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Muslims On The March: Taking A Census Of Their Numbers In The United States!

Posted by Job on June 16, 2008

This can’t have anything to do with Barack Hussein Obama can it?

Muslims launch U.S.-wide census –

A team of Islamic advocacy groups and statistical organizations will start a nationwide census of American mosques this summer that organizers hope will paint a more accurate picture of the size and ethnic composition of U.S. Muslims.

One of the challenges will be finding all the venues where Muslims pray. Many Islamic communities do not have mosques but still meet for congregational prayers in private homes, businesses, university buildings and even some churches that have opened their buildings for Muslim prayers.

“This is very tough,” said Ihsan Bagby, an Islamic Studies professor at the University of Kentucky who is directing the study. “We will engage interviewers so they can diligently hunt for these less obvious mosques.”

The study is planned for release in early 2009.

The Council on American Islamic Relations released a similar study in May 2001 that counted 1,209 U.S. mosques and about 2 million Muslims associated with them. From that, the CAIR study extrapolated that there were between 6 million and 7 million Muslims in America.
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The 2001 study also found that South Asians comprised 33% of mosque attendance, African Americans 30% and Arabs 25%.

Several sects who identify themselves as Muslim but were excluded in the earlier study will be counted in the upcoming study, Bagby said, including the Ahmadiyya movement and the Nation of Islam.

According to the 2008 U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, which was released last February by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, Muslims comprise approximately 0.6% of the U.S. population — or about 1.82 million Muslims. Bagby said he believed the Pew figure was an “undercount,” attributed in part to a higher rate of refusal among Muslims to answer survey questions.

Other groups sponsoring the census include the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim American Society, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Hartford Institute of Religion Research, and the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies.


10 Responses to “Muslims On The March: Taking A Census Of Their Numbers In The United States!”

  1. Nate said

    I think the number of Muslims or (Moslems) in America is roughly 12 million and rising. I do not know the actual figure of course.

  2. Paul J Tetreault Jr. Esq said

    Here’s an interesting thought. Say a mosque has 100 Muslims. Over the course of a year 3 kids are born, 2 converts join, and 2 Muslims arrive by immigration. That’s a 7% growth rate. At that rate, the population doubles every 10 years.

    In 2005 Daniel Pipes estimated there were 5 million Muslims in the US. If they grow at 7% then…

    In 2015 there’ll be 10,000,000

    In 2025 there’ll be 20,000,000

    In 2035 there”ll be 40,000,000

    In 2045 there’ll be 80,000,000

    By contrast, it took 60 years for the US population to double from 150 million in 1945 to 300 million in 2005.

    The greatest threat from Islam is not terrorism but simple demographics.

  3. Devon said

    Actually I do not think so Nate…muslims themselves badly exxagerate their numbers in America and across the world as that somehow gives them a feeling of supiority but the reality is that in the U.S, their numbers are actually quite low…anywhere from 4 to 6 million…some say lower but I think they are wrong….that includes NOI,Arab Sunnis, Orthodox Black Muslims, and all other sects of Islam.

    On the worldwide level, muslims like to boast that they are over 1.5 billion but that is exxagerated…more likely between 1.2 and 1.3 billion….and that doesn’t include all the muslims that are leaving Islam!

  4. The 8 Million Muslims Lie!

  5. Devon said

    Can any of you Americans harbor a guess at how many actual Black America Muslims there are either in the NOI or Regular Islam???

    I have always been concerned about this ….I had figured around 2 million… that close…

  6. Diane said


    I don’t know what the numbers are in the U.S., but are you guys in Canada experiencing the same problems with Islam as London and Denmark?

  7. Devon said

    Diana, it isn’t that bad in Canada as it is in Western Europe…not by a long shot Thanks be to the Lord…BUT…we have many muslims and more then America on a per capita basis…we have approx 750 000 muslims…and of course, many are of the radical set….2 of my dearest friends growing up were Sunnis from Trinidad that left Islam and become Born Again Christians….

    The thing is with Canada, unlike Europe…we are so small in population and we are so far spread out….AND we have America below and above us protecting us….Muslims here won’t try to much…BUT as you are aware, their is a trial going on in Toronto right now for muslims wanting to blow up buildings and assassinate our Prime Minister..

    Canadians, like much of the west, are incredibly ignorant of the dangerous nature of Islam but I would think that after a few terrorist attacks , we will start to awaken…

    On a positive note, I have known personally 6 muslims here in Calgary that are now serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ….so having many muslims here has its benifits for the kingdom…it is safer to witness to them here then in any Islamic country….

  8. Diane said


    Sorry to here about the attempt on the Prime Minister, it seems that that would have been enough to wake the Canadians up to what is happening. Unfortunately, here on the streets of N.Y. radicals are able to chant “death to America”, “bomb America” and “Islam will rule the world” inspite of our hate crime laws. Political correctness is weakening our ability to address the situation, so it might take another serious attack here also.

    I have also heard testimonies of Muslims giving their lives to Christ after coming to this country and seeing the difference in the lives of Christians. Some of these Muslim converts to Christ are starting their own blogs in an effort to educate Muslims to the truth of Islam..

  9. Diane said

    I typed “sorry to here” should have been “sorry to hear”

  10. Diane said


    regarding the Black Muslims in America – I believe that racism is what truly attracts black males in America to Islam. Islam, keeps these men in a perpetual state of denial of historical facts and an unwillingness to take responsibility for sin. I wonder how they feel about the fact that African slavery under Islam was much more brutal and inhumane than here in America, and lasted much longer.

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