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Messianic Jews Granted Full Right Of Return Privileges By Israeli Supreme Court!

Posted by Job on April 24, 2008

“The Supreme Court of Israel has ruled that Messianic Jews have the same rights regarding automatic citizenship as Jews who do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah. The case was brought by 12 applicants who had been denied citizenship primarily because they were Jewish believers in Jesus. Most of them had received letters saying they would not receive citizenship because they “commit missionary activity,” according to an e-mail circulated by Calev Myers, founder and chief counsel of The Jerusalem Institute of Justice.”  For the rest of the article see link below. 

Israeli Supreme Court sides with Messianic Jews

And though Messianic Judaism is commonly associated with Southern Baptist and charismatic free will evangelical Christianity, it happens that there are some Reformed and Calvinist Messianic Jewish Congregations! Now I am certain that there are some that are going to assert that this decision happening at this particular time is a fulfillment of prophecy that brings us that much closer to the endtimes. There would have been a time when I myself would have asserted so, but where I am in my walk with Jesus Christ right now, I shall refrain! However, those who wish to propose such information, please feel free to in the comments below!

Also, please view a news video on Messianic Jews in Israel below.


One Response to “Messianic Jews Granted Full Right Of Return Privileges By Israeli Supreme Court!”

  1. this is a religious freedom…should ‘Athiest Jews’ have a right to citizenship…most Jewish are secular Jews in Israel…some are of the Chasidic and some of them believe Rabbi Schneerson is the Messiah…all considered still Jewish….so why reject the Messianic…Isaiah 53 has clues….

    Shalom to the true Jewish…not to the deceivers

    it is time to speak up…how can anyone possibly believe that Yeshua/Jesus is the Messiah? my own mother told me Jesus is a liar, other times she says he never existed….
    …i have searched…and i know the truth;
    Messianic…to believe the 1 Messiah makes one spiritually Jewish
    By david7israel
    shalom and thanks friend/s the undying question…who is a true Jew, atheist’s born Jewish are declared Jews…but there is only one that is considered definately not Jewish…Isaiah 53 says that one will come who will be despised and rejected…will we reject the one that accepts this one?

    the last post was on Islam…please check it out if your interested

    the question do we know..who is the 1 Messiah? the temple is destroyed…Moses said there is no forgiveness/atonement from sin without the shedding of blood” Leviticus 17:11th verse

    Isaiah said one would come be rejected and lay down his life as a lamb for our sins, and would later be exaulted isaiah 52 last paragraph and chapter 53

    we can make excuses not to believe Moses and Isaiah..but then truely we are no longer spiritually Jewish

    or we can know we were not lied to …and that before the temple was destroyed..the blood atonement had been fulfilled…and the new religions developed that reject Moses command calling it archaic or whatever, and Isaiah’s promise…are truely not Jewish no matter what they call themselves…and even demand that those that believe Moses and Isaiah (including Messianic Jews) are no longer Jewish.

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    One Response to “Messianic…to believe the 1 Messiah makes one spiritually Jewish”
    david7israel Says:

    June 12, 2010 at 12:05 am | Reply edit

    Shalom, Yes, I happen to be a Jew, born and became Bar Mitzvah too. That was when I was given a copy of our Jewish Scriptures, and they led me to the truth, both from the Hebrew and the English too.
    that mention Channukah- an ancient story but a modern battle

    1. I speak to this and to another who writes from South Africa and is determined to stop ‘Messianic Jews’ and the very concept of them.

    2.It is time to stand up for truth, thanks. Why take the closest thing we have had to a prophet with a message from God, or a Jewish Priest in the last 2000 years…the legend of the burning oil, in all these years and tag it to Christianity?

    Interesting from another, the one I consider a dear teacher from South Africa.
    I have been through many turns, ups and downs as of late and may well die this week Thursday. I wish to hear from you with some little help.
    I have been out of touch with you for over a year. And your zeal fascinates me. Like Rabbi Saul who became the Christians leading writer as renamed Paul, spoken of in the goyim’s book of Acts, who killed and helped kill the ‘messianic Jews’ not like you who says Christians are fine to believe in their Messiah, as long as they dont claim to still be Jewish if came from Jewish decent.
    How does a Jew become not born to a Jewish mother?
    How does a Jew that believes Rabbi Schneerson was the Messiah become a non Jew for believing wrongly? Rabbi Schneerson was not born in Bethlehem from eternity Micah 5 verses 1 and 2.
    He was not born a son given, almighty God, wonderful in counsel (yet he was a great counselor), the prince of peace. Isaiah 9 verses 5 & 6.
    He was not the one that was to be exaulted after he first was marred more than any man, and would shut the mouths of kings and be rejected by his own people and die as a lamb for their sins. Isaiah 52 last paragraph and chapter 53(although he was very favored as he sent out his followers to get other Jewish to leave their beliefs and their parents food as not kosher enough so they would refuse to eat with them even a passover seder).
    He didnt claim to be a prophet or a priest…Why take the closest thing we have had to a prophet with a message from God, or a Jewish Priest with our blood atonement sacrifice Leviticus 17 verse 11 as stated “For it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.” in the last 2000 and disregard all this for something from the lost temple, meaning Hashem failed or we as many rabbis declare, our sins had the temple destroyed.
    Jonah our cherished prophet, was called to be a bringer of truth to the gentiles. Was he wrong to do this?
    We may disagree, because the Messiah is my best friend, you pride yourself in honesty and to print even that which you disagree with as long as they dont have web reference to ‘missionaries’ regardless of their references and statements.
    In highest regards, David

    Comment by David Alan Ben Israel | February 23, 2010 | Reply

    3.I am sorry about your divorce from your wife, and sorry that i did leave out the reference under Rabbi Schneerson..the one to be exalted …Isaiah 52 the last paragraph and chapter 53. (put in in this article)
    I wish you every happiness and for me pray
    please and send what you may
    thanks again David fromt he USA.

    p.s. How will we know our Messiah? the only footnote in my Jewish Scriptures from the Harkavay Edition is under Zechariah 12 verses 9 & 10 “When we shall see him whom we have pierced, we will mourn as a mother mourns for her only lost child.”
    the footnote amazingly states, this is talking about Israel….how can Israel have pierced Israel and mourn for Israel when they see Israel, like a mother mourns for her only lost son?

    dont ever be a gentile…be a true Jew…thanks David

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