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John Wesley: The Original Billy Graham In Uniting Evangelicals And Roman Catholics

Posted by Job on May 28, 2008


2 Responses to “John Wesley: The Original Billy Graham In Uniting Evangelicals And Roman Catholics”

  1. A stunning find you’ve made brother.

  2. Job said


    Interestingly, I was looking through some of Wesley’s doctrines to find anything that would justify the charismatic/Pentecostal movement … I was looking for where Wesley might have either specifically stated or strongly implied support for the doctrines of multiple workings of grace, or where he might have said anything like “salvation by the Holy Spirit plus baptism in the Holy Spirit” … whatever it was that may have influenced first the British charismatics then the Parham/Seymour crowd. While doing that, on one of the official Methodist sites – which is of course pretty liberal now – they had this proud statement about how Wesley took a strong stand against religious bigotry in his “Catholicity” sermon. So, doing a quick search on “Wesley Roman Catholicism” came up with that link plus others.

    It is not just Catholics, mind you. Wesley refused to say unconditionally that Jews could not be saved without Jesus Christ.

    In here it quotes Wesley as saying that Pelagius was a holy man that he hoped to see in heaven.

    I would imagine that there are lots of such gems out there on the man’s actual teachings and writings.

    Speaking of writings, these are the complete writings of Arminius.

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