Jesus Christ Is Lord

That every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!

The Rise Of The Female Suicide Bomber

Posted by Job on June 7, 2008

Now I have taken a rather conciliatory stand towards Islam in order to spiritually war against people who fearmonger and demagogue against 1 billion PEOPLE in order to justify the wickedness of the Bush regime’s slaughtering all of these innocent PEOPLE for reasons that NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN (now the going explanation is “well, we are over there now, and if we leave they will just start killing each other, so let’s stay”) and for electing John McCain to go over there and spill even more blood (just as Bush Sr. spilled more blood than Reagan and just like Bush Jr. spilled more blood than Bush Sr.). One cute little trick that these people use is to willfully blur the lines between violence committed by people who happen to be Muslim because of their culture (i.e. honor killings, violence against women, and tribal warfare, things that people from that part of the world who practice other religions INCLUDING CHRISTIANITY commit all the time) and things that are actually due to Islam. But make no mistake: Islam is a false religion, and its 1 billion adherents desperately need the gospel of Jesus Christ. Articles like this are just one illustration why. Real Christians read things like this and want to go give people like this the gospel instead of using them as an excuse to justify waging illegal undeclared wars against their nations to promote the anti – Christ globalist agenda, and to shamefully our own Muslim citizens. I am sorry, but when I read these zealous “Muslims are a threat, monitor and track them!” I cannot help but noticing that they are no different from the types of people that used police dogs, fire hoses, billy clubs, and occasionally deadly gunfire (see the Orangeburg massacre against innocent South Carolina college students) against UNARMED PEACEFUL civil rights marchers.


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