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Arizona And Utah Attorney Generals Admit To Protecting Mormon Polygamy!

Posted by Job on May 4, 2008

Their excuses for doing so are simply amazing. They stated that they were only focusing on WELFARE FRAUD, child abuse, and domestic abuse because “going after polygamy may violate freedom of religion and privacy rights.”  Translation: if we take a stand that polygamy is ILLEGAL and WRONG now, then we will be admitting that what Joseph Smith did was ILLEGAL and WRONG, making him a FALSE PROPHET. Second, how on earth does prosecuting someone for POLYGAMY violate privacy rights when prosecuting someone for child abuse and domestic violence doesn’t? If anything else, there is a stronger case that filing child abuse and domestic abuse charges when the child and/or spouse does not object – which is so in a lot of instances – violates privacy rights than for polygamy. The reason is that where domestic and child abuse falls under “whatever happens in my house is my business”, polygamy involves society and culture. Even better: there are laws on the books against polygamy, and the attorney generals are feigning ignorance over whether their own laws are constitutional. Well, why don’t they prosecute a case and find out? Isn’t that we have courts to begin with? 

I was noticing from the various Mormon – frequented outlets that support for the Texas raid among Mormons was AT BEST 50/50. They kept saying “Yeah, these people were breaking the law and the church says that polygamy is wrong and children were being abused BUT …” The most hilarious were the usual refuge of those that defend the indefensible: “the authorities ought to have more important things to worry about than this.” Some of these nice Mormon folk questioned why the police weren’t throwing the parents of inner city teen mothers in jail. So I guess WELFARE FRAUD is a big deal with these people after all. They feel fine with attacking someone else’s culture but can’t stand it when their own is attacked? Some people are actually comparing the FLDS compound raid with Waco. You know, except for the involvement of the ATF and all of the dead innocent people, they were exactly the same! And great job comparing the FLDS folk with David Koresh, who actually was having sex with preteen girls. In reality, the Waco operation had nothing to do with the FLDS raid. The federal government had plenty of opportunities to arrest Koresh, who frequently left the compound unaccompanied.

Instead, they warned Koresh and gave his cult members plenty of time to prepare the siege, because they WANTED to show your tax dollars at work live on national television. And when that suicidal apocalyptic cult did what suicidal apocalyptic cults do … well the federal government had the audacity to claim that THEY HAD NO IDEA THAT IT WOULD HAPPEN. Never forget that the Waco operation was initiated by the Bush administration and finished by the Clinton one. Also, never forget that the armed to the teeth suicidal Waco folks had never shown any inclinations of being a threat to anyone but themselves. The government could have at any time ended the siege and walked away. Keep in mind: this whole cult’s belief was based on Koresh being Jesus Christ. Their system was based on them all dying together with their messiah. But arresting Koresh and putting him in jail for life for child rape … well that would have removed their entire rationale for mass suicide and murder. And yes, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, etc. knew this. 

But the FLDS raid in Texas was, er, completely different. They went right in and shut down the whole operation. No assistance from the federal authorities. No TV cameras to bring mass murder/suicide live into your living rooms. Oh yes, and they did not tip off the cult members in advance, giving them the chance to dig in and mount an armed resistance! In other words, they did everything that the Clinton – Bush administration DID NOT DO in the Waco incident. Or rather, they carried out the same operation that would have been carried out in Waco had the Clinton – Bush warmongering fascists not been involved. That is right, had the state of Texas ran the Waco operation, they would have simply arrested Koresh in advance and waited for the followers to surrender peacefully based on their religious beliefs being shattered, because the state of Texas would not have wanted to have mass murder/suicide on its hands. So the fact that the LDS people are using Waco to defend their “disassociated” FLDS co – religionists shows something. And it is also interesting that the LDS folk – and the other right wingers – always refer to Waco (and the Ruby Ridge incident of white separatist Randy Weaver, which was also another example of government murder) and NOT the M.O.V.E. incident in Philadelphia. But then again, the M.O.V.E. people were black …,5143,695276307,00.html


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