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It Is All About POWER People: Evangelical Leaders Meet With Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Posted by Job on June 12, 2008

Now in retrospect, we Christians should have been just as motivated to speak out against evangelical leaders meeting with George W. Bush. But hey, a lot of us are still deceived into believing that supporting pro – homosexual pro – abortion anti – Christ new world order system globalists in one party (Republican) is somehow more “Christian” than meeting with the same type of people in the other party! But hey, if anything, this shows that the very people that have spent the last 30 years vouching for the likes of Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Trent Lott, Mitt Romney, etc. have never been on the side of Jesus Christ, and that there is no need to be deceived by religious right darkness any longer. See link below:

Evangelical Leaders Meet with Barack Obama **Updated**

There’s lots of dialogue going on this days. Evangelical leaders met with Barack Obama this week to dialogue some more. They haven’t figured out what aborted babies in America already know—that Obama supports the right to slaughter preborn babies in the womb and those out of the womb who manage to survive a induced labor abortion. Obama twice voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in the state of Illinois. This bill was supposed to allow babies to live who managed to survive an abortion procedure, and it was introduced after nurses like Jill Stanek protested having to watch little babies die on dirty laundry carts after failed hospital abortions. Jill recalls holding one such down’s syndrome baby for 45 minutes because nobody else would hold him while he died. They had put the infant on a cart in a laundry room to die. This, Barack Obama supports and it’s on the record in the state of Illinois. So extreme are his views on abortion that the Washington Post carried a piece on just how extreme he is. Michelle Obama drafted a fundraising letter for his Senate campaign that warned about how zealots wanted to stop partial birth abortion and that her husband would keep it safe for all women. The Obamas support partial birth abortion where the baby’s head is born, skull punctured with scissors, the brains sucked out and the baby then delivered and hurled into a bucket. That’s real hope and opportunity for all, Mr. Obama. What a hero. These evangelical leaders like T.D. Jakes, who said he had goosebumps when Obama got the nomination, should be forced to watch what Jill Stanek did, holding a baby that had been murdered at his mother’s request, all because he had down’s syndrome.

By the way, people, this video below is what ought to give you goosebumps, and not of the kind that T.D. Jakes was speaking of.


2 Responses to “It Is All About POWER People: Evangelical Leaders Meet With Barack HUSSEIN Obama”

  1. Oh God!!! Open the eyes of those who have allowed this sin to continue in the world and this country. We stand facing your judgement because we’ve foresaken you God. Our law makers and the sexual sin have brought of face to face with destruction from within, and like Rome that was never conquered; we too have destroyed ourselves through lust, abortion, the love of money, spreading out our military, not taking care of the poor and rejecting the old as useless.
    We pray you will have mercy on those willing to stand in the gap for the babies, and that you will change the heart of this nation. The same people that stand picketing for the protection of animals and trees,(have through their blindness) been slient when babies are mentioned; their conscience seared and their minds given over to do those thing that are unnatural. Help us O Lord!

  2. Marriek said

    Amen Reverend!

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