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The Roman Catholic Rosary is Blasphemy Against God!

Posted by Job on June 11, 2008

The Fifteen FALSE Promises of the Rosary

I could not help but notice how some of this stuff resembles some strands of Pentecostalism …


12 Responses to “The Roman Catholic Rosary is Blasphemy Against God!”

  1. The Cult of Mary is simply a more advanced form of the Word of Faith movement.

  2. tikian12 said

    Calling anything catholic blasphemous is an insult to christianity, without Catholicism your sect of the church wouldn’t exist. In fact every sect of Christianity was formed of greed. Henry the VII and Martin Luther (not Martin Luther King) broke off of the Catholic faith for their own gain. And from those is where pretty much everything else is from. Know your religions history before you go dissing parts of it.

    • ps11937 said

      Calling catholic doctrines is blasphemous to christianity. It’s not an accident that you pray to Mary 10 times more than you do to God in the rosary. Jesus said to have faith in God, not Mary. It’s not about religion, it’s about if you have a relationship with God, only through Jesus. In fact, Jesus came to destroy religion because it doesn’t work, it’s all about Jesus, receive Him as Your Lord & Savior because religious practices won’t save you.

  3. Tikian12, we know the true history of the church. And we know there was ALWAYS a remnant that NEVER bowed to Rome.

  4. tikian12 said

    Name that group. Oh I know that, it’s called the jews. They had the old testament before the Christians did, they believe in god and never bowed to Rome. The Catholics were the top form of christianity for many years. And you can’t say always because christianity only just got started in about 200-20 B.C.E and only got popular by 200 C.E. (if you didn’t know thats Before Common Era and Common Era) Betcha didn’t know that. Honestly i think that christianity had something going for it until it swelled into a cult one could say. The religions of today have frayed so much from what they started as. And if you know the true history of the church, tell me and i’ll crack a few history books to see if you are right (bible doesn’t count for a legit source. Been changed to much.)

  5. Job said


    Provide examples of the Bible having been changed, and provide your source. Of course, your stating “And you can’t say always because christianity only just got started in about 200-20 B.C.E and only got popular by 200 C.E. (if you didn’t know thats Before Common Era and Common Era) Betcha didn’t know that.” when the opposite has been independently verified by archaeologists and historians that are not even Christian so many times, you are either ignorant or a liar. Possibly both. Fellow, just let me tell you that they have found ancient places of worship and ancient documents and texts from prior to 200 AD, and that Jewish documents referring to Christians that predate 200 AD are common. The best example is a JEWISH LITURGY USED IN THE ENTIRE ANCIENT JEWISH WORLD DATING FROM ABOUT 110 AD AND POSSIBLY SOONER that resulted in the split between Jewish Christians and the mainstream Jewish community. (Jews to this day use a modified version of this liturgy). By contrast, if you can find a single credible source that shows Christianity as having started before 30 AD provide it. Yes, I am aware of the conjecture produced by atheists and Jews that Jesus Christ was a composite convergence of a bunch of legendary and historical religious political and religious radicals. However, unlike CHRISTIANS, said Jews and atheists CANNOT PRODUCE A SINGLE SHRED OF EVIDENCE. They have produced NO DOCUMENTS, NO ANCIENT RUINS, NO INDEPENDENT SOURCES FROM OTHER PEOPLE LIVING IN THAT TIME ATTESTING TO THE EXISTENCE OF THE SECT AND THEIR GENERAL BELIEFS, NOTHING. All they have is a bunch of people with a prior conviction that Christianity cannot possibly be true manufacturing theories and claims.

    Proof of your ignorance is your pretending that I would somehow not know that CE refers to “common era.” What do you think, that you are the only person that reads books? Since you are so uneducated that you believe the Bible to be the only source of Christian history, it is clear that you yourself haven’t read any books.

    And if you are going to claim that the Bible is unreliable because Christians produced it, then you are going to have to do the same with pretty much everything known about the ancient Roman and Greek world. Why? Because everything we know about the ancient Roman and Greek world comes from documents preserved by Christians. Were it not for Christianity, we would have virtually no knowledge of antiquity, and as a result there would be no western culture to speak of. Folks such as yourself pretend that western culture came about by virtue of the Enlightenment … well no Christianity there would be no Enlightenment, because it was SCIENTISTS THAT WERE CHRISTIAN who developed the scientific method. (Prior to the scientific method incidentally, SCIENTISTS THAT WERE CHRISTIAN used the ancient Greek method.) And the whole basis for the scientific method – rationalism – came from Roman Catholic scholasticism (which by the way the Protestant reformers hated, but that is another story for another day).

    I should point out that I myself am no great supporter or defender of western culture. However, the modern media and the modern educational system has done a great job of pretending that western culture was spontaneously generated by random assorted persecuted atheists instead of the historical fact that western culture, modern science, modern philosophy, etc. were products of Christianity. Most of “the west” – yes that means Europe – consisted of tribal people that did not even have written language until Christian evangelists gave them one for the purposes of producing a Bible for them. But they don’t teach you any of that in schools; all they teach you is that the church excommunicated Galileo. And yes, while they will teach you about Galileo day and night, they won’t tell you that Sir Isaac Newton and virtually every other prominent western scientist until the 1900s was Christian. This notion that being an elite scientist means rejecting Christianity is an extremely recent invention, and moreover one that has more to do with Marxism than anything resembling science. So, knuckleheads like Richard Dawkins going around claiming that Christianity harms science know full well that there wouldn’t BE anything resembling modern science were it not for Christianity. But hey, at least Richard Dawkins is merely a liar. You, meanwhile, are simply so uneducated and arrogant that you do not realize that all these Christian universities (and yes the first European universities were founded by Christians, and they did not exist prior), seminaries, theology departments, etc. somehow lack BOOKS that people READ.

  6. tikian12 said

    thank you for participating in my experiment. you have proved to me that any time you say anything opposing the church they take no time to think and refuse it. If you would like I am doing a similar experiment on Mac and Linux users. Also modern science came from the Greeks, romans and middle east. It started from the end of the dark ages started in europe from fear of the church thank you very much. And i don’t find the bible reliable because translation errors have screwed up the texts. One example of this is here at this link. The man that posted this is straight if that is a factor for you. He is Christian and has studied the bible for many years more than you probably have. (that is linaloki, im not sure about the rest) Thanks again for participating in my exparement.

  7. Tikian12, I’m glad you asked for evidence. There might be hope for you if you’re willing to accept that Rome has gone apostate and turned from the truth.

    You can start here.

    No Christians were not following the mess Roman Catholicism told you was being followed in the early church. What Roman Catholicism was promoting was the stuff the true saints were rejecting.

    Tikian12, you’re going to have to understand, that the Roman Catholic bunch you’ve been listening to has spun you a web of lies over a mile long and over 40 miles deep. Everything from what they told you was going on in the “early church” and the origins of Roman Catholicism forward.

  8. Tikian12, take some time to listen to Robert Zins.

    Roman Catholicism Is Not Biblical Topical Video 1

    Roman Catholicism Is Not Biblical Topical Video 2

    He has a group that can really help you if you’re willing to listen: A Christian Witness to Roman Catholicism.

  9. Congratutlations you bash Catholics and Pentecostals at the same time too..

    When you talk about what the scriptures says you honestly should also point out that you mean it is how you now interpret what the scripture says.. cause too many of us read different things out of the same scriptures as we all do know firstly..

    The people who also tell us to use only the Bible often still lie further to us.. they ask us also to use men’s commentaries, instead of the Holy spirit to next interpret the Bible.

    (Eph 4:18 KJV) Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:

    I tend to look at both sides of the issues myself.. for that matter I have now been both non Christian, and Christian, both Baptist and Pentecostal, and both groups still do have major errors, weakness, inadequacies, and they now also have some good points too.. but still there is no such thing as a perfect denomination now as well

    But one other thing often is clearly is evident to me visiting, reading the many so called Professing Christians sites mostly all telling us the supposed truth, postings often more with dishonest hidden agendas, poorly researched too, very biased now too.. It also seems to me they are also still are trying to convince themselves as to what is the truth is and no one else, they build up their own false straw arguments, and then do reply to their own arguments. It is generally too often now not an honest presentation, discussion of the topic they have presented.

    Why is it so many people try too limit the power of God, and they work so hard to try to tell us what God can and cannot do today.. for sure, definitely it is not only cause they are spiritually immature, have a hidden agenda, are promoting themselves, or they are unoriginal parrots who repeat what others have said , but it is often still mainly because Satan for sure is behind all this too.

    Is 45:5 I am the Lord, and there is no one else; there is no God besides Me. I will gird {and} arm you, though you have not known Me,

    (Jer 32:27 KJV) Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

    (Neh 8:10 KJV) Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the LORD is your strength.

  10. Sayer said

    In the beginning, God created but one religion. Satan created all the others to muddy the

    water. If you want eternal life, it behoves you to find the right one. ALL false religions

    have one thing in common: they prevent getting born again as Jesus requires. Catholicism is

    one of those false religions.

    ASK yourself this: WHY did the Catholic church remove the second commandment forbiding the

    most grievous sin against God, idolatry, from the Scriptures? In order to get you damned,

    that’s why. Look at the underlying intent: is that of God? NO.

    The council of Trent (against Scripture) pronounced 125 anathema curses on anyone who

    doesn’t fully agree with the Catholic church on anything. Three of these curses apply

    specifically to the faith required to be born again.

    In studying Trent, using the “find in page” feature to highlight the word “anathema”, I was

    shocked when I came down to the the section “On Justification”. It’s like it were shot with

    a shotgun, having no less than 33 anathema curses for ANYONE who thinks they might get born

    again and have their sins totally forgiven (thus NOT needing the Catholic church for


    In every case of Catholic lies and deception, you must ask yourself, “WHY?”. And, in every

    case with the Catholic church, the answer is always, TO GET YOU DAMNED. That is Satan’s

    ambition in every false religion, and the one place he hits people hardest is against them

    getting born again and accepting Jesus as Lord of their lives. In each case, that is the

    common denominator, and Catholicism is no exception. It shows.

    Jesus warned that you must be born again; your name must be in the Lamb’s Book of Life. He

    warned that narrow is the road to life and few will find it. When I hear of people who were

    raised as “Christians”, effortlessly switching to another religion, I know they were never

    born again (and not real Christians at all). For a truly born again person, who has met

    Jesus as Lord of their lives and made Him Lord of their heart, switching to another religion

    is a total impossibility; it can’t be done. It would be like leaving your best friend,

    forever. But for a Godless religious person (a Catholic for example), it’s as easy as

    changing underwear (and just about as frequent).

    Most of the “Christian” world doesn’t understand this because most of the “Christian” world

    is no where near being born again. Jesus warned that he would reject most, even those who

    thought themselves redeemed and called him “Lord”. On Judgment day, it won’t be that pitiful

    spineless plastic “Jesus” the Catholic church has decieved people with, no, it’ll be the

    real Jesus of wrath and indignation. He will not hesitate to, as he promised, damn all

    blasphemers, idolators and all who’s names are not written in His Book of Life.

    Going to church three times a week for life, does not get one born again. Neither does

    carrying a Bible, or memorizing it (you’re cursed for reading it if you are Catholic), or

    quoting Scripture, or Bible study, or church groups, or religious buzz-words, etc., etc.,

    etc., get your name in His Book. Nor does tipping the scale in your favor by having just one

    more good deed than bad (what a lie that is) get your name there.

    There is not one solitary thing YOU can do to get your name in His book but by the supreme

    act of utter humility needed to truly be born again. Until then, you are not really a

    Christian at all, just one of the many imposters Jesus said would be there (here). Until and

    unless a person has a specific, very intense meeting with Jesus, and lays ALL their cards on

    the table, they are not truly born again. Most people can’t handle that part, and that is

    the great bottleneck within virtually ALL religions that Satan created.

    That is how something as amazingly simple can be complicated to absurd extents by lies like

    the Catholic church. They (their father, the Devil) wants you DAMNED, and they will do

    anything to keep you from making JESUS the Lord of your life and having all your sins

    forgiven, permanently. Satan wants to seperate you from God, and one of his many tools is

    the Catholic church. It works.

    It must take a real idiot to be a Catholic. I mean, only a fool would buy Catholic lies and

    deceptions. Just the mere FACT that they intentionally removed one of the God-breathed

    Commandments, should be enough for any thinking person to reject Catholicism all together,

    not to mention all the other Scriptural contradictions. Just the FACT that they don’t want

    you reading Scripture, should be enough to tip off a free-thinking (not Catholic

    brainwashed) person that something is wrong; that they are trying to hide something.

    “FEW shall enter…” Jesus said; all but a few would be rejected. After over 40 years of

    watching religious people, and studying Scripture, and being born again, I can confidently

    say, without one reservation or doubt, that at least 98% of humanity will not make it (and

    that’s a liberal estimate to some). No one wants to examine just what “few” means to Jesus,

    but it’s far worse than most dare believe. False-Christian churches like the Catholic church

    have lulled billions of brain-dead people into religious slumber. Satan is pleased with his

    Catholic church; seperating God from man is accomplished.

    The saddest thing is, Catholics can never know the feeling of having EVERY sin forgiven,

    when everything is brand new and squeaky clean. The joy of Jesus from being born again and

    forgiven is way beyond anything any false religion can give. KNOWING that your name is truly

    written in Jesus’ Book of Life is an amazing thing. That is when a person starts to

    experience “Life more abundently”. WHY does the Catholic church curse you (33 times) for


    “Few shall enter”

  11. Gary said

    If the Catholic church had control over the original Scriptures, why did they wait till it was too late to remove the second commandment (etc.), and to add to it their false scriptures? Why didn’t they violate the final verses or Revelation right from the git-go?

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