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Gay Marriage Ruling: 6 Of California’s 7 Supreme Court Justices Are Republican

Posted by Job on May 16, 2008

The guy who wrote the majority opinion was a former Reagan appointee. See link. I still hope that at some point the religious right will wake up and realize that the Republican Party is just distracting them from spreading the gospel, helping the poor, advocating for justice, etc.; using politics to get Christians to invest themselves in this world instead of concentrating on the next one. Even if it is possible to change nations and transform cultures, it can only be done with evangelism and revivals that promote the love and transforming power of salvation through Jesus Christ, not flocking to the ballot box to put people like Reagan, Gingrich, Bush, etc. in office. 


3 Responses to “Gay Marriage Ruling: 6 Of California’s 7 Supreme Court Justices Are Republican”

  1. This doesn’t mean we put our heads in the sand and don’t comment on issues. It’s funny that liberal Christians say their piece publicly with mostly media support, yet every time a conservative Christian mans up, the media demonizes them (unless they’re a token). Sorry, spreading the gospel is the most important thing, but we have a First Amendment right to comment on social issues, economic issues, and every issue under sun. Not to mention that advocating for justice is seperate from spreading the Gospel (although nothing is wrong with each).

    By Timothy

  2. Job said

    TruthSeeker24 (Timothy):

    “This doesn’t mean we put our heads in the sand and don’t comment on issues.”

    I agree with you. However, the religious right is a fraud and a deception, has been from the beginning, and Christians should exit that deception immediately. Part of speaking out means letting conservative Christians know how they are being misused and abused by charlatans and false doctrines. Conservative Christians also need to know what their government and these world banks and globalist organizations are up to as well.

  3. I do agree that the leadership of the “Religious Right” are brought and payed for by the establishment.

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