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Todd Bentley: Jesus Christ Is Not Supernatural But Angels Are!

Posted by Job on May 23, 2008


13 Responses to “Todd Bentley: Jesus Christ Is Not Supernatural But Angels Are!”

  1. Nate said

    Todd Bentley is definitely blaspheming the supernatural nature of our Lord Jesus Christ! Job, what do you think of books like Enoch being missing from the Bible?

  2. Teachers or Bullies, Know it all, false persons still too who mostly have not read the Bible firstly too.. who want to teach others, or mislead them
    The baptism of the Holy spirit, the gifts of the Holy spirit, the Anointing , tongues, Prophets, Apostles, miracle workers, have become unarguably the most overused, overworked, misunderstood, misinterpreted, contentious terms in the non Pentecostal and in the Non Charismatic arenas, mainly in the fundamental religious circles even because many of these people are mostly still serving self, doing their own thing, looking up to mere man and not God.. man’s help useless for the most part in understanding spiritual things still too. Beyond the show of a doubt the devil firstly really hates any references to the Holy sprit, the anointed ones, the idea that Christians do have now empowering to overcome the devil too… and so the devil uses any of his followers, those in the fundamental religious circles too now, to now lie, twist, distort the truths…

    I have had only one encounter with a real angel in my life, and his discussion with me helped me to have certain things in my life straightened out.

    I recently wrote back rightfully to one bully, basher, ignorant person that he should not be so readily to try to preach, to teach others, especially in matters he really new nothing about or had never experienced personally himself. It is ludicrous still as to how many so called experts can write about their own ignorance of Tongues, Healing, the Bible, Angels too.. On top of that what makes matters worse is the tendency of the devil to make us either have personally initially totally false values, or got to an extreme with a good value. I have been there too myself. When it came to the subject of healing now too.

  3. dawkinswatch said

    Hold on, what he is saying makes sense.

    Did you notice that Jesus did not do any miracles for the first thirty years?

    It is easy to believe in a Jesus even the miracles when they are confined to a certain time and place. The question is does Jesus still heal today?

  4. Sky said

    Hi Job,

    I’d kindly like to ask that you change your title for this post as, in my opinion, it is both misleading and inaccurate. Todd Bentley never says in this clip that Jesus is not supernatural.

    I am not a sold-out Todd Bentley fan, but I just listened to the audio twice and what Todd says is that the church already believes in Jesus, but they don’t believe in the supernatural and angels. Surely, anyone who has been in bible-believing churches for awhile has met Christians who deny the supernatural realm or think that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not for today. To my mind — this is what Todd is getting at in the short clip when he says, “The people already believe in Jesus, but the church doesn’t believe in the supernatural. The Church has no problem believing in Jesus. What we don’t believe in is the supernatural. We don’t believe in angels. We don’t believe in the prophetic . . .”

    While I never mind people pointing out questionable statements (and, frankly, we’ll always have plenty to point out as anyone who opens their mouth a lot in public — be they politicians, professors, parents, or preachers — will eventually say something questionable, offensive, or silly), I think we owe others the generosity of spirit to be fair, kind, and true. I trust you do, too.



  5. Karl said

    …baptism of the Holy spirit, the gifts of the Holy spirit, the Anointing , tongues, Prophets, Apostles, miracle workers….

    I have had only one encounter with a real angel in my life……

    Lol…If this ain’t insanity, then what is.

  6. Does Jesus heal today? and why Not? is there anything too hard for God?

    There was a bonafide healing in my own daughter’s life at the age of 6 months confirmed by medical doctors at the Montreal Children’s Hospital..

    The 3 doctors reaction .. she healed herself, we have no explanation for it.

    Another doctor’s reaction? he got saved, to him it was undeniable that a miracle had occurred..

    Other people’s reactions?

    My Boss said you were luck..

    My mother in law said if miracles were genuine why did God not heal my sister? Good Question ask God..

    Many people were uspet by the healing even in the local church.. it made them feel uncomfortable for some reason..

    after all if God can do miracles then he can see what they are daily doing as well..

    what makes me laugh is when clearly dumb people do say that the devil can do miracles today but not God!! How absurd!

    Now that was just one of many mircales I have next wittnessed in real life

    How to Release God’s Healing Power ON OTHERS Through your Prayer

    YOU TOO CAN BEGIN TO SEE JESUS HEAL THE SICK THROUGH YOUR PRAYERS.. You need to be a Christian first, anointed too?

  7. If this ain’t insanity, then what is? The fool who says there is no God!

    The carnal mind on it’s own does not understand spiritual truths cause it is still laden with sin..

  8. Jon Sharp said

    I thought you might be interested in my current blog post. I have posted Pastor Stephen Strader’s (host church of Todd Bentley’s “Florida Outpouring) statements concerning Todd Bentley, Bob Jones, Patricia King, and whether or not the Florida Outpouring is of God. He and I e-mailed each other over a couple of days.

    In Christ,

    Jon Sharp

  9. Marissa said

    Do you know the Author of the Truth since you champion for it so? I realise that you are spending alot of time debating religion and doctrine, critisising other Christians.

    Jesus would love for you to allow Him as the God of Love to teach you how to not use the Devils method’s(hate,critisism and slander) to contend His character. He is able to handle it, He doesn’t need you to tell Him who to anoint. He does not see what you see He sees the heart. Is yours above reproach?

  10. Job said


    Was the book of Hebrews dictated to Paul by Abraham as Todd Bentley claims? If so, you do realize that Hebrews, being man – inspired rather than God – inspired, has no place in the Bible. So answer this question: do you believe that Hebrews was co – written by the spirit of dead Abraham rather than the Holy Spirit? If you do not, or even if you are unsure and unable or unwilling to commit to it, then what makes you so sure that Todd Bentley is anointed by God?

  11. Kyle said


    Lets face it. These people are brainwashed into this stuff. I like you at one time believed in this stuff. I went to a hyper-Pentecostal Church and watched TBN and CBN. Each time running to the screen thinking that when one of those Preachers pointed to the screen they were pointing at me and giving me a word. I gave money to many of these Preachers. It’s total deception based on emotionalism. The tactics they use are well established and alter the state of reality of the viewer. In essence it is hypnotism and thought suggestion. People can’t discern the truth when they are so deceived. It took the moving of the Holy Ghost to show me the truth. But as you know truly being born again of the Spirit and being one of the Elect the irresistible grace drew me away from such nonsense.


  12. rahabsplace said

    The angel stirred the waters at the pool and whoever was the first in was healed. Who brought the healing?

    Peter was led out of the prison by the hand by an angel. Who brought his deliverance?

    Ps 107:20 says that he sent forth his word and healed them. How was his word delivered?

    Todd Bentley passionately believes in Jesus and knows he owes everything to Him. He is right about the church not believing in the supernatural or the activity of angels. Isn’t this board proof enough of that statement?

  13. […] Bentley says “I’m releasing it back to where it all started in 1948 I’m releasing it back.” Y’know I told the lord why can’t I just move in healing and forget talking about all that other stuff, he said because Todd, you got to get the people to believe in the angel. I said,  God  why do I want  the people to believe In the angel instead about  getting the people to believe in Jesus, he said the people already believe in Jesus but the church doesn’t believe in the supernatural. The church has no problem believing in Jesus what we don’t believe in is the supernatural we don’t believe in angels, we don’t believe in the prophetic.”  (source: HERE) […]

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