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My Take On The Effects Of Hillary Clinton’s Refusal To Concede Her Lost Cause

Posted by Job on May 15, 2008

Everyone is asking “why does Hillary Clinton keep running? Doesn’t she know that she can’t win? Why is she wasting her time and hurting the Democrats’ chances in November? What does she have to gain?” Let us look at it another way: what does THE MEDIA have to gain by this race continuing?

Were the airwaves, newspapers and magazines, Internet sites not talking about Hillary versus Obama, what would they be talking about?

Maybe … the California gay marriage decision. The wildfires in Florida. The earthquake in China. The flood in Burma. The tornadoes that have been lashing this nation for months. The financial crisis. The energy crisis. Illegal immigration. Wars and conflicts. Governmental dysfunction. Family and social breakdown. False Christian preachers and doctrines abound. Even things that we once used for idle escapism: sports, TV, movies, books and magazines, music, etc. are wracked by scandals. 

This country is a mess and so is this world, and a lot of it is on purpose, situations created by people seeking either power, profit, or a globalist ideology. And the very worst thing for these people that have created this mess is to have people paying attention to it in any serious way. And those are the very people who are extremely happy that Hillary Clinton does not drop out, because her staying in the race keeps people talking about this sham presidential competition between three members of the globalist and corporate elite (meaning that it really does not matter who wins!), and hinders any discussion of things more substantial, such as the identities and agendas of the people and the groups behind the scenes pulling the strings. Weapons of mass distraction indeed …


12 Responses to “My Take On The Effects Of Hillary Clinton’s Refusal To Concede Her Lost Cause”

  1. LorMarie said

    Boy, you’ve made a more in depth analysis than I can make on this topic. Why do I think Hilary won’t concede? Her ego perhaps.

  2. If Hillary left right now they’d be talking about Obama v. McCain more and that’s about it. The other stuff would still get little or no coverage. Look at how much time they gave to his apostateness the pope and just showing a “torch” being carried in various cities before China.

    I’ll dare say, it might be possible Hillary stays in the race because she’s just wondering if a sniper might take Obama out, so she can pick up the pieces! There seems to be a large mass of bodies that turn up around the Clinton’s you know.

  3. Job said


    It was just random musing motivated by my frustration at the fact that large numbers of people are dying and struggling all over the world and no one seems to care.


    I am of the opinion that Obama versus McCain is, well, not much of a story. Your musing that Hillary is waiting for the other shoe to drop (one way or another) is a popular one by the way …

  4. Huckabee Makes Shocking Obama Joke at NRA Convention Video: “That was Barack Obama, he just tripped off a chair, he’s getting ready to speak. Somebody aimed a gun at him and he dove for the floor.”

    I told ya Job, don’t ever stand with a man who claims he’s called to manage the House of God one day and be a politician the next!

  5. Job said


    Yeah, I read about this. I had not yet decided on how to deal with it. Ironically, Huckabee was responding to fears among blacks that NRA types will try to assassinate Obama through humor. The intentions were fine, but the execution …

  6. Huckabee was responding to fears among blacks that NRA types will try to assassinate Obama through humor

    That’s what you call the SPIN AFTER being busted.

    What Blacks has Huckabee been around lately to hear of any claims of fear Obama would be assassinated? I rest my case.

  7. Job said


    Me? Spin for the Council on Foreign Relations lover of heretics Rick Warren, Kenneth Copeland, and John Hagee? Far from it. I was simply proposing a theory as to why Huckabee said it.

  8. Ev. Duane Williams said

    Hillary is going to undermine Obama’s campaign all the way through November. She’s now running the “Hillary 2012” campaign.

  9. Job, I thought you were saying something that Team Huckabee put out in a news release or something.

    But I think he said it because he’s got some latent thoughts about it. I think Mike Huckabee would love nothing more than for Obama to go to an NRA meeting and someone just “point” a gun to watch him duck. Or who knows, maybe more…

    These guys of all political stripes say some of the worse mess when they feel the spotlight is not focused on them. And those are the times you see things about them that show how they really tick.

  10. Job said


    Again, no fan of Huckabee but trying to be fair to the guy (perhaps to a fault!) the guy DID fight a titanic battle to integrate his church in the mid 1980s. Seriously, the fellow was able to get almost half the black vote in Arkansas for a reason, and yes one of the main reasons why the right was trashing him during the campaign was because they thought that he would be too friendly to us black folk (I remember back in the day that they were suspicious of George W. Bush for the same reason, and yes it was also a huge reason why they hated George H. W. Bush AND Jack Kemp). I do not consider Huckabee to be part of the Jesse Helms/Anne Coulter/Pat Buchanan/Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity/Peter Brimelow/Charles Murray/Rudy Giuliani crowd that traded in their white sheets for the GOP … you know, the guys who now all of a sudden just love themselves some Hillary Clinton now that she is putting the black folk in their place.

    Speaking of Hannity, who uses his radio show to rehabilitate every racist in the book (wasn’t he on Atlanta talk radio while you were living in Gwinnett?) he is going to have this “special” on Fox News this weekend about racism in the Democratic Party. Part of me actually wants to check it out just to see how cravenly dishonest he is capable of being.

  11. Huckabee wanting a gun pointed at Obama is not necessarily related to Obama being Black.

    I can’t say “every name” you mention was a KKK promoter, but Hannity certainly has lifted up many who were found to be racist, such as Mark Furman. Hannity and FoxNews.

    I doubt the special about racism in the Democratic Party will be dishonest, because Democrats have got plenty too. Including Hilary Clinton, which you already knew. (And I’ve got lots more I could post on Hillary.)

    I was in Gwinnett 1996-2006. I’m not sure if Hannity was still on in Atlanta then, but I was not a listener to him working in Atlanta if he was still there once I got there. I have heard some snippets from his work in Atlanta though. I know of one clip where he asserted the cops in the Rodney King beating were “just doing their jobs”…

  12. As I was saying…


    If you don’t think that evil witch is just sitting in to see if a bullet will take Obama out, think again!

    I want Obama (and her and McCain) to lose. But she’s probably already got a black pants suit picked out awaiting a funeral other than Ted Kennedy’s!

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