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A Dissenting View On Pentecostal Christianity

Posted by Job on May 22, 2008

My Issues With Pentecostalism – An Insider’s Story


2 Responses to “A Dissenting View On Pentecostal Christianity”

  1. dawkinswatch said

    Scriptures were written by revelation.

    Revelation cannot contradict scripture, if they are from God.

    If you move away from Pentecostalism, you have no fruit. I challenge any denomination doing evangelism without the Holy Spirit to show me fruit?

    Most mainline church is Europe, are dead. They just kept losing members, not to Pentecostals but to the world. Is that what you guys want?

  2. Job said


    “If you move away from Pentecostalism, you have no fruit. I challenge any denomination doing evangelism without the Holy Spirit to show me fruit?”

    A bit chauvinistic don’t you think? Do you honestly believe that Pentecostalism is the only branch of Christianity where the Holy Spirit is present? And as for Europe, please.

    1. Pentecostalism came to Britain by way of people like Smith Wigglesworth before it came to America. Pentecostalism came out of Wesleyan Methodism, and Wesley was based in Britain. If anything, Parham, Seymour and company, the folks who gave us Azusa Street, were attempting to emulate the European Pentecostals, who were very active in Europe and had already spread to South Africa at minimum before Azusa Street in America. And as you mentioned earlier, look at the state of BOTH British Pentecostalism and Wesleyan Methodism now.

    2. The problem with Christianity in Europe is liberalism and secularism, not a lack of Pentecostalism. And yes, LOTS of Pentecostals are now going liberal, in case you haven’t noticed. Go to and you will see a TON of Pentecostals moving towards a full embrace of homosexuality. Pentecostals have always been more liberal than fundamentalists on areas like divorce and women preachers and syncretism.

    3. I care more about orthodoxy than church growth. If church growth was what I was after, I would still be following those people on TBN, as well as Rick Warren. Dawkinswatch, the falling away is going to happen, and it is going to be both people ceasing going to church, and people following false churches that preach false doctrines. Pentecostalism will not be immune from the trends that the Bible prophesied.

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