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The Associated Press Directly Correlates Racism To Homosexuality Again

Posted by Job on June 1, 2008


3 Responses to “The Associated Press Directly Correlates Racism To Homosexuality Again”

  1. Amazing how some people will willfully allow themselves to be linked with abomination.

  2. Job said


    The amazing thing is that there is nothing even to gain by doing this. Like we have discussed before, while we certainly disagree with the alliance between blacks and communists in the civil rights era, it was at least understandable because many blacks who went that route honestly believed that blacks were being harmed by capitalism and that communism would help. But with this, how does linking the black agenda to the homosexual one accomplish anything for blacks? Gay marriage becoming legal will not enforce a single civil rights statute, save a single affirmative action program, or create a single social welfare program. Quite the contrary, “conservative” whites that oppose homosexuality and have no inclinations towards fair treatment of blacks are just going to look at how we (in terms of our community) have leaders like Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama that support – and fight for! – gay rights, abortion, and all this other nonsense and use that as justification to discriminate against us even more!

    Now this is a website that cannot be accused of being supportive of the black community, but here is an excellent article that explains why gay marriage has nothing to do with black advancement:

  3. Job, the defenders of homosexuality are in a reprobate state of mind. Which Lord willing He may save some of them from in granting them repentance from that evil.

    So they see defense of homosexuals as fighting against the “evil” of “discrimination”. They’ve inverted what is good and evil, to satisfy an abomination.

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