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Todd Bentley: Jesus Christ To Make Personal Appearance In Lakeland

Posted by Job on June 9, 2008

Courtesy: Soli Deo Gloria by way of Endtimes Prophetic Words

Also see “Jesus, get off your throne and onto your knees!” Todd Bentley is in the house!


15 Responses to “Todd Bentley: Jesus Christ To Make Personal Appearance In Lakeland”

  1. Kyle said

    Oh Well, The Bentley worshipers will spin it by saying it wasn’t actually “Todd” who said it but rather a quote from a letter from someone else. Todd was just reading what someone wrote. Sigh! You can’t reason with brainwashed Pimp followers. Spin Spin Spin


  2. An attempt to give a false interpretation to a false prophesy!

    Todd Bentley is a freak.

  3. 112208christ said

    the power to heal the sick, raise the dead and perform miracles are given to all on this earth through gods anointing. your lack of faith and a lack of knowing the scriptures is what will keep you from entering gods kingdom. if you go to the revival and see miracles will you still not believe. will you simply say that demons must be what are giving him the authority to heal and raise the dead. 40 million people worshiping and praying every evening makes these things possible because they believe.

  4. Job said


    So when the Egyptian magicians turned their rods into snakes, brought up frogs, and turned the water in Egypt into blood, was that the power of God too? The witch at Endor who called up the spirit of Samuel … was that the power of God? Simon Magus … did he bewitch people with the power of God? The fortune telling slave girl … was that the power of God? And when Satan imitates an angel of light … is that the power of God? And what about these false religions with their witch doctors and such (and yes, some of them do speak in tongues!) is that the power of God? Look, 112208christ, evil spirits are real. Do you deny that? How can you being a charismatic? And do you deny that the Bible says that in the last days there will be false teachers that deceive many? Just tell me then.

    1. Do you believe that there are no evil spirits? Or that there are evil spirits, but they are incapable of doing anything? They just exist and have no effect or influence on the natural world?

    2. Do you believe that false preachers exist? If so, what is your definition of a false preacher? Name a false preacher. And precisely how does this false preacher deceive anyone? Do not come and claim “they are false preachers because they speak against Todd Bentley.” Why? Because the Bible specifically says that false preachers will deceive many WITH THEIR SIGNS AND WONDERS. So, 112208christ, give me an example of a false preacher that works signs and wonders, and tell me why you regard him as such.

    As for my being “faithless”, the truth is that I have seen and experienced more than a few miracles. I am a full believer in and witnesser of the supernatural. I am also a doctrinally sound Christian. There is no conflict between the two despite those of your sort wanting to pretend otherwise.

  5. Jesusiscomingbacksoon said

    This Todd Bentley revival is another end time deception. If you are truly seeking the Lord, pray for the Lord to show you the truth about this revival and grant you discernment as there will be many false prophets in the end times and many false signs and wonders. Many will be deceived as they will want their ears tickled by new doctrines.

    If you are in this deception, come out of it as this is not of the Lord and seek the Lord with all your heart and with all your might and with all your soul and get back into the truth of His word and do not listen to fables about visitations from healing angels and angels of finance and revival as these are not of the Lord but are deceiving demons.

    You have been warned and you must pray now about this situation.

  6. Well let’s see if 112208christ knows, since he has condemned us to hell. He’s accused us of not knowing the scriptures, so I’ll regard 112208christ as a biblical scholar and ask him.

    112208christ, can you PLEASE show us in the Bible where someone claiming to follow the Lord Jesus had to beat someone physically to get a demon out of them? As Todd Bentley says he does.

    Todd Bentley: God Told Me To Physically Batter And Assault Women During Services

  7. The following affirms Todd Bentley to be a liar speaking doctrines of demons.

    Matthew 24:24-28 (New American Standard Bible)

    24 “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.

    25 “Behold, I have told you in advance.

    26 “So if they say to you, ‘Behold, He is in the wilderness,’ do not go out, or, ‘Behold, He is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe them.

    27 “For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes even to the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man be.

    28 “Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather.

    Now Mr. Bentley claims Jesus is going to show up in Lakeland, then he says, well not really physically appear, but He’ll be there. Well my Bible tells me I don’t need to go to Lakeland at all.

    Matthew 18:20 (New American Standard Bible)

    20 “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”

    I don’t need to go to Lakeland, FL for the Lord, He’s with those gathered together in His name in truth. What is in Lakeland coming from the mouth of Bentley is doctrines of demons. To hear doctrines of demons, I don’t need to go hear it in Lakeland in person, it comes on TBN every night. Different names, same demonic doctrines. I can even watch Pat Roberson’s so-called Christian World News and see him promoting garbage like Bentley.

    Well scripture does say the false prophets and false Christs (men falsely claiming anointing that people must come to see) would mislead. Todd is in the Bible alright, in all the wrong places for a man to be.

  8. mindy said


    I love you but I have got to tell you the truth! I went to the Lakeland Revival myself to see what was going
    on. Please listen to me. I may not be as intellectual as you, but I know the spirit of the Lord.
    Thousands of people were crying out to the Lord in such unity expressing such a hunger for an out pouring of God that his presence could not be denied. There was one moment in the worship that a quietness fell through the whole crowd then at different times different sections began singing in the HOLY GHOST the spirit pf God even moved on my husband and I the same way! There was such a harmony and sweet heaviness of the savior there I thought to myself ” this is as close to heaven I’ll probably ever be” After the worship my husband and I were seated and I began quietly pray to Gode to restore the annointing I had before aND gOD SHOWED ME IN MY SPIRIT THE WORD “RESTORE’
    Bently came out and gave words of confirmation to my husband and myself. Let me tell you this, that man laid hands on every one, we were in the last section. There were people of all shapes sizes nationalities. There were people young and old crying out to Jesus and after they recieved prayer they came out by twos drunken with the spirit of God. There wouldn’t be enough money to pay all of the people there to pretend it was very real! These people were looking up to,and praising God! There was a great outpouring and that is the reason people are going there.
    Wether we believe it or not, the truth is the truth. And if the devil is behind that then he is more stupid than I can imagine because the Lord is getting alot of glory at the LAKELAND REVIVAL! More people are crying out to the Lord and recieving direct manifestations than anything! I think his appearance is so awsome because people can realize if GHod will recieve him, he will recieve me. That is the glory of God’s grace. We need to understand people that don’t look so messed up to us are need grace just as much as the ones who seem to be a wreck. mY HUSBAND AND i HAVE TWO NEW CONVERTS, ONE WHO HAD BEEN IN PRISON NEARLY 40 YEARS FOR MURDER AND OTHER CRIMES OF VIOLENCE AND ONE WHO was like a drunkard and they have both been changed by thier experience. We have seen a blind eye healed and def ears pop open since that day. WOULD GOD HEAR OUR CRY FROM HEAVEN CALLING ON HIM AND SEND US A SERPENT, AND WOULD HE HEAR OUR PRAYERS DESPERATELY HUNGRY FOR AN OUT POURING AND GIVE US A STONE? hE SAID SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND, KNOCK AND IT SHALL BE OPENED. APEARANTLY SOMEBODY’S BEEN PRAYIN FOR REVIVAL! Love You All, Love Mindy

  9. Kyle said


    I say this in all humility. I too was once a Pentecostal. I too “felt” the spirit. However, God lead me away from it by opening my eyes to the truth. I was saved, sanctified, and filled yet at the same time I was in error following after these people. I gave to TBN, CBN, and others. I got excited when I would hear the Preachers on TBN point to the screen with a word of knowledge and thought it was for me. I truly did. However, the Lord lead me and others to the truth. Never for one minute think that we all held the beliefs we do now. In fact the opposite is true. I think nearly ALL of us were once part of this movement. Mindy, let me tell you something amazing. God brought me from one end of the spectrum of Pentecostal, pre-trib, anointing, and Armenianism to T.U.L.I.P, post-trib, and permanent salvation. After this I never felt better in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. I have such peace and calm. I have so much clarity. Once the smoke and mirrors of this movement was cleared away I saw God as he truly is in the scriptures. I saw that these men and women of TBN were nothing but charlatans. Mindy, understand that the truth is more akin to the life of Paul in the Bible than the life of Paul Crouch of TBN.


  10. Mindy, can you please kindly explain a few things for me?

    1. What is singing in the Holy Ghost?

    2. What is anointing? How did you lose it and now need to have it restored?

    3. What is drunken with the spirit of God? Is this in the Bible? If so, please cite where?

    I think you should also read this comment, to help you with some of those “signs and wonders”.

  11. If two or three gather, I am there with you.

    Now you have to understand that Todd is working at a high level of Faith and that you cannot come to what is saying and you do not believe in miracles,gifts, ministry of angels and understand what he is saying.

    I have no problem with what he has had to say but obviously dispensationalists are spitting blood. I grew up in the Methodist church, now those cats need to repent of the religious spirit.

    I would rather see miracles, angels, healing, clouds of glory, feathers falling, gold teeth feelings than worry about who is late for church.

    God loves conservatives but I do not think he is expecting a harvest from them. I do not know he might be, but it will be a long wait mean time Todd is doing his thing.

    What is amazing is that Todd has been doing all these things for ten years and there were no complaints but now he is ina high profile position, he is receiving opposition. Non-christian are not objecting to him, it is our cousins who have no problem if no one is ever healed until Jesus comes back. They would rather
    see hospitals being filled with the sick than anyone claim to be healed.

    Please fill your lamps lest you be the five virgins.

  12. Dawkinswatch – I would address your statements above, but I’m still waiting for you to respond with your proof from scripture regarding this other matter. Given you can’t address that with rightly divided scripture, there really is no need proceeding further with you. Because you’re lost in delusion.

  13. Jacqueline said

    Dawkins watch quote
    “I would rather see miracles, angels, healing, clouds of glory, feathers falling, gold teeth feelings than worry about who is late for church. ”

    Would you also rather see this than know your Bible? Do you mean to say that what you see and feel is much more important to you than living by the Biblical truth. Are the words of God not good enough. Do you need to have entertainment to make your faith grow? Is a spectackle in a building the foundation of your faith? Those who need signs will be decieved by this very need. A mature faith knows that Jesus is here, a mature faith needs not pampering to understand that God hears and heals. Once again we see those who are for TOdd Bentleys type of teaching base the largest part of their argument on what they feel and see. Since when did scripture give us these as tools for discernment? It is the word of God that is to be our guide. Feelings are not constant, hormones, depression etc all make them change. What you see is no real indication either for who are you to be an authority on the spiritual realm, if you don’t use the Scriptures to guide you how will you know if the Angel is of God or of Satan.

    I was into the New Age saw lots of supernatural stuff, some felt great and I thought I knew it all. But my eyes decieved me, my emotions led me astray the only thing that saved me was the Word of God, from the Son of God.

    “God loves conservatives but I do not think he is expecting a harvest from them. I do not know he might be, but it will be a long wait mean time Todd is doing his thing.”

    So what is your definition of a conservative? Anyone who basis their theology of God on His word alone??? Seems to me that the forgone generations of so called conservatives have helped bring in a harvest of billions in the last 1000 years. Conservatives went to China, they went to Russia, they helped to build all the underground Churches that still grow strong today. How arogant to suggest they achieve nothing.

    I have a degree in Theology, been a member of Lutheran, Baptist, Anglican and 3 types of pentecostal churches in my time living around Australia and in Africa. I have seen many miracles of God, had words of knowledge, spoken in tongues. I have worshiped in more than one culture and have come close to dying with cerebral malaria in Zambia. I too have suspected perhaps more than once an angel was used of God to save my life as I travelled os alone. Even though I have been blessed to see such wonderful, powerful acts of God I still aim to test everything and to only base what I teach and preach on the Word of God.

    This postmodern world we live in is an entertainment driven, touchy feely culture, which has swung past the point of balance in its attempts to undo modernism. This reaction against modernity, against also conservatism was largely facilitated by the New Age and Theosophical societies and has been so successful that Christians no longer bother to check out what the Word has to say. They want experinece over doctrine, they want instant healing, instant maturity, instant answers. No longer can we find many in Church who know what the Bible has to say and if they don’t know the word then my friend they don’t know the WORD – Jesus.

    Bums on seats and spectacular miracles are never used in the Bible to authenticate a work of God. Too many people are too easily impressed by numbers. Too many are too quick to badge something of God, sometimes also too quick to say not of God. Satan can counterfiet a miracle, spirits and demons are real and they are so much smarter than humans when it comes to their realm. Better to be a humble ‘conservative’ who is focused on Christ alone than on those who want their own personal legion of angels fetching and carrying for them. I personally don’t need to wait for an Angel to show up to see God at work in my life. I know He is already here for the two witnesses of the Word and Spirit tell me so.

    Pity all these ‘non-conservative” Christians were not spending all this time out in the community helping others, teaching them the Word and getting on with the Harvest themselves. BUt no the non-conservatives are too busy being entertained by Christian TV.

  14. Jacqueline said

    So what happened on June 8th???? If Jesus was only coming on the 8th who was there this night. So Jesus was or was not present???

    Here are some good books to read “For Many shall come in my Name”
    The Beautiful Side of Evil” both give good facts on the end times deceptions that are infiltrating our Church today. One more suggestion Read Decieved on Purpose a good companion to have with the Purpose Driven movement.

    I wonder what will arise after Todd? After Benny Hinn, Rick Warren Torronto etc it can only get BIGGER. You would think with all this activiy America would get congress to reinstate the 10 commandments and prayer in Schools. We should be seeing Christmas highlighted and the nativity presented in public. We should see an end to poverty and an end to pornography. We should see an abolute explosion of missionaries leaving these meetings and taking the word of God to those last remaining strongholds of anti christian sentiment. There have been so many BIG claims from American TV evangelists, TV prophets and mega ministries but still the New AGe advances and Jesus is being pushed faster and faster to the edge of American life. Where is the Fruit, so far only flash. Where are the voices crying out against genetic manipulation that seeks to cross humans with animals. Where is the end to abortion? Why is there so little conviction of the terrible state this world is in? Why is there no real move of repentance? Think about what is not being achieved and what is not getting airtime?

  15. Jodi G said

    Jaqueline, thank you for speaking some very important points. I hope others are listening!

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