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Georgia Republican Leader Calls John McCain Jesus Christ And America God The Father!

Posted by Job on May 17, 2008

State GOP chair: McCain ‘kind of like Jesus

Columbus — Georgia Republican Party chairwoman Sue Everhart said Saturday that the party’s presumed presidential nominee has a lot in common with Jesus Christ.  “John McCain is kind of like Jesus Christ on the cross,” Everhart said as she began the second day of the state GOP convention. “He never denounced God, either.” Everhart was praising McCain for never denouncing the United States while he was being tortured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. “I’m not trying to compare John McCain to Jesus Christ, I’m looking at the pain that was there,” she said.

Now we know that this woman worships the false god of America idolatry, culture, politics, economics (bull worship) in the place of Jesus Christ. People, America is not God the Father in any sense. America did not create the universe. A person can be totally disloyal towards the United States and still go to heaven because rejecting America is not a sin. If it is, then a lot of these religious right Christians are going to do do bellyflops into the lake of fire because so many of them hate Canada, France, Russia, and pretty much the entire third world. The very people that are so in love with the American flag that they physically threaten their own pastor over removing the flag from the pulpit are not likely to make effective evangelists in the 10/40 window. Why? Because you cannot effectively evangelize a place unless you have love for the people there, and if you make America your god, you won’t have love for people that live anywhere else. Quite the contrary, a lot of religious right Christians like using our being “a Christian nation” as a mark of cultural and intellectual superiority and the reason for our wealth and power, and have no interest in having something in common with nations filled with very poor dark – skinned tribal people, because if someone holding a spear wearing a loincloth sitting in a mud hut in third world Asia, Africa, or Latin America is worshiping Jesus Christ, then that America – worshiping Christian will have to acknowledge that this naked barbarian is his equal, his brother in Christ Jesus! As a matter of fact, he might be convicted by the fact that this third world Christian might be living a superior Christian lifestyle to him because this third world Christian isn’t watching Fox News, listening to talk radio, obsessed with hoarding and protecting wealth and material things, checking out the latest explicit pictures of teeny bopper “actresses” young enough to be their daughter on the Internet, etc. We have so many stories from the mission field where the gospel of Jesus Christ is transforming cultures right while in our own “Christian nation” the religious right accepts leadership from in the closet homosexuals, drug addicts, bigots, heretics, false heretic preachers, and people on their third wives. People, nonsense like this is why: it is obvious that so many of these so – called Christians are worshiping the flag instead of Jesus Christ. That is why I am glad Sean Oliver Allen removed that flag from his pulpit, and while I am no fan of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, it is revealing that more religious right sorts are furious at him for not wearing an American flag lapel pin than over his being a member of the apostate United Church of Christ denomination. Even now, they only focus on Jeremiah Wright’s anti – Americanism than the apostasy of a denomination that would allow such a pastor to begin with. But hey, since their denominations allow the Rod Parsleys, Pat Robertsons, Kenneth Copelands, John Hagees, and RICK WARRENS/BRIAN MCLARENS/ERWIN MCMANUSES of the world, who are they to talk about that?

The amazing thing is that there will be NO OUTRAGE WHATSOEVER IN THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT because of this comment, and certainly nothing approaching the firestorm over Jeremiah Wright. And that should tell you something, as where Jeremiah Wright only attacked America, capitalism, and white people this woman attacked the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


15 Responses to “Georgia Republican Leader Calls John McCain Jesus Christ And America God The Father!”

  1. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I would like to point out that God gave America to the tribes of indians. No matter what happened or what transpired will change this fact. One day these lands will be returned to its natives.

    America is a wicked nation but there are some very excellent features to it. But I would attribute these blessings due to the salt of the Earth rather than to anything else. Now as people slip in apostacy and false religions you will see the USA slip as well.

    George Bush is an evil and wicked man and his trangressions are not over yet. In fact I would wager that all members of congress and senate or whores who have sold their souls for a piece of power.

    Yet still I can print these words on your blog for all to see without any fear. Sure my name is on secret lists and data bases but so what. We haven’t digressed to goulags and concentration camps just yet. This may not be true in a year but for the moment it is true.



  2. Job said

    John Kaniecki:

    Yes, God gave this land to the Native Americans. What is very sad is that according to Wiconi International, only 2% of Native Americans have accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ. Look, I am not an America hater. I just hate how so many Republicans clearly worship this country and more importantly western culture instead of Jesus Christ. Now I actually think that the percentage of people who actually do this is somewhat small, but the problem is that they plus the people that have sold their souls as you mentioned earlier deceive a lot of people. I should know because as I have stated many a time, a very few years ago I was following Pat Robertson, James Dobson, John Hagee, Rod Parsley, Keith Butler, etc. myself, and not just in the religious arena but also the political one. In a very real way, my politics WAS my religion. That the leader of the Republican Party in one of the largest states in this country can say something like that and get away with it is appalling. Imagine if this woman had, say, burned a flag. It would have made international headlines and she would have been turned out of her job in five minutes. But her blaspheming the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is only a local two paragraph news story.

  3. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I can’t speak for you but I can tell of my experiences growing up in the white suburbs of New Jersey. They fed us America as some elevated state on God’s level. The history was twisted and full of lies. The teachers were brainwsahed as well. Look at the Reverend Right guy. Everyone gets upset when he says God damn America, and rightly so. Yet who gets upset with the blasphemy of God’s name. It is accepted without even a question.

    As regarding the conversion of the native Americans. Remember it was the same people who were massacring them that was presenting the gospel to them. The trangressions against the natives was not only physical murder and forced relocation but an attempt to exterminate their culture. Would you believe the message of the Prince of Peace from people slaughtering your kind and stealing your land and telling you you were worthless?

    I am convinced in time that our “red” friends will come to the Lord in great numbers. All it will take is the correct approach.

    I have seen it a little with my own eyes and it is inferred in history if one examines it closely. When the pale man or ‘white’ man comes to give the gospel he does not do it in a spirit of humility but one of authority. Instead of being the servant he tries to ‘lord’ over people.

    We have to remember that Jesus was an Asian. Now you are a descendent of slaves and I am descendents of Polish immagrants. Yet we were both brought up in the European/American framework. While I know for certainty that based on skin color no man is superior than another. However there is superiority in cultures and it goes Red, Black, Yellow and White. The European man is the school yard bully who dominated the world and messed it all up for his insatiable greed. Yet he is on the bottom of the list. We live in the wealthiest nation ever yet we have homelessness, abandonment of our elderly, abortion, poverty, isolation, inhumanity and so forth. This should not be so. We are a country of users, exploiting one another for all that we can get. (I am speaking in generalities and primarily to the power structure.)

    The way to convert the American indians, in my humble opinion is to empower them with the message of Jesus Christ. Trying to erradicate and make them deny everything they are isn’t going to work. When you get right down to the person of Jesus and see what He taught and how His life stayed true to His Word it is awesome. The greatest story ever told. Let us pray for the final harvest the Feast of Booths.



  4. Devon said

    Job…honestly…you are really really reaching here….SO one person compares McCain to Christ and you slander all conservatives and center right people??? Oy…..Job…you are badly badly guilty of moral relativism and it is blinding you…

    Down here on this earth, nothing is perfect…we simply have degrees of what is better….Democracy is really a horrible system of government BUT as JFK said, it is better then all the other alternatives…

    The same goes for Free Markets and Capitalism…it has holes and it is far from perfect…It just happens to be FAR FAR better then socialism or marxism etc etc…

    And so it goes with the political spectrum….the Left and Far Left are completely anti Christ…without exception…

    If you can find me some regenerate TRUE Christians amongst that collective, have at her…….Perhaps Tony Campolo and Jim Wallis….

    On the Right or Conservative values, you at least have the groundwork that is accepatable for Bible Believing Christians…

    If you really want to see my arguement demonstrated, then leave America and go live in the few Far Left wing countries out there… is no contest…..

    Free Markets, Capitalism, Democracy….far far far from how perfect Heaven will be…but in this fallen depraved world, they are the best opportunities for Christians and Non Christians to flourish in…

    John…unbelievable…perhaps you might want to get me some empirical evidence on how you got that list ordering the different color cultures…honestly…that is out of the marxist handbook!

    The greatest Culture on this earth is a Christian Culture….this is what made America great many years ago and made Western Civilization great…it has nothing to do with color…

    The Reason the nations like Holland, Germany, England, Canada, America etc etc were great were because at one time the honored the Living True God….even though not all her citizens were Christians, the Culture was…even if nominally so..

    BUT the LEFT has done its job from Germany to California and all points in between in eradicating our Christian heritage…I’ve seen my country of Canada become completely secularized in a short 40 years since the Liberals under Trudeau ruined our country from kicking God out of our classrooms to implementing nation destroying MultiCULTurism and High Taxes ad nauseum

    And now… we continue to liberalize, other nations are surpassing us…that is true…..other nations that are coming to Christ and have Godly leaders….this HAS nothing to do with color…

    Admittedly, it is becoming safer for Christians in Sub Sahara countries then it is in the West…and that trend will continue as long as everything moves Left and the Right has no courage to stand up to this slide….

  5. Aaron said

    Please email her concerning these comments. Be gentle as the Lord was, but be firm. Much scripture refuts her:


  6. Aaron said

    It has came to my attention that you apparently are unaware of what Sen. John McCain has done. Mr. McCain did spill his guts to the Vietemese while deployed. He sang like a bird, if you would actually do some research before making such claims you would easily find tons of information on this. Of course if you speak to all the whores in political office now, they will tell a different story. This country and the mainstream news works for evil, and does evil. Surely you can see the mass corruption in this nation. Maybe you can ask John McCain about his real involvement in the Keating Five scandal?

    Not only that, but you have compared him to Jesus Christ, if you meant it or not, you said it. Jesus Christ stood for righteousness and the poor and afflicted. John McCain is nothing more than a war-mongering liberal posing as a conservative. Shame on you to compare him to the savior of the universe. I tell you, there is NO righteous man in the race now (Except those that can’t get delegates) that stand up for what this country needs.

    I pray the issue of abortion will be a wedge in this election. Maybe you should ask his stance on that? Family values? Come on Sue, all you have to do is a little research and you will see that John McCain is in opposition of what the word of God calls righteous. We all in this state had a chance to vote for the only man that can turn around this country, Jesus. I believe Ron Paul, who stood for the sanctify of life was a hope to this nation. The ONLY hope now is prayer and repentance, lest the Lord strike with a curse.

    Thus says the Lord – “You must make a decision to support my son, fully” or “Continue in your wicked ways, supporting the unjust but calling it just”.

    Sue – I pray the Lord will give you the optimal situation for salvation. Please begin to read your bible, and you will begin to see through a new lens, thus say the Lord.

    I pray you will open your eyes,

  7. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    My list is only my witness from my obeservations, readings, studies, interactions and so forth. I think ones list would depend on what one thinks is important. Is America the greatest country because it is the super power in economics and milatary or is it the worst because we have more people in jail than any other nation. (Including China.) I try to use the Word of God as my standard.

    I also believe that is Godly man that makes a system work. I would rather live in a nation with a Godly king and Godly nobles than in a democracy with wicked men.

    As far as Marx goes he had some good ideas and some bad ones. I find captialism as we know it today is to caught up in the Love of money which as the Bible tells us is the root of all evil. Fascism is manifesting itself and I just pray we can turn the tide.

    In the native indian culture when a youth entered adulthood they made a promise that nobody in the tribe would ever go hungry or be alone. I admire that a lot more than pulling oneself up with its boot straps.

    I could write a book on why I feel cultures are superior. In a final note this is just a reflection of today. The European man has given many great gifts to society. It is time however to listen to other voices and change course.



  8. Job said


    “SO one person compares McCain to Christ and you slander all conservatives and center right people??? ”

    Show me where I did that in that post or in any post. My goodness, most of the material that I link on this site to comes from conservative websites and blogs, and most of the movements and people that I criticize are liberal and left ones. You knew this already, Devon.

    Devon, you know that I criticize all sides – left, right, center – as I deem them to be deserving of criticism. Yes, I criticize this crackpot for comparing John McCain to Jesus Christ. Yes, I point out that this fits into a pattern of Republicans using and abusing religious rhetoric to deceive Christians. I am going to give you a comparison. Mormon founder Joseph Smith said that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri and that America was New Jerusalem. Ronald Reagan said that America was the shining city on the hill. Both guys were equally wrong, and the only difference between the two was that Smith overtly went against biblical Christianity, and Reagan did it subtly. And then we have had George W. Bush, Mr. “Muslims worship the same God that Christians do and all religions worship the same God” doing his pseudo – Christian nonsense that has most conservative evangelicals still being willfully deceived by the man, and then you had that Rick Warren clone Mike Huckabee. Talk to any of those fellows about Bush or Huckabee, and you get the very same responses that you get when talking about Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, or Juanita Bynum … this whole “touch not mine anointed judge not” nonsense.

    Now again, I am not bashing all conservatives, just those that A) subscribe to this official dominion theology nonsense and B) those who worship this country along with the God and the Bible. You know, knuckleheads like those people in Florida who threatened their own pastor because he removed the American flag from the pulpit. Nonsense like this leads to compromise, which leads to apostasy.

    And my point stands: had this woman burned a flag, she would have been forced to resign her post as leader of the Georgia Republican Party IMMEDIATELY. But her comparing John McCain to Jesus Christ was perfectly fine? Not even the Southern Baptist governor of the state had a thing to say against her? That is wrong, Devon, and you know it. A lot of these “conservatives” are following after a false doctrine that allows them to put their faith and trust in things of this world (country, economics, politics) in the place of God. That is just as anything the left does, and needs to be criticized as much as anything the left does.

    If anything, Devon, it is worse. Do you know why? The left does not even pretend to be holy and righteous. They do not pretend to be serving God or obeying the Bible. So, people who vote for Obama either do not believe in heaven and hell or think that if there is a hell the only people that are going to go there are Adolph Hitler and George W. Bush. These are people who support abortion and gay marriage, wish to subsidize out of wedlock pregnancy, and want to let rapists and murders go unpunished knowing full well what the Bible says about all those things. So people who are following the left are not being deceived. They are making a conscious decision to reject the Bible.

    It is people who are following THE RIGHT that are deceived. It is people who have been convinced to take Jesus Christ and the cross out of their faith and turn it into some system of morals, values, lifestyle, etc. that are deceived. Go to the kid’s section of any Christian bookstore and look at the DVDs, books, etc. Or watch the Saturday morning kid’s programming of the Christian stations. The vast majority of them don’t even mention Jesus Christ except on the obligatory Christmas and Easter episodes (and some of the Christmas and Easter episodes don’t even mention Jesus Christ, and most of the ones that do specifically omit why Jesus Christ was born and died … each Christmas TBN airs “Wobots” Christmas special put out by the Gaithers Gospel people that A. does not mention Jesus by Name and B. claims that this unnamed entity that Christmas celebrates came “so that we could believe in ourselves.” The things put out by the Christian label Integrity increasingly don’t even directly mention God or the Bible, they only say “Creator” or “the book.” Even when they use the Old Testament or angels in the stories, it is not to impart a true spiritual Christian message, but some “values” message that could have been just as easily taught using Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse.

    Everything is a euphemism or an allegory, and you have a generation of conservative evangelical kids raised on this mess. How do I know that they are conservative? Because liberals tend not to hang out in Christian bookstores! Liberals associate Christian bookstores with religious fanaticism, and they associate buying Christian DVDs, books, videogames, etc. for your children is a form of brainwashing. Most liberals even oppose raising your children up in Christianity (raising them up in Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Islam is fine however!) to begin with, calling it indoctrination and even a form of child abuse. So no, liberal Christians almost certainly do not buy “Wobots” for their kids; conservative evangelicals do.

    And guess what: it isn’t some “conspiracy” by big business to take God out of Christianity. Phil Vischer of VeggieTales stated the real reason: if he put the actual message of Jesus Christ and the cross in their videos, CONSERVATIVE EVANGELICALS WON’T BUY THEM! They will spend large sums of money on DVDs, books, etc. that talk about “family values” for their kids AND FOR THEMSELVES but they won’t go anywhere near something that talks about the real Jesus Christ.

    So, if you have Integrity, Tommy Nelson, Zondervan, etc. catering to the aversion to actual Christianity as exhibited by so many of these conservative evangelicals, what makes you think that the Republican Party won’t? Funny that you mentioned Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo, because you left out a lot of conservative – leaning evangelicals that preach a squishy New Agey form of Christianity. I personally do not see a difference between Rick Warren and Jim Wallis. If anything, I will say that the people who follow Jim Wallis KNOW that they are rejecting a Biblical worldview, while the people that are following Rick Warren may or may not know it! That is why I spend much more time attacking Rick Warren than Jim Wallis!

    “On the Right or Conservative values, you at least have the groundwork that is accepatable for Bible Believing Christians…”

    To that I say two things. 1) It also has an acceptable groundwork for conservative Hindus, conservative Muslims, and conservative Jews. Hindus, Muslims, and Jews can accept our values, they can’t accept our Bible. 2) What is “right or conservative values” changes. As a matter of fact, it changes rather quickly. Look around you at most evangelical churches, political preachers, and the Republican Party. Most of them have either gotten on board with – or at least will not vigorously oppose – homosexuality, abortion, universalism, and radical environmentalism. The conservative movement of today is completely unrecognizable from that of “the Moral Majority” in 1980. I will tell you this: John McCain is probably indistinguishable from or probably even to the left of Jimmy Carter in 1976. That is right, Jimmy Carter won for 2 reasons. 1) Social conservatives abandoned the pro – abortion Gerald Ford for the Southern Baptist Jimmy Carter. 2) Foreign policy conservatives went to Carter because he actually ran to the right of Ford on communism. There was this notorious debate between Carter and Ford where Carter asked Ford “what are you going to do about the Soviet domination of Eastern Europe?” and Ford replied “there is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.” After that debate, eastern European refugees went for Carter in 1976 in a big way, and it won Carter several key states without which he would have lost. Look, McCain has basically all but come out for civil unions for homosexuals, and he made a big show of opposing the gay marriage constitutional amendment. Do you honestly think that Jimmy Carter would have supported civil unions for homosexuals in 1976? And yes, John McCain opposes drilling in ANWR. Conservatives have also basically come out and stated that they are going to be forced to back some sort of universal healthcare scheme, and you KNOW that such a scheme WILL cover abortions AND give equal treatment to homosexuals, just like the universal healthcare scheme that Mitt Romney signed in Massachusetts. Do you know that Romney actually pitched that socially liberal Massachusetts universal healthcare plan on the campaign trail to evangelicals, and a lot of prominent evangelical leaders mentioned it when they endorsed him, saying that a lot of evangelicals were working and middle class and being hurt by high healthcare costs and Romney’s plan would help them? And then there is divorce … social conservatives went from doing everything they could to make divorces practically illegal in the 1980s to supporting a bunch of open serial monogamists and adulterers today. Dan Quayle wouldn’t even be able to make his “Murphy Brown” speech today, because if he did, he would be talking about half the GOP. The GOP can’t even make “personal moral family values” an issue in this race because if they do then well, let us just say that Obama has the advantage in that area. There are TONS of rumors out there concerning John McCain that the media won’t get into because they really aren’t relevant at this point in time, but if the GOP even thinks about trying to turn this race into a “family values” campaign it will all be out in the open. But I will tell you, Devon, I go to the liberal sites from time to time, and the left looks at the political right’s hypocrisy and fast – declining standards and just shakes their heads. They know how far to the left the religious conservatives have moved since the 1980s. It is only the religious conservatives that are no longer still talking about it.

    So Devon, if “conservative values” have moved so far from 1980 to 2008, less than 30 years, where do you think they will be 30 years from now? I say this because in Europe, what is considered to be “far right wing conservative fascist” over there would be considered a liberal Democrat over here! And incidentally, you mentioned capitalism, right? Well, I would have you know that abortion is huge business. So is gangsta rap and heavy metal music. So is pornography. “Brokeback Mountain” made what, $80 million at the box office? What movie featuring cowboys has made anywhere near that amount of money recently? Make no mistake: I am not a socialist or a communist. I just call it like it is: capitalism is a worldly system just like everything else. And I have to say it: capitalism works great if you are in the west. But if you are in Latin America, Asia, or Africa, capitalism works, well, significantly less than great. Again, I am no supporter of Marxism, socialism, communism, etc. but there is a reason why the people that live over there are. Western capitalism depends on a large supply of A) cheap labor, B) cheap raw materials, and C) markets where western companies can dump their low quality goods. In other words, western capitalism depends on the existence of the third world. Were these third world countries to develop their economies and learn how to manage their resources … were Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, etc. to learn how to leverage their gold, uranium, timber, farmland, labor, etc. into wealth for their own countries, THE WEST WOULD BE IN A WORLD OF HURT. That is going on with the oil situation right now. Russia, Iran, and Venezuela convinced OPEC that they could charging us as much as they wanted to for oil, and there wouldn’t be a thing that we could do about it. I remember back when oil was still $85 a barrel, they asked the president of Iran about the price and if he was going to do anything to bring it down, and he said “No, if anything the price of oil should be higher, at least $100 a barrel or more!” And then there is Zimbabwe. Sure, Zimbabwe is corrupt, but no more or less so than any other nation in that region. The only reason why the world left and right turned on Zimbabwe is because Zimbabwe refused to allow western genetically modified grain into their country, and started trying to lobby the other African nations to do the same. Zimbabwe’s stance was that they weren’t going to start eating, feeding to their cattle, and planting that grain in their countries until we started doing the same in ours! THAT was when Zimbabwe became the international pariah that it is today.

    Now we in the west like to sit back and talk about the benefits of capitalism and say that the third world isn’t enjoying those benefits because they don’t know how to manage their economies. Which is true. But what we western capitalists like to ignore is that if the third world DID learn how to manage their economies, it would create a global competition for jobs and resources that would A) send prices through the roof and B) drive wages to the basement. If we are losing this many jobs to NAFTA and outsourcing to India and China NOW, imagine if there were electronics factories in Bolivia and highly trained accountants in Chad. Really, all it would take is for two or three more large third world nations to get their acts together and we would be in a world of hurt. The Soviets tried to do just that by exporting communism to the third world. Fortunately for us, command economies are failures. But if the Chinese and Venezuelan models work better, and if China and Venezuela are able to train bankers, industrialists, and politicians to go into Africa, the Middle East, Asia, etc. to start developing those economies, well let us just say that the next 25 – 30 years will be VERY interesting.

    I gotta tell you, Devon, back when I was fully immersed into that Tim LaHaye/Hal Lindsey/Cyrus Scofield rapture cult, I didn’t do much thinking about things like this. But since I am out of it, the political, economic, cultural, etc. direction of our country and this world in the coming decades is looking mighty strange. So I can tell you that even if conservatism is in fact favorable for Bible – believing Christians in America in 2008, it almost certainly will not be in 2028. For that matter conservatism IS NOT FAVORABLE for Bible believing Christians in many other places in the world right now. You can start with western Europe, where a “conservative” over there would pretty much be a liberal Democrat over here. And then you can go to a lot of places in the world where a “conservative” actually is an authoritarian fascist. (I gotta tell you, a Muslim regime that supports gay marriage would be far more likely to allow Christians to assemble and worship … as much as I hate to say it, it is true … it is the liberal secular Muslims that are advocating for freedom for religious minorities in Muslim countries.)

  9. […] Clinton: This Is Nowhere Near Over – The Caucus – Politics – New York Times Blog McCain: similar to Jesus? The, ok, some wingnuts think so. […]

  10. Bernard said

    When did Jesus go around singing “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”! John Mccain did and he dropped many bombs on the vietnamese, killing many. McCain is like Jesus? I do not think so. Not even close.

  11. Huckabee: McCain’s ‘Bomb Iran’ Song Was Funny

    Straight from the mouth of the man who said he had the ability to unleash the gates of hell on his enemies if he were President.

  12. Job said


    Again, it was not so much Huckabee’s saying it that was so frightening, it was the enthusiastic applause from the audience!

  13. Well Huckabee finds the ‘Bomb Iran’ song to be rather humorous. He’s the drum major.

  14. John Kaniecki said


    Hope you are well.

    I saw McCain on the television today talk about free elections in Cuba and spreading democracy. Why doesn’t he talk about free elections in Saudia Arabia? It’s a rhetorical question. Saudia Arabia are the chums to the oil barons and bankers so it is overlooked. Even when they caught off a hand for stealing or a tongue for lying.

    Just remember there is no honor among thieves. In Christ’s kingdom we are supposed to be humble. In humility we learn from one another and work together for the cause of Christ. In satan’s kingdom everybody wants to be number one. That was the devils problem he wanted to be God or be on top.

    Anything not built on the Rock is going to be wiped out. The storm has been brewing for a long while, I think its fury is about to be unleashed.



  15. Hey John,

    You know we don’t agree on every geo-political or historical point under the sun, but we both see through John McLame pretty good with firm agreement.

    He’s a hypocrite to his own assertions for what is “good” as you’ve mentioned. He’s pressing for “democracy” in one area, while another with more recent proven links to terrorism goes ignored. And to top it all off, we know “democracy” is not the answer to the world’s ills. So it’s like he’s offering a broken prescription and he can’t even do that without showing gross partiality.

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