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Why The Todd Bentley Lakeland Revival Blasphemes The Holy Spirit!

Posted by Job on May 16, 2008

My note: I express similar doctrinal points in my post

On Needing That Anointing Christianity

Is it Biblical to tell people you are packing up the power of God and taking
it from city to city? I was flipping through the television stations in the
early morning hours the other day. Sprinkled in between the infomercials
for exercise equipment, diet pills, foreclosure real estate seminars, were
several con men merchandising Christ. Men like Don Stewart and his magical
green handkerchief, Peter Popoff and his vials of holy water, and Robert
Tilton with his latest wife promising people great miracles if they would
send him $1,000. How these men get up every morning and do what they do is
beyond me.

As I watched some of their disgusting antics, promising people things men
can’t promise in order to make a few dollars, I was thinking that if I
really wanted to make tens of millions of dollars, I would create one of
these 30 minute infomercials where for $5,000 I would sell people the power
of God. As a matter of fact, they would get God’s power in a nice Louis
Vuitton travel bag. The phones would never stop ringing as people would be
calling in to buy the power of God.

Sadly, this is what is happening, minus the $5,000 price tag and the Louis
Vuitton travel bag, at the “revival” meetings in Lakeland. Claims are being
made about taking God’s power (anointing) from Lakeland to other cities like
it was a commodity men could control. My friend, the power of God is NOT
for sale as Simon the Sorcerer found out in the Book of Acts, and it is not
something for men to ration out like bottles of water. Let me share this
insight with you today. If you are saved, have put your faith in Jesus
Christ, you already have the power of God dwelling within you!!!

All who have been saved are indwelled with the Holy Spirit. That means ALL
Believers have God’s power within them. There is nothing Biblical about
going to some meeting and getting someone else’s anointing. I know that the
glory of God used to be carried from one place to another in the Ark and
that Elijah bestowed his power on Elisha, but these events happened in the
Old Testament BEFORE the Holy Spirit indwelled men. Today, the power of God
is available to ALL MEN. All you have to do is accept the Lord as your
Savior and then call upon that power. This idea of taking some special
anointing from one place to another is UNBIBLICAL and pure hype.

I wrote about these meetings in Lakeland after the first week to warn you
about what was happening. Here is a link to that Devotional: Since that time, it has
deteriorated into mostly hype and lots of spiritually dangerous practices.
First of all, the vast majority of the people attending these meetings are
not the lost from the surrounding community, but experience chasers from
churches across the country seeking to be part of a move of God. Most
nights, there is no message, the Gospel is not preached, it simply goes from
praise and worship right into the “healing service.” As I stated in my
first Devotional on this, in the Bible signs and wonders followed the
preaching of the Gospel.

Some of the spiritually dangerous practices at these meetings include an
obsession with angels. We know from the Bible that angels are real, they do
exist, but Paul often warned the Corinthians, the Galatians and the
Colossians about angels who preached another Gospel and demanded attention.
Being obsessed with angels can lead to deception. Don’t forget, it was an
angel of satan who visited Mohammed and gave him the inspiration for the
false religion of Islam, and it was an angel of satan who visited Joseph
Smith and gave him the inspiration for the Mormon cult!

Another spiritually dangerous part of these meetings in Lakeland are the
strange and bizarre behavior by many of the people on stage, behavior that
is encouraged by the ministers. Paul was very clear about things being done
with discipline and in order. Listen, I have been in hundreds of meetings
over the years and have seen some incredibly strange manifestations. Most
people really have no clue the incredible powers that exist in the spiritual
realm, both good and bad. However, so much of what is occurring in Lakeland
is simply exuberance and euphoria and has very little to do with any sort of
real change in people’s hearts or lives.

I know those who are putting these meetings on have been hyping them as a
great move of God and promoting a tour to other cites where people can get a
taste of God’s power. Let me share this with you. Real revival is not a
bunch of church people flying to a city to be part of the latest hot
experience. When real revival breaks out, yes there will be signs and
wonders, yes people will be healed, yes miracles will happen, but that will
all be secondary to the LOST PEOPLE GETTING SAVED! The lost, not the
church, will be coming to these meetings to get saved, and if God chooses to
do other things while they are there accepting the Lord it will be the icing
on the cake.

Real revival won’t be one man, one ministry, but a move of God’s Spirit
through dozens, hundreds, thousands of people who will be His conduit to
bring people the message of Christ! The fact is, there has been a 105 month
revival going on, right here at Tens of millions of people
around the world have been impacted for Christ since we began. Over 225,000
souls we know of have come to know Jesus as their Savior. We have prayed
for over 70 million prayer requests. We have an archive of over 3.5 million
praise reports documenting God’s miracle working power. All of this has
been possible because people like you have shared a Devotional with someone,
encouraged people to come to the website, got people to watch the TV
program, and the power of God touched them.

I love you and care about you so much. Don’t worry, as tempting as it would
be to go on late night TV and sell people the power of God in a Louis
Vuitton travel bag, I’ll stick to sharing the simple Truth of His Word and
tell people that their only hope for this life and eternity is a
relationship with Jesus Christ. The fact is, the power of God is available
be to ALL who will come to know Jesus as their Savior by faith and tap into
the power of the Holy Spirit that indwells them. You don’t need to come to
Lakeland, Florida, or this meeting, or that meeting, to experience the power
of God. You can experienced His power right where you are at this moment.

Man can’t heal you, man can’t work the miracles you need in your life, only
God can. I pray that this very moment you seek the Lord for the needs in
your life today. If you need a financial miracle, healing in your body,
your marriage restored, deliverance from some bondage, or anything else,
call upon the name of the Lord right now, this very moment. He is your
strength and your hope and is the One who will meet you at the very point of
your need today. Please know that I will stand with you in prayer and
believe God with you for your needs to be met..


In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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59 Responses to “Why The Todd Bentley Lakeland Revival Blasphemes The Holy Spirit!”

  1. BrentD said

    Thank you for your post. I believe it can help to attend meeting like this, I believe it is worth it as Todd says “Come and get some” The reason I say this, I was visiting the church I grew up in while visiting my parents a week ago. The pastor (I have known for over 35years) at this church and a few others attended the meetings for a couple of Days, and it was truly evident that God stirred something inside of them. You could tell there was a special sensitivity to them, that was different, and they were fired up! I think it is great, if it get’s people excited about God, changes lives, heals some, and others get saved, great! It’s ok to skeptical about things, but I would be careful about being critical.

  2. Job said


    Why is well known world class New Age mystic heretic Bill Hybels on your blogroll?

  3. but I would be careful about being critical. Brent D

    Why is it that Third Wave fools always try to damn you with warnings about speaking against their leader is speaking against God! Walter Kambulow

    Roy Aldlrich who was robbed, raped and murdered by the Straders said something that is true today:

    Later, Roy was to write one of his best letters which I consider a classic to Karl Strader in January, 1995 in regard to his Sunday sermons on ‘Enemies’ which included the following remarks:

    I would like to join the ranks of those who Karl Straders counts as his “enemies.” by the following statements:
    1) I am the enemy of lying and deception which hurts and robs people.
    2) I am the enemy of those who practice cruelty in the administration of any corporation, especially churches.
    3) I am the enemy of any minister who allows the use of his pulpit for personal vendettas.
    4) I am the enemy of any minister who uses his pulpit for soliciting public and personal sympathy over controversial matters involving his family.
    5) I am the enemy of every minister in the world whose sense of right and wrong is based on nepotism and favoritism.
    6) I am the enemy of the policy of Karl Strader who raised $52,000.00 for Dan’s defense fund and $58,000.00 for repairing a roof and not one dime for his son’s elderly and devastated victims.
    7) I am the enemy of the disrespect represented in the Strader attitude towards the State Attorney and Judge Robert Doyel, a true servant of God.
    8) I am the enemy of the policies of secret salaries which conceal huge benefits flowing from trusting church members to their leaders- salaries which provide sumptuous life styles, while at the same time, these same leaders are firing and traumatizing the “little people” under their care like Cindy Deaton, Patricia Aldrich, Jack and Betty Collins.
    9) I am the enemy of huge personal gain to Karl Strader and Joe Perez derived from their secret management fees from the CHC Life Center Retirement Estates.
    10) I am the enemy of the thinking that some claimed “anointing” or supposed special privilege with God gives anyone the right to turn a Christian church into their own personal “cash-cow.”
    11) I am the enemy of the thinking expressed in the attached sermon outline which implies that the welfare of CHC is determined by any one man or family. We are supposed to worship Christ, and not the Straders.
    12) I am the enemy of any minister who uses his oratorical ability to rally church audiences into cheerleading and other emotional excess as a device to shore up a crumbling personal empire.
    13) I am an enemy of any organization that suggests opposing the leader’s lifestyle and words is opposing God.

    “Not Innocent”

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  5. Job said

    Walter Kambulow:


  6. BrentD said

    I enjoy Bill Hybels, think he is a Man of God, always searching for truth. Admitting when he and his church need to make a change that will impact lives for Christ.

  7. stuffgirlslike said

    Get back to scripture Amos3:7 is the rule.

    What were the prophecies before this move? Were they any prophets who prophesied this healing revival?

    If you want to do this decently, let us start with obelisks (Ashoreth Poles) disguised as spires in churches. Let us take down icon but really icons in Cathedrals.

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  9. walter kambulow said

    Revivalist Todd Bentley Loves and Supports Sexual Perverts

    Any revival that has the involvement of sexual perverts, such as Paul Cain and Bob Jones, is from the pits of hell and not from God! These liars, deceivers and conartists at the Lakeland Revival, including Todd Bentley and Stephen Strader, only see and hear what they want to see and hear and that is so dumb because others are not dumb like they are! They see the truth about this so called revival is nothing but a farce and a joke devoid of integrity no matter how many people they might deceive!

  10. Lynell Fischer said

    To Walther Kambulow who says that God cannot use “sexual perverts.” I guess David in the Bible should have been excluded, too from God’s service. Whatever happened to God’s forgiveness and mercy?

  11. Job said

    Lynell Fischer:

    So. you are comparing one incident of David to a lifetime of immorality exhibited by many of these preachers?

  12. mindy said

    Lynell Fischer,
    Please listen to these truths of God’s word and pray it will help your understanding.

    1. Galatians 6:7 Be not decieved God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth to the flesh
    that shall he also reap

    2. Luke 12:2 For there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; neither hid that shall
    not be made known

    3. Hebrews 12:6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth and scourageth every son in whomn he recieveth
    12:7 If ye endure chastening God dealketh with you as sons; for what son is he whom the father
    chasteneth not?
    4. John 4:24 God is a spirit and they that worshgip him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

    The spirit of God reveals all things and we have to be in the spirit of truth and come to reality with who we are and what sins we have committed. If we are in the spirit of God we will be able to confess the truth as we stand before any man. We can because we have endured chastisement recieved grace.

    King David went through great chastisements yet he endured. He held on to the truth and by his pressing in and worship he was released. He wasn’t allowed to build the temple because of things he had sown, and he lost the first child Bathsheba had together because of his sin.

    Look at Samson, who died blind.

    Look at Peter who fell so hard.

    Mercy and grace didn’t cover up thier fall because then it wouldn’t have been the truth.

    I’ve done many disgusting things in my life but if I have made a reputation for myself in that sin the SPIRIT OF TRUTH will lead me to confront these things publically like he has many times.

    Paul first appraoched the Christians telling of the horrible things he had done to christians.

    Truth is a way to identify God.

    The truth is that people are marked by thier fall but thier confession of enduring chastisment and being restored is a light of hope to the ones being witnessed to.

    If someone does evil such as that and wants to act like grace came easy and he’s ready to teach without addressing his mess he’s a lie. God Bless you. Love, Mindy

  13. Lynell Fischer said

    When the woman was accused by the men who brought her before Jesus, He knew the intention of their hearts. This is why He told them, “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” One-by-one, they all walked away. Then, left alone with Jesus, He asked the woman where her accusers were. He told her, “Neither do I accuse you, go and sin no more.”

    The key here is twofold:
    1) By the blood of Jesus, and only by His blood are we washed white as snow. Jesus himself did not accuse this woman, knowing of her past.
    2) By repentance (go and sin no more), the woman was released from her sin.

    Glory to God that AS WE REPENT, we are set free. Repentance is a prerequisite to true salvation.

    I do not know the background of these men of whom you speak, other than to see and hear them now.
    Are they living in sin now? Do you have proof of this? Where is it?

    He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

    If these men are KNOWINGLY sinning, and walking in leadership, they need to be reprimanded. I have yet to see proof of this. Have you confronted these men directly – go to your neighbor directly! Then, if he does not hear you, take 2 or more with you to show him his sin. Have you done this? This is the scriptural way to handle the issue you point to. If you have done these things, and they have not repented, then I applaud you for pointing out the heresy. However, show me what YOU have done scripturally, if you carry a burden about it. Seek to correct it the Biblical way!

  14. John MacDonald said

    You may be interested to know and rejoice that the lost are being saved daily at lakeland as the church reaches out on the streets and in the neighbourhoods. I know this because I have just returned from my second trip there where there is dailly evangelism training and outreach.

    “Real revival won’t be one man, one ministry,” – so Wesley, Edwards, Finney etc were not real revivals?

    Todd Bentley never claims to be the healer – he continually points people to Jesus as healer and provider – it is continually emphasised that people look to Jesus not to Todd Bentley. Most of the healings that take place do so without any man laying hands on those healed; it is the Spirit of God who ministers to them not a man. But God does use men and women as channels and that is what is happening at lakeland.

    Do I think everything Todd does is 100%? Probably not BUT neither is anyone’s doctrine and theology. I think there is a need for many to climb down from their prejudiced high horses and admit that God is actually capable of doing things outside of their understanding and experience which will challenge their theology and doctrine.

    I am concerned by those who are pontificating on what is happening without any real investigation being done – have you spoken to any of the people claiming to be healed or resurrected from the dead?

    we speak highly of past revivals while forgetting that the church in those days also railed against the revival and many of the truly odd behaviours and practises then – it seems that we gloss over those parts and our minds become enfeebled as we think God should always do it the way he did then OR the way we dictate to him…

    By the way – it is not being called a revival by those in Lakeland but a Healing Outpouring…

    For those who appeal to Scripture to “prove” they are right in their criticism remember Jesus’ own words to the Pharisees: “JN.5:39 You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me, 40 yet you refuse to come to me to have life”.

    The Pharisees knew the Scriptures but they actually didn’t know the God of those same Scriptures – be careful lest all you have is knowledge which puffs up!

  15. John MacDonald said

    Re Walter Kambulow.
    I have read much of this man’s writings and I am afraid he appears to be a rather confused individual. I would take anything he says with a great pinch of salt.

    As for paul Cain’s involvenent at lakeland – he was taken from the platform and will not be invited back. Todd Bentley has admitted it was a mistake to invite him there and he will not be invited back.

    I do not know Bob Jones’ nor Paul Cain’s current situation so cannot comment on them BUT I am sick and tired of Christians who run off at the mouth because of unsubstantiated rumours and lies spread abroad by disaffected individuals.
    PLEASE, before you go spreading slander and libel – check out you facts and ensure they are up to date and not old news which has been dealt with in the past…

  16. LadyofFe said

    Why The Todd Bentley Lakeland Revival Blasphemes The Holy Spirit!

    I don’t see the evidence for this and find the statement outrageous. I’d be very careful before I would make any kind of judgment like that on anyone.

    I’ve been listening to Todd Bentley for about 2 years. I’ve searched the scriptures and prayed about everything that I’ve seen and heard, that wasn’t quite what I thought it should be. Is he 100% accurate on everything he says, nope. Only Jesus is 100% on everything, man will never be.

    Also, you find me one church, ONE CHURCH, one man, woman or child that has it down 100%. JUST ONE! Other than Jesus of course.

    Todd is not obsessed with angels, that’s another hysterical over statement. Does he talk about them more than many churches yes, He also talks about demons more than most churches. In fact there are so many Christians and churches that even deny the existence of demons that it’s crippling the church. The American church as a whole is very sick. Some even deny the existence of hell, healing, miracles and deny the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

    I’ve been watching the Lakeland outpouring for about a month now. I see an increase in healings and miracles, I see an increase in the presences of God. An increase in salvations. I hear Todd speak about Jesus doing the work, that it’s all about Jesus, not Todd Bentley. I hear Todd telling the church this is what all of you should be doing. He is provoking us to action. Todd has never once said worship this angel or that angel. Question the message that you receive from any spirit. I can’t find anywhere in the bible that says, if the spirit look a certain way, question the look of the spirit or angel. Use your God given discernment. If the spirit comes in dark and foreboding and threatening, ice cold, your hackles raise you can pretty much figure that it’s a demon. BUT,
    2 Co. 11:14 For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.
    And if satan is going to try to trick you, he’ll probably come as an angel of light. How would you discern that? On looks? I don’t think so. It would be on message. What was the message.

    The anointing is transferable. “Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them.” Acts 19:11-12 Thus, transferable anointing!

    Acts 10:34 And Peter opened his mouth and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:
    What God will do for one of us, He will do for another. He is no respecter of persons.

    You can not judge a man’s heart, only God can do that. Some of what is written here sounds very gossipy.

    If this outpouring is not of God, it will die out and be forgotten. If it is of God, then nothing can stop it.

  17. Dave said

    Well, I have experienced first hand similar things happening in Africa and I do ask one question of sceptics. If signs and wonders follows the preaching of the word, then how many signs and wonders have you had after your preaching. Further Jesus healed the sick cast out the demons many times without ‘preaching.’
    Careful that the god you are worshiping is not your own intellect and understanding.
    ‘He takes the foolish to confound the wise.’
    I think it is great that a odd ball like Todd is being used by God, really throws one in the face of the self proclaimed theologians.
    I have found that you can preach the word (I am a preacher) all day long and it does not heal one person, set them free or deliver them from demons. But in one word under the power of the HS lives are changed.

  18. Louis said

    You sir have a stinking attitude that you want to throw one in the face of theologians. Thats the typical bluecoat attitude that really doesn’t give a care what the word says, but just get somebody up there with recently acquired satanic tattoos to throw it in the theologians face. I don’t know what kind of preacher you are but you sure are displaying your ignorance on this one. Why should people avoid Todd? So they don’t get demonized, so they get the real Jesus, so they don’t get lied to. Get it straight man.

  19. Kyle said

    To All Pimp Defenders Here,

    Why so many of you defend the Pulpit Pimps amazes me. I think we need to go back to T.U.L.I.P and Post Trib and run away from the apostasy of the last few hundred years. Sigh!


  20. vanessa said








  21. ann said

    Vanessa….A big “AMEN”!!!!!

  22. hombre said

    On the surface, Todd appears to be a colorful individual who gives the glory to Jesus. Even his website ‘faith statement’ appears to be grounded and well. However, it doesn’t take too awfully long to find a plethora of material linking Todd to the occult. If we remember That Jesus said:

    ‘….Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not PROPHESIED IN THY NAME? and IN THY NAME HAVE CAST OUT DEVILS? and IN THY NAME DONE MANY WONDROUS WORKS? And then will I profess unto them, I NEVER KNEW YOU: depart from me, YE THAT WORK INIQUITY…’

    …we can then also understand that just because someone is functioning under the name of Jesus IN WHATEVER capacity, does not justify them by that fact alone.

    We need to measure the man by the light of the Word of God, not simply because he is demonstrating power, and using the name of Jesus in doing so.

    …and beloved, now is the time to try the spirits, because not all of them are of God. We know that there shall arise MANY false Christs and prophets, and if it were possible, they would deceive the very elect. IF you are not grounded in the Word, you will perish for that lack of knowledge.

    …without going into all that is out there that condemns this mans ministry Biblically, try these 2 out: bes-how-hes.html

    This preacher from Ft. Myers knows exactly what’s going on. The first half is a wholesale condemnation, and the second half tells the facts. Listen all the way through.

  23. Pete33 said

    Will everyone just chill out, if God is healing people then i’m happy, In Africa they dont fill their heads with so much knowledge that they doubt what they see, they just believe and it happens.
    Its this Religious rubbish that gets in the way.
    I’m not interested in Tod Bently but i am interested in all the people getting a touch from God.
    I dont normally write on these things but some of the stuff thats written on here is a bit wierd.
    Just follow your heart and dont “think” about it so much.

    When you attribute the power of Jesus to Demons, it is Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost…Here they are attributing the power of demons to Jesus.., Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

    Look at this one…

    EMMA-O, The god of the underworld. He lives in the Yellow Springs under the earth in a huge castle all covered in silver and gold, rosy pearls and other jewels.(Thus, he, (she) appears in these Charismatic meetings, he brings gold dust, silver, rosy pearls and other jewels to steal the souls of the deluded Christians).
    He is the judge of the dead and notes the sins of those who are sentenced to purgatory, and decides the degree of their punishments. Anyone who has killed an innocent will be thrown into a boiling cauldron full of molten metal. However, if they have made a pilgrimage to each of the 33 shrines of the Goddess of Mercy, then all the evil they have done will disappear. Sometimes he is portrayed less pitiless and returns life to those who appear before him. On the last day of the Festival of the Dead, the sea is full of shoryobuni (‘soul ships’), for on that day the high tide brings a flood of returning ghost who goes back to their spirit world. The sea is luminescent with the light these souls emit, and their whispering can be heard. While the ghosts are embarking, no human ship should come near. Should one stray into the soul-covered sea, the ghosts will ask for pails. The sailors should only offer them pails without bottoms, for if they do not, the ghosts will sink their ship. Currently, Emma-O is used as a bogeyman to scare little children. Yama’s name can be interpreted to mean “twin”, and in some myths he is paired with a twin sister Yamī, This explains how Bob Jones and his adept Todd Bentley says the Angel Emma-O was William Branham’s Angel, is a female. Enmi is Emma O’s twin sister!

    You can also hear Pat Holliday speaking on mp3,s about the Bentley “Outpouring of Demons” here the mp3,s are free!

  25. LadyofFe said

    EMMA THE ANGEL – guess what? There really are female angels in heaven.
    Zechariah 5:9 Then I looked up and there before me were two women, with the wind in their wings!They had wings like those of a stork

  26. LadyofFe – You are mistaken. You said:

    EMMA THE ANGEL – guess what? There really are female angels in heaven.
    Zechariah 5:9 Then I looked up and there before me were two women, with the wind in their wings!They had wings like those of a stork

    I would highly recommend you read Zechariah 5 in full and do a much deeper study of that chapter of scripture.

    1. All the women mentioned in Zechariah 5 are EVIL.

    2. There is only one angel ever mentioned in Zechariah 5, who is the angel speaking to the prophet Zechariah. That angel is clearly identified as a “he” (see verses 2 and 5).

    3. The women, as with many other passages of scripture, signify nations. The wicked of Israel weighed down in her sins, carried off by other nations that were wicked. You have seen this in your history books, in how the Jews have been scattered and their nation was toppled. The prophet is being shown how Israel in her wickedness would be taken by evil to other lands, such as Shinar – Babylon. This is not a good thing, but a prophesy of the coming judgement of Israel at the hands of her enemies. The prophesy is this, all the women mentioned are indulged in evil and God is using the enemies of one against another to carry out His judgement. As mentioned by Christ Himself, Luke 19:41-44. The wings of a stork are noted in Zechariah because it was known as a migratory bird and the prophesy signified Israel would be sent into migration.

    No LadyofFe, there are no female angels in scripture, none. No female angels and no “baby” angels either.

    Todd Bentley is a man you should avoid who is leading people into false worship featuring a false angel of light

    Colossians 2:18-19 (New American Standard Bible)

    18 Let no one keep defrauding you of your prize by delighting in self-abasement and the worship of the angels, taking his stand on visions he has seen, inflated without cause by his fleshly mind,

    19 and not holding fast to the head, from whom the entire body, being supplied and held together by the joints and ligaments, grows with a growth which is from God.


    2 Corinthians 11:13-15 (New American Standard Bible)

    13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.

    14 No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

    15 Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.

    Run from Todd Bentley!

  27. LadyofFe said

    The woman in the basket is evil not the women with wings carrying it away.

  28. LadyofFe, you said:

    The woman in the basket is evil not the women with wings carrying it away.

    And on what grounds do you claim they were “angels” that are good?

    If that is not a prophesy of what occurred with Israel and the women don’t represent the nations involved and we know all the nations that scattered Israel were all indulged in evil, please give us your FULL EXEGESIS of Zechariah 5?

    Who was the woman in the ephah? I mean what happened in history to fulfill that prophesy? Who exactly where the women that carried the woman in the ephah away?

    I look forward to your full exegesis of Zechariah 5.

  29. Robin said

    Wow, wow, wow. Isn’t this exactly what we are trying not to do? Argue over doctrine?? One thing for sure, Jesus is coming back for a bride without blemish and no matter how you look at it, after reading all of these comments, it is obvious to me that the bride has a long way to go before it is without blemish. We always fear that which we do not understand. That is why there is so much prejudice in the world today. We have to remember that with each generation comes a different way of looking at things, ie: guitars were once considered evil, dancing was considered evil, a woman who wore make-up was ungodly, the list just goes on and on. Each generation will look at Jesus differently according to the time that they are living in. Let us not condemn that which we do not understand, but be watchful and diligent in prayer so that we ourselves do not fall.

  30. LadyofFe said

    The ephah and shekel are symbols of injustice. The full significance of the basket appears when it is opened and wickedness is uncovered, personified in a woman. Wickedness denotes a variety of forms of evil, social, ethical and spiritual, which can only be dealt with by superior forces. God matches wickedness personified in a woman, with two women who appear as his chosen servants.

    It’s pretty clear that the two women with wings were sent by God to carry this basket of wickedness away. Jesus said, Mark 3:23 How can Satan cast out Satan?

    So you tell me, would God use wicked to cast out wicked?

  31. LadyofFe – You still have not explained how this prophesy was fulfilled. You’re making up applications that have no basis in reality and fail to offer how this prophesy has been fulfilled. You’ve turned it into a fairy tail with no real world application.

    How about you try again.

    Yes God can AND DOES send evil to those who are evil in judgement of them.

    Revelation 16

    And you better look really close at 2 Thessalonians 2, because you’re displaying the delusion and you don’t even realize it.

    In my prior comment I explained how Jesus said judgement would come to Jerusalem and it did at the hands of Romans and the others the Jews were scattered to, who were all wicked.

    Who sent Saul this evil spirit and terrorized him with it?

    1 Samuel 16:14-15 (New American Standard Bible)

    14 Now the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD terrorized him.

    15 Saul’s servants then said to him, “Behold now, an evil spirit from God is terrorizing you.

    May the Lord help you!

  32. LadyofFe said

    I’ll tell you what, since you appear to know what it means, why don’t you enlighten me.

  33. I’ve already explained it to you. Read over all my comments in this thread again. If you still need help, ask God for wisdom.

    What is clear is that you don’t realize what is being said in Zechariah 5. Nowhere in scripture is there ever a mention of a female angel and Todd Bentley is lying to you.

    You might think he’s a man of God casting out demons, but you need to consider this:

    Matthew 7:15-23 (New American Standard Bible)

    15 “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

    16 “You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?

    17 “So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit.

    18 “A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit.

    19 “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

    20 “So then, you will know them by their fruits.

    21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.

    22 “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’

    23 “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’

    Many will claim they prophesied and cast out demons in His name, but will learn they were never the Lord’s. Todd Bentley is telling you things that don’t agree with scripture, avoid him.

    Todd Bentley: God Told Me To Physically Batter And Assault Women During Services

  34. LadyofFe said

    It is reasonable to think that the two women Zechariah was describing were angels. Maybe God calls them something else, who knows. I think anyone reading that verse would think the same thing. And no where does it describe those two women as being evil.

    I see tons of good fruit coming out of Lakeland. People are being saved, healed, set free by the thousands.

  35. LadyofFe – Did you even view the short video in this post?

    No it’s not reasonable to look at the women in Zechariah 5 as “angels” because:

    1. The prophesy clearly is not treating them as angels, but nations and you’re still unable to speak of how this prophesy was fulfilled, because you KNOW it blows your assertions OUT OF THE WATER.

    2. No where in scripture is a female angel ever mentioned. No where in scripture is a female demon ever mentioned. God, all angels, all demons and Satan are always spoken of in the male tone throughout scripture.

    3. The angel in that chapter is clearly identified as an angel and the angel is speaking to the prophet Zechariah.

    Please read Zechariah 5 in full again. You’re calling 2 women who built a house (temple) for wickedness in Babylon angels.

    Again, I want you to explain exactly how this prophesy has been fulfilled if what I’ve said to you is wrong.

    I guess you look at Revelation 12:14 and claim that’s more evidence of female angels in scripture 😀 😆 ?

  36. Todd Bentley’s strange doctrines and encounters EXPOSED

  37. LadyofFe said

    Revelation 12:14 This is like trying to compare apples and oranges. You can call them whatever you like, it sure describes what an angel would look like to me and Zechariah said they were women.

  38. LadyofFe, you said:

    Revelation 12:14 This is like trying to compare apples and oranges. You can call them whatever you like, it sure describes what an angel would look like to me and Zechariah said they were women.

    Actually it’s a comparison of an apple with another apple. A prophesy of a nation described as a woman with another prophesy of a nation described as a woman. And it shows how although God has held judgement over Israel and had to cut some branches off, He will bring salvation to a remnant of them. Just as with those who were left to die in the wilderness versus those allowed to enter the promised land, Romans 11.

    You say women with wings like storks describes what an angel would look like to you. Tell me, how many angels have you actually seen?

    Did you know the only time in scripture there is a mention of angels that have wings they are Cherubim and Seraphim? Seraphim have 6 wings, not 2 like a stork. Isaiah 6:2, oh and they’re described in the masculine. Cherubim have 4 wings, not 2 like a stork. Ezekiel 10. Notice Cherubim are also described in the masculine. Other than that, no other angels in the Bible are described as having any wings!

    So where do you get this notion that a woman with wings just has to be an angel? Some da Vinci painting?

    We know the woman with wings in Revelation 12:14 is not an angel and when properly read one can tell the women with wings like storks in Zechariah 5 were not angels either. There are plenty of times something is spoken of in the Bible as having wings and it’s not an angel. Most angels spoken of in scripture DID NOT HAVE WINGS!

    LadyofFe, your lack of good training in scripture is leading you to follow after a man who will lead you down into a pit.

  39. Anna said

    …be careful about what you say. every word will be taken into account one day. Todd Bentley is like a breath of fresh air…had too many man-made church services were god is not allowed to move…praise God for Todd and his team, he’s an obedient man of God. judge not and you won’t be judged…i think you know the rest.

  40. luke said

    I cant believe you people even think there is a reason to doubt the movement in lakeland!! and to the boob that wrote the original article i feel really bad for you that where ever you were tought about the gospel and how to interpurept scripture raised you to think that this is the enemy. Look at the fruit and the bible does talk about impartation and the power of god being taken to every where people could go remember 12 then 70 then 120 then 3000? “as you go” none of these phrases ring a bell if we are supposed to be more christ like well what was he like? he preached the gospel and in the same breath healed ALL the sick in every town he came to you too will do my works. Ring a bell. Seriously if you could hear how much yall sound like pharacee’s . I went to lakeland to check it out first hand. you people need to worry more about spreaing the word and showing some demopnstration of the works of christ in your own life, not bickering in blogs about fake basises on misinterpurepted scripture how much did jesus argue? beware the pharacee’s and then on to the kingdom of god and that was it. I’ll pray for all of you

  41. IC

    Wonderful piece at post #36. I had already studied some of it and the strong delusion so many of my Christian brothers have allowed to come upon them. God bless.

  42. Pastor Williams, yea you see the delusion shows up in LEGION around here.

    We can give them the truth, but they’ll only be able to understand as the Lord wills.

    In my flesh, I could think “well back when I was following pulpit pimps, even back then I was not so foolish as to follow some guy who looked dishonorable even by the laws of nature and beat people up calling it commands from God”. But if not for the grace of almighty God Pastor Williams, I too would be spewing the same garbage we see coming in comments from people like Anna and “Luke” above. Oh so sad, that “Luke” in no way represents his namesake.

    Anna is harping about “judge not” while she’s JUDGED that she wants us to shut up. And if she knows the rest of that scripture she referenced, she knows it says once one’s own eye is clear THEN they can help somebody else, Matthew 7:1-5. (And Pastor Williams, with some of these folks I dare think it might venture into verse 6 and so we’ve got to be careful who we try and help around here.)

    Luke is claiming their is support in scripture for what is happening in Lakeland. Well Luke if you’re reading this, please cite your chapters and verses to support this??

  43. I was talking to a well known minister, who’s name if I were to say, everyone here would have heard of him. When asked why people are so easily decieved by this man and men like him, he stated something that caused me to sat up in my chair and think. He said they flock to these meetings and come away believeing this is God because they are first generation Christians. They have no one who has gone before them who can mentor them in what to look for and to stay away from. Many of our older saints are going home to be with the Lord, so even these preachers are first generation and have not sat under a seasoned pastor so they fall for the first feeling they get, calling it the anointing. The bible declares that a Bishop (minister) must not be a novice. Study the word novice.
    So we see why many baby Christians try to tell seasoned men in Christ how this is the real thing, when we know the truth and are shouting aloud stop. You’re going the wrong way. God bless.

  44. In looking up the word it was interesting how although I already knew the meaning, some definitions noted for the term novice mention church affairs. And in church history, you probably know people were not tossed into pulpits as quickly as they are today. People were not even “fully” taken as being able to do various roles in the church outside of the pulpit until they had completed some lengthy training in the basics of the faith. Today, somebody runs to an “altar”, recites a formulaic confession of faith and they can claim “God called me to preach” two weeks (or perhaps a month) later and they’re on their trail sermon (which is usually never rejected), or they do it in a matter of months. And we know it was not always like that and many a novice even goes out and claims they’ve “started their own church”.

    I knew a divorced WOMAN once, who had been part of a church group for a little while, decided she was “called” to preach (preach over BOTH women and men). Next thing you know (after some short so-called pastors’ training) she’s on her “trail sermon”, she literally passed out in the pulpit in fear. (I witnessed it.) The “pastor” gave her about a month to gather herself and tossed her up for “trail sermon” number 2 and from there she was a PASSA. And I knew this woman personally. I could have laundry listed reasons other than the already obvious reasons why she should never have been considered and even the “pastor” who claimed leadership over the church group knew some of these things.

    1 Timothy 3:6 (King James Version)

    6 Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.

    And we see them being full of pride and falling away. 2 Thessalonians 2 and all the strong delusion coming with it.

    Really much of the church fails to uphold any standards. Today much is being done simply to satisfy numbers. It’s not about truth today, just numbers. Now folks claim if a place has numbers, it must be right and the place with few must be “the dead church”. Doctrine is not considered the measure. Now if someone can claim there are “signs and wonders” someplace that’s all that matters to them, not the real rightly divided Word of God.

    Charles Finney Proves How Terrible Doctrine Carries for Generations.

  45. You fully understand Bentley and others. A lack of training on their part and the people following them also causes them to fall for anything.

    1 Timothy 3:6 (King James Version)

    6 Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.

    Amen and God bless you.

  46. Grace and blessings to you as well Pastor Williams, in Christ’s Name.

    I can only pray the same for those who don’t believe us, but it will only be so for them as the Lord wills.

  47. Lynell Fischer said

    I ask AGAIN…

    What have you done to follow the same scripture you use to defend in order to bring the correction, if you see such delusion!? Why don’t you take the appropriate biblical action and go to your brother in private, and if he won’t listen, take 2-3 others, and then if he won’t listen, take the church leaders! Have you honestly approached Todd directly, with loving correction? Have you sat down with him in private, and talked to him? Please, don’t bash on the internet until you have the biblical right to do so!

    I believe that if you approached Todd in person, and sat down to share honestly, that perhaps the two of you could see what’s REALLY going on. Maybe not. But, my bible tells me that this is the correct action. Please, follow your own words and follow the bible!

    I would appreciate an honest response this time (see #13).

    Lord, I pray right now for all your people to open their eyes to what would PLEASE YOU in this situation!

  48. Lynell Fischer, I’m not the one traveling to Lakeland Florida to be spiritually abused. So Matthew 18:15-17 does not apply to me, because Todd Bentley has not done any sort of sin against me. Read those verses in detail ma’am, they state specifically that such a method is for when one brother sins against another. Todd has not committed any sin against me and I won’t let him anywhere near me to do so.

    Here is my full biblical right from God above, to do what I do online.

    Ephesians 5:11 (New American Standard Bible)

    11 Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;


    Romans 16:17 (New American Standard Bible)

    17 Now I urge you, brethren, keep your eye on those who cause dissensions and hindrances contrary to the teaching which you learned, and turn away from them.

    Now that I’ve responded to your question Ms. (or Mrs.) Fischer, can you answer one for me please? Is this the work of God? A response which is supported with scripture would be greatly appreciated.

  49. Tony said

    The reason why I believe that Todd Bently and those “drunk” on the Holy Ghost actually are blaspheming the Holy Spirit…Is as follows: The only mention of Drunk in relation to the Holy Spirit
    is in Acts when the 120 came out of the upper room on the Day of Pentecost and everyone was amazed… BUT,SOME MOCKERS!
    It was SOME MOCKERS who said surely these men are drunk. Not towns people, not Jews, not religious leaders but mentioned only as SOME MOCKERS. Peter went on to testify with his greatest speech to date and the rest went on to add 3000 to their numbers….but Todd seems to be hung up and siding with SOME MOCKERS. He is twisting the biblical reference from the murmurers in the back, to enhance what the MOCKERS said. They MOCKED the Holy Spirit by saying these men are drunk…and Todd continues that thought by acting and I do mean ‘acting’ drunk. In reality no one acted drunk, no one clucked, howled or slithered on the ground. No heads spun around, no one shook, no one ‘spas-ed out’ in euphoric ecstacy. No one “soaked”, no one found gold dust, no one had gold teeth, there were no feathers, or weight loss, no one was punched, dropped kicked, or suckered punched in the jaw…. no, on the contrary the church went to work… and also contrary to the lakeland extravaganza… when someone asked how to get saved the first words out of Peters mouth was not BAM, it wasn’t sheeka boom-ba, or “Oh, you want some of this?” It wasn’t “get out your cup” or ‘I feel a little drunk’…it was REPENT.

  50. It is better to seperate over the truth,than to unite in error.We need to love all Christians,and because of that love,tell them the truth.Todd Bentley is teachings serious heresy,another Gospel.Beware of him,brothers and sisters.


  52. Dr. Mark said

    Hey Guys,

    Haven’t you heard, the parties over for Todd. He has now been exposed by God. I do pray that he is truly fully restored in his marriage and his ministry. He has left Lakeland and so have the big crowds, although Strader is trying to keep the “thing” going back at his 700 seat church. Wow, they went from 700 to a 10,000 seat tent, now back to 700 seat church all the while saying the “Outpouring” continues. Well at least we now know what all those thousands of people were looking at Todd for their healing or fire, fire, fire, as Todd says it. And not God. Or, they would still be pouring into Lakeland by the thousands.
    My prayer is that the Body of Christ will begin to heal. And that these men will come forward and repent publicly, as your repentance should be as wide as the transgression. It was on GODTV, Let GODTV cover the public repentance, if it ever comes?

  53. Vernon R. said

    You are CLEARLY doing a good work. Thank you for earnestly contending for the faith. As I read your posts, I’m greatly blessed by your biblical responses. Why do so many other professing Christians lack a teachable spirit? Where is their openness to godly correction?

    Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser: teach a just man, and he will increase in learning. (Proverbs 9:9

  54. […] Why The Todd Bentley Lakeland Revival Blasphemes The Holy Spirit! […]

  55. hI jOB ,

    I know I have not been at odds with you and the others and we still disagree on a number of issues but I would like to write a guest post on a post I wrote in a christian forum about why I was no longer involved with the Charismatic movement and why my thread was censored immediately and I was told by the leader of the Ecumenical team ( I did not know such a thing existed).

    Sure I did not pull punches but I wanted time to prove all my points.

    It is official I will never have anything to do with the Charismatic movemnt, because I have made a distinction with the Charismatic Movement( Vatican II love child) team versus Pentecostalism.

    My point is that Charismatic movement is leading Pentecostal back to Rome in a hurry and away from Holiness. That is why Kuhlman and Benny Hinn were hired to do virtually witchcraft.

    My other points were about Soaking ( contemplative prayer) and the inolvement of Charismatic leaders with the Knights of Malta, Like Morning Star(Rick Warren) Super Aspostle. Have you ever seen him smile?

    I think there is a countefeight Holy Spirit called Kundalini Yoga which is very busy at work, it makes people feel good , so people want to be under it.

  56. Search the Web on said


    Hi hope you are well.

    It is said ‘All roads lead to Rome’, how true that is. Now the beast is exercising its control and consolidating power. How long before the Anti Christ declares himself as God?

    Keep up the resistance, draw closer to the cross. We shall prevail as more than conquerors.

    The darker the night the more the light shines. So let your light shine before men.



  57. John Kaniecki said

    I do not understand how my name got changed. The previous entry is mine. I stand behind all that I say because I am not ashamed of Christ and his truth.



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