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The Cost To Global Warming: $45 Trillion! And That Is Just The Down Payment!

Posted by Job on June 7, 2008

We should ask evangelical Christians that have decided that climate change is more important than spreading the gospel if this is how much they are willing to help spend, and if they are willing to contribute their own tithes and offerings to it. I honestly wonder if a lot of the evangelical leaders who rushed out to take positions on this issue in order to gain a good reputation with the world – as opposed to the bad, negative, hateful fundamentalists that give Christians a bad name by talking about backwards things like sin, final judgment, the lake of fire, and salvation through Jesus Christ – took the time to actually study and analyze this issue and realize what they were advocating: global political, economic, and military controls that will regulate the way of life for every citizen on the planet. I say the same thing with these global warming schemes as I say with, say, the presidential race between McCain and Obama. Either McCain or Obama is going to win, and whichever one will be an evil person that will allow himself to be used by people that are even more evil in exchange for a few years of personal power and a little bit of money and fame. So evangelical Christians, if global warming is already going to be used as an excuse to implement the one world government, if it is going to happen anyway and there is nothing that we can do about it, fine. There was nothing that Christians in the time that the Bible was written could do to stop the apostles from being killed either. Read Matthew 24 and the book of Revelation people, as well as Daniel and Ezekiel. This world is ruled by sin, and as a result wickedness is going to happen. What evangelical Christians have to learn is stop being manipulated by conservatives (in the case of white ones) or liberals (in the case of black and increasingly Hispanic ones) to try to pick and choose which wickedness to pledge ourselves to and get behind … trying to determine A) which wickedness is “lesser” or B) which wickedness will give us greater short term personal benefit. How many black Christians could have cared less no matter what Bill Clinton did? How many conservative white evangelicals actually care about the dead Iraqi civilians, or the people who were kept FOR YEARS at Guantanamo Bay without a trial before the government WAS FORCED to admit that they had no evidence on them and let them go?

Again, wickedness is going to happen Christians. That should not be a fact that surprises, frightens, or fascinates anyone. The point is that we should renew our minds and be transformed from the ways of this wicked world so that when its evil does happen, it happens without our participation, aid, or consent. So yes, you will almost certainly contribute to the $45 trillion plan to implement one world government with your taxes. But that doesn’t mean that you have to rush to the ballot box and elect the leaders who will put it into place, and it especially doesn’t mean that you have to go attend these “evangelical environmental creation care” conferences. Being a follower of Jesus Christ is supposed to mean that there is a difference between you and the unsaved. You are supposed to have wisdom and discernment that gives you better judgment. A lot of people out there who are calling themselves by – and calling upon – the Name of Jesus Christ certainly aren’t acting like it.


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