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Are Word Of Faith Heretics Just Roman Catholic Jesuit Puppets?

Posted by Job on June 23, 2008

There are also allegations that the Jesuit order studied the Jewish mystic book the Kabbalah, which contained a ton of Babylonian paganism. From Youtube user JesuitInfiltrator:


3 Responses to “Are Word Of Faith Heretics Just Roman Catholic Jesuit Puppets?”

  1. nan said

    In a word YES they are. They have infiltrated the church and are now taking it into the New World Order.

  2. nan said

    Churches are taking grant money and there is a price to pay in the end. People in churches everywhere are lined up for the New World Order. They have sold their souls for the money and fame knowing full well that there is a price to pay, but they don’t care. Running behind and under the main instigator of this whole mess TD Jakes who this government put in the main set to set off this whole deception. They have convinced themselves that this money is a blessing from God. I cannot believe that people who are Bishops, Pastors, Ministers, Prophets, etc can be so blind and greedy that they have to look for a covering other than God Himself. This deception of covering is another trick of the devil. I guess God can’t cover and feed his leaders anymore. My covering has been and forever shall be the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  3. christseeker said

    I agree wholeheartly, with both posts, nan

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