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Little Girl Knows Todd Bentley Is Demonic And Resists His Laying Hands On Her!

Posted by Job on June 10, 2008

And a child shall lead them. Courtesy of BlackReformingKid’s I Saw This and It Made Me Angry!

This should enough evidence that Bentley is not of God

HT: DefCon


12 Responses to “Little Girl Knows Todd Bentley Is Demonic And Resists His Laying Hands On Her!”

  1. Marlin said

    “This should enough evidence that Bentley is not of God”

    Ok, I will play the game, Why would this be enough evidence to state that Bentley is not of God?

    Where is the evidence? Where is the scripture to accuse based on this video?

    Based on what?

  2. BJ said

    The poor child! What is wrong with her parents??? I wouldn’t let someone I trust and know well touch my child if my child was uncomfortable??? Even if Todd Bentley was right on (which I don’t believe), he should NOT be touching her if she says no – he ought to know better!!! – and her parents shouldn’t be allowing this to continue! This may very well induce a trauma in her that she may carry with her into adulthood…not to mention whatever spiritual attack this may bring on. God help her!

  3. Marianne said


    The holy spirit does not scream “sheek a bom bah” or “BAM” over people. Bentley is profane, not holy. See anything holy about him? It is also in his eyes.

    This guy is on a power trip.

    Little children are very sensitive to spiritual things because of their innocence. The parents should have heeded what she was feeling.


  4. Marianne said

    sorry i did not mean to put that second reference there

  5. dawkinswatch said

    Job with all seriousness, what would you have said in the upper room in Acts 2?

  6. It will push her away indeed. I know, my father forced me to be involved in somethings and to this day I won’t get involved. One such is riding a ferrys wheel. I was made to ride, and today at age 49 I won’t ride regardless of what anyone saids. It makes my wife angry, but it bring back alot of hurtful memories.
    I was made to go to church on EASTER sunday. Today I won’t go to the pagan festival.

  7. Job said


    The same thing that I said when the Lord Jesus Christ healed my asthma and my kidney disease, and healed my wife’s eyesight. Dawkinswatch, I once had a persistent viral bronchitis infection that the doctors could not heal. I went to various doctors, even to the emergency room a couple of times, and they kept giving me stronger and stronger antibiotics, but that infection just wouldn’t quit. Have you seen the movie “Meet The Parents”? Do you remember the actress that played the bride in that movie? Well the same condition killed her. It was a strange bug that was going around that killed more than a few people. And you know what? It almost killed me too. One morning I woke up and was gasping for breath, couldn’t catch it. It wasn’t my asthma, which I still had at the time, but the effects of the viral infection in my lungs (which by the way were already very weak from the damage of having asthma and my longterm overuse of asthma medicine). I prayed for myself, but it didn’t work. I wasn’t getting enough oxygen, had started to panic and then give up, and was about to black out. For whatever reason, the simple idea of waking my wife up and asking her to pray for me … I could not bring myself to do it. But, my kid, at the time less than two years old and had not been too long learned to walk and talk, got out of his bed, ran from clear across the house into our bedroom, and yelled at his mother “Daddy need help! Daddy need help!” So my wife turned and asked me what was wrong and I used some of the little strength and air that I had left to gasp “Can’t breathe.” So she laid hands on me and prayed, and my ability to breathe returned. Not only that, but the viral bronchitis that I had been going to various doctors and hospitals trying to get rid of, the same disease that killed that actress and many other people (I will point out that during my trips to the emergency room and doctors I saw many other people suffering from the same symptoms!), left at that time too.

    I am 100% serious, another minute and I would have been unconscious, and a couple of minutes after that I would have been DEAD. But the Lord A) woke my 18 month old and send him running into our bedroom screaming “Daddy need help” (and his vocabulary wasn’t that much bigger, and we had only recently made the decision to convert his crib into a bed, otherwise he would not have been able to leave his bed to leave his room and come where he was) and B) not only stopped that viral infection from asphyxiating me, but cured the viral infection itself.

    Dawkinswatch, that is just one of MANY things that I have witnessed and experienced in a life that hasn’t been very long; and moreover one in which I have only been serving the Lord for a small part of it. So with all due respect, who do you think that you are to accuse me of not believing in the supernatural? What gives you the right to claim that I do not believe in the fruits of the Holy Spirit? How dare you accuse me of not believing in miraculous moves of God? Were it not for TWO miraculous moves of God, 1. his sending my toddler son and 2. my wife praying for me, I would be DEAD. Do you hear me Dawkinswatch? I WOULD BE DEAD. DEAD! DEAD!! DEAD!!! Do you know what it is like to go through life knowing that but for two unmistakable specific supernatural miracles, you would have been DEAD IN FOUR MINUTES OR LESS?

    But let me tell you, Dawkinswatch, when my wife prayed for me to save my life, she did not pray in the name of Emma the angel, but in Jesus Christ. When she laid hands on my forehead and my chest, I was not knocked out. I was not “slain in the spirit.” I did not convulse like I was having an epileptic seizure. I did not start laughing uncontrollably. I did not get on all fours and start crawling around barking like a dog while frothing at the mouth. And my wife did not physically abuse me … she did not kick or punch me. Instead, that incident was just like the depictions of healing in the gospels, just like the record of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in Acts, and just like how Paul described orderly Christian behavior in 1 and 2 Corinthians. And do you know what? All of the LEGITIMATE things from God that me and my family have received and seen have come in that way.

    God does not need confusion. God does not use confusion. God does not operate through confusion. And God CERTAINLY does not contradict His Word. And God does not allow HIS GLORY to go to creatures: men and angels. So no, I am not contending with God by opposing Todd Bentley. I am opposing a man whose doctrines, actions, and associations PLAINLY DO NOT CONFORM TO WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS. If I didn’t need to go to some occult witch doctor to be healed of my pornography addiction, my asthma, my strong dependency on asthma medicine, my kidney disease, my acute viral bronchitis attack, and a viral bronchial infection that a string of doctors and some of the strongest antibiotics available by prescription could not heal (those antibiotics made me feel worse than the viral infection did half the time!), then neither do you or anybody else.

    But this is the best part: as impressive as God’s healing my BODY was, His transforming my MIND and CHARACTER was even more miraculous. All my life, I had been dishonest. Selfish. Backbiting. Petty. Prideful. Jealous. Hateful. Quick – tempered. Angry. Fits of rage. Reckless and self – destructive. I was borderline obsessive, especially with sports. I was living in fear, which sometimes would become paralyzing. Virtually no attention span, and extreme difficulty keeping routine obligations and finishing projects at home and work. Bouts of depression, which at times got so severe that I would contemplate suicide. When I read about the “social anxiety disorder” condition … certainly appears that I had it. As a matter of fact, had I ever sought the assistance of a psychologist or psychiatrist, I most certainly would have been given Ritalin when I was a child, and who knows what else … prozac, valium, or whatever … as an adult. So as you can probably guess, I was not much of a husband, father, church member, or employee!

    That was then. Now … well I am not going to claim that it is a 180 degree change; I still have a very long way to go. But let me say that from considering how the FRUITS of the Holy Spirit transform the mind and character … I AM FAR LESS LIKELY TO BE IMPRESSED BY A MAN BECAUSE HE KNOCKS A PEOPLE OUT ON STAGE WHEN HIS “MINISTRY PARTNERS” ARE KNOWN THIEVES, LIARS, PERVERTS, AND APOSTATES! And while I am not judging Bentley primarily or solely based on his appearance, the fact that he looks – and often acts – like a heavy metal musician, YES IT MATTERS. Look, HEAVY METAL MUSICIANS ARE WELL KNOWN FOR WORSHIPING THE DEVIL, OK? If a person as a Christian decides that he is going to use his Christian liberty to look and act like devil worshipers, then he had BETTER have everything else in order: doctrine, practice, associations, you name it. But since Todd Bentley is NOT RIGHT in his doctrine, practice, and associations, then his APPEARANCE is JUST ONE MORE THING ABOUT THE GUY THAT IS MESSED UP!

    Dawkinswatch, there was a reason why that little girl didn’t want Todd Bentley touching her. There is also a reason why after using the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit available to them through the Name and work of Jesus Christ, my wife and child did not presume that saving my life gave them license to go to Lakeland, Florida and start running a healing revival. Think about it.

  8. Marianne said

    I think what is confusing the issue is that you can have sincere Christians who pray for healing and their prayers can be answered.

    However, they might be in the presence of a false signs and wonders individual who seems to take credit for their faith and the resulting healing.

  9. Marianne said


    I seriously doubt that the Holy spirit would have said:

    “sheek a bom bah” or “BAM”

    in the upper room. The holy spirit actually knows how to speak in tongues. What Bentley says is contrived.


  10. Calvin said

    little children are no more innocent than a baby snake grows up to be a python – .. thats my 2 cents worth today.. oh yeah. didnt our rep. Adam sin.. Isaiah said our rigteousness is as filthy rags… the Bible says ALL have sinned… yeah ALL… innocence… hahahhaa.. nothing but the BLOOD OF JESUS!!… there is no other righteousness.

  11. Diana said

    Just because a child was afraid of what she witnessed happening around her, does NOT mean that Todd is not of God, or that he is of the devil. That is an absolutely irrational and ridiculous assumption to make. The child probably witnessed people falling out in the Spirit and didn’t understand what happened. Of course she would be afraid. Besides having to be up in front of thousands of people! The truth is though, NO ONE knows exactly WHY the child wad crying, and the parents may or may not have been wrong to bring her on the stage. What struck me though was the gentle way that Todd spoke to her when he asked her what was wrong. Don’t judge the intent of another man’s heart! You are on dangerous ground when you do so. I am certain that no one believed that the Lord would ever throw a man down off a horse and make him blind just to get his attention- but HE sure did it to Paul on the road to Damascus! As believers we are not to touch God’s anointed,but we are called to pray for one another,particularly if we think someone has fallen away or is in error. Be careful not to throw the first stone… it has a way of coming back and bringing judgment on yourself.

  12. Lafe said

    The scripture that you use about not touching God’s anointed is
    not applicable here since we are all anointed of God and furthermore, that verse in its original context was not referring
    to the Body of Christ judging what occurs in the Body of Christ
    but rather was an admonition by God to the surrounding nations
    at that time not to touch the people of Israel on their sojourn
    out of Egypt and not to harm his prophets.
    You are using that scripture out of context and as a pretext to
    cover this Bentley nonsense.

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