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More Evidence That Ronald Reagan Was A New Ager From Roman Catholic Mystic Peggy Noonan

Posted by Job on June 22, 2008

Again, how many religious right types know that this stuff is true and refused to talk about it? Oh yes, and this also provided still more proof by virtue of Noonan’s protestations of being “offended” by Mike Huckabee that the Vatican is more than willing to use evangelicals to get into power (just as they are willing to use blacks, Hispanics, and liberal Jews in the Democratic Party) but have no intention of ever allowing evangelicals to actually take power. Huckabee knows this, which was why he resisted entreaties from the Republican Party to get him to try to pick up a DEMOCRATIC Senate seat in Arkansas, or go be their Pat Robertson 2.0 (i.e. the guy who raises money for the GOP and herds evangelicals into the voting booths like cattle for a party that ignores them). What was hilarious is how Noonan declared herself to be “offended” by Huckabee’s allegedly Catholic and Mormon baiting tactics in Iowa. Was she ever offended by Ronald Reagan’s race baiting in 1980 and 1984, the whole courting segregationist thing plus the urban legends about welfare queens? Of course not. Always question Christian leaders that refuse to tell the truth about Ronald Reagan and will not tell the truth about the Vatican.


2 Responses to “More Evidence That Ronald Reagan Was A New Ager From Roman Catholic Mystic Peggy Noonan”

  1. Not to take away from the fact there is much about Ronald Reagan that was not good, but I’ve known real life welfare queens and still know of one. They are not an urban legend.

    And I know you don’t care much for her Job, but you know Starr Parker has let it be known she used to be one too.

    Maybe something mentioned by the Reagan camp about welfare queens was misrepresented, but welfare queens very much exists.

  2. Job said


    I do not dispute Star Parker. And you know what part of the country that I am from (the “black belt”) so of course I am well acquainted with welfare queens. Suffice to say that I was was once a very conservative Republican for a reason 🙂

    But the issue with Reagan is that he traded in these lies about all these inner city blacks allegedly using elaborate welfare fraud schemes to rob the government blind that were proven to be false, especially the one that he frequently told on the campaign trail to “Reagan Democrats” about this black woman in Chicago who stole $150,000 with multiple IDs. While welfare was a legitimate issue because of cultural issues, the way Republicans misrepresented the issue was amazing. Thanks to these “fiscal conservatives”, lots of people actually thought that trillions of dollars were being spent on welfare, and that we could balance the budget and pay off the deficit merely by eliminating it. The truth was – and is – welfare programs were pennies on the federal dollar, and were dwarfed several times over by Social Security and Medicare programs that disproportionately benefit whites. As a matter of fact, if we weren’t spending more money on farm programs that were proven in federal court to not only benefit whites but discriminated against blacks to the point where they drove most black farmers out of businesses than we were on welfare then, we certainly are now!

    And the “conservatives” (Republicans and good old boy Democrats) were fine ones to be talking about nonexistent welfare queens stealing only $150,000 when they were just printing money and handing it to any defense contractor, energy company, agribusiness conglomerate, or campaign contributor that came down the pike. What kind of a person gets all worked up over some black woman in Chicago getting $150,000 while not caring about those $700 dollar toilet seats and $8000 lug nuts (I am not making this up!) during the Reagan era, or the corruption and fraud of companies like Halliburton and Blackwater in Iraq and New Orleans to the tune of hundreds of billions? I will tell you: a racist plain and simple. Of course you realize that the Atlanta suburb area of which you are very familiar was built up by Newt Gingrich and Sam Nunn lobbying the Pentagon to build like five times more fighter planes than the country actually needed. It was actually an attack line used against Bob Barr … that he was more concerned with impeaching Bill Clinton than getting the Pentagon to approve more unneeded fighter planes to protect Cobb and Gwinnett County high paying jobs … excuse me to keep America safe.

    Oh yeah, and to be so much against black and inner city welfare, Ronald Reagan bowed to Vatican pressure and started the flow of illegal immigrants over here to take the very jobs that these master Chicago welfare queen scam artists that never existed could have used to move off welfare in the first place. Why did the right go for it? Because old Ronnie convinced the GOP that the Hispanic immigrants weren’t like those lazy blacks. No, the Hispanics were hard working, family oriented, pro – life, and HEAVILY CATHOLIC. So, they were NATURAL REPUBLICAN VOTERS and could be cultivated to offset the big advantage that Democrats had with blacks! Basically, the Reagan administration sold the base on amnesty by convincing them that Mexicans would be to California and Texas what Cubans are to Florida. That Reaganite notion was common thinking in the Republican Party – except for the Pat Buchanan Peter Brimelow contingent – until pro – abortion proposition 187/209 Pete Wilson in the 90s, and even then turning back the Reagan immigration policy didn’t become standard in the GOP until 2006 when the GOP discovered that they were going to take a beating on the Iraq War and forced it on the agenda to try to save themselves. Had these guys put immigration on the agenda in 2002 right after they won back the Senate or in 2004 after Bush’s re – election it would have passed. But they waited until they had absolutely no more political leverage left because it was obvious from the polls that they were going to get massacred. To this day they claim that 9/11 was the impetus for immigration reform, but the truth is that Tancredo’s bills were stuck in committee FOR YEARS before the leadership brought it up for a vote. Their refusing to push the bill back when it would have passed and waiting until they no longer had the leverage to get it to pass AND force Bush to sign it (any senator that would have voted against amnesty before the 2004 election would have lost, and Bush himself would have lost re – election by voting against it as well) makes me think that the whole thing was a sham, especially since the nominees of both parties support amnesty (and globalism and the NAFTA superhighway!), meaning that it is guaranteed to get enacted in 2009 no matter who wins.

    So even if Reagan’s welfare queens did exist – and they didn’t – it kind of puts it into perspective, doesn’t it? By the way, do you know who Reagan got those welfare queen yarns from? David Duke. Duke had been spinning those tales in Louisiana for years. It was how he got elected to state legislature and came THIS CLOSE to getting elected governor. To this day, David Duke claims that his political rise was stymied by people like Reagan and Jesse Helms taking his agenda and code words and making them mainstream. It was an NBC Nightly News story on the topic where the notion was that because respectable chaps like Reagan, Helms, Gingrich (you ought to hear some of the things that he used to say about Atlanta and the people who used to live there back in the day before he became a national figure), etc. had basically lifted Duke’s rhetoric, that people could go vote for those guys without the conflicted emotions over supporting a KKKer.

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