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Black Racists Trying To Keep Black Kids Unnecessarily Languishing In Foster Care

Posted by Job on May 27, 2008

Stories like this: Major changes urged in transracial adoption force me to remember the Bible verse that says the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God. But the notion that these people are willing to let black kids, who make up 32% of foster children, sit in foster care until they are able to find either black parents or liberal white parents (i.e. those willing to sit through “diversity training” brainwashing) shows how evil the human heart can get. It is hilarious that some of the groups pushing this – the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, the North American Council on Adoptable Children, the Child Welfare League of America, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and the National Association of Black Social Workers (note: the late Dave Thomas was the one that gave us the Wendy’s fast food chain) – are now denying that they oppose transracial adoption. I know that before this 1994 law was passed BY A REPUBLICAN CONGRESS, many of these black social worker and foster care groups were on record as opposing transracial adoption. They stated that the refusal of the state to fully fund social welfare and public education as well as law enforcement and economic policies created broken homes in the black community, causing black kids to disproportionately go into foster care, and allowing whites to adopt those kids amounted to black genocide because these kids were removed from the black community and raised according to the white value system. It was, you know, a conspiracy by the white man to destroy the black community by creating the conditions where black children would be taken from their homes and raised to appreciate quiche’, bluegrass music, Sansabelt slacks, Julia Roberts, and other stuff that white people like

Look, I am not making this up! I remember the debates in black magazines (i.e. Ebony, Jet, Essence) over this topic, and it would also be reported in mainstream media outlets. That professional black people were so bold to state in the mainstream media that black children would be better off staying in foster care waiting for blacks to adopt them than allowing them than allowing whites to adopt them – claiming that not only those black kids but the overall black community would benefit – shows how deeply embedded Jeremiah Wright – James Cone Afrocentric thinking is within the black leadership. And that so many states actually listened to these people and adopted laws and policies honoring this thinking shows that it took a federal act of Congress to put it to a stop shows how tolerant not a few powerful whites are of this thinking. 

Now I was not being fair by blaming this thinking on Jeremiah Wright and James Cone. Truthfully, it was the mindset that developed rather quickly among certain black intellectuals and was reinforced in certain black professional organizations (i.e. education, social work) that the black community needed Great Society programs to survive. I still remember the fight over the 1996 welfare reform bill, where very successful educated black people – including those serving in Congress, as mayors, and in elite government and university positions – actually claimed that reforming welfare would lead to hundreds of thousands of blacks starving to death and still more dying on the streets of exposure. Once the mentality was created and accepted that the black community needed Great Society programs to survive, an attack on those programs – including mentioning the simple fact that the programs were poorly designed and implemented, were causing a great many severe unintended consequences, and were badly in need of reform – became not only an attack on the political and economic aspirations of the black community, but literally a desire to see black women and children starve to death in the streets. So, it then quickly became possible to blame everything wrong in the black community with a failure to fully fund these programs, and from there it was a logical leap to how the failure to do so was a planned conspiracy to destroy the black community from without. 

It is not dissimilar from the negative consequences that the pro – abortion people claim would happen as a result of making this infanticide illegal: millions of women dying from botched illegal abortions, and millions more unable to complete their educations or have careers because they keep getting pregnant. Both such arguments result from a lack of critical thinking. Great Society programs were implemented in the 1960s, abortion became widely available in places other than, say CALIFORNIA (thanks to Ronald Reagan!) in the early 1970s. If black people had been able to make it in America for hundreds of years prior to the Great Society, and women had been able to finish college, have careers, and avoid being slaughtered in botched abortions prior to Roe v. Wade, and if black people and women are at this moment living in places where abortion is still illegal/unavailable and there is nothing resembling the Great Society – this is the case in the vast majority of the world by the way … such things are luxuries enjoyed by wealthy societies in the west – what causes one to think that such things are essential for survival? 

So, this thinking is not James Cone – Jeremiah Wright black liberation theology. However, this thinking IS very tolerant of black liberation theology, and likewise black liberation theology is very tolerant of this thinking. Probably because they come from the same mold and are cut from the same cloth. A person who agrees with one truly has little basis for rejecting the other. It is great when these people are proven wrong. Though the John Ashcroft – Newt Gingrich welfare bill was very flawed for a variety of reasons (J.C. Watts attempted to address its flaws but was not allowed to), black people are not exactly dying in the streets. And the black community did in fact survive the nefarious attempt to destroy it by allowing whites to adopt blacks out of foster care. But no matter, this mindset will just find something else to move onto. 


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