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Will There Be Temple Sacrifices During The Millennium? If So, Why?

Posted by Job on June 10, 2008

Now Scofield rapture dispensationalists claim that the sacrificial system will be re – instituted during the millennium. Why, pray tell? What purpose would those sacrifices serve? I will granted that some offerings were for worship. But the sin offerings and consecration offerings … what of Jesus Christ’s work on the cross? Now dispensationalists believe in a literal reign of Jesus Christ physically on the earth for 1000 years. (So, for the record, do I.) So because Jesus Christ is on the earth we are going to return to Judaism? When the purpose of Judaism was to create a straight path for the coming of Jesus Christ in the first place? Consider the ACTUAL CONTEXT AND MEANING of the “new wineskins” passage of Luke 5:33-39, which (almost always dispensational!) Pentecostals and charismatics claim means the prior Christianity being replaced with Christianity based on the lesser gifts (the sign gifts) of the Holy Spirit: tongues, healing, prophecy. But looking at the text itself, the Pharisees were questioning Jesus Christ as to why they were not keeping things pertaining to the law, specifically fasting. Jesus Christ told the Pharisees – in the parabolic fashion – that the reason why the Jewish religion and its attendant rituals existed in the first place was to point to and prepare the way for Him. Now that He was present, they did not need those things, because having the genuine article was BETTER than having the things that pointed to the article. Now when Jesus Christ left, we again needed religious doctrines, beliefs, and practices: CHRISTIAN ones that are BETTER than the Jewish ones that Christianity REPLACED. But during the millennium, Jesus Christ will again be physically present. So, if the disciples did not need to fast while in the presence of Jesus Christ, why will CHRISTIANS need to kill doves, sheep, and cows during the millennium? Yes, that is right. I said CHRISTIANS. Please realize that GENTILE CHRISTIANS NEVER PARTICIPATED IN THE SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM. (For that matter, the overwhelming majority of ancient Jewish Christians never did either.) Why? BECAUSE THERE WAS NEVER A NEED TO! So if we do not need to do sacrifices NOW, who will be doing the sacrifices during the millennium? The only answer: THE JEWS! So … Christians and Jews are still going to be separate during the millennium? There will still be two religions? Why just Jews? Why not Muslims? Hindus? Buddhists? Atheists? Witches? Now I made it clear in A Better Replacement Theology For Christians And Jews that Jesus Christ and the apostles never started a new religion, but a new Jewish sect which Gentiles could join as God – fearers (an opportunity already available to Gentiles in the prior Jewish sects) and that Christianity did not become a separate religion until it the Jewish Christians were expelled from the church and the Gentile Christians began to combine Christianity with various pagan and mystery religions and practice, which incidentally happened long before Constantine. So as for Judaism … Christianity, properly practiced, is Judaism proper. The return of Jesus Christ will confirm that fact to Jews, and during the millennium Christians and Jews – or more accurately Gentile God fearers and Messianic Jews – will be one body worshiping Jesus Christ together in the presence of that same Jesus Christ physically present and ruling the earth. Now this is where the “new wineskins” applies to this context. Claiming that the sacrifices will be restored in the millennium explicitly means that what the Jews had under the old covenant was better than what we Christians have today! It is claiming that the old covenant/testament of Jesus Christ concealed is better than the new covenant/testament of Jesus Christ revealed, one based on better promises by the work of Jesus Christ on the cross and the Holy Spirit. Borrowing (again) from Hebrews, it is claiming that what was given to man to Moses on Sinai by the mediation of angels is better than what was given to man directly by God the Son Jesus Christ! So I urge you to click on the link below to see a more Biblical explanation of what will happen, specifically regarding to the status of Israel and the Jews.


8 Responses to “Will There Be Temple Sacrifices During The Millennium? If So, Why?”

  1. pjmiller said

    Good post Job…and a question which has bugged me for years.

    All the points you brought out as to why there will not not be a return to Temple sacrifices, are ones i’ve used when discussing the topic with those who are positive there WILL be a turning back to these sacrifices.

    To me it would indicate a nulifying of the Blood of Christ, to once again resume animal sacrifices.

    The link you posted to Spurgeon on eschatology, is a good one! I ran into by accident last year when searching for something else. lol

    Its the only comments from Spurgeon on the topic, which i’ve ever found.

  2. pjmiller said

    Oops! sorry for the extra post, but i wanted to bring up one other point.

    You probably already are aware of this, but for me it was something new: The reason many (classic) dispensationalists believe this sacrificing will be re-instituted is because they believe during the 1000 yr Millennium, the Church will not be here–but will be in heaven–while the Jewish believers, those who come to Christ after the ‘rapture’,will be on earth–for the earth was promised to them.

    This was something i only realized after talking to a few dispensationalists on a discussion board, which led me to some digging.

    • Chris said

      “only realized after talking to a few dispensationalists ”
      Do you think Paul was a “dispensationalists “?

      “For this cause I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles, if ye have heard of the ” dispensation “of the grace of God which is given me to you ward: how that by revelation he made known unto me the mystery;”

      Ah maybe not.

      I just must have the wrong translation? yea….

      • Job said


        Nice try. You know as I do that dispensationalists appropriated that term for their theological system, a system that is very new theologically and did not become widely known or taught until the publication of the Scofield Reference Bible in 1909. I have the opinion that if Paul were a dispensationalist, it wouldn’t have taken nearly 2000 years for his doctrines to be accurately taught.

  3. […] Will There Be Temple Sacrifices During The Millennium? If So, Why? Posted on June 11, 2008 by pjmiller Interesting post and question on eschatology at Jesus Christology: Will There Be Temple Sacrifices During The Millennium? If So, Why? […]

  4. This is a very thoughtful article. I myself reject the idea that animal sacrifices will be re-instituted. All these things have to be translated into their true spiritual sense. Also, let’s remember that when Ezekiel wrote the Jews hadn’t returned from their Babylonian captivity. Some of the imagery of Ezekiel’s temple may have been fulfilled after they returned to Israel.

    Peace & Health,


    • Chris said

      “I myself reject the idea that animal sacrifices will be re-instituted. ”

      You have that right.
      But I will never reject the truth of God’s word. Jesus said “every jot and title of it will be performed.”

      Thats enough for me.

      One good thought on scriptures that are “weighty and hard” to understand, Pray for wisdom!


      Ps…rejecting what you do not like or understand is not wise.

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