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Galatians 5: A FORMER Jamal Harrison Bryant Watcher Rejects Church of Judge Not False Christianity!

Posted by Job on April 24, 2008

Endlessvr Says: 
April 24, 2008 at 12:54 pm e

I have read all most all the comments that were posted, and i’ll just add a little bit. we have all sinned and come short. I have found myself in that position not once nor twice. God does forgive sin, he did ask those without sin cast the first stone, all pastors are human and they do fall. Here i’m just stating the obvious. But as for me I will not play the hypocrite game. I have followed Jamal’s ministry for maybe three years but have lost interest. Not because of the news about his extramarital affair but simply because our spirit does not match up. But back to sinning and leadership and judging. Whenever i find myself in the position that i’ve sinned, I become mad at myself, not because of what people might say if they found out, but i’m mad for the sole reason that after commiting a sin whatever it might have been, in so doing i misrepresent Christ and the body of Christ. the problem with us today is this, ewe have become spoiled , selfish and inconsiderate as (born again Christians). So it’s easy for us to sin and its easy for us to say I’m just human, it’s just the flesh. But God is saying to the body of Christ enough is enough, and whether we believe it or not He will come for His church, the one without spot or blemish. God is a forgiver of sin and He can forgive the vilest of a sinner and use them for HIS glory. What has happened in the body of Christ is that we often time take the glory for ourselves and in so doing God no longer resides in us which causes us to fall easily. If Jamal has accepted his faults and repented, we dont know and quite frankly it’s not for us to debate As people on a whole let’s not put our trust in man, because they will fail us.

As for judging, Galatians 5 will answer that, A true believer should profess the fruits of the spirit, without it no one would be able to see Christ manifest in your life. So only with that should we really judge others.

To all of us let’s remember that everything we do should reflect God and who He is. And when we allow the enemy to invade our lives and we sin then in so doing Christ is not glorified and we show forth to the world not THE Christ but our christ which is the flesh.


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