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Old Comment Moderation Policy Back In Effect

Posted by Job on June 14, 2008

I have come to the opinion that treating everyone the same by holding everyone’s comments is wrong from a Biblical perspective. I will simply start doing a better job of looking for offensive comments – and of blocking repeat offenders. 


5 Responses to “Old Comment Moderation Policy Back In Effect”

  1. I guess this means the late night debates at Jesus Christology are back! 😆

  2. Job said


    Ha ha! And hopefully you received the email in which I detailed the reason for the change.

  3. LorMarie said

    Do you mean holding them in the moderation mode before allowing them to be posted?

  4. Job said


    Yes. I will no longer be doing so. People with a prior – approved comment (i.e. people like you) will automatically have theirs appear.

  5. Jonathan De Leon said

    Hey thats good news Job. By the way thanks for answering those emails I sent you. I guess the late night debates are back (too)!

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