Jesus Christ Is Lord

That every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!

Prayer Based On Romans 12

Posted by Job on June 3, 2008

1. Lord God help me to present my soul to you for continuous willing service as a believer mature in doctrine, faith, purity, obedience, and charity. 

2. Lord God may I reject sinfulness and rebellion and instead reflect Your holy purity as it is revealed to me through Your Word so that I may know Your Will.

3. Lord God may I not be arrogant or prideful but rather submit myself to the knowledge that I was saved and changed only by the grace that You alone gave me through the faith that You alone also gave me.

4. Lord God thank you for making me a member of the Body of Christ and please prevent me from acting outside of my called office.

5. Lord God please use me to promote unity and to be a servant and an edifier in the Body of Christ. 

6. Lord God if You have made me a prophet may I not withhold my prophesying from the Body of Christ out of shame or fear.

7. Lord God if You have made me a minister or a teacher may I minister or teach according to Thy Will and with Thy Word and not my own. 

8. Lord if you desire me to exhort, give, administer, or help may I perform these functions with simplicity, prudence, diligence, mercy, and cheerfulness. 

9. Lord God please cause me to hate all that is evil because it is not of you, to join myself with the good because it is from you, and to show love without mockery, dishonesty, pretension, or deception. 

10. Lord God please cause me to exhibit kindness and brotherly love to my fellow believers, and not to favor unbelievers based on relationships according to the flesh over my true spiritual eternal brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. 

11. Lord God please prevent me from being fearful, lazy, inattentive, careless, or imprudent in serving You. 

12. Lord God please help me to join and exhort my fellow believers in praying without ceasing, and comforting and being comforted in our trials and tribulations. 

13. Lord God please help me to show hospitality to my brethren and help meet their needs with gifts of prayer, mercy, compassion, and charity. 

14. Lord God please cause me to have the love required to bless those that persecute me, and to not curse or condemn. 

15. Father God please fill me with empathy and compassion so that I will have joy with those who have joy and cry with those who cry.

16. Father God, may I be united in character, emotions, and behavior with my brothers in Christ and not a source of division or confusion. Please keep me from being prideful or convinced of my own superiority, and from contending over things of no consequence, and cause me to seek and keep the company of the meek and humble rather than seeking audience with and approval of the powerful and mighty. 

17. Please Lord keep me from wanting to take retribution against people that I perceive to have cheated or mistreated me or others. Please make me honest in dealing with good people as well as evil ones just as You are righteous to the good as well as the evil.

18. Please, Lord, make me into a peacemaker and not a subversive or initiator of or participant in arguments, fights, violence, fear, intimidation, confusion, etc. 

19. Lord, please prevent me from seeking and taking vengeance, instead placing my trust in You to repay the wicked and fulfill all righteousness. Please remind me, Lord, that Your ability to judge righteousness, to show grace and forgiveness, and to punish all whom You Will far exceeds mine for You are God and I am not.

20. Father God, please teach me and drive me to love and treat my enemy as I would want to be treated; to treat my enemy in a manner not according to the ways of the unbelievers but according to the ways of Your Word, to the ways of Your Son. 

21. Father God, please prevent me from fighting sin with sin, hate with hate, anger with anger, or lies with lies as is the way of Satan and this world, but please cause and use me to overcome these things with Your ways, Your truth, Your word, and Your love as did Your Son Jesus Christ when He suffered and died on the cross and was raised from the dead. 

In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 


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