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America Idolatry: Florida Pastor Receives Threats After Removing United States Flag From Pulpit!

Posted by Job on May 14, 2008

Looking more and more like for a lot of people the flag is the original American idol. How many of you Christians are willing to take such a bold stand for Jesus Christ as this pastor did?

“Sean was of the belief that because we are a church, we are a people of Christ, we should be focusing on the cross of Christ,” Long said. “So he removed the flags from the sanctuary.”

DeLand pastor gets threats after removing U.S. flag from church


4 Responses to “America Idolatry: Florida Pastor Receives Threats After Removing United States Flag From Pulpit!”

  1. […] and pretty much the entire third world. The very people that are so in love with the American flag that they physically threaten their own pastor over removing the flag from the pulpit are not likely to make effective evangelists in the 10/40 window. Why? Because you cannot […]

  2. fishon said

    OH it is all so plain to those who live in the spirit of god,

    You know it is terrible thing to fall in the judgment of god, to cause gods children to sin I recomend all pastors repent,any of you who have participated in this terrible act of pledging to the flag in the house of god!!

    Read mathew 5;33-37
    Read james 5;12

  3. Job said


    I agree. And to think that this fellow actually received DEATH THREATS over this …

  4. […] implacable, unmerciful, etc. Muslims get angry over a Florida pastor burning a Qu’ran? Well, a Florida pastor received death threats from the Ameri-Christians in his own congregation over his r…! His motivation? Wanting the church to focus on Jesus […]

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