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Black Republicans Part Of New World Order Just Like Everyone Else!

Posted by Job on June 14, 2008

See link below. Please realize that Colin Powell owed his rise to Nixon and the Bushes, and Armstrong Williams was on the Bush payroll promoting vouchers (government takeover of Christian schools). Edward Brooke is a liberal Rudy Giuliani northeastern Republican who committed adultery with Barbara Walters. Race does not matter people … only a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ does!  

Black Republicans consider voting for Obama


3 Responses to “Black Republicans Part Of New World Order Just Like Everyone Else!”

  1. I totally agree. You either worship God or political party.It can’t be both.

  2. Kyle said

    There is a similar post on Independent Conservatives site of which I expounded upon this topic. we are living in a time when people are now showing themselves to be who they really are. No longer do people “slowly” expose themselves but rather are now choosing sides on MANY DIFFERENT THINGS.


  3. kev swalsh said

    John Mcwhorter
    After merely watching John Mcwhorter’s guest appearance and “book bump,” on the Colbert Report, I felt that immediately this was a unique man. First off he was delightfully genuine, and he appeared to be thouroughly at ease with the wacky flow that always ensues when Mr. Steven Colbert’s running an interview!
    (By no means am I a scholar, and this is a blog and not a dissertation so please keep this rant in perspective!)
    I personally feel that men like John Mcwhorter – distinguished, credible black men- have one of the most difficult positions in politics. Somewhere along the paths of their lives -once again let me stress that I’m being overly general just to get a point across please don’t read into this any more than it’s intended – black men who make it into politics and or anything it encompasses politics just does not feel like they can truly connect with the general masses of their own race. Unfortunately that happens a tremendous amount with all races, but alas the truly stereotypic black culture is basically non-existant within these established individuals.
    I’m sure I’m about to piss a lot of people off but personally I can’t possibly see how Obama can be the link between cultures like the media has hyped him up to be. He is not going to find the Rosetta Stone of the early 21st century, and magically make everything better, or for that matter anything. (for the record I’m still voting Obama if that gives you a better perspective of me). What we need are more men such as John Mcwhorter that is attempting to debunk a lot of the cultural identities that have plagued not only the black culture of America but minorities alltogether.
    In particular what has really irked me for the majority of my life is the influence of hip-hop on ALL of America, which is not adressedfor the truly detrimantal impact it has on impressionable people. The majority of it is degenerate garbage at a lyrical standpoint, and the visual aspects that leak into the impressionable minds of the “identityless” –fuk u if that’s not a word, u get my point- children that worship MTV and etc. from garbage videos featuring big-booty-ho’s and dogfights grow up . (Children training to be media panic-whores haha!)
    I believe what the black culture needs is more black role models that are truly mediocre. People like Obama and Oprah aren’t good role models for an impoverished child from a poor urban environment. While many professional athletes try very hard to be stand-up men , I don’t think sports are the answer either, since statystically professional athletes make up such a meager percent of our population.
    Whatever this doesn’t make sense cause I’m dam tired and have obligations in the morning. Ill finish this tomorrow, if u have any resonses that don’t involve bashing me or calling me racist u can contact me at I love hearing others opinions but please if u just wanna talk garbage, don’t bother. Immediately when I see a hate response I delete the mail and also periodically change my entire email. (I need an hour of research before I finish with my original point regarding John Mcwhorter, particularly pertaining to his new book.

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