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More Blacks Converting To Judaism

Posted by Job on June 18, 2008

Considering what black people have gone through in order to become and remain Christians in America and all over the world both in these modern times and throughout history, I find the rate of conversion of blacks from Christianity to Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses, liberation theology, and Roman Catholicism alarming. This is still more evidence that the church has to reject modern theologies and get back to the full, Biblical gospel so that A) everyone will know that departing from the faith is wrong and B) everyone will know the consequences of doing so. That blacks are going to Judaism in particular is clear evidence that so many black churches have abandoned preaching from the book of Hebrews – as well as the book of Romans – in favor of preaching false prosperity/Word of Faith doctrines as well as getting themselves mixed up into secular politics and social action. I also wonder if dispensationalism – and the reverence for Judaism, the Israeli political state, and dual covenant theology that inevitably go along with the territory – is playing a role in this. 

From the worst newspaper in the country, the Atlanta Journal – Constitution:

Judaism drawing more black Americans


2 Responses to “More Blacks Converting To Judaism”

  1. goodtimepolitics said

    I have often wonder why the blacks are converting to muslim! Who would want to live under the muslim laws?

  2. nan said

    Black people are converting because there are too many greedy, self indulgent, lying, homosexuals and selfishness in the black church. Preachers are not preaching and teaching the end times and won’t allow those who will into their congregations to teach it. Those who teach the truth of God’s word are ousted because they want God to cover them and not some greedy man. They won’t allow you to speak at their conventions unless you are under them and giving them money each month and buying their cd’s and dvd’s so that you can get revelation from them and start to sound and imitate them. Haven’t you noticed how many preachers imitate each other, dress like each other and their wives sound and want to look like the star preachers of the mega churches.. This is why people are leaving and joining other religions because of the clowning and money grabbing in the church. All they hear in prosperity and a few people just want to hear the truth.n When the real truth. Paul, Peter etc allowed God to cover them then and only God can cover us now not man. This covering thing has messed up churches. It was a trick of Satan to keep men who are covered by God out of the church and keep lies in the church

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