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New Southern Baptist President Johnny Hunt Claims Everyone Is Elect

Posted by Job on June 11, 2008

New SBC President…sigh

Johnny Hunt is the pastor of Republican Georgia governor Sonny Perdue, who held a universalist prayer for rain last year: MEMBERS OF ALL RELIGIONS WERE INVITED. In the post below, I wondered why Perdue’s pastor – whom I had no idea was so prominent in the Southern Baptist Convention; apparently he could have been a president in the past but withdrew from consideration at the last minute – did not discipline him for publicly participating in a prayer with the heathen (and not praying in the Name of Jesus Christ) a clear violation of “thou shalt have no other gods besides me” principle of scripture.

Sonny Perdue: More Republican Universalism

Hey, I am going to be fair. I am not going to claim that Perdue’s actions – and Johnny Hunt’s failure to so much as speak against them – are the result of his pastor Johnny Hunt’s Arminianism. Still, it just strikes me as, well, a curious coincidence is all. In any event, here is what brother John Sorrell has on the post that I linked to about the new SBC president’s doctrines.

Hunt on Election

Hunt and the Doctrines of Grace

Johnny Hunt on the Sovereignty of God


4 Responses to “New Southern Baptist President Johnny Hunt Claims Everyone Is Elect”

  1. For someone who does not promote the error of Arminianism to become SBC President, you’d have to have a major shift in the majority of SBC pastor’s overall. The majority of the denomination promotes Arminianism now.

    The real conclusion of Arminianism is that “Everyone is Elect”, but those were NOT Johnny Hunt’s exact words, Johnny said:

    By the way, aren’t you grateful, that there’s hope? Listen to me carefully, its important we understand this convention. There’s hope for everyone in Jesus. Everyone. Everyone. Not a select group. Everyone.

    Someone says, ‘Pastor you believe that you’re the elect?’ I sure am. Everybody that gets in is the elect; and he’s elected all of us. I believe everyone can be saved. Anyone can come to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

    Someone said, “I don’t think you ought to preach like that.” Well, I just hope no one gets saved that’s not supposed to.

    I’m serious. We better get away from that and get back to the book and invite everyone to come to Christ! Just preach it! Invite everybody! Tell everyone!

    We don’t know who will prove to be of the elect, so we minister the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the entire world. What Johnny Hunt fails to understand, is that some are not called to the Son, John 6:65. Johnny Hunt fails to understand and admit that some were never granted to be called to Jesus and they will refuse every time they are presented the gospel, proving they are not of the elect.

    Something else Johnny Hunt fails to admit, Jesus died for the sheep, not those who refuse the gospel.

    John 10:14-15 (New American Standard Bible)

    14 “I am the good shepherd, and I know My own and My own know Me,

    15 even as the Father knows Me and I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep.


    John 10:26 (New American Standard Bible)

    26 “But you do not believe because you are not of My sheep.

    Jesus made it clear in His own words that some are NOT his sheep and he laid down His life for the sheep, not goats.

    Proponents of Arminianism will never come out of that erred doctrine till they can read the book of John among others in full and accept the words the Lord Jesus said exactly as He said them.

    Johnny Hunt is Sonny Perdue’s pastor and went along with the Baal rain prayer. This is very bad news. It shows Hunt probably got the job for political reasons.

    But we know scripture teaches things would keep getting worse before the Lord’s return. This all only proves the Word of God to be as infallible today as yesterday.

    Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  2. One correction, I’m not seeing where Hunt was part of the Baal rain prayer, I’m not seeing where he may not have attended either, but if he did not attend he may have failed to admonish Purdue.

    And here’s an interesting read: Pastor Johnny Hunt Endorses Huckabee from the Pulpit

  3. dawkinswatch said

    Southern Baptist are now a branch of freemasonry with 50 per cent of all the ministers being Freemasons. “Get out of her my people lest you share in her sins”.

  4. Kyle said

    The statistical impossibility of Arminianism

    By Kyle Andrews

    To understand the errant doctrine of Arminianism we can look towards one of the simplest forms of mathematics known as probability. For example let’s take a coin for instance. A coin has two sides, one head and the other tails. If I were to flip the coin 100 times the probability of it landing heads or tails is 50/50. In all probability If I were to perform this exercise the likely hood of having 50% of the time landing on heads and 50% of the time landing on tails is likely the more times I flip the coin. That being said a 50/50 probability is likely. However, let us look at something different called “possibility”. It IS “possible” that I can flip the coin 100 times and it could land tails up 100 times or heads up 100 times. Although improbable it IS “possible”. So we can’t discount the possibility of 100 heads or 100 tails. Keep this in mind for we will come to this later.

    The arminian claims that it is ultimately up to the individual to accept the atoning sacrifice on the cross. This in essence is the free will doctrine which is espoused by these neo pelagians who think that man has the final decision regarding his salvation. If this is true then it is obvious that man only has two options.

    A: Accept Jesus as Lord and savior


    B: Do not accept Jesus as Lord and savior.

    It is pretty simple. That being said, after the atonement on the cross there were a set of two improbable possibilities we need to look at according to Arminians.

    A: It was “possible” that NO person would accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.


    B: It was “possible” that everyone would accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

    Although statistically improbable in either direction it was “possible”. And this leads to the crux of the situation. Mathematically Arminian’s deny the ABSOLUTE Sovereignty of God. In their view according to free will God was 99.99999999 % likely to save at least somebody. However, there was a statistical possibility of .00000000001% that God’s atonement on the cross would be in vain and would save nobody. Because of this at the moment of death after Christ said, “it is finished” He could not with 100%, A 100 % certainty claim what he did on the cross would save anybody no matter how infinitesimal the possibility. Because of this there was the slimmest possibility that he died in vain and the whole Bible from Genesis on would be a lie.

    Now some of you may say I’m being too technical. If this is the case then it is you with the problem. God is either 100% Sovereign, or he is not. When it comes to God 99.9999999% does not make him perfect.

    In closing Calvinism is the only way that guaranteed with 100% probability and 100% possibility that people would be saved. Because as we know with God ALL things are possible.


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