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Occult Spiritist Todd Bentley Claims Abraham Co – Wrote Book Of Hebrews!

Posted by Job on May 29, 2008

Though I have moved away from his charismatic beliefs, I still greatly appreciate the work of Christian fiction writer Frank Peretti. In his first novel, This Present Darkness, the main protagonist was this “professor of parapsychology” Juleen Langstrat, who was actually using her college professorship to indoctrinate and recruit her students into her spiritist occult. According to the novel, part of Langstrat’s belief system was that of “ascended masters” that people can communicate with either directly or through mediums in seances. Of course, the “ascended masters” that they were communicating with were actual evil spirits that deceived – as evil spirits certainly tend to do – the spiritists into THINKING that they were the spirits of famous people from the past. 

So now we have from the very appropriately named Church Warnings by way of Endtimes Prophetic Words:

A vision from Todd Bentley during a third heaven experience

In it, the Type A heretic occultist Bentley says this:

“…. I actually saw the apostle Paul come walking toward me onto the bridge. …He was short, not more than 5′1″ or 5′2″. He was bald except for a little crown of hair that came around his head. Looking very Jewish with a short, trimmed, white beard, my first thought was of a monk in a monastery! He actually had jolly cheeks and I thought: Paul you’ve got a little weight on you! I mean he wasn’t fat but he looked a little pudgy! He sat next to me and he took his hand and placed it across my chest not saying anything. But I felt like I was receiving an apostolic blessing from a father…. While he touched my chest, Abraham and David appeared out of the cloud of witnesses (Heb. 12:1). Although they were very close (and yet somehow at a distance), they weren’t the main focus. They were simply there as witnesses to an encounter. Next, Paul spoke to me without words spirit to spirit. I never heard one word but I had instant knowledge of what he was saying. He said that David and Abraham are true fathers—”These are the apostolic fathers”—and I thought to myself: Why Abraham and David? He answered me by saying that there would be no gospel without Abraham. People forget that without Abraham there would be no Israel, or Jewish people (Ps. 105:6–11; Gen. 15:1–5, 18–21; Gen. 17).

Just so you know too, Abraham was taller than David and Paul, about 6′5″. He was a very big rugged looking man, very big boned, large hands, having a long black beard and hair. In fact he looked quite East Indian or Pakistani (in skin color); not like an African man (in blackness), but closer to an East Indian man. He actually didn’t look Jewish at all!

Now David’s appearance was much different from Abraham’s. Having seen Jesus before, I noticed that David’s features were similar to Jesus, the Son of David. Both Jesus’ hair and David’s hair were alike—long brown reddish locks that hung to their shoulders. David’s eyes were blue and he wore a purple royal robe but when he lifted his arm, inside his robe I saw the color blue; it was very kingly. He was very handsome with a short beard and he was really well kept.

As I just stated, Paul told me that essentially there would be no gospel and there would be no Israel without Abraham. He said too, that there would be no gospel without David because there would be no divine Son of David (Jesus Christ) in order for the kingdom and His throne to be built upon the throne of David (Luke 1:31, 32). Jesus came through the lineage of David and with Jesus’ coming, the gospel was released.Paul also said that—in the sense of the revelation of the gospel to the Gentiles—he was the greatest carrier of that revelation to them. He took what Jesus brought and made it available to the rest of the world, and the global evangelism that’s taking place today comes as a result of the revelation of the gospel by the apostle Paul.

I discovered while conversing with Paul that it wasn’t only Jesus Christ who taught him in heaven. I say this because Paul told me: “Abraham taught me, in heaven, and that’s how and why I wrote the book of Hebrews. What I heard was from the lips of Abraham himself.”

I know I’m stepping out on theology now; however, I want you to understand that Paul always made it clear when he authored an epistle—”Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ” or “Paul, a bond-servant of Christ.” Always! Yet, for the Book of Hebrews, although most Bible scholars believe that it was authored by Paul, there are those that really can’t say it was him because the authorship is never clear. Paul told me why. Here is what he said to me. “Do you know why I know so much about Abraham?” [So much of Hebrews is based on other things that you just can’t pull from in other scriptures.] He said, “Abraham himself shared (information) with me and I simply wrote it” (in the Book of Hebrews). “The authorship isn’t clear because it was Abraham and I; Abraham shared with me.” [Much of Hebrews is about Abraham; i.e. Hebrews Chapter 11.] Paul said, “When I was in the third heaven, Abraham was with me like you are with me now.”

Next, I was at Paul’s house and he said to eat the Book of Titus! What’s more, several days later I was taken back into heaven to Paul’s house! But this time I didn’t go inside. I stayed outside where I saw a ladder in his back yard like the one described in Genesis 28, Jacob’s ladder. [I’ve come to understand that there are ladders like that in heaven in order to ascend and descend into different realms because heaven has places, geographical places. For example, the first heaven is where we live on the earth; the second heaven is the invisible realm of Ephesians 6: 12; and the third heaven where I was with Paul, it’s the Paradise of God (Rev. 2:7).] So I jumped onto the ladder and began to climb up into another realm. I saw around me that it was all clouds so I began to pull those clouds back. As I did, a hole opened up in the heavens. Immediately then, out of heaven, flowed the color green, not just a light; it was like a green liquid and it was pouring onto my eyes! When I asked God about this, He said, “You are coming into the throne room; you are beneath the sea of glass; there is a rainbow around the throne. It’s not just above the throne; it’s a circle around the throne, a rainbow, emerald, green in color.” [“And He who sat there was like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne, in appearance like an emerald” (Rev. 4:3).] I had just climbed into the fourth realm of heaven which is the throne room, (with more realms to follow). I went up from the throne room into the fifth realm which is the heavenly city. I saw streets that are golden and mansions and I noticed that it was very different from the Paradise of God (third heaven) where there are hills, still waters, and flowers. It wasn’t as peaceful. Next came the sixth realm of heaven which is the place where the angels live. There is literally a realm reserved for Michael, Gabriel, all the arch angels and all the angels under the arch angels! This isn’t the second heaven, the angel and demon realm, where they battle. It’s just a realm where the angels dwell. Then the last heaven I saw, the seventh realm was other universes and the solar systems; undiscovered universes and planets that God has created.”

Apparently, evil like this that exposes Bentley for what he is has become, er, inconvenient. So now, according to The Florida Outpouring: Revival In Lakeland ’08 (a blog dedicated totally to the event by a Lakeland resident) Bentley is removing the more clearly heretical statements of his from his website. The amazing thing is that people who believe in, support, and follow this fellow have not only read his evil, but watch him spout it on God.TV and on the Internet. But please know, people, that the encounters that Bentley claims to have are far more similar to those described by Mormonism’s Joseph Smith and Islam’s Mohammed than they do any encounter depicted in the Bible. 

That so many people are willing to follow one such as this despite is massive doctrinal errors, it vindicates the opinion of BlackReformingKid on Pentecostalism: that they are very willing to reject sola scriptura and sound doctrine in favor of signs and wonders.


15 Responses to “Occult Spiritist Todd Bentley Claims Abraham Co – Wrote Book Of Hebrews!”

  1. Douglas K. Adu-Boahen said

    Pentecostal/Charismatic history is filled with instances where men like Bentley spouted off lies, got caught then did a cover up job.

    Look up the Dake Bible’s revision on racism…classic example

  2. nan said

    Todd Bentley is full of dung and he will eventually become as Jezebel dung

  3. dawkinswatch said

    This is so unfair, are all third heaven experiences false? then John, Paul,Isaiah, Ezekiel, were all Occultists.

    Why do you not make room, maybe it is you are the ones who are wrong, but when you have name calling like this, the world is going to wonder if we are really Christians.

    Why is there so much anger? I have known this ministry for a while,Todd was not crucified when he was having meeting in India and Africa but not something is happening in the West people are destroying him.

    Something is definitely taking place that is why there is so much criticism.

    I like this blog why it has documentation, but this is plain unbelief and speculation.

    If he is an occultist, pray to God to stop this move, after all how can occultist use demonic powers to beat God?

    Why are not going in these meeting and snuffing out all activity by prayer? Elijah would have prayed, but it seems you lack faith in your ability to out pray a witch.

  4. Louis said

    There’s no way he is having experiences like this. I have to say they are out and out lies. He must think it’s really funny that people believe him. Thus his cackling laughter onstage.

  5. Job said


    Answer these 3 questions.

    1. Do you believe that the Book of Hebrews was dictated to Paul by Abraham?

    2. If Hebrews was dictated to Paul by Abraham, do you not realize what that would do to the entire doctrine of the authority of scripture, which holds that the Bible is the final authority because it was inspired by the Holy Spirit? Abraham was a righteous man, but he was not God, which means that Abraham and anything given by Abraham cannot be infallible and the final authority. If Todd Bentley’s story is true, THEN THE BOOK OF HEBREWS HAS NO PLACE IN THE BIBLE, BECAUSE THE BOOK IS MAN – AIDED AND MAN – INSPIRED, NOT GOD – AIDED AND GOD – BREATHED. And do you not realize what having to take Hebrews out of the canon would do to nearly 2000 years of Christian doctrine and theology? Look, if it was about Bentley claiming to have had some out of body experience I wouldn’t have said a thing, because A) as you pointed out such experiences happened quite a bit in the Bible and B) lots of Christians have them. It is the fact that Bentley’s claims rising from his experience ARE VERY DAMAGING TO CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE AND THE RULE OF FAITH. Look, Dawkinswatch, I have had dreams, visions and seen and experienced faith – healing and spiritual deliverance too. Yet, not one of my experiences resulted in the need to destroy the canon.

    3. If Bentley’s story is true, THEN WHY DID HE REMOVE IT FROM HIS WEBSITE? WHY IS HE ASHAMED OF THE TRUTH? WHAT MAN OF GOD DO YOU KNOW STOPS SPEAKING THE TRUTH WHEN HE STARTS TO EXPERIENCE OPPOSITION? This is NOT like when John, Ezekiel, Daniel, etc. were told not to write something down, or to seal things up by God. This is a man putting something out there that he later tries to hide and cover up!

    I have to tell you, Dawkinswatch, I am not going to follow someone if it means completely throwing away everything we believe about the canon and from where it gets its authority – the fact that it was inspired not by dead men but rather by the living God! But obviously this fellow Bentley means more to you than the integrity of the canon. Why? Again, because he can heal people. Well as I have said before Dawkinswatch, the gift of healing (which by the way Bentley does not have, it is commonly accepted by orthodox Christianity that people with the gift of healing have a 100% success rate instead of being hit – or – miss as Bentley admits to be, and by the way such people only lay hands on who God leads them to and not to random people out of an audience) is only one of the many gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. Would you be willing to throw Hebrews out of the canon (or destroy the rules of canonicity by letting an Abraham – inspired book remain in) for a person with the gift of helps? Or the fruit of self – control (a fruit, incidentally, which Bentley obviously lacks)? Of course you wouldn’t. Cleaning church toilets, folding chairs, and keeping church attendance records so you can tell the pastor who to go visit in the hospital and who needs a home visit because their attendance has been dropping lately (helps) or people who are measured and responsible in their speech, actions, and appearance (self – control) isn’t as impressive to you as healing is it? Well, I have news for you … it is just as valuable to God, otherwise He wouldn’t have made them Holy Spirit gifts and fruits. Remember, Corinthians said “earnestly seek the best gifts.” Well, ALL of the fruits of the Holy Spirit are more important than ANY of the gifts, and healing is one of the LESSER gifts of the Holy Spirit, meaning the ones that we should NOT earnestly seek either for ourselves OR IN OTHERS.

    Wow, Dawkinswatch, since the Bible contains so many things that are inconvenient to the entire rationale for giving Todd Bentley so much attention and loyalty, it is no surprise that he and his followers are so willing to throw it out the window by claiming that it was co – authored by Abraham instead of the Holy Spirit.

  6. thejourneywithnoend said

    May we pray, because:

    1Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because* your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

    Mar 13:22 “For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.”

    1Jo 4:1 “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

    And there are many more in the Word of God to guide us and direct us in the truth.

    May our eyes be open to the truth and Christ have victory!

    Jam 1:17 “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”

  7. Kyle said


    Todd’s so-called mystical experiences are the least of his problems. This guy gets messages from God to kick, slap, punch, and grab people in the pews. PLEASE! This guy is of the Devil.


  8. Marianne said

    The world is turning totally weird.


  9. aanvals said

    Hey Marianne….. yes, “this world is turning totally weird” but I’m telling ya’, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    Hold on tight to the Word of God, Psalm 34:22 The LORD redeems his servants; no one will be condemned who takes refuge in him.


  10. dawkinswatch said

    Kyle Says:
    May 31, 2008 at 10:01 am


    Todd’s so-called mystical experiences are the least of his problems. This guy gets messages from God to kick, slap, punch, and grab people in the pews. PLEASE! This guy is of the Devil.


    Kyle did Jesus not spit on the ground and put mud in a man’s eye?

    Explain that?

  11. Job said


    Please let me know if the Book of Hebrews was inspired by the spirit of dead Abraham instead of by the Spirit of God. Do not pretend that such a thing is of no consequence.

  12. Kyle said


    Whatever reason Christ made a an eye salve out of saliva and mud has to do with kicking, punching, and slapping I’ll never know. In other words the two examples are not on the same level. They are mutually exclusive. The man was blind. Why Jesus made the eye salve in conjunction with the healing I can’t explain. However, to equate eye salve with a person beating other people and YES hurting one of them (He knocked a tooth out) has no merit. Your attempt to equivocate is a long shot. In fact, you sound down right foolish.


  13. Marianne said

    The flying purple people eater told me what to say on my blog. Do you think there is something wrong with me too?


  14. Marianne said


    purple people eater thing is a joke……..I figured it would help lighten the discussion a little. you don’t have to post it if you don’t like it.

  15. sherry said

    The Bible tells us to “try the spirits” whether they be of God-I recently had an experience with a group who is enamored of Todd Bentley saying that He is sent by God for these end times-(the Bible also says false prophets will appear in end times)after several meetings with this group I began to feel a heavy, almost oppression come over me but did not link it to this new group
    old christian friends and family urged me to stop associating with the group. I did. I prayed. The heaviness left me.
    There is nothing new under the sun…”glory movements” have come and go for hundreds of years-stand fast to the Word.

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