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Brain Scans Showing Brains of Homosexuals Resembling People Of Opposite Sex Is The Result of SIN!

Posted by Job on June 17, 2008

Scans see ‘gay brain differences’

People are going to use articles like these to assert that what the Bible teaches regarding homosexuality is wrong because homosexuality is an immutable biological characteristic like sex or race. (If anything, they view homosexuality as even more fundamental then sex – falsely commonly called gender, which is a political term created by homosexual feminists to suit their purposes – because sex change operations, now being given even to small children, are done to accommodate homosexual preferences.) 

However, findings like these do not oppose the Bible, but rather confirm it. They should not weaken faith, but rather strengthen it. Why? Let me give you an example. I am not among those that claims “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy as a Christian allegory, and J.R.R. Tollkein’s vehement denials that it should be considered as such should be respected rather than claimed by Christians desperate to have a piece of popular culture all their own. Still, those familiar with the movies or books remember consider the effect that the ring, which represented evil and sin, had on Gollum. Consider not merely the effect that the ring had on Gollum’s MIND, giving him a split personality which Sam Gamgee named one “slinker” (after Gollum’s sneaky subversive subtle evil nature like Satan as the serpent in the Garden of Eden) and the other “stinker” (after Gollum’s more direct, malevolent, and aggressive evil nature like Satan as the dragon). Instead, also consider the effect that sin had on Gollum’s BODY. Where Gollum was once a hobbit like Frodo and Sam, sin transformed him PHYSICALLY into a twisted monstrosity that Aragorn referred to as “the footpad” after his froglike feet. Further, there were the orcs … originally elves but so PHYSICALLY twisted by Sauron’s witchcraft that not only did their appearance change, but they could no longer even bear sunlight! Again, “Lord of the Rings” is NOT CHRISTIAN, as Tollkein himself stated that it was his attempt to create a system of pagan mythology for Great Britain to go along with the Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology that he loved studying. Still, Gollum, the orcs, the trolls, etc. are examples of the physical effects of sin as told by a Mary – worshiping Roman Catholic that was very familiar with the subject, and as such makes for a very good secular nonbiblical contemporary example that can be used to illustrate a Biblical point.

Here is the sad part: orthodox, evangelical, fundamentalist, conservative, Biblical, etc. Christians have no problem acknowledging that Adam’s fall and the resulting effects of sin and death entering creation had a tangible effect: that the spiritual consequences of Adam’s sin had a real and discernible effect or manifestation on the natural world. So what is the problem? Contemporary Christians compartmentalize. They only believe that the “spiritual stuff like that” happened BACK THEN. Modern Christians, even Bible – believing ones, have the modern secular humanist mindset that in these times, the spiritual God of heaven has basically gone deist and left the workings of the world to science, economics, politics, religion, culture, and the alleged ability of man to use those things to take dominion of and rule the earth. Yes, even according to theologically conservative Christians, when the apostolic age ended not only God but the entire spirit realm went on holiday, and God and the ability of the spirit realm to have a regular tangible discernible effect on the natural realm in a way that billions of people can witness and acknowledge will not happen again until the rapture, the great tribulation, or the return of Jesus Christ (depending upon your eschatological position … full disclosure mine is historic premillennialism, which was the position of the early church before eschatological viewpoints were corrupted by Greek pagan allegorizing and the political needs of the Roman Empire). 

But no. Spiritual things and their ability to influence the natural world did not go away when Jesus Christ ascended back into heaven. The tangible physical effects of God’s grace are still present in all creation! God still causes the sun to shine and the rain to come for the good and the evil Matthew 5:45. What is it, modernist evangelical Christian? You do still believe that it is God that runs and sustains creation, right? Or have you been seduced by some corrupted form of natural theology that makes you more acceptable to the elite scholars and theologians? Well let me warn you … it was precisely that sort of corrupted natural theology, a form that made Christians marginally palatable to the atheist humanist enlightenment European academic community, that caused the Lutheran Church of Germany to vigorously endorse Adolph Hitler! The Lutheran Church of Germany actually issued a proclamation stating that God had placed Adolph Hitler in power to lead Germany back to greatness! So people, look at the horror of World War II and the blood of millions of innocent Jews and see the result of theologies that deny and run away from true spirituality, making God so transcendent, so detached and removed from His creation as to be functionally deist. And yes, I should point out that Hitler did murder homosexuals in his concentration camps too! People, be not deceived, Hitler was not evil because he hated homosexuals. Hitler hated homosexuals because he was evil!

So, a person that honestly believes in the spirit realm, sin and righteousness, good and evil has no problem accepting the fact that sin can and does cause physical changes in people. I am not merely talking about how alcohol abuse can destroy your liver, or gluttony can give you cardiopulmonary disease, though that certainly is true. I am stating that the spiritual effects of sin can and does have a tangible effect on a person’s biology, and moreover that said tangible effects can be passed onto one’s offspring. Again, go back to Adam! Why did eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil cause his death? Was it arsenic, strychnine, ricin, or some other poison? Did it contain anthrax, ebola, or some other pathogen? If so, it certainly took a mighty long time to work, didn’t it, because Adam lived to be 900, and spent a great deal of that time having children! And also, that would not explain how the ricin or the anthrax got into Adam’s children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so on! No, there was nothing intrinsically harmful about the fruit itself. The Bible even says that it was good for food! The only issue was that God told them not to eat it. The death that entered Adam and the entire creation was the physical effects of sin. You know what? Medical science explains it. Our DNA, RNA, chromosomes, etc. are imperfect. We die because over time our body ceases to create enough healthy new cells to replace the cells that die, and we are also prone to conditions where malformed cells overtake and destroy healthy ones (i.e. cancer). That genetic defect has been passed on to every man born of Adam! And if the spiritual consequences of Adam’s sin had a physical manifestation back then, the spiritual consequences of our sins have physical consequences right now! 

That is why Christians need not unconditionally reject the notion that some conditions, including homosexuality, may in fact be genetic. We should not be so quick to adopt the recent – and humanistic and ultimately Marxist – notion that everything is the result of free will and surroundings. If the effects of Adam’s sin are propagated throughout all humankind, why cannot the biological changes that result from sin be passed down? Doesn’t the Bible itself say so, that the effects of sin go from generation to generation? Even better: does not the Bible say that we are born in sin? Do not words MEAN things? Well, so – called Bible believing Christians know full well what being born in sin means. We know it, BUT WE DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE IT! That is why we are so willing to cast off what the Bible says in favor of the scientific, philosophical, and political imaginations that are products of minds that have specifically rejected Jesus Christ! I want someone to show me where it says in the Bible that anyone was a victim of their environment, surroundings, and circumstance. The one instance that I can think of, the infant son of wicked king Jeroboam that the sovereign God who predestines and elects knew was righteous, well God took that child out of that bad situation, didn’t He (1 Kings 14:12-14)? 

That is why we as Christians have to get serious. Sin in the time of Adam, the flood, the patriarchs, Israel, etc. is the same as sin today. It has the same effect on the spirit, the same effect on the mind, and the same effect on THE BODY. We Christians have to eliminate from ourselves these worldly considerations that make it so easy to reject our faith and start to believe THE BIBLE. So, instead of wallowing in the filthy pit of the church of judge not touch mine anointed excuses, we have to consider the effects that sin has on our physical bodies. And since there is a thing called genetics, we have to consider the effects that our sin will have on the bodies of our CHILDREN and our GRANDCHILDREN and so on. What about the work of Jesus Christ who was wounded for our transgressions, bruised by our iniquities, and by and with His stripes we are healed? That is true for those who REPENT. REPENT does not just mean giving mental verbal intellectual assent to being a sinner and saying that you are sorry. That is “salvation prayer easy believism.” REPENT does not mean being truly legitimately heartbroken. That is deception. The best evidence of this is the Old Testament where after Israel provoked God in the wilderness, God REPENTED of His desire to destroy them. God didn’t say He was sorry. Why? What does a sovereign holy God have to apologize for? Who does He apologize to? Especially when it comes to His desire to destroy wickedness? And no, God did not destroy Israel 1000 times and just feel so horrible, terrible, and afflicted about it that He had to go to the confession box, talk to the priest, and say the rosaries and hail Marys. So what did it mean when God repented concerning destroying Israel? IT MEANS THAT HE DIDN’T DO IT! Repent isn’t the EMOTION of feeling sorry, it is the ACTION of turning aside, changing your path! So, for Jesus Christ to heal the sin effects present in your body by and with His stripes – with His work on the cross – you have to REPENT of your sins which means YOU HAVE TO END YOUR SINFUL LIFESTYLE. Modern theology says that you can keep sinning and be healed so long as you are “Godly sorry” each time you sin. THE BIBLE says that the Holy Spirit writes God’s law on your heart and gives you such an aversion to sin that painfully vexes you. Which one are you going to believe? 

But the bottom line is that we should not be surprised when the sinful actions of people cause tangible physical outward signs that are not direct physical consequences of their behavior and otherwise cannot be explained. Honestly, what do you suppose all those references that Paul made to being delivered up and given over to all manners of corruption and wickedness actually means? People, in particular go study Romans 1:18-32, and instead of focusing only on the tidy neat inoffensive little notions acceptable not only to modern theology but also to the little theories of perverts like Sigmund Freud, Alfred Kinsey, and most who followed after them that this only applies to people’s behavior, minds, and character. No, look at those verses and consider that they mean for THE PHYSICAL BODY, and not just for individuals, but for people’s offsprings and entire cultures! Phrases like “corruptible man“, “gave them up to uncleanness“, “to dishonour their own bodies“, “gave them up unto vile affections“, “change the natural use into that which is against nature“, “leaving the natural use“, “men with men working that which is unseemly“, and the clearest example “receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.” Now I am not going to deny that this also does not refer to changes in mindset, morality, and character, but how can one deny that this also does not refer to the spiritual effects of sin changing the physical body to the point where it simply is physically not what it was prior? 

If one accepts that sin is inherently unnatural to creation and as a result has effects far broader and greater than the mere direct and immediate consequences of the act – the Biblical view – then one should have no problem with this whatsoever. But if one takes on the modern, humanistic worldview that sin is more or less natural and therefore Christians should resign themselves to it and even tolerate it to a great degree – the “stop all the condemning, stop talking about what we are against and start talking about what we are for” mindset – then being confronted by medical science such as this can only leave you with two options.

1. This is the bogus pseudo – scientific result of liberal agenda – driven politicians masquerading as people with Ph.D’s in biology, medicine, engineering, physics, etc. A conservative Republican family values Christian would have known to use only the “right” equipment and the “right” procedures and interpreted the data the “correct” way in order to get the “right” results that would have “scientifically proven” man’s free will. GOD FORBID THAT MEDICAL SCIENCE WOULD PROVE THE TOTAL DEPRAVITY OF MAN AND HOW BADLY MAN NEEDS THE HOLY SPIRIT TO INTERVENE IN ORDER FOR US TO BE SAVED! WELL GUESS WHAT SOPHISTICATED CHRISTIANS – SCIENCE HAS ALREADY DONE IT WITH BABIES! SO WHY CANNOT SCIENCE DEMONSTRATE THE TOTAL DEPRAVITY OF MAN WITH ADULT PRACTICING HOMOSEXUALS? (I am supposing that theological sophisticates are waiting for scientific results that would tend to confirm Pelagianism or Arminianism?) Of course, I am not saying that agenda – driven sham science does not exist: evolution is bogus for instance. But Christians have NO CASE for dismissing these findings until the science behind it is investigated. That has been the case with evolution: Christians have studied the science, forced even leading evolutionists to acknowledge that it is a sham, and as a result evolutionists have had no recourse other than to make it illegal to even mention the holes in evolution in public schools and universities and research labs have actually stopped hiring and admitting Christians into research programs. But in this instance, Christians need to investigate the science before they say that it contradicts the Bible. As it is, the only reason for claiming that these results violate the Bible in the first place is because modern theology presents a functional deism where the spiritual is replaced by the secular, the acts of God are replaced by the acts of man, and this creates a Christian mindset that is much more accommodating to amillennialism, dominionism, reconstructionism, and SIN.

2. Or you can decide “hey, well this proves that the gay rights activists like Soulforce and the Human Rights Campaign and Act Up are right, so we have to accept that modern science and ethics have proven the Bible to be wrong.” 

Both options are, of course, unacceptable to me. Instead, the route that I choose is one that the Bible has makes plain from Genesis 3: the spiritual effects of sin causes changes in the natural world, including but not limited to twisting, deforming, and setting at odds with its natural purpose the bodies of men. Think about it: the corruption of man and beast and the earth itself due to sin caused God to destroy the world with the flood! Similar to Romans 1, take a look at Genesis 6! “The earth also was corrupt before God.” “And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.” “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” “And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.” But here is the clincher: “There were giants in the earth in those days.” Do you realize that there is an emerging consensus in the evangelical scholarly community that the giants of Genesis 6 merely referred to arrogant tribal rulers? Never mind that the exact same Hebrew word in that passage was used in Numbers 13:13, the giants of the sons of Anak. What did Israel say? “Compared to those GIANTS we look like GRASSHOPPERS! We can’t defeat them in battle, so we aren’t going to go in the Promised Land!” I guess “we are grasshoppers compared to them” was just a figure of speech; they were simply speaking of how mighty the tribal kings were. So I guess these Anakite kings were supposed to be mightier than PHAROAH OF EGYPT or something? So if they were grasshoppers before the Anakite kings, what was Israel before pharoah, who ruled the most powerful nation in the world? Amoebas? It sounds like to me that these leading evangelical scholars are doing all that they can to deny that sin really is and what sin really does. Which is precisely why I am certain that since these great respected theologians cannot take position 1) above and retain their esteemed positions in the academy, the day is soon coming that findings like this will make position 2) will be their only recourse. And the question is … when that day comes, will you go also with them? Or will you go with the Bible and those of us that believe in what it actually says and means? 


22 Responses to “Brain Scans Showing Brains of Homosexuals Resembling People Of Opposite Sex Is The Result of SIN!”

  1. Kyle said

    I don’t see the conflict at all. The Bible is clear that we are born inherently evil. Our own sin nature from birth can manifest in many ways. However, as one of the elect of God who was saved at the age of 19 I can attest to the changes that God has done for me in my life. By the power of the Holy Ghost I am a new creature who is slowly becoming more and more Christ like. This applies to everyone. If you look at people with brain scans who are depressed they too have different brain scans. People who have used hard drugs and alcohol have different brain scans. These are physical symptoms of the Sin. Therefore even if homosexuals have different brain patterns why should we assume that once they are saved that God would not begin to change their nature. Saul was a butcher of Christians. He probably suffered from sociopathic behavior by not having any remorse from killing and persecuting Christians. His brain scan would have probably shown quite a demented individual. God saved Saul now Paul and his demeanor and being completely changed. Instead of brazenly killing Christians he became the victim of the punishment he once metered. So arguably some people “may” actually be born gay. Some people are born so evil that they exhibit homicidal tendencies at a young age. It’s called being inherently evil. Others may have sins manifest in them because of experiences. This concept only strengthens the fact that we are born inherently evil and that the more we engage in freely or otherwise in sin only manifests greater and continual sin.


  2. drystan said

    I will not start a debate, but rather shall state my opinion, whilst keeping any beliefs that would inadvertently cause you to attack. If I do – I simply could not avoid it.
    I don’t seek to attempt to drive people from their faith. I respect it. My dearest Grandmother is devoutly religious.
    However, tis the saddest thing, and forever shall be when people claim that being gay is being ‘born inherently evil’.
    I’m a good person. I’m kind. Heck, I even was, very much, religious. Then I grew up and realized that – people such as yourselves call me evil. You call me vile and you call me ‘unsaved’ and ‘unclean’.
    I don’t believe in your ‘Sin’. I don’t believe in a lot of things. I believe in ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. They’re, of course, human notions, but I do believe in that.
    That which you claim, to me, can only be wrong. Because if I’m ‘evil’ – then I don’t know what ‘good’ is…

  3. eric said

    All i can say is AMAZING POST! I am sitting here stunned and grateful for having read it. It just brought home so much of what I believe and have attempted to articulate to those caught in the clutches of sinful behavior that is excused as “well it’s genetic”. Thanks for posting!

  4. Job said


    Thank you for your civil approach. Christians do not claim that homosexuals are born evil. Christians know that EVERYONE is born evil. So rather than attacking homosexuals because they are homosexual, Christians hold homosexuals to the same standards as everyone else. Everyone was born in sin. Everyone has to repent of their sins or spend eternity in the lake of fire. If you are “evil” then you don’t know what “good” is? Don’t you know that all people: gossips, thieves, liars, adulterers, etc. feel the same way? So what makes your behavior any different from or better than theirs?

    Simply put, either everyone was born evil or no one was.

  5. Job said


    “People who have used hard drugs and alcohol have different brain scans.”

    Excellent point!

  6. This whole thing is humerously crazy….

  7. Kyle said


    I never called “you” specifically evil. I called “everyone” evil. You can’t merely read my post and twist the words for your own needs. And yes “every” manifestation of sin is a result of our sin nature. Not just Homosexuality. The Bible gives a nice laundry list of what is sin. You and I could sit down and read the Bible, take a highlighter, and cross off the ones we committed. I may not checked off the homosexuality one but rest assured I would have plenty of others. That being said I, you, and everyone else are as filthy as rags regardless of how our sins manifest themselves. Drystan, another thing to is never view Christians as these holier than though type like many try to be. After being saved God has taken many sin desires away and reduced others. That being said our dying to our self is a daily process. I’m still far from perfect and am still a harbinger of sin because of this wretched corpse I carry around called this flesh body. Personally Drystan I would never tell you or anyone else of the sins I still struggle with except God. I am and still will be a Totally Depraved individual until I am with the Lord. So if that is any comfort to you please respond back because I am not one of those White robed, holier than though, chin in the air Christians. No! I am a sinner saved by God’s sovereign grace. I am a work in progress. And let me tell you something Drystan every day I struggle and have to look towards the Lord. Sometimes at night I am in utter fear of the Lord. Other nights I cry. Some nights I am perfectly content in knowing I am saved by his divine grace. Heck, other times I’m embarrassed because of the way I have been acting which is outside of his will. There you go Drystan, an honest assessment of who I am. So in the future never claim that all Christians are a bunch of phony, self righteous, pious individuals who never sin.

    You and I are both inherently evil. One is saved, the other is not. One acknowledges his sin, the other does not. Both continue to sin with one who repents and changes over time the other does not. It’s that simple. Never will I claim that I am better then you. You and I were both born the same and condemned from the womb. Fortunately I am saved and hope and pray God does the same for you.


  8. Job said


    Life, death, and eternity are serious issues, not humorous or crazy. Do you know your place in eternity? If so, what is the basis of your knowledge?

  9. No, I have no idea of my place ‘in eternity’. I find such statements meaningless at best and inane at worst.

  10. Nate said

    Check out this link Job! I believe GOD still loves the person but utterly abhors or detests the sin. Job, I would like to have your comment on that!

  11. Devon said

    I saw this news last night and just shook my head…what an evil agenda the liberal media has all around the world…

    Do these people that promote this latest ‘study’ not understand that just perhaps the evil that we do badly affects are brain?

    In other words, the cart is before the horse so to speak…

    I sometimes think I am living in a Nightmare and havn’t yet woken up…such are these dangerous evil times that we are in and the masses of people cannot see….

  12. Job said


    Of an absolute certainty, Westboro Baptist Church as a false church that traffics in false doctrine.

  13. gay bear said

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  15. calvinism said

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  17. drystan said

    Kyle & Job:

    Thanks for your, equally civil, points of view.
    I find it rather refreshing to find religious people who don’t jump down my throat with their flaming torches and pitchforks.
    Rather – to be able to debate openly without hostility, I very much look for that. If only to broaden my mind, but also to perhaps understand different people better.

    I would really like to discuss the issue with you guys. But I wouldn’t be comfortable putting my email on a comment, for the public to see. Is there someway we could contact eachother other than comments?

  18. angel said


    what you say is true about sin and brain scans.

    The issue is similar to the question. which came first, the chicken or the egg?

    Was the homosexual born with a brain scan like this, or did the homosexual behavior result in a different MRI?

    Scientists have shown that criminal behavior will result in an altered MRI. This does not mean the criminals were “born that way.” Babies are not born criminals. However, it may be possible to take brain scans of successive generations of criminals to show a similar MRI, thus linking “genetics” to the generational sin.

    thank you

  19. louis said

    Ultimately, the major religions of the world of which Christianity is one are designed by man to maintain civility and good will. Also religion seeks to explain the unexplainable and allow us to cope with the harsh realities of life.

    It is fundamentalists and people that are intellectually lazy who seek to use religion to spew hatred and judgement. It is sad that we have such a short time to live and some people chose to spend it passing judgment against people or groups of people that they have no understanding of.

    Chill out, do the right thing, and love as many people as possible. God will take care of the rest

  20. dollianna said

    Kyle we are imperfect not because of our physical bodies but because of our free will. The way you were born does not mean this is the way you ought to be. Homosexuality is wrong. Period.

  21. Nathaniel said

    This is absolutely retarded.

    But I can’t stop there – I have to leave something of value, so that I can help my fellow man along.

    Gay people are not “gay” because they are evil, or because some biological trait has been passed on as a result of Sin… which is a ludicrous notion, that flies in the face of Biology and the way genes work. It’s disturbing watching people with an agenda take bits and pieces of Science that serve their purpose and mash it up with their disparate beliefs, invoking the AUTHORITY of Science, while at the same time leaving out SCIENTIFIC FACT that is utterly incompatible with their beliefs. Genocides have literally been propelled by that sort of irresponsibility.

    Genes contain DNA from your parents – the instructions that your body needs to first essentially build itself from scratch inside the uterus, turning certain functions on and off, metabolizing and developing your morphology. The genes you pass on are the genes you’re born with (half a chromosome pair from each parent, leaving the offspring with one complete chromosome pair). So “Adam” COULD NOT POSSIBLY pass on “Sin” biologically to his offspring. When you look at identical twins (who share the same DNA at birth), they will continue to share the same DNA until the day they die. Even if one of them is a gay serial-rapist-murderer who gambles on Sunday.

    This is all ignoring the fact that a human cannot live to be 900… but this should be obvious. Which is really why I’m drawn to these discussions at all. I’m interested in the psychology of a person who literally believes a two-thousand year old book over their own eyes.

    I don’t get it… What is so immensely scary about admitting that nobody knows what happens when you die, or how the Universe came to be (at least 13 billion years ago)? We have to discover for ourselves what a “good life” is. Living by the Bible (which you really don’t anyway, unless stoning is a hobby of yours) is like studying the crib notes for a test that will never come. We’re all in it together… how about we stop hating each other for differences that do not matter?

    Blind faith is far more dangerous than homosexuality. For example, would you rather a gay guy or a suicide bomber walk in your door right now? Which one of them threatens your safety? Your freedom? Your family and their future? Now understand, it isn’t the bomb that makes the suicide bomber dangerous, but the very way that the man with the bomb thinks (that his cause is just, that he has the right to judge you on behalf of his God, and that he will be rewarded by his God for doing so). NOW, understand that the only thing that separates you from the suicide bomber, is the bomb. So I’d rather tackle subduing blind, hysterical faith than subduing homosexuals. At least the only thing they want to blow… is, well.. yea.

  22. john kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    You say Job is taking bits and pieces from science. But you are taking bits and pieces from the Bible. If you did your homework you would understand that there is an old and new covenant. Stoning is no longer we are commanded to do.

    Regarding spiritual matters you must understand that it works not by science. To ignore spirituality would be denying documented histories.

    Finally about the universe being 13 billion years old, I doubt you were there when it was created. Furthermore science makes some bold assumptions. For example that the laws of physics work the same throughout the universe. Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us when something approaches the speed of light things work differently. What happens in intense centers of gravity, like where black holes exist?

    Also faith is not blind. If you took time to learn what the Bible teaches and then applied those teachings to your life you would see that it is a book of truth. That is it is consistent to reality.

    Of course Loving one another is something all Christians should do. After all it is the second greatest commandment after Loving God.

    Unfortunately for you, you have been exposed to false Christians who really don’t know much about anything except their own devilish ways. If you know a true Loving, kind Christian you would have given the Word of God more than a passing thought.



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