      Bentley preaches exceedingly heretical and apostate doctrines of devils and leads an extremely immoral lifestyle. Even during the revival, he was carrying on an adulterous affair, and is now “married” to a woman that is not his wife, meaning that he is still committing adultery. Show me evidence where God uses such a man to work miracles. A person who works in God’s Name will be used by God represent and reveal God’s nature, including His love, mercy, power, grace, holiness and righteousness. The person who does not represent and reveal God’s attributes in his works comes in his own name, and is a robber and a thief who comes to deceive and scatter the sheep.

      Read the entire Gospel of John. Then read Galatians, Ephesians, Jude, 1 and 2 Timothy, and finish your reading with Revelation chapters 2 and 3. Judgment is coming to all false teachers as well as those who follow them. Thank you, and I am praying for you. I trust that you are sincere and working hard to lead people to Jesus Christ. So, I am praying that you will become zealous for sound doctrine, right practice, and lead and instruct others in the truth as well, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

      • My friend, I am not a follower of Todd Bentley, But a Follower of Christ. And the things that you have said have closed my mouth, and I have my Bible beside me now to follow in suit with your recommendations. You are right, I am a new Christian. And I have not been discipled, I am self-taught, and holy spirit taught. I have sought many resources, including todd bentley’s whom I was weary of last year and was again weary again when i saw the split of the ministry, I did not know anything of the things that you present to me. But again. I simply believe that people can be healed and I am so sick of the dischord be sown between churches, that so many Christians against Christians and Church against Church. And to be Honest, I was simply upset to see that a brother was being persecuted. I do not know Todd B. But I do know that there is so much hatred from main-stream christianity towards Pentecostal movements, places like I.H.O.P. and Bethel Church that are doing GOOD WORKS and are having people healed there and are encouraging people are being persecuted not by the secular world but by there own bretheren. And to be honest. As a new believer I’m disgusted. It’s sickening. I come from a world where I opposed Christianity, I wasn’t aware that I was going to join the church to find persecution from my own family. I am sorry I did not do my homework first. but I have read the Bible nearly 3 times in 3 years, since I became a Christian in november of 06. And I have Digested and grown alot. Without people coming along side me, Because I have facial tattoos and look like some sort of heathen cannibal to most. The Lord has Blessed this once violent punkrocker with a second wind, and second chance at a Holy Life. And I do believe you were right in the last paragraph, your discernment was correct, that is my heart, you should visit my webpage (aka myspace) And you’ll see my heart.

        • Job said

          Arson Montoya:

          Well I praise God for your salvation and deliverance! I am absolutely thrilled that you are reading your Bible. From how it sounds, you are reading your Bible more often than I am these days! Yes, the lack of unity in the church is disturbing, and I have begun praying that we would have the love for one another that Jesus Christ prayed that we would have in John chapters 14-17. I am well aware of the good works of Pentecostalism, for I was raised Pentecostal Holiness Word of Faith. But you are familiar from the synoptic gospels when Jesus Christ spoke of sheep and goats. Both sheep and goats perform mighty works in the Name of Jesus Christ, including healing and casting out evil spirits. But only the sheep are actually obedient to the Name and Word of Jesus Christ and respect His Lordship over their lives. The goats are those who for whatever reason do works in Christ’s Name but do not respect His Lordship over their lives and therefore do not obey His Word or His Name, and also disobey and grieve the Holy Spirit that reveals the Son of God to them.

          You see, man by his fallen nature is an idolater. We know this from Romans 1:17-32. So, when we look at someone doing mighty works, we naturally in our flesh (which is the same as our soul, which is our mind, will and emotions, and by the way NOT the same as our spirit man) desire to focus on, revere and worship the man doing the works in the Name of Jesus Christ instead of focusing on, revering, venerating and worshiping Jesus Christ. So, we use the works as an excuse to justify the man who is performing the works. That is not the role of works. The role of works is to show the love of Jesus Christ, reveal Jesus Christ and point people to Jesus Christ. When we use works to point people to man, justify man, and glorify man we are being idolaters.

          You see, God is sovereign. God in His sovereignty has given the Name of Jesus Christ power. So God will use those who preach, teach, call on, and do works in the Name of Jesus Christ to accomplish His Will. But it happens because God wills it so and God is willing and merciful and powerful enough to use those who call upon His Name to accomplish His Will. So if a goat uses the Name of God to work great things, that person is still a goat, and the Bible makes it clear that goats will burn for eternity in the lake of fire, as will those who follow them. Why those who follow them? Because the people who are following the goat do so because they love, are fascinated with, and ultimately are worshiping the goat, so being disobedient rebellious idolaters they are goats themselves. So, the only thing that the good works of a goat performs is to glorify the Christ whose Name that they are calling on and to benefit those who receive the works. It has no benefit whatsoever to the goat or to those who follow the goat. The goat’s works are like chaff consumed in fire, they don’t last. Only the works of obedient sheep benefit the ones performing the works, and those are the only ones that last for an eternity. For instance, many people have been saved by hearing sermons preached by sinful unsaved preachers. Those people are still saved to the glorification of Jesus Christ, but that doesn’t change the fact that the preacher himself is unsaved, headed for damnation, along with those who follow him. Many people will be burning in the lake of fire while people whom they pointed to Jesus Christ with their works will be in heaven!

          So, that is why we cannot focus on works. We have to focus on Jesus Christ. We have to focus on the Bible. We have to evaluate people, churches, doctrines, movements etc. against the standard of scripture, against the example of God as revealed by His Son, against the teachings of His Son as given to us by His apostles, and we have to discard and separate ourselves from everything that does not pass the test. Really, we do not have the wisdom ourselves to judge – though prideful men deceive themselves that they do – but we have the Holy Spirit to guide us. The Holy Spirit will convict us concerning unrighteousness and prod us onto the right path, and we have to submit to the Holy Spirit’s work and be obedient to Him, for the Holy Spirit is God. The Holy Spirit is not some manservant to do our bidding, some carnival act that we use to amuse ourselves and impress others, and not some power source that we call upon, but rather the Holy Spirit is God, is sovereign, is holy, and must be unconditionally obeyed with fear, trembling, reverence and submission. How ironic that the modern Pentecostal movement who talks so much about the Holy Spirit seems to forget who the Holy Spirit is, which is God! They treat the Holy Spirit as if He is some religious accessory instead of God who must be served, bowed to, made supplications to! They mistreat the Holy Spirit that way because they do not want to accept or submit to the Holy Spirit’s Lordship, because submitting to the Lordship of the Holy Spirit means submitting to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and submitting to the Lordship of Jesus Christ means submitting to the Lordship of God the Father. And as Romans 1:17-32 says, man in his fallen state does not want to submit to God because man in his fallen depraved sinful state prefers idols to God.

          So Mr. Montoya, as for you, to meet your discipleship needs, I advocate that you join yourself to a local church where you can be under a pastor, ministerial staff, deacons, and elder brothers who can teach, train and disciple you and with whom you can have a relationship of mutual love, respect, edification and accountability. I myself am Reformed Baptist by conviction (although not by affiliation). However, I do not wish to impose my leanings on you. We are one body of Christ with many members, and it is God’s desire to lead you to the local congregation where God wants you to serve Him. Continue to pray, study the Bible, and the Holy Spirit will lead you to the right church. If you have faith and trust in Him and wait on Him, he will do it. The important thing is the Holy Spirit picking your church for you, not any man.

          Now I will pray for you Arson Montoya. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may God be a light unto your feet, a guide to your path, and conform you into the image of His Son. May God be with you throughout all the trials and tribulations that He will use to train, teach, mold, purify, refine and reprove you, and may God’s Spirit cause you to endure until the end of your race. May God continually remind you of His promises, including the truth that you are His, and that you cannot fall away because no one in the earth, above the earth, or under the earth can separate you from His love or steal you out of His hand. May God remind you that He will not allow you to endure temptation beyond what you can bear, but will always provide you with a way out. May God prosper you in your ministry, make you into a fruitful vine that bears 30, 60 or 100 fold, and may you receive the reward of one that is called faithful upon the end of your race. May you know that you are but a pilgrim in this life, for this world is not your home but the world to come. In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

          • Job, I was moved deeply by the Holy Spirit in this last letter of yours, as I have been doing alot of the things that you encouraged me to do. I have sought and found a 51 year old congregation, and it’s funny, I have been homeless for nearly ten years, and I am relatively new to my own hometown. For I have not been around here for nearing eight years. And I have come onto a pentecostal church, one though that is differant from alot that I have been to before, the pastor seeks sound doctrine, and seeks the favor and coverage of the Lord our God over the Church and the services, and he turns to God for everything. Now I myself do read my bible alot, I probably get around realistically 21 to 28 hours a week in the word, give or take, and I spend time between that and Devotional Christian reading of Christian Literature. Again, I have recently come to the conclusion that I had made good things such as ministry, and bible study, and caring for the poor, a substitute for my relationship with God, and declared that, that would stop, and decided that I would seek first the Kingdom of God. And My relationship with Poppa. And allow the Holy Spirit to lead in my life. I have given up secular music in my life, and declared that anything that is not glorifying to God shall be cast out of my life, (now to some readers beside you, this may sound like religious legalism, but this is MY YOKE, and I cannot ask you to bare my Yoke, for the Holy Spirit has put these things upon my heart, and as I have walked in closer submission with the Holy Spirit I have felt the desire with ease and joy to release these things from my life with gladness, so there is no religious legalism there, the religious legalism would be if I asked you to place this Yoke upon yourself reader, Sorry Job I felt lead to add that) And really I have seen alot of great joy’s in my life as these changes in my life have taken place such as spontaneous acts of worship, I wake up and spend my mornings in praise and worship, I pray more, and I read the word more, I am seeking and spending more time in spiritual things, as opposed to worldly things as I seek a relationship with God first, and put that as my first and foremost priority. but I really wanted you to be encouraged that your letter really did transform my day. It was almost like a mini-discipleship to me. And the Lord moved through you to me, And I must say. That I have some studies to do, I lost my train of thought. So I will end here. And thank you.

            Arson (setting hearts on fire for the Kingdom of God) Montoya

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