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Tonex Claims That Michael Jackson And Benny Hinn Have The Same Anointing

Posted by Job on April 22, 2008

I mentioned this earlier in On Needing That Anointing Christianity but I decided to give it its own post for the benefit of the Tonex fans that feel the need to come to this site and defend the fellow from time to time in the hopes that they will realize that their loyalty to this fellow is misplaced. Incidentally, please know that Tonex, after retiring from gospel music because he wasn’t making enough money in it (like the pope’s admitting that he entered the priesthood because he wanted a nice car Tonex freely admitted this on one of his many websites that he keeps creating and deleting), found employment with Michael Jackson as a music producer. That, er, MIGHT EXPLAIN Tonex’s endorsement of the Jehovah’s Witness homosexual child molester Jackson as possessing the gifts of the Holy Spirit and using them to edify and minister to people (as opposed to corrupting small boys).

You know, when I owned Tonex’s Out Tha Box concert DVD (which I finally located a few days ago after MONTHS of not being able to find it, and then immediately threw it out with the trash), one of my favorite tracks on it was “Pole Position”, where he gave a brilliantly crafted and delivered piece of oratory (seriously, the fellow is extremely talented!) exhorting the prosperity/Word of Faith doctrine on how if one continued to tithe and give offerings year after year even through times of great financial distress, eventually God would remember and bless you. He used an analogy with the popular Monopoly board game (I am not making this up!) stating that if you just kept rolling the dice, rolling the dice by being faithful in the prosperity/Word of Faith apostolic doctrines, and eventually you would hit Boardwalk, your big payday.

But alas, it appears from Tonex’s own life that said doctrines have a price, the least of which is having to go on a Christian television show and promote not only Benny Hinn (and please recall that Tonex was also an associate of Eddie Long, calling him a “spiritual father” … funny how these Roman Catholic references keep slipping into this Pentecostal madness) but a known homosexual pedophile. That is the truly sad thing: EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT MICHAEL JACKSON IS A HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE, AND YET IT IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE FOR A PASTOR AND GOSPEL ARTIST TO WORK WITH HIM! Of course, to be fair, Tonex is not the only one. Lots of gospel artists, including Andrae Crouch, used to work with Michael Jackson back in the day. The allegations concerning this fellow were not public then, but what did the “industry insiders” know? Then again, did Andrae Crouch work with Michael Jackson (among others including “impregnate a white woman and leave for the next one Quincy Jones”) before, after, or during the time that Donnie McClurkin was sleeping with the men in his choir? Donnie McClurkin says that he is delivered from homosexuality, but that does not prevent him from pastoring and founding churches after fathering a child out of wedlock and never marrying the mother. 

My goodness. At some point someone is going to come out and reveal what a cesspool some quarters of the gospel industry is. Then again, Kirk Franklin already did over ten years ago, and it had absolutely no effect whatsoever. The people are deceived because, quite simply, they choose to be. Which means that they are not being deceived at all. And that is why we MUST continue to pray for them, that they would be delivered not so much from the enemy, but from their own rebellious wicked hearts. I should know, for many sincere Christians, from family members to co – workers, tried to warn me about a lot of these people – including Tonex – for quite awhile before I was willing to let them go. So if God did it for me, He can do it for someone else! That is why we should never cease to pray for the people trapped in their own prisons of selfish rebellion.

By the way, how did it come to be that the black gospel industry became dominated by the charismatic/Pentecostal/COGIC/prosperity/Word of Faith types to begin with? Incidentally, a similar trend is happening with Christian rock and Christian contemporary music, as more and more of its artists are coming from the praise and worship teams of megachurches. But as for black gospel (yes I know that this includes acts like Martha Munizzi, Vicki Yohe, and JoAnn Rosario that are not black, I just refuse to say “urban” or similar) I am told that it is due to the “gospel music workshop” scene for which we have COGIC’s JAMES CLEVELAND to thank for – and please recall that this very scene was very important to launching the career of one Tonex – but I am hoping that someone in the know might be able to tell me.

In any event, yet another video showing the depths to which Tonex has sunk (he has rather savvily had his “The Naked Truth” – related videos that are basically profane megalomaniac rants  – including what some allege are self referential allusions to homosexuality – removed from YouTube it appears).


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  1. Kyle said

    I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless. This is so wrong on so many levels. This is one of the worst 5 minutes of blasphemy I have seen in a long time.


    • danie from Germany said

      I think you all have nothing better to do than judging people based on what you see, hear and conclude without asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. It’s presumptuous to call MJ a homosexual Child molester. As a Christian???? Hello?!?!?! Tonex is convincing and poised to testify the name of Jesus and in his words lies wisdom. That doesn’t mean he’s Mister Know-it-all, he’s a human being who tries to follow the Lord as a public figure. What’s more important than always being right is to do it out of love, understanding and commitment and I think he see’s the opportunity to work with MJ as the ultimate guidance for praying for this troubled man!!! THat’s much more relevant than getting stuck in the gospel ghetto. At least it’s a chance!

      And for all of you who have no idea: MJ has been slandered systematically for more than 15 years! HOw do I know that? I asked the Holy Spirit!! Most people who have a great annointing but don’t know Jesus fell in Satan’s trap! Any surprise???

      Wanting more information? MJ’s first alleged victim from 93 has sued his own father of “life threatening physical abuse”. And guess when that happened? He filed the suit in New Jersey on 5th August 2005 half a month after MJ’s verdict!!!!!!!! It could also have happenend around the pending verdict!! THe prosecution wanted him to testify in court but he never showed up. Isn’t that fishy?? A father nearly kills his allegedly traumatized and molested son during or right after the verdict ?!?!?! Guess why! The father threw a 12 pound weight at his head and sprayed his eyes and the lawsuit can be found on the Internet (source: AND THE LAW SUIT FILED IN NEW JERSEY:

  2. Charles D. said

    The fact that I would serve a God who would have to [ ] me, instead of my God who remembers me 24/7 as He does, I find troubling! “God would [remember] and bless you”

    Okay, now I get it: “big payday” Tonex is a lover of money and is therefore have been given over to what he worship, plus a reprobate mind. Too bad, so sad.


  3. Euge said

    Tonex is clearly deceived. He is not a student of the Bible. His beliefs are more Buddhist / Hindu than Christian and are the beliefs of most of the “faith” preachers.

  4. nan said

    I don’t agree with what Tony said, but to call Michael Jackson a child molester and he was found innocent because of no evidence is wrong, wrong, wrong and you know it.. I know you’re going to reply to this so go ahead, but I’m not going to read it because you are wrong for false accusations

  5. Charles said


    Would you allow your young son to have a “sleep over” at Neverland Ranch? That’s assumping you have a young son. Your respond will say lots about you.

    If you would not, why not?

  6. Job said


    Soooo … the Klansmen that were “acquitted” by all white racist juries of committing hate crimes in the Deep South were innocent, even after they were later convicted on civil rights charges? For a more contemporary example, the cops that beat Rodney King … innocent too right? And the cops that viciously beat a developmentally disabled teen Donovan Jackson until he was unconscious and then slammed him on the hood of a squad car (which was actually a good thing, because it woke him up and got the blood going back to his brain) … they were innocent right? I know that you are not going to claim that just because a jury declares someone to be innocent that it makes it so. And of course, that is why you are not going to read my reply.

    Incidentally, Michael Jackson’s longtime bodyguard and personal assistant spilled the beans on this fellow’s behavior in an autobiography. And Michael Jackson even hinted around that he himself was molested by his father as a way of influencing public opinion before the trial to make potential jurors think that he was not responsible for the crime. And your mentioning that Jackson was “found innocent” neglects the well known fact that the star witness refused to testify after his parents received a huge financial package (in other words WAS BOUGHT OFF) by Jackson. Again, you know all this, which is why you will not read my reply.

    I still remember when Michael Jackson was going around “getting married” to try to save his image right about the time that these rumors first started to come out. First there was Priscilla Presley, then there was this random British woman, who soon after the marriage claimed to be pregnant with his child. (Notice how NONE of the babies that are supposedly Michael’s EVER HAVE A TRACE OF PIGMENTATION ABOUT THEM, AND HOW MICHAEL NEVER ALLOWS HIS “CHILDREN” TO BE PUBLICLY SEEN AFTER THEY ADVANCE PAST THE BABY STAGE … but that is another issue.) The woman admitted in the British tabloids that when her father asked her as delicately as he could “how could you endure making a baby with this known pervert”, she stated to her father regarding her “husband” in what was DEFINITELY the quote of the year “it is not as if I have ever had to have sex with him or anything” and went to explain that she and her “husband” proceated by way of artificial insemination, and that she was being paid rather handsomely for her “participation.” So, when her father asked her why could not his son in law produce children any other way (or for that matter actually consummate his marriage) Michael Jackson’s “wife” just never responded. And that was that.

    Again, you know all this, and this is why you are not going to read my reply. Well, nan, the Bible, true Christianity, is for people who are interested in the truth and the Holy Spirit empowers to handle it. Always remember that.

  7. Rob said

    I’m telling you…this type of wayward, weird and absurd connection is bound to take place, especially when Satan disguises himself so cunning with these hip artists using OUR GREAT LORD’s NAME in vain. TOTALLY PREPOSTEROUOS as only the Word of God explains the truth in Ephesians 5:19 “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;”


    Col 3:16 “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

    So simple the music, yet so rich the worship godly music brings.

    Hymns, music that bring honor and glory to OUR GOD, THREE IN ONE.

    Spiritual Songs, music that edifies and encourages the believer.

    What other spiritual purpose should the music of God should bring? I dare to even imagine…Certainly not as Kirk Franklin would have us to “IMAGINE ME”.

    HOLY HIP HOP (nothing holy about HIP HOP, as its culture depicts the evils of degrading, demise, disrespect for life and GOD), and the other genre of gospel music adopted from the world’s rhythm and blues, jazz, country, ect…used so deceitfully by Satan to make an appeal to the flesh, and stir up emotions that lead some into and altered state of consciencousness and hypnosis, enabling them to become soooo…susceptible to the doctrines of demons and false teachers, no wonder these type music is contemporary in many in the charismatic circles.

    As long as we accept and tolerate these famous artists, idolize their talents, and not entertain the word of GOD (simple verses as mentioned above) we will continue the false praise and worship of evil and worldly music rendered by TONEX, despite his profane and worldly language, by KIRK FRANKLIN despite his juvenile “SAGGING” Style of dress – not becoming as a man of his age – and by DOTTIE PEOPLES, MARY MARY, women who have adopted the worldly and immodesty dress with their low cut tops revealing their cleavages.

    Let us open your spiritual eyes to see the development of a trend that will lull us and dull us to the real life and liberty we can have in Him. We should be conformed into the image of the SON, not to these hypocrites who are conforming into the image of the world.

    And now this story, TONEX and MICHAEL JACKSON…no surprise…

    As Mat 7:18 puts it, “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither [can] a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” And for those who have been “blessed” by these “anointed” entertainers, BEWARE, LEST YOU TOO BECOME DECEIVED!!!

  8. Job said


    Welcome back brother! And I am certain that you will like the link below:

    Key quote: “The show has also featured guest appearances from gospel stars such as Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams and Smokie Norful.”

  9. pookie said

    What concerns me is how easy it is to be deceived when you do not study the word of God. Tonex’s commentary was hardly deep. In fact it was shallow and self-serving. Only someone with an unregenerate mind and who is clueless about the essential doctrines of the faith would suggest that his statement is “profound”.


  11. vincent said

    dude whoever u are that wrote this article u need to repent and stop twisting what u here, listen to what he is saying

  12. esmeralda said

    MY FOR MJ 0494193939 MY ESMERALDA

  13. esmeralda said


  14. End Time Prophet said

    Satan is anointed. This anointing he has is to come as darkness possing as a image of light and decieve millions that are drawn to him. This ANOINTING is a gift of the spirit that can be used to Give YAHWEH The Praise and draw millions to the Praise or draw people to yourselfs for your self then this does in deed becomes idolatry.

  15. rev jones said

    mr tonex is wrong michael jackson is unsaved he has no anoiting

  16. Family Member! said

    I would suggest all to read Proverbs 4:7 CAREFULLY! Wisdom is the principal thing, so get it: and with all the wisdom YOU get, get UNDERSTANDING! UNDERSTAND what YOU call wise and see if it’s wisdom at all. We are not to put ourselves in the seat of judge.Tonex is on his own journey for God.Remember God spoke through a donkey(Numbers22:28)God is NOT just in our little religious/denomination boxes. Sometimes we defend our religion or denomination more than God. We do this because we speak from the foundation or understanding/doctrine of that religion or denomination. Read Mark7:1-13. We need to use our energy and examine ourselves,and make the proper adjustments according to the creator’s TRUTH! My dear Family, TRUTH sets us FREE! but it doesn’t set us free until we KNOW it and DO it(John8:31-32) Think about this,we were created before we were born!(Jer.1:5) We all were spirit before flesh.The CREATOR created us for a purpose(Jer.29:11).Prayer is key to UNDERSTANDING(Jer33:3). Sometimes we might not understand what someone else is understanding,understand? Please know that God KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS ALL,HE IS JUDGE! GOD doesn’t put Sin in categories,we do. He HATES them ALL so let us deal with ours.

  17. r1ck3y said

    And this is CHRISTIAN-LIKE How?????……..ii dont see @ all how Jesus iz being glorified in your judgemental posts…..GO 2 CHURCH!

  18. R1ck3y, we are the church and perhaps you should read the very top of the page to see how this glorifies and honors the Lord.

  19. dawit bezabeh said

    it is very hard to explain, but having a walk with God for over 17 years, and having a desernment of the holy spirit, the holy spirit has always bears witness in me that michael jackson is and was annointed. however, some of his weakness is lack of wisdom. He is annointed by God to write almost all his songs. However, he is not using God’s wisdom to avoid stanic criticism. As the holy spirit showed me many times, God is continually blessing michael jackson spiritually. However, he is letting bad circumstances around him to continue so that michael will develope his wisdom of God by asking God for that particualr insight of wisdom.

  20. dawit bezabeh said

    One thing I have learned as a Christian is that feeling the holy spirit and listening the holy spirit is not the same. As God has showed me, Michael Jackson is one of those people who feels the spirit of God to create or write music. However, he does unwise things in his life without considering what kind of consequences they will have on his reputation, and life. One of these unwise things are for example, dangling a baby over a balcony, having unsupervised gathering in a closed room, letting children sleep on his bed. Michael does not listen to the spirit of God when it comes to walking in wisdom. However, as the word of God says the truth will set you free, We must hear the truth from the spirit of God in order to be set free. However, if we don’t hear the truth from God, then the worldly fabricated truth that comes through the media is only going to blind us until we participate with the world in the persecution of the innocents. Lets fear God and pray if Michael is a bad influence to the world, lets ask God to punish him and correct him. However, if Michael is anointed by God, and the world and the religious people including those who claim to know Christ, but does not desern the spirit of truth judged him wrong, then we should pray that Gods will should triumph at the end. I as a born again Christian for more than 17 years have been investigating by using the gift of discernment, and by always asking the holy spirit to reveal the truth to me. Because i pray with humbleness and search the truth genuinely, God shows me the truth. One of the truth that God showed me is that Michael Jackson is anointed and had always been used by God through his popularity and music, and the only reason he is misunderstood and attacked is because he is serving God and lacks Godly wisdom. God also showed me that the devil is always attacking those who are truly anointed by God. Benny Hinn and Creflo Dollar are one of the anointed people who are attacked by the media for misusing the church’s finance. The reason joyce meyer is not attacked is because she is applying Godly wisdom by posting the church’s revenue and posting were the money is spent, and how much her income is on her ministry’s web address. Let us pray and let the holy spirit say the last word in revealing the truth. Let us not depend on our understanding. Let God be the judge.

  21. Devon said

    Dawit, if memory serves, isn’t Michael Jackson not even a christian? I’m pretty sure he and his family are Jehovah witnesses right?

    I mean, I agree we need to be praying for him and his salvation, but I am pretty sure at this point is he quite far from the Living God.


  22. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Of course every good gift comes from God. We are what we are by the grace of God. The question is do we use our gifts to glorify God.

    In Michael Jackson’s case one must answer no. A person of his popularity could have interested millions in Jesus but he gave no evidence of his faith, if he had faith.



  23. dawit bezabeh said

    This is to Devon and John Kaniecki

    First of all I would like to thank you both and God bless you for responding politely, and for not judging me. I will try to address your questions and concerns based on the experience i have in my walk with christ as best as i can. I am not by any means saying that michael jackson is a good example for christians or a professed christian. However, I believe that he does believe in christ with all his heart, but never confessed to the world because no one asked him in any interview. Having said that, there is one interview I watched on where the reporter Jeraldo conducted the interview before his 2005 trial and michael asked his fans to prey for him. On that interview I have heard him say something like he loves children, because jesus says that to love children and that it is the right thing to do. In other occasions on his concert he had been criticized for symbolizing christ for wearing white clothes and hagging victims of war. Now it is easy to say that he could have done it to grab interest. However, his generosity towards children in hospitals and orphanage centers around the world has been enormous and always been consistant contributing over 300 million dollars since his album “Thriller”. Most of his contributions did not get the media’s attention because as Michael revealed it on the radio conversaton with Stieve Harvey by sharing his view of charity saying,”Chrarity is done in secret because it is from the heart.”. Speaking about childhood, please read his Oxford University speech; you can find it online. In addition, the messages in his music after his “Bad” album began to echo in support of a Godly charactor that is very noticable by a believer who is lead by the holy spirit. Inadditon, he has a song called tabloid jankie on his history album. Although I don’t support his anger and judgement he said something that sparked the spirit of God in me when he said “with the words you use you crucified the lord” He was referring that when the media lied about him or made statements suggesting that he is homosexual, he is saying you are not attacking me. You are attacking the fruits of genuine christlike charactor in me. I can go on and on, but I am still not saying he is an identifyable christian or a proffessed christian. However, he believes in christ, and is not lead by the spirit of God, but operates on compassion. Because he operates in compassion, God uses him. He is a person who loves God and the gooness of God, and who loves people of the world very much. People around him witness that he has a great genuine compassion for people around the world. When Christ asked Nicodimos the first commandment, and after Nicodimos answered by saying,”Love God with all your heart and with all your mind”, jesus answered the second commandment by saying “it is no less great than the first”, and continued saying, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Knowing that these two commandments include all the rest of the commandments; such as thou shall not kill, or steal etc, I have a freedom in the spirit of God to say God uses michael to touch peoples lives, because michael operates on those commandments. God operates in love because God is love and God is spirit. Whenever micheal is driven by the spirit of compassion he does beautiful things; however, he does not stay in that spirit by praying constantly. Instead, he acts out of his frustration when is frustrated; he acts out of his sadness when he is sad; he acts out of anger when he is hurt and angry. Simply put he acts bad when he is depressed, and tries to get attention from the world by displaying either unusual or unapproved behaviour, because he wants to be loved. What he does not understand is that he can feel good just by praying to Christ and believing that Christ will take away his burdens. He does not need to show his state of emotion to the world; because when he does show how he felt everytime and expresses it irresponsibly, the world and part of the christian body that does not ask God’s revelation for everything they see will misunderstand his behaviour and actions ; when satan fabricates the interpretation of those reckless actions,and decieves the media, it definately becomes disturbing. Can’t blame the world, because the world knows michael through his cds only, and not through Gods revelation. It is no accident that micheal happen to be very compassionate person who touches people both trough his music and his generosity. It is not a suggested marketing technique to love children at all costs even it means to be persecuted by satanicly deceived media and risk everything you have accomplished. One of the problem that michael has is that he does not have religious figure, and because of that, some of the churches find him confusing and will not address any question about him. Religion is mans understanding of God. However, the true revelation of God is only recieved through the holy spirit. Inaddition, any truth that is free from a lie is confirmed by the holy spirit as true in the hearts of those who seek the revelation of God from the holy spirit. Let us pray for God’s revelation I beg of you and the holy spirit will guide us to all thruth as jesus said. Remember that jesus was not accepted by many religious people, and those who accepted most of the time had problems understanding him. The reason is that everything that had to do with the truth is not understood by human reasonings, but by God’s revelation through the holy spirit including the interpretation of the Bible. When God wants to do something through us, he works through our hearts; If out heart is comfortable for him he can use us wither we are known as a believer or not. Purpose and mission is assigned when we operate on the first two commandments. Michael does not fit the profile of a religious person, because his purpose is to operate in compassion. I believe the reason michael never proclaimed his belief is because no one asked him in the media. Christians are not supposed to say I am a christian or i believe in Jesus Christ. They are not supposed to be known by their words, but by the fruits of the holy spirit they display. In additon, the bible says the world will know you by your love for one another; Love being one of the fruits of the holy spirit among gentleness, kindness, humbleness etc ;Sorry I don’t remember the chapter where it was quoted but it is in the new testiment. We only testify if we are asked to share our beliefs in christ, or during any conversation with the people of the world when God makes the hearts of people ready and open before we confront them. However, Michael needs to share his experience with God with the world, I think he is afraid of loosing a lot of fans who are in a different belief,or religion. I think they have become his source of love; meaning rather than getting the love from God almighty through prayer, he is getting it from his fans and the world. I believe that is one of the reasons why God is allowing troubles to come to him so he can depend on God for everything, and seek God through prayer for everything; love, security, wisdom all of it. God is willing to give him all the rest and love if he stops worrying about loosing fans. in addition, even though michael gives all his credit to God by saying all the creativity comes from God and thanks God for it, he needs to depend on the power of God not just for inspiration, but for everyday wise decision, so that his life style and behaviour does not confuse the world and believers. Thirdly, he needs to know that eventhough people love him, they don’t love him in a healthy way that does not offend God; they love him as an idol. I also believe that is one other reason God allowed problems to come to him that hurts his name and reputation so people would not idolize him and love him as an idol. However, those who love him as a human being or as God’s creation, have not commited a sin. I believe thats why we need to pray for him, so that he will not continue to depend on the love that comes from people, but to depend on the only true love that is God in every moment in his life not just on charity work and creativiy. Thanks for reading this. i wrote this in different times, but in one day. please share your opinions and experiences with God.

  24. Devon said

    Dawit, you have obviously followed Mr. Jackson’s career closely…I honestly do not know much about the man or his beliefs but I certainly do hope and pray that he comes to know the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I think most of his family at this point is JW’s..nominally so, but his older brother Jermaine converted to Islam awhile ago….so their is definatly some different beliefs in Michael’s family…

    If at this point he does know Christ as his Savior, eventually it will come out….if you are led to pray for him, continue to do so…

    Take care

  25. sierra said

    i dont like how people critisize other men as if we are perfect… you know what .. God never told us to segregate ourselves from those who believe in him but i believe he wanted us to be one to deliver the gospel to those who are in need. as long as we wear this flesh sin is always going to be apart of our nature.. if only people would embrace and not codemn others maybe people would consider getting thier act together and being one with the holy spirit.. obviously .. we have never met tonex.. we dont know much about him.. he’s different hes an artist.. hes has been an inspiration even though he inspired in such a different way.. hes said some out of the box things that many people missinterpreted… for instance this person who wrote this whole passage… lets not make assumptions.. because you are not God and your defently not a messenger of God out to ruin someone’s image.. defently not a person of the father’s heart… thus i think we should intercede and pray that he comes back to the father and becomes restored… because honestly while humans critize God is still changing the hearts and minds of the man… amen

  26. sierra said

    this website stinks really bad… i cant believe wat they are doing …… media is sooo devilish now a days… i cant stand to hear the media period… where’s the goood news… and u know wat all these people infavor of this website… u know wat God is waiting for u to find out on your own wat is him… God is love.. love changes the nature of men… and so many people believe everything that is heard that sounds like its.. good… just seek God and pray in these last days.. because many people are just throwing out an image…trust in God …. while men fail.. as we do… God never fails us.. hes always there to meet us in our lowest places..

  27. dawit bezabeh said

    Sierra; thank you for speaking the truth and God bless you. No matter any of us think we know the truth, we can never grasp the whole truth. Only God know the truth in anyone’s doing or saying, and we should all pray so that we can approach every situation in life with a Godly spirit led attitude and not with judgment; even when we deal with criminals and those who hate us for whatever reason. May God’s love win everyone’s heart, and may his plan succeed over the devils.

  28. T Stylz said

    Thank you so much for these last 3 comments…people really trip me out on how they are so quick to destroy their
    brother. And then say God bless them: Let’s lift them up in prayer. lol. What Tonex was saying is very simple but hard to digest. Now I don’t believe everything Tonex says, however he was on point with this. God has given everyone talents, from singing to preaching, to arts, to academics, to teaching..etc. But then when you have a
    calling on your life, God has anointing you-touched you with a drop on his divinity. And when you begin on grow into your destiny nothing can stop you. Now, it is your choice whether to use for the kingdom or for Satan.
    Do you wanna serve God or serve the devil. Do you wanna be T.D. Jakes or Quincy Jones. Kirk Franklin or 50 cent.
    Beyonce or Kiki Sheard. The choice is yours, but it is God’s choice to strip your anointing. Just because you are on the wrong side doesn’t mean you’ve lost your anointing…yet. lol Now when you totally ignore God and never
    come into His Presence. then you become a Ron Isley, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson.
    And R Kelly is just about on his last chance. God saved him from this case. Now he must make his choice.

    • Dori Winn said

      Number one There is no proof MJ was homosexual and he denied on many occasions.
      Number two He was found not guilty of all the charges against him. And as for the Klansman getting I don’t think that a jury of all whites had anything to gain by letting him go free, also do some investigating and you may come to the same conclusion as the jury. the family lied, and they went after other stars to like Jay Leno and others
      three as far as I ever heard MJ say he usually gave God the credit for his Music. And I am not taking about at award ceremonies, see Ebony article
      Number four The Bible states that all gifts are given without repentance.
      How can you say that he was never in the presence of God Are you omnipresent.
      Five just because people print things in “so called newspapers” does not make it the “gospel”
      Number six to every person that did write an opinion on this site you seem to have a very low opinion of the True and living God Since most of you never said that you prayed for him to be saved, nor did you seem to be able to even envision him being saved. How many people could he have reached if he had been saved “according to your standards”. in fact just as he was he reached millions with a message of peace and love oh did not the Bible say that God is Love (just a Thought)
      If we as Christians showed even a little bit of the love he showed to others we could turn the world upside down again.
      Now I am or was as most of you and probably would have said some of the same things. But would to God I had paid more attention to the secular world esp. MJ. I would have at least had the solace of being able to say that I did pray for him Child molester, homosexual or what ever he may have been All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
      Gods grace is greater than all of our sins so remember what Jesus said (Not every one that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of God…Many will say to me in that day lord we have prophesied in your name and in your name have cast out devils and in thy name have done many wonderful works and then I will profess unto them, I never knew you depart from me ye that work iniquity.” Don’t judge the fruit until harvest time

  29. Carlotta said

    Confessions of an ex-Tonex fan here!

    I am praying and waiting for this brother to truly get it right publically with the Lord. I don’t know what he does in private, but from what I’ve seen and even recently, Tonex needs are admonishment, not adulation. I saw his Naked Truth Cd with the extremely vulgar words. I was on the website that was talking about it and it even showed the inside of the CD jacket and Tonex is Butt Naked! He’s neatly packaged that up and is SELLING IT! He says that’s the old Tonex, but you don’t go around flaunting your sin, let alone making a buck off of it! I have no interest in any of his music until I know he’s following the Lord by his actions!

    I still have the site where I received that info…but I won’t dare post it here for you all to see this soft porn in progress.

  30. there are so many things i thought of writing… so many things already were said… i’ll just try and keep it simple.

    usually when we speak of pastors or christian artists we would like to find the perfect human being whose example we could follow. i don’t know how many here remember stevie green. he would be like the perfect example of that kind of model. in the mentality of many, he seems/seemed like an angel, with his blond hair, airy voice and perfect family (of which there always would be a photograph in the booklet). this kind of artists may often sing beautiful, poetic and profound songs, but they NEVER sing about any doctrine that might cause any religious group any discomfort; they tend do omit themselves to many of the important issues of our time to sing about the timeless truths. and that is wonderful, just like that. some of the temptation of these kind of artists/pastors is that they might start believing that they don’t have any serious problems and that their life and christianity is so perfect, that they don’t need to submit their will daily to christ, because their sin (and believe me, they, to, have sinned and continually proceed to sin) isn’t that obvious or visible. a lot of their fans, however, suffer from a different kind of temptation: they might fall into the snare of following these people’s steps, instead of christs and, due to that, whenever someone like that falls into public sin, many of their followers lose their faith, as if they were subconsciously saying: “if these perfect people can’t be perfect, i’ll never manage to be perfect either” or “it’s all a lie! there’s no way anyone can please the Lord!”.

    then there’s this other kind of artist. and they admit their sinful state. and not just by saying that all mankind has sinned, but by really telling the truth. and there are many things of which you can accuse tonex, but not of being a hypocrite. he’s not an example to anyone and doesn’t claim to be. unfortunately the video above was removed before i was able to see it, but i got to know him personally and got to spend about 4h with him and his (back then still) wife. he’s not a prophet (AND SHOULDN’T BE TREATED AS ONE!!!). he’s just a human being, maybe even more confused than you and i, but who honestly and earnestly is seeking to know G-d. and what he does through his music is sharing his doubts, fears and life experience, his (sometimes even failed) attempts to find and to know G-d. and he is astonishably true and honest. and i don’t mean just in the lyrics. i don’t know how many here know his cd oak park 92105, but it’s really a confused and even depressing album. and that’s precisely how he felt back then: confused, frustrated and depressed. he’d just gone through a divorce. as a minister and musician that can’t be easy, man… now this kind of artist also suffers from some dangers. first of all: confessing something publicly might be such a relief that often we forget that confession itself is no enough; we also have to change. another danger is that one easily, without noticing it, can start feeling proud of our failures in a sense in which it takes so much courage to openly confess them that the severe consequences to that might be a way to punish and redeem oneself. for the public: the greatest danger is to treat someone like that as an example. the only example that someone like that can be is in a way that he/she repents genuinely and never gives up on trying to change.

    a short sentence concerning kirk franklin. listen to his last to albums (“hero” and “the fight of my life”). there’s not even the least bit of rebellion in these cds. it’s just a regular christian showing in a beautiful and artistic way his own personal struggles and how the Lord has continually led him through these very struggles and describing G-d’s love toward him, and in extension, toward man. and it’s encouraging and real.

    the last thing i want y’all to remember is quite simple: when G-s works through someone it’s much more in spite of that person than because of that person. there’s nothing you can do to make Him use you more or better, unless keeping ot of the way. it’s not because you know the bible by heart or dress in a certain way. it’s because He wants to, that’s why He will use you. and it’s not necessarily true that if He did use you, it’s because you served Him. ex.: in he xvi century the catholic church didn’t want common people reading the bible. it was considered to be too holy a book to anyone -besides the clergy- to read it; that’s why it never was translated to the common languages, since it had been translated from the original hebrew, aramaic and greek to latin (this translation was called “vulgata”). martin luther, divinely inspired, was the first to translate the bible to a common language, which was considered a heresy. a very wealthy, faithful catholic bought the entire first edition of the newly printed version of the german bible as translated by martin luther. he bought it and burned it, so that no one could ever read it. but with the money he bought it with they were able to print three times the amount of bibles they had printed initially. G-d used him in spite of him. and so with the donkey. and so with you and me. it’s true that He can use me more the more i stay out of his way and the more i realize my nothingness and His greatness. we all have sinned. we all live in sin. and He uses us in spite of our sin. and if it a “GREAT” or a “small” really doesn’t make that much a difference to Him.

  31. Carlotta said

    then there’s this other kind of artist. and they admit their sinful state. and not just by saying that all mankind has sinned, but by really telling the truth. and there are many things of which you can accuse tonex, but not of being a hypocrite.

    Leonardo, does that make tonex a better person because he’s being “honest” about his sin (whatever that may be) and not being hypocritical about it?

    I don’t know why some people believe that everything is a okay, as long as they’re being honest. My last guy I broke up with was because he honestly admitted that it bothered him that I put God before him. He would always say, “hey, at least I’m honest.” Um, yes, he was honestly wanting me to worship him and not God!

    The same with tonex. Honesty isn’t enough. You have to honestly deal with your sin, confess it, forsake it and get on with life. I see a lot of confessing from tonex, but where’s the forsaking?

    In other words, you don’t package your sin in the form of a CD and sell it as he did with that “Naked Truth” CD. He’s glorying in his sin which is something we are strictly forbidden from doing:

    1 It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and such sexual immorality as is not even named among the Gentiles—that a man has his father’s wife! 2 And you are puffed up, and have not rather mourned, that he who has done this deed might be taken away from among you. 3 For I indeed, as absent in body but present in spirit, have already judged (as though I were present) him who has so done this deed. 4 In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when you are gathered together, along with my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, 5 deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.
    6 Your glorying is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump? 7 Therefore purge out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened. For indeed Christ, our Passover, was sacrificed for us.[c] 8 Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth. 1 Corinthians 5:1-8

    The Word of God has said what needs to be said of tonex and any of us like him who would glory in our sin.

    If you are the friend of tonex, then hopefully you would love him enough to confront him on anything he is practicing that’s not of God. True friends sometimes have to say things that may hurt. Hopefully tonex will surround himself with real friends and not phonies just hanging around for his glory and money.

    6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend,
    But the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. Proverbs 27:6

  32. […] Gay Church Gig – Pastor DL at Gay Christian Movement Watch Tonex Claims That Michael Jackson And Benny Hinn Have The Same Anointing – Brother Job at Jesus Christology Tonex’s Apology for the Naked Truth – (He apologizes and […]

  33. angie said

    Though I have seen and read about MJ making Godly confessions publicly,and honestly, I like his persona, I have seen at another website that both him and Benny Hinn are Masons. Does anyone have any feedback on this?

  34. IT’s been rumors that Hinn is a Freemason. I can’t prove it one way or another. It’s true that Hinn allies himself with real Freemasons like Schuller though.

    By Timothy

  35. Jason said

    #1.. I have known Michael Jackson for over 15 years and for this author to say: “EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT MICHAEL JACKSON IS A HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE, AND YET IT IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE FOR A PASTOR AND GOSPEL ARTIST TO WORK WITH HIM!” Is offensive and hatefull. He is NOT a homosexual or a pedophile, infact he is in my opinion flirts with woman a bit too much in private in my opinion. I have told him this.

    #2.. Now for Tonex to say Benny Hinn and Michael Jackson have the same annoynting is something I don’t agree with either. Michael is talented beyond beliefe. BUT spiritually he has a lot of growing to do..

    Please as a Christian do not spread hate. I know Michael Jackson personally, and I am actually someone that has been in his room on many occasions.. Some don’t even understand that his BEDROOM is a two storie duplex.. So it’s not the image people get in there minds. He is a lovely human being.

  36. DavidL said


    Rob, you spoke the truth, and I think your friend Job knows the truth as well. What is Holy Hip Hop? Sounds contradictory to me; almost like gospel rap or, God forbid, a gospel gangster. I didn’t read everyone’s reply but I am glad that I read yours because the “Christian” artists, like KIRK FRANKLIN, that are taking every Earth Wind and Fire song and turning them into “gospel” songs are leading people astray.
    I looked at the link that Job gave you. My comment to that is there is nothing new under the sun. Therefore we don’t need any new innovative hip ways to praise God. And did he say teaching kids that they can be cool? Does that mean cool by the world’s standards, because thats what it sounds like.

    and i know that Nan won’t read this because he/she only believes what they want but….I guess OJ really didn’t do it either! 🙂

  37. angie said

    I believe that it is a terrible position for MJ to be hated by both the world and “church folks”. It makes you wonder where is his position on earth. Where is his position with God? There is no middle line. Again, I do like his persona and spirit.

  38. Angie said

    I didn’t know until the other day that one of MJ’s brother was going to release a book about him. I agree that he is a troubled soul, but he has a lot of backstabbing people in his life. From what I see, people seems to use his name for profit and gain.

  39. Dimez said

    Until some one has proof of something, we as Christians should not condemn or judge. Everyone on this forum has been lied on, and someone believed it. Does not make it true. The woman who alleged Michael molested her son has now been convicted of welfare fraud, and other fraudulent activities. The first one divorced his father and uncle and now lives in constant fear. Why not crucify them. Listen to some of R Kelly records and listen to how the church folks treat them. We want God to forgive us of our sins, to cover our sins, to protect us from our sins, but don’t want to do it for anyone else. Then you all are damned by that. The church better stop acting holy and be holy. The church needs to get in the dumps with the people and bring them out like Jesus did. Be like Christ. Go to Samaria and talk to them. Go to the theives and talk to them. It not wonder why people hate comming to church. I pray for all of you.

  40. i think we should be careful how we go about this things.i am not saying that Tonex’s nu lifestyle is kool,but if he had to work with MJ to make some money i don’t see nothing wrong with that.that is not enough to make him an unbeliever. most of us work with secular organisations, is that any different? let’s be careful and help a falling brother.GOD is not sleeping, he sees, knows and understands everything.

  41. Gilbert said

    Shock shock shock

  42. love said

    hmm some christian site this is!!! i am so disgusted with whoever wrote this article. as christians, we arent supposed to judge people based on “your own presumptions” WOW! what proof do YOU have that michael jackson was a “child molester?” and “homosexual?” how about you go do some research of your own instead of slandering other people. as for tonex, his life is between HIM and GOD! who ARE YOU to judge? my skin is crawling right now. i am just appalled.
    “Judge not, that ye be not judged.-matthew 7:1
    “For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.”-matthew 16:27
    my heart goes OUT to you if you think that this is pleasing our father. *barf*
    im sorry to say this, but its no wonder the world detests us so much! people like you are giving us christians a bad name 😦

  43. Sarah(B-FABB) 16 said

    Wow you know when i first read this article i didn’t really get it??Like what was the point of this, why do they do this?……Why are they acussing and jugdeing on him like that?Is it to prove they know more?Or too be like look at me look at me??Then i stopped and Said Father why do they do what they do?And then He said the most simple yet very Amazing answer. He said because they know not what they do, so i asked Him:not?, What do you mean by not?, and He said As in they, not know ,like when there is many accusing someone of something its easy to be pulled in to it,then you start accusing people just bc its so easy to be pulled in when the truth is I have the Finally say in all this, No matter what anyone says for they all are merely man,and i say again ,they know not what they do.And i said Oooooh i get it they don’t understand so they jugde,as do most christians or really don’t know God, but instead know the church, the people, but not God for some strange reason.And to all those replies on here aren’t some of you jugding?By saying all this stuff?When its not in yall hands anyways and that by posting it online u just wanted to prove someone worng?Ah but you see i just jugde,its really easy to and not to relize it.Like maybe this person didn’t know what they were saying is worng.But its not about being worng or right,Its about God,love, and since God is love,then why do these people argue?Besides the mans dead let him remain dead and R.I.P.So back down and know who your God is, The one true God. The Alpha and The Omega!(The Begining and The End)So why do we argue?When Relax……God is in control and has it all coverd!

    God Bless!

    -Love Daddy God!


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    from here every day.

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