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Rick Warren Takes Aggressive Step Towards Embracing Homosexuality

Posted by Job on May 16, 2008

From Slice of Laodicea: 

Radical Pro-Gay Theologian to Join Kay Warren, McLaren at Envison 08


6 Responses to “Rick Warren Takes Aggressive Step Towards Embracing Homosexuality”

  1. Well we know Rick Warren defender Richard Abanes won’t be touching this in any of his books. And if he does, it will be to attempt to gloss it over.

  2. Job, I just noticed something. Kay Warren’s name is no longer on the list of speakers. It used to be on the list and still is in this old Google cache copy of the page.

    Miguel De La Torre is still on the list of speakers and look who else is still slated to speak:
    – Jay Bakker
    – Obery Hendrick
    – Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr.
    – Brian McLaren
    – Doug Pagitt
    – Jim Wallis

    And did you read this article in full? Miguel De La Torre: The new face of gay-allied activism

    This shows why the homosexuals will probably overtake every “denomination”. A guy like that should be booted from any role within the SBC, but he’s in and denying the truth of the gospel.

  3. Job said


    Well, Warren runs with McLaren and Pagitt in a major way, and yes there IS such a thing as “guilt by association” when said associates are your ministry partners and collaborators. And as far as denominations go, we both agree that they should not exist. Denominations are but attempts to recreate the very Roman Catholicism that Protestants came out of.

  4. Job, did you notice the often viewed as against homosexuality pulpit pimp darling of the “Religious Right” Harry Jackson, Jr. is involved?

  5. Nevi said

    The clear instruction given, by for all that shall have abominable tendencies, to keep those urges under control, by exercising their will over it to suppress it,and to pray.

    Whosoever conspires to change that, however witty the argument,and from whichever quarters, comes under judgement by their own actions,and words.The entire conspiring synods may consider themselves judged.

    The iron laws of the Almighty, are not open to ‘modernistic interpretations’ to suit dysfunctional situations. The sword, goes out to all that shall meet, discuss, twist and adjust the commands of the Lord, to suit their own purposes on the earth. These have all bowed to the deceiver, and will follow in his footsteps,and share the judgements. Yes, the Sword of the Lord, is now at the church, and all that seek to redefine its purpose. The command, is given to all, that shall have questionable behaviour , as opposed to the law. The command, is not there to be questioned, or moulded to pander to ‘modern living’ as gay/lesbian/translife etc is called. The same level of judgements apply to those that are unbecoming in their heterosexual nature.

    It is stated, and given by the ‘I AM’ for all. Defiance, is treated with warning first, as warning precedes judgement. So, as no correction has come from warning, the judgement of the Lord, falls upon the church and will be in full effect, soon. A Letter was sent to that Anglican Church of Australia, containing commands,and warnings and to be sent to all denominations of the globe. Perhaps they feel they are more subject to human authorities,and choose to delete the message – The judgement is nevertheless in effect against ALL , in the church that conspire to assign their contrived meanings, to the stated law, of the Almighty.
    This letter was sent on 14/7/2008.

    It would be safer for all those leaders,and bishops to extract themselves from their acquired status, and join the queues of the sinful, who have humility before the Lord,and ask for forgiveness, than to stand in the pulpits and purport to do the Will of God,and thereby evoke the fury of the Lord. In this time, a judgement has already been laid down for all these, which will be effected throughout all the world, for all to see in time.

    The ordination of women bishops etc, is against the law.
    Because a woman is required to be subservient , does not mean that she is meant to be crushed underfoot of man. A woman, is allowed to be of religious assistance. If a man is incapable of leading, he should step down, to be replaced by a man, that can lead.

    The simple summary is this: All that have taken the bold, ‘modernistic’ steps to alter God’s Law, and to wilfully flout the Law of the Almighty,bring judgement to themselves.

    Scripture is not outdated, as it lives,and fulfils itself even as we speak, and as it tell you of what is to come, it naturally includes the present.

  6. Kary Efferson said

    Yes Nevi, you are correct. When the Lamb comes, if he is not here already, the literal meaning of blasphemy will be revealed. The Holy Spirit allowed you to make that post a while back, that is obvious because a person who reads your statement either agrees with it or not. Words can’t describe how wonderful and pure the Spirit is. Keep up the good work.

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