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Rick Warren Dissembles And Fails The Challenge From Voice of Truth Again!

Posted by Job on June 4, 2008

James Sundquist of Voice Of Truth Radio

May 20, 2008

Open Letter and James Sundquist Response to Rick Warren and Erik Rees

Dear Rick Warren & Erik Rees,

I am in receipt of both of your invitations to your May 20-22, 2008 PDC Conference, enclosed at the

end of this letter. I am compelled to respond after praying and seeking the multitude of Godly counsel.

I was a little surprised to finally hear from you years after I first confronted you by email but never

heard back from you, or any time since both of my books on you were published. I was further

surprised that you would send an invitation with such short notice to plan a trip there. You have

required that I remain silent for three days before I am allowed to speak. The Apostle Paul did not

teach that we are required to remain silent if what we are presented with is false teaching.

I am further surprised at this invitation because from your own lips you stated that you did not respond

to detractors. You also would have to consider me a 21st Century enemy, since I am what you call a

Fundamentalist Christian. If I am the false teacher, then you need to expose and rebuke me publicly

before your church, this conference, and the church at large. But your must refute me from Scripture.

You have invoked Matthew 5:44-46, positioning yourself as the victim being persecuted. You have

rendered me the enemy with this quote. The Apostle Peter says it is of no credit if you are being

persecuted and deserve the persecution. Which one of the Apostles and Prophets of old have ever

presented the demon-possessed, the demonically-inspired, the homosexual activist, the atheist, the

spiritists, the mystics, and the necromancers favorably to the people, as you have done inside as well as

outside of your Purpose Driven Life book? The answer: none of them. And when did Jesus teach his

Disciples to do anything like that? Same question applies to your interview with Charlie Rose, August

17, 2006, when you said you told Eric Sawyer, gay activist leader: “how can I help you get your

message out?” And yet you invite Senator Obama to speak at your church, who celebrates and now

endorses the California Supreme Court Decision making gay marriage legal, above the Word of the

Living God. You have put the church in great peril by both your actions and appearance of evil. Jesus

and his Apostles would never have countenanced your promotion of such an abomination. In your

USA Today Interview 7/21/03, you stated that Mormonism was just another Christian denomination

rather than a false religion, in which Mormon Doctrine, Jesus has a brother named Lucifer, easily

refuted by John 3:16 which states that Jesus is the ONLY begotten Son. One of their baptism songs

teach that you go back to be with God. Your gospel presented in the Ladies Home Journal is not The

Gospel but another gospel! Former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett has proven that your

Roman Catholic Purpose Driven teachings are apostate. The Apostle Paul preached Christ crucified in

synagogues. Rick Warren preaches no gospel in synagogues.

You state that I do not know your motivation. To a great extent that is not relevant. I do not even know

you personally; it is your teaching that I oppose publicly, for your teachings are public and damnable

heresies! And a good tree does not produce corrupt fruit!

If you have read either of my books: Who’s Driving the Purpose Driven Church or Rick Warren’s

Global Peace Plan vs. Scriptural Teachings on Peace about you, which are published by Southwest

Radio Church, you would know what my motivations are, and that is to compare your teachings to

Scripture as every good Berean must do, as well as to help bring the Balm of Gilead to the wounded

saints in response to the host of calls and letters I continue to receive from churches throughout the

world who have been split or destroyed by your teachings and unbiblical enforced covenants you have


I am perfectly ready and eager to meet with you publicly when I have received a letter on your

letterhead that you are ready to repent publicly before your own congregation and the church at large

for your extensive false teachings. Your letter must include making restitution to all of those saints

whom you have left strewn and dismembered by the propeller of your Purpose-Driven Ship, and

renounce your Jung-rooted occult-based Personality Profiling. Upon receipt of this letter,I will then

stand with you before the public and rejoice with you. You should also go on Fox News and renounce

the infomercials they have run in your behalf.

Speaking of invitations, I invite you and the members of your church to read my articles on your

SHAPE program published in:

Sept 2007 Journal of Apologetics: Vol 10, California Biblical University and Seminary P.O. Box 7447,

Orange, CA 92863, 1-800-41-TRUTH (1-800-418-7884) /


A Critique of the Purpose-Driven Life, Part I & II, The Conservative Theological Journal Volume 9,

No. 27, and Volume 9 no. 28, August, Sept, 2005, Tyndale Theological Seminary,


Listen to Dr. John MacArthur’s Audio Sermon 3:14 minute excerpt exposing the apostasy of Rick

Warren’s Purpose Driven Life book:

I am biblically justified and mandated to oppose you because you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a

destroyer of the brethren, masquerading as a servant of righteousness.

Until the Lord grants you repentance, I am not willing to attend your conference this week or any of

your Global Peace Plan training conferences, but will continue to oppose you by speaking and

preaching publicly in writing and on the various national and international radio programs I frequent.

These Scriptures will also confirm why I will not attend your training conference:

Ephesians 5:11

II John 10

Titus 3:10

Galatians Chapter One

Book of Jude

Sincerely in Christ,

James Sundquist


Rock Salt Publishing



FALSE TEACHER (not exhaustive):

Pastor Bob DeWaay Redefining Christianity, Understanding the Purpose Driven Movement,–dsh–Understanding/Detail

Warren Smith, Deceived on Purpose,

Dr. Noah Hutchings, The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven Church, Southwest Radio Church,

Tamara Hartzel, In the Name of Purpose,

Loren Davis,The Purpose Driven Life is Unscriptural,

Roger Oakland, Faith Undone,

David Cloud, Purpose Driven or Scripture Driven, (just released, not posted

yet, but available)

Lynn & Sarah Leslie, Susan J. Conway,Pied Pipers of Purpose,

Lynn & Sarah Leslie, What is Transformation,

Berit Kjos, Spirit Led or Purpose Driven, &

Rick Warren’s Peace Plan and UN Goal,

Jewel Grewe, Discernment Ministries,

Dave Hunt & T.A. McMahon, Audio Critique: Purpose Driven Life,

Richard Bennett, The Adulation of Man in The Purpose Driven Life, &

The Purpose Driven Life: Demeaning the Very Nature of God,

Pastor Gary Gilley, The Purpose-Driven Life: An Evaluation – Part 1, by Gary E. Gilley, Articles/read_articles.asp?ID=1

Ray Yungen, A Time of Departing,

Jacob Prasch, Moriel Ministries,

Philip Powell, Director, Contending Earnestly for the faith, Australia,

Ken Silva, Director, Christian Research Net,

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Susan Bertalotto,

James Clifton,

Sue Winter, Birds of a Feather,

Mike Corley, Resisting The Purpose Driven,Published March 25th, 2008 by Editor in Purpose Driven,

Resisting The Purpose Driven on The Mike Corley Program

Not all of what is involved with the Purpose Driven Life movement is warm and fuzzy. On this

program, Mike shares yet another tragic story of someone who dared to question the purpose driven lie.

Today, the testimony of two men in Virginia who resisted the 40 Days of Purpose in their church and

the shocking,but sadly, not surprising results of their unwillingness to compromise and follow the PDL.

Click here to listen now from this original link: Resisting the Purpose Driven

Pastor Larry DeBruyn, Church on the Rise: Why I am not a Purpose-Driven Pastor,

Deborah Dombroski, Lighthouse Trails Research,

Ingrid Schleuter, Slice of Laodicea & Crosstalk, VCY

America Radio,

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Professor Johan Malan, South Africa, Rick Warren Waters Down the Gospel,

Dean Gotcher, The Church Growth, Emerging Church – Daiprax Agenda – The Diabolical Practices of

‘Ministers’ Across America Today by Dean Gotcher, Authority Research, 12/12/06

Orrel Steinkamp, Schuller Planted, Hybels Watered, Warren (Peter Drucker) Gives The Increase, The

Plumbline, Volume 10, No. 3, November/December 2005 he cross ends up obscured. When the cross is

obscured sinners go unsaved.

Dr. Robert Klenck, Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life: A Rebuttal,

Mac Dominick, Rebuilding the Tower of Babel,

Mike Oppenheimer, A Global Peace Plan,

Al Dager, Media Spotlight,

William Alnor, Spiritual Counterfeits Project Resource List Concerning Rick Warren and the Purpose

Drive Life ,

Pastor Perry Rockwood, The People’s Gospel Hour, Canada,



From: “Erik Rees” <>

Date: May 12, 2008 11:01:39 AM EDT

To: <>

Subject: A Special Invite From Rick Warren

Hello James,

I don’t believe we’ve ever met or even talked on the phone, but I’m certainly aware that you publicly attack me regularly. James, your writing shows that you consider me to be an enemy, so for some time now. in obedience to Jesus’ command in Matt. 5:44-46, I’ve prayed daily for God to bless you. Now, I want to personally invite you to attend our upcoming conference at Saddleback, for free. I will pay all your travel expenses. My only request is that you listen to all the conference for 3 days then meet with me after it ends on Thursday noon to ask any questions before you write anything about it. I don’t know  what motivates you, and you don’t know what motivates me – so I’d like to get to know you personally. Below are the details to this unadvertised conference. Also here is a link to watch a video message.

I’m praying for God to bless you and your family greatly. I look forward to meeting you.


Rick Warren

Saddleback Church


From: “Erik Rees” <>

Date: May 8, 2008 4:06:20 PM EDT

To: <>

Subject: Purpose Driven Church Gathering

Hi James,

On behalf of Pastor Rick Warren, I would like to personally invite you to attend this years Purpose

Driven Church Gathering (May 20-22) at our wonderful campus in Lake Forest, California. Pastor

Rick would not only like to invite you, but pay for you to come out and spend three days with this

group of national and global leaders. We are anticipating close to 2,000 leaders will gather to learn

from our guest speakers. The only request we have is that you please wait to share your thoughts until

the conference has completed. This will give you the best chance to listen and learn before responding.

Lastly, I would like to include you in an open discussion time with Pastor Rick and a few other leaders

on Thursday, May 22nd.

I truly hope you will accept this wonderful offer to come and learn. Please let me know by Monday,

May 12th if we can count on you joining us. If you can, I will have our travel agent connect with you

to take care of your travel needs. To learn more about this great gathering please click here PDC



Erik Rees

Saddleback Church

1 Saddleback Parkway

Lake Forest, CA 9


8 Responses to “Rick Warren Dissembles And Fails The Challenge From Voice of Truth Again!”

  1. Coram Deo said

    This is as comprehensive a dismantling of the Devil Driven scriptural perversions of Rick Warren as I have ever read in one place, God bless James Sundquist!

  2. N. Hupalo said

    I have to echo the response given as well. I have not read to date such a letter of rebuttle as this one and I stand up and give applause, AMEN AND PREACH IT BROTHER!!!!! Thank God for James Sundquist who with boldness can say so appropriately what’s on many of our hearts. Thank-you for contending for the Faith once and for all delivered to the saints.

  3. Jasmine said


  4. Shawn said

    Your Comment: I am biblically justified and mandated to oppose you because you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a

    destroyer of the brethren, masquerading as a servant of righteousness

    this is the joke of the year. you and many other run around arresting people in the name of Jesus. good for you do you know that you have made a mockery of our Lord by Quarling with the others in the Faith. Just maybe YOU ARE THE WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING. you know I am tired of all the Crap the So called christians do over the internet and out on the streets. maybe yo are just Jealous that the Lord is blessing Rick Warrens obedience and chastizing you disobeidience. can say for sure because none of us on this God foresaken internet know the spiritual health of another. good for you the you have you Judgemnets, Bias, and Jonah spirit working here on earth. heaven forbit that another person may be lead of God and you do not agree with it. I think if our Lord came back he would make a Whip of Cords and go into most every church and turn over the tables and ask “Why do you have a Building” I never told you to build one” yes we all can get on our soap boxes and be our brothers keep so good job you have fulfilled your call well. keep up the brother watching so we all can go to you for wisdom.

    • Job said

      This is from the person who originally wrote this letter. He had trouble replying and sent me an email asking me to post his reply, and I am complying with his request.

      In response to Shawn’s Jan 11, 2009. So what is wrong with a “Jonah spirit”? Without Jonah there would have been no repentance by the entire city of Nineveh. Was the Apostle Paul a wolf in sheep’s clothing when he cursed the Judaizers in Galatians to be eternally damned? So what is your coarse jesting with your language? Where are your biblical refutations? So, if I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing, what is Rick Warren in telling the Muslim convention he does not want to change their convictions? Here is my response:

      I must give you my highest commendations for WORLD NET DAILY, Lighthouse Trails (and Jan Markell’s, and Ken Silva’s) rightful scathing sharp rebuke of Rick Warren! Shout it from the rooftops!!!

      Here is my response to this abomination committed by Rick Warren:

      I must give you my highest commendations for WORLD NET DAILY, Lighthouse Trails (and Jan Markell’s, and Ken Silva’s) rightful scathing sharp rebuke of Rick Warren! Shout it from the rooftops!!!

      Here is my response to this abomination committed by Rick Warren:

      I found it extremely ironic that Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Churches enforce removal of Bible studies, removal of good Bible teachers from churches, Christian purpose-driven pastors (like a top Rick Warren lieutenant) calling the police to remove a Christian from public property in front of his church because he picketed against the church conducting purpose driven teachings and daring to talk to members of his congregation. And Rick Warren himself trains pastors how to remove resisters who oppose his Global Peace Plan, yet he tells Muslims we should work together?

      Rick Warren’s appearance at the North America Islamic Convention is the antithesis of what the Apostle Paul would have done. Rick Warren tells the multitudes of Muslims he does not want to change their convictions, the Apostle Paul’s primary mission was to change convictions of followers of other religions! Where is Christ crucified in Warren’s speech? Where is marking Mohammad as a false teacher in his speech? While Christians throughout the world are being martyred by Muslims, Rick Warren remains silent. He could not have insulted them anymore! What a reproach! While Rick Warren calls on all Christians and Muslims to work together, all true Christians should mark Rick Warren as a false teacher, as Scripture requires, and expel him (and George Wood, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God and Jack Hayford, President of Foursquare Church International, who promote Rick Warren), and most certainly not “partner” with him!
      While Muslims are burning down churches, Rick Warren is hijacking them with his Global Peace Plan. It isn’t just the government that is big brother seizing churches, it is now the church.

      Therefore, I invite you to consider my article exposing both Obama and Rick Warren on my two websites, particularly my article: “Obama, Immaculate Deception”:



      James Sundquist

      Rock Salt Publishing

  5. […] Open Letter to Rick Warren […]

  6. Dear Mr. LaMorey,

    If you promote Rick Warren you are most certainly not a soldier of Christ. Right out of the shoot, you bear false witness against me in two ways: one, I have not shot Rick Warren in the back, but face to face I confronted him, in full view of the public, secondly, every charge I laid against him is his own published statements compared to Scripture. If you fear the Lord, you should know that slanderers will not enter the Kingdom, so you had better supply proof if you are accusing me of bearing false witness against Rick Warren. For proof that I did not confront him by shooting him in the back, I have enclosed my letter to him below with link. Nevertheless, your response is very illuminating, as it is one more example of who Rick Warren has trained purpose-driven pastors to retaliate against resisters such as Fundamentalist Christians he call enemies of the 21st Century and show zero compassion for any of the victims of his hostile takeovers! If you want to refute me, refute me from Scripture, as the Apostle Paul did, not attack me personally. And if it is wrong to shoot a soldier in the back, then why are you shooting me who is a soldier in Christ? Who is going to pick up the pieces of the bloodied dismembered Christians who were dismembered by Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven blueprints for hijacking churches, denominations, and countries, like my wife folk’s C&MA Church in Horseheads, NY…which split twice, thanks to Rick Warren’s blueprints? So you have no problem with Rick Warren’s compulsory tithing, covenants, and his Personality Profiling program which is rooted in Carl Jung’s occult?

    It is good to know where you stand, so we can add your name to our list and media coverage of attackers and deserters of the brethren and warn all churches in Connecticut about you. You need a wakeup call before it is too late. Here is a voice crying in the wilderness in Africa who has witnessed first hand the destruction that Rick Warren has wrought over there:

    Loren Davis is a missionary in Africa, and resident of Kenya , who has conducted major evangelistic crusades in Africa for a quarter of a century. He personally has witness the destruction that Rick Warren has wrought over there. This is a six minute excerpt of his recent riveting interview on Southwest Radio Church. He leads the fight in opposing Rick Warrens teachings and programs in Africa and has inspired a host of pastors in Africa to reject Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Global Peace Plan. James Sundquist addresses what Rick Warren is doing in Africa in his book Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan vs. Scriptural Teachings on Peace in the Chapter ‘Purpose-Driven Country’:

    You should consider changing the name of your church if you are going to promote Rick Warren. Rick Warren’s New Age gospel was published in Ladies Home Journal, the farthest cry from “Calvary”.

    I also note that your church promotes still another false teacher Max Lucado…so if you think it is OK to promote false teachers, you should read:

    Well known author Max Lucado has placed his name on the Covenant for Civility. Who, after all, can argue against such a document, which calls for an end to mean-spirited debate and rancor?

    Had this truly been a secular document, there would be no problem. Unfortunately, this document is presented in spiritual terms. It begins with Psalm 133:1: “How good and pleasant it is when the people of God live together in unity.”

    The document then states, “As Christian pastors and leaders…”

    The Covenant for Civility also refers to “the unity we have in the Body of Christ.”

    Incredibly, the agreement also includes a pledge there be “no questioning of the other’s faith…” (how many Scriptures would you like me to provide you to demolish that principality?) SOURCE:

    And how ironic, Max Lucado calls for an end to rancor, yet that is precisely what your sarcastic email to me is!
    I call you to repentance!

    Sincerely in Christ,

    James Sundquist
    perfectpeaceplan dot com

    PASTOR BILL LAMOREY: “Great. One more person shooting arrows in the backs of God’s soldiers on the frontlines of the battlefield. Best of luck with that”

  7. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Evil is as evil does. It gets rather complex but ultimately it comes down to getting away from the teachings of the Bible. As your comments say the man condemns you and in that very statement does what he condemns you for.

    Mathew 24 comes to mind among other scriptures.

    Keep seeking the truth with a pure heart.


    John Kaniecki

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