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Origen Pagan AMILLENNIALISM Gave Us The Religious Right Political Agenda!

Posted by Job on June 13, 2008

See article below from Soli Deo Gloria:

Worse Than Fascists: Christian Political Group ‘The Family’ Openly Reveres Hitler


6 Responses to “Origen Pagan AMILLENNIALISM Gave Us The Religious Right Political Agenda!”

  1. irishanglican said

    Job, If you quote the Westminister Confession, then slam the A-Mill position, then you are simply mixed-up, very wrong!

    Fr. Robert

  2. Job said


    Of course you know that there are other things in their catechism that I disagree with as well. I use it primarily for historic purposes. If I can find a better historic confession and catechism, I will switch to it, but in the meantime it suits my purposes. And I do not have a problem with being considered to be mixed up. Sometimes that is not a bad thing.

  3. irishanglican said

    You need then to explain this a bit if this is going to be your pick and choose method, again this is not honest blogging, and can confuse some people.

    Fr. Robert

  4. Job said


    It only confuses those who choose to be confused as a result of A) their refusal to study the Bible and theological books and arrive at their own opinions as did I and B) refuse to simply ask me just as you did. I am not responsible for other people being intellectually and spiritually lazy. Hebrews says that God rewards those that DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM, not those who make a minor effort in between their dedication to politics, sports, pursuit of money/career/possessions, and whatever Tom Cruise/Will Smith/Britney Spears/the American Idol third runner up from five years ago is doing right now.

    Let me point out that I do not put amillennialism in the same category as purgatory, praying to Mary and angels, or denying the Holy Trinity. I count amillennialists as brothers in the faith just as I do Arminians. I chose Westminster because it is the standard historic Protestant doctrinal statement, and I wanted to use something HISTORIC as a way of opposing this shallow modern Billy Graham evangelicalism AND the religious right rapture cult Johnny come latelys, the thin gruel of Christian television – Christian bookstore – suburban megachurch belief that does not require an engagement or commitment of the heart or the mind.

    So since I do not regard the 20% of the things in that Confession that I disagree with to be heresy, I believe that the people who stumble by this site would get more benefit from taking the 10 minutes to read the 80% of the things that I do agree with than they would in 100 years of reading anything produced by TD Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Rick Warren, Oral Roberts, etc.

    By the way, as you labeled me “appollinarian” earlier, you know full well that my disagreement with the western church on the “body, soul, spirit” issue – preferring instead the ancient eastern belief of the people that actually wrote the Bible that humans consist of only a body and spirit rather than the Greek pagan belief of body/soul/spirit … a belief that has a lot of Christians going around claiming that they are little trinities of three in one composed of bodies, souls, and spirits because that is what being made in the image of God means – means that there wouldn’t be any line of western Christian thought that I would fit into anyway. So what am I to do? Create my own creed or confession, which would inevitably amount to a polemic against western Christianity? Not only would such an exercise be preposterous and represent very much vanity on my part, but what good would broadcasting an “I am right and every other Christian since 125 AD is wrong” attitude do? How would it result in people centering their thoughts, actions, and desires around the Jesus Christ of the Bible and going to heaven? I have to tell you … I listen to the local groups on Christian radio and have seen the groups with their websites that are absolutely convinced that they alone have it right and everyone else has it wrong, and while some of them are very entertaining after a fashion, I cannot help but wondering if these people are doing anyone any good at all, including themselves. I would rather be in communion with an amillennialist or rapturist or an Arminian or a hypostatic unionist while reserving the right to tell them that my interpretation of scripture tells me that they are wrong on those important but secondary issues when appropriate than to circle myself off from the rest of Biblical Christianity over honest disputes.

    So, while I will change creeds if I can find a better one, I will not compose my own, nor will I adopt one of the newer creeds that reflects the modern, humanist, individualist, consumerist, Enlightenment evangelicalism. If it comes down to keeping the one that I have versus those two worse options, the one that I have suits my purposes.

  5. irishanglican said

    As I told John, I don’t think I want to remain around your blogs. I am not impressed with your use of the blog, Karl can vent…but I write an answer back to Luke 11:27-28. And it does not get posted? This makes no sense, and especially since your last post went on so long.

    Nothing I can say will be useful on your blogs.

    Fr. Robert

  6. irishanglican said

    PS, and last.. As to the Reformed Creeds, there are many the Heidelberg is good, and while the influence of Calvin and Peter Martyr is apparent throughout, it brings together both the Lutheran and Reformed in a powerful mediating influence. The Westminister is really too moralistic. Perhaps my favorite is the Belgic Confession. And of course the many Reformed Catechisms…Calvin’s Geneva Cat. 1541, John Craigs, the first Scottish Cat. 1581 (Craig was a Dominican who converted to the Reformed Faith reading Calvin’s Institutes). Perhaps another of my favorites is Calvin’s early work: Instruction in Faith, 1537.

    Fr. Robert

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