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Juanita Bynum Takes Her Demonic Apostasy Lies To Divorce Court TV Show So That She Can Ruin Even More Marriages!

Posted by Job on April 22, 2008

Key quote: “I was just trying to make it work because I don’t like losing relationships,” Bynum said.  And they call this woman a preacher … see link below.

Bynum discusses marriage on ‘Divorce Court’



151 Responses to “Juanita Bynum Takes Her Demonic Apostasy Lies To Divorce Court TV Show So That She Can Ruin Even More Marriages!”

  1. Well she really is going “out into the world” isn’t she?

    Where does she say 3 divorces?

  2. Job said


    She doesn’t. I inserted that. I will take it out.

  3. walter kambulow said

    Canadian Revivalists Todd Bentley posts on his website the Ledger’s story “Evangelist’s Popular Ministry Claims Miraculous Healing” and includes the part about:

    Strader is the son of the Rev. Karl Strader, former pastor of Carpenter’s Home Church. who also was known for leading splashy services and revivals. After the 1995 conviction of Karl Strader’s son, Dan, on charges of investment fraud, Carpenter’s Home Church dwindled, and the church eventually sold its massive North Lakeland sanctuary to Without Walls Central Church.

    The cash proceeds of the sale, $3.5 million, were used to purchase and renovate the former Scotty’s Hardware Store that now houses Ignited Church. Ignited began holding services at the site in 2006.

    But how accountable is Todd Bentley and his Fresh Fire ministry concerning their finances? Is it your typical Pentecostal family owned and run ministry full of Nepotism like Kenneth Copeland, Richard Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, Karl Strader and others? See Not Innocent” and

    As the televangelist Kenneth Copeland continues to defy a Senate Finance investigation, internal ministry documents shed new light on how Copeland runs his $100 million dollar church.

    Church bylaws obtained exclusively by CBS News say Copeland is “empowered to veto any resolution of the Board” concentrating all key decision-making power in the televangelist.

    The bylaws indicate the president of the board is Copeland but Copeland’s family members also play a critical role. His wife is the vice president. The Senior Pastor, Secretary and Treasurer roles are filled by Copeland’s son-in-law. The Operations Vice President and CEO slots are both filled by Kenneth Copeland’s son, John. Other documents previously obtained by CBS indicate in addition to family members there are ten other members of the church’s board.

    The Pentecostal God Fraud

    Walter Kambulow

  4. Marianne said

    He best advice should be

    do not be like her..!!!!

    I wish she would stop trying to get her rebellious face on TV


  5. Marianne said

    PS….after all I know her, I can see why someone would want to slap her anyhow.

  6. Charles said


    Guess whose talking?

  7. Marianne said

    oh Charles, you are my favorite person now.!!

    God bless you.

  8. Charles D. said

    That’s not what you said about me and IC on your last write! Why heaven’s sake I don’t know why you are so hostile to lil ole me.

    One time you asked “are you trying to date me” You cannot say with 100% certainty that we haven’t already dated. But then, you’d have to think waaaayy back to the most absolutely fab guy you’ve ever known. The one who got away. I would throw a few hints, but, I wanna make you work for it. What I didn’t know is that sometimes my work brings me to exactly 16 miles from you.

    Have fun thinking back to the one who got away.

    Be blessed


  9. Marianne said


    you were giving me a hard time, so I just said that, to make you quit.

    have a good day. be blessed.

  10. Charles D. said

    Do you think I’m kidding in my #8 above, or, is it that You were less impressed than I thought. Ms. Tar Heel.

  11. Marianne said

    I have never dated anyone named Charles.

  12. Jesusman said

    This conversation is getting a little disturbing…..

  13. Charles D. said

    Two things: 1) In the army, your last name immediately becomes your first and only name and 2) I have always been called by my middle name prior to joining the feds and only my middle and last names were recorded on all legal documents until most recently and I’m not going to share that here because it would become too easy to remove my security.

    I will however continue to throw you a hint here and there until it jar your memory. You did get word to me for the time you spent in Newport News.


  14. Charles D. said

    Jesusman; this should not become disturbing to you for two reasons: 1) exactly zero % of the conversation is or was directed for your consumption; and 2) for my part, this isn’t my year for men, so you need not worry. You have your hands full purveying thie false doctrine you refer to as oneness.

    Simply stated: this is sort of an A and B conversation; do you think you could C your way to butt-out?


  15. Charles D. said


    Do you remember when I said that you were like a fungus? Well consider this: You have absolutely zero posts under this thread and all of a sudden you pop up with this conversation is “getting a little disturbing.” As if you are or were a participant in it!

    No one wants to talk with you, nor were you included or invited. NBow that you’ve wormed your way into where you are not appreciated, what is a “little disturbing to you, pray tell?


  16. Jesusman said

    Charles, you can desperately try to reignite the old flame with Marianne all you want, although it’s quite obvious and a little embarrassing how she seems to be going to great lengths to reject your advances. However, what in all of Creation does any of that have to do with Juanita Bynum taking her demonic apostasy lies to a divorce court TV show so that she can ruin even more marriages? There are a ton of dating sites out there, Charles. You can’t be this desperate. 😉

  17. Jesusman said

    “What I didn’t know is that sometimes my work brings me to exactly 16 miles from you.”

    Can you say STALKER?

  18. Charles D. said


    “There are a ton of dating sites out there, Charles. You can’t be this desperate.”

    I’m not even going to ask how you came to know about the rons of dating sites and yes I can say STALKER. I can even say that I know of one. Not only that but the stalker to whom I am referringm also like to snoop and enjoy commenting on conversations to which he likes to force himself into. In that regard, you and Juanita have lots in common. What? Are you going to worm your way into Juanita’s life; or, are you following her story for personal reasons of your own?

    I’m certain by way of experience, that you are an expert in stalking. So many “regulars” on this site have asked you to stay away and what do you do? STALK! If the fact that you are deseprately trying to get someone to just talk to you on a regular basis, to say nothing about “embarrassing,” yourself as you are here, then, I guess that makes you the expert on “reigniting” as well as failure.

    I pray that Marianne see through your “baiting to get a pat on the head” tactic and simply ignore you. That way, when I employ the same “slash and burn” methods I used to rid myself of you way back when; it will truly be only a two-way slaughter and you will get what you rightfully deserve for opening and reading the mail of others. I am sure if Mariamme visit some of the earlier threads where you had to resort to using multiple names because you were dis-invited, she will know you for what you are. Yep! you are going to feel as cheap as a K-Mart rug.

  19. Charles D. said


    Are you sure you’re up to it? It’s a slippery slope dude. You have your hands full with what you’re trying to hold on to.

    “Charles, you trying to ignite a flame with Misty? It’s a little embarrassing to me how she calls you making advances right in front of me.”

  20. Jesusman said

    Charles, what a beautiful Christian attitude you have there! I have never used any name but Jesusman on this site, so you’ve already borne false witness. You bring my wife into it, and make ungodly false claims about her. Do you think God is pleased with this? I was looking for a legitimate conversation about the recent misfortunes of Juanita Bynum, who we should be praying for instead of piling on, and I found a man who never seems to leave his computer hitting on(and possibly stalking) a woman who was having none of it. That is disturbing. Nevertheless, I still love you in the Lord and will continue to pray for His blessings upon you. Life is too short not to. May the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you.

  21. Jesusman said

    BTW, Isn’t it possible to ask Job if all those different names came from the same address? I stand before the One True Eternal God today and declare that Jesusman is the only name I’ve ever used on this site. God’s Peace be upon you.

  22. Jesusman said

    Misty says Hi Charles!!!!

  23. Marianne said

    I have never dated anyone with the name Charles in his name – first, last, middle. I only dated one person from high school to college, and Charles was not part of his name. So Charles is making this up. It is easy to do searches now on the internet, and pick up small details about people.

    As for Juanita Bynum, I really pray she gets saved, as well as other tv personalities who discredit the gospel. With so little time left to spread the Word, and encourage people toward salvation, it is damaging to the witness for Christ to have negative issues like this come up in front of the general public.

  24. Charles D. said

    G’Morning J-loser!

    I have purposely broken down your drible into sentence where possible, for the purpose of reflecting what a horrible, evil, lying hypocrite you are (don’t believe me? Ask Misty). Hopefully you are able to see with clarity that each and every sin and admonition you make towards me, you have committed in your last 3 posts (this instant one included).

    Now! Since bible warns of hell-fire against every sin you accused me of , yet you are the one who have actually committed, where do you think you stand before God, and man for that matter. I think God is going to look at causation before He punishes (not that He don’t truly know what is in either of our hearts), then, He might ask how could all of this have been overted. I think He will surmise that: Had that awful cretor minded his own business, kept his mouth shut in matters that did not involve him, in any way, none of the follow-on sins would have been committed. Furthermore, under the guise of protecting the honor of, and coming to the rescue of a damsel he does not know – when he cannot even protect his own wife, created this environment by NAME CALLING, leaving himself in a position of having to build lie upon lie and all to put himself in a favorable light and having failed to do so, he now uses my Holy Name only to repeat the same sins; what shall I do with him?

    “Charles, what a beautiful Christian attitude you have there”
    “Do you think God is pleased with this?”
    “so you’ve already borne false witness”
    “and I found a man who never seems to leave his computer hitting on(and possibly stalking) a woman”
    “Do you think God is pleased with this?”
    “Misty says Hi Charles!!!!”

    J-loser, it never cease to amaze me how when a religous coward, catches one in the family jewels, it is only then that they attempt to hide behind God! You are the worst of those and a reprobate to boot. The same God that protects you also protects Marianne. On top of all of that, you come out looking worse than you did coming in. It’s entirely up to you. 44.50 or fight! Your call.


  25. Charles D. said


    Not that you had any thing to fear in the first place, you sure have nothing to fear now. You are almost feeding into the agenda that J-loser started and that’s regrettable.

    We’ve had our share of thumpings before and neither of us were hurt. In fact, from my very first posts on this thread I wasn’t even talking to you, but rather, I was talking to IC. Now if you are going to postulate that I either was or do mean you any harm, especially, under the strength of this J-loser person, then we can stop this train RIGHT HERE! Entirely your call.

    You do owe it to yourself to visit his blogsite, then, read his last 3 posts, in fact, I would encourage you to do so. There’s a good reason that he’s only received one posts and it’s not because he is a child of God, or even trys to be.

    If you never direct another post to my attention, I swear you will not receive one from me directed to your attention. What do the Proverbs say about friendships? And what part of the Proverbs do you think J-loser represent?


  26. Jesusman said

    I still love you and am still praying for God’s blessings upon you Charles. I hope He sends you someone a little more receptive to your courtship.

    Marianne, excellent observation about Bynum. The Name of God is being dragged through the mud by charachters like her and we need to be in constant prayer for them and for those within their sphere of influence. God Bless.

  27. Jesusman said


    Marianne just left a kind comment on my blogsite. Thanks for the free advertising. 😉

  28. Charles said

    First of all don’t pray for me. You are not in as good a stead with God as your feeble mind would have you believe. Please don’t and I mean that sincerily.

    Secondly, God has already sent me whom He intend for me to have and under His annointing. It is only in your fixated mind that I have a “thing” for anyone other than whom I have. That shows where your mind and probably your libido stays. Incidently, that should be a clue to Misty.

    Lastly, that was not free advertisement on my part. You and Marianne deserves eachother. It would take a Tabacco-environment plantation, slave mentality to fall for the mindless ploy that you sent up and she fell for. That tells me that you are from south of the mason-dixie line, that you are fairly under-educated, with scitzaphrenic tendencies that the south will rise again; in that you knew your prey in the first place.

    My fantasy is now that you have at least two followers on your blogsite, thats you, minus Misty, and you know who; that the two of you will have less time to spread your venim here, taking time from serious writers, to satisfy your(s) unnatural need to feel included.

    Again, 44.50 or fight!

  29. Marianne said

    I pray, and come against, all the demonic spirits of strife, witchcraft, anger, hate, lies, and pride that are on this website, in Jesus name, and I cover the website with the blood of Jesus.

    May all plans of the devil be canceled, in Jesus name, and the plans of God be established.

    I come against, in Jesus name, all devils that speak through others to destroy the work of God, and bind them with the blood of Jesus.

    May all those who allow the devil to speak through them be cursed, and broken and bound, in Jesus name.

    May the Holy Spirit have His way, and bring those who are demonically bound to repentance, salvation, and deliverance.

    May the fruits and presence of the Holy Spirit prevail on this site, and the insults and hate be destroyed forever.

    May the name and blood of Jesus be exalted on this site, and the works of the enemy be bound and destroyed.

    I cover all true believers with the blood of Jesus, and I pray that the blood burns those who do not belong to Christ until they repent.


  30. nan said

    I thought this was supposed to be about Juanita debut on Divorce Court. I saw it and she should have stayed at home

  31. nan said

    Marianne all the devices and plans of Satan were destroyed in the death burial and moreover the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Satan can only work when people give in to him, but he has been defeated already. Praise God for our deliverance through Christ Jesus who is ever interceding on our behalf to the Father
    Peace unto you

  32. Marianne said


    you need to read the previous comments

  33. Charles D. said

    to be totally honest with you, you should go to March 6-15 Posts with the subject: 38 Responses to “A Brief List Of Reasons Why Christians Should Not Support Barack HUSSEIN Obama” then read the foregoing posts here to get a full and honest views.

    I pity those who think their prayers gets further than the ceiling when they call on the name of “their gods.” Had J-loser had a brain in his knotty head, then, he would have would not have started what now must lay squarely at his feet.

    I’m through with both of them so don’t become discouraged at a small sampling of spiritual ignoranc and apathy, especially, while this site do so much good to those who are honestly seeking.

    Now that it is widely known that an Obama Barack surrogate actually made the statement that Hillary “is a monster” this person Marianne has yet to correct herself or apologize for the false rumor that she spread here. She and J0loser are perfect examples of slash and burn artist. They are so hellward bound.

    Don’t waste your time.


  34. Marianne said

    The curses that “Charles” puts on others is an indication of his demonic oppression. He needs deliverance.

  35. Charles D. said

    I forgot that you are the BioPhoniologist with a degree from DeVry Tech. However, I didn’t know that your desertation was on B/io

    You couldn’t deliver a pizza. Get Real thrumpet

  36. Charles D. said

    This thread should be titled “The Demonic Apostasy Lies of a Bio-degradable Southern Bell” Now that you could play.

  37. Jesusman said

    Actually Charles, I’m from Ohio, which is technically North of the Mason-Dixon. You should have seen that when you went on your little expedition to find my wife’s name. However, I LOVE the South. Southern people know how to have Church, and they still have MANNERS, something you would greatly benefit from. I prayed really hard for you about a half hour ago. I pray for your deliverance from the spirits that have you bound, and that God would bless you and your wife greatly in every way. May the Peace of Jesus rest upon you.

  38. Charles D. said

    After all of the sins pointed out to you in #23 and #24, and that you realize that you cannot deny because others visiting this site can read even if you cannot; you still have the audacity to parrot your fat friend talking about deliverance? Well the same thing I said to her/him equally apply to you. Neither of you could deliver a pizza, get real.

    I asked you not to pray for me because the gods that you/she apparently serv may attack me. It’s not that I am afraid because the God I serve does not franchise a spirit of fear, rather a spirit of power and of love.

    Now I don’t care where you comes from, the stupidity under which you are bound knows no geographical bound. Denying where you’re from does not surprise me at all. You’re certainly not the first person visiting this site who are much the same as you. You’ve pretended to be something that you’re not far too long for even you to keep your lies straight. Another thing, the peace of God, first spoken of in Phil 4:1-13 have not ceased resting upon and within me.

    You should really repent and pray for yourself. Visiting your site to see what you are about certainly was not an expedition to learn your wifes name. I never took you as one who would have a wife – associating with you (if true), speaks tons about the type of person that would even admit knowing you. I pity the poor credor because I don’t know what kind of life such a person could possibly have or endure. You are truly a headcase. You don’t have to continue exposing yourself, the deal will always be the same: 44.50 or fight.
    It is entirely up to you. But as long as you continue to lead with your head, you’re going to always catch one in the “grill.”

    Say hi to Misty for me, but, don’t come back with false messages from her. It makes you appear less manly.

    Goodnight loser

  39. Jesusman said


    I cannot deliver anyone. It takes God to do the work, which is why I prayed for you. I will also pray for Him to help you with your spelling and grammar. You like to call people stupid, all the while misspelling simple words as you spew your hatred. Still love ya, man. I wish you all the best. Peace be upon you.

  40. Marianne said

    I do not think “charles” is his real name. It might be the name of the one who hurt him when he was young. you are talking to a spirit, not a person.

  41. Charles D. said

    Listen J-Loser

    The difference between you and me rests in the fact that I’m not insecured about my academic accomplish or my verbal jocularity like you and your friend, the “utter one.” On the one hand, you sir are beyond stupid and you prove it each and everytime you decide to scribble a slanted word. The utter one, your friend is sooo locked up in the lie that she has a masters degree, and you each just naturally respond only to comments that upset or expose your lies, as I will demonstrate further below.

    I won’t even get into my mispelling of “the simplest” of words and excuse me please if I spell words the way I think you are more likely to understand them. Not only do you have problems with words, but also with, simple sentences, syntax, grammar, and especially words assicuation but then I digress: FYI, “Still love ya, man” is not a complete sentence but I don’t really expect you to know any better. Denying your heritege is one thing, but too continue to lead with your chin and your mouth is beyond me.

    You and the “utter one” are both dizzy and confused; but then you’ve been that way since birth and is not likely to get any better unless and until you return to TN you lying southern hick. “Peace be upon you” too; a piece of 2X4 through the middle of your cranium and mandible.


    And to you you, fatso, I mean Marianne there’s not a junior college graduate who have as much confusion of thought as you. You’ve been hanging around J-Loser far too long. The follow shows your inability to write, think, and things that I am far too kind to mention here:

    Examine please: [“I do not think] (You rarely do think. thinking is not your strong suit, pretending to have a graduate degree is) “charles” is [his] (to the best of my knowledge, spirits do not age, but then I defer to your graduate education) real name.[ It might be] the name of the one who hurt him when he was [young.] you are talking to a [spirit, not a person.] (again, if you actually believed this, then, that makes you a blooming idiot by making your first three moronic assertions) Actually, your “I do not think” is the only assertion that is apparent and therefore must be true.

    Keep them coming folks – you keep me laugh laughing, you guys have to be the sequel to Dumb and Dumber Part Duece! TeeHeeHee 😉

    Charles “I can’t stop laughing” 🙂

  42. nan said

    are you guys still arguing with one another? I hope not just let it go.(Smile) Sometimes you just have to have no comment. On to the next issue and please go stock up on canned and dry goods
    Peace unto you all

  43. Job said


    Going to be getting plenty of rice I take it?

  44. Marianne said


    usually you change over at night. this is early for you.

    you seem to have plenty of time to chat. so this might mean you do not work for a living.

    I am still waiting for you to prove that we have dated. I am probably old enough to be your mother.

  45. Charles said

    I am going to take nans advice, in that: “Sometimes you just have to have no comment.”
    This will make the third time you’ve (for whatever reason, baited weak minded people and mention “dating” to me. The first time being under “A Brief List Of Reasons Why Christians Should Not Support Barack HUSSEIN Obama” early March.

    I am not as dumb as your cohort Jesusman, nor can I be baited as easily as he, leaping before he know the facts or his name. My promise is that I will not comment with you after this post nor will I comment or respond to posts that you make here. I hope you find it unnecessary to comment to me further, or any post that I might make in the future. It is my intention to include J-loser in this pact of silence, the same as if neither of you ever existed.

  46. Marianne said

    I pray, and come against, all the demonic spirits of strife, witchcraft, anger, hate, lies, and pride that are on this website, in Jesus name, and I cover the website with the blood of Jesus.

    May all plans of the devil be canceled, in Jesus name, and the plans of God be established.

    I come against, in Jesus name, all devils that speak through others to destroy the work of God, and bind them with the blood of Jesus.

    May all those who allow the devil to speak through them be cursed, and broken and bound, in Jesus name.

    May the Holy Spirit have His way, and bring those who are demonically bound to repentance, salvation, and deliverance.

    May the fruits and presence of the Holy Spirit prevail on this site, and the insults and hate be destroyed forever.

    May the name and blood of Jesus be exalted on this site, and the works of the enemy be bound and destroyed.

    I cover all true believers with the blood of Jesus, and I pray that the blood burns those who do not belong to Christ until they repent.


  47. Marianne said

    charles has said….

    “You cannot say with 100% certainty that we haven’t already dated. But then, you’d have to think waaaayy back to the most absolutely fab guy you’ve ever known. The one who got away. I would throw a few hints, but, I wanna make you work for it. What I didn’t know is that sometimes my work brings me to exactly 16 miles from you.

    Have fun thinking back to the one who got away.”

    creepy stalker

  48. Marianne said


    charles is the creepy stalker.

  49. Marianne said

    sorry..I have to remember that Charles is just a spirit. his host is dormant when he speaks, and is not responsible for what he says. So will he reveal the name of his host? and how he gets information about me? and how we met before? maybe he will hide from these questions.

  50. Charles D. said

    Brother Job:

    I wish it was possible to re-label this particular thread to something like: Examples of how not to pray or Taking responsiblity for your own sin. It is just my opinion but I feel something along those lines would go a long ways to instruct infant Christians to be alert to the fact that everyone using the name of Jesus and God often times use their Holy Names to gain credibility that is neither deserved, sincere, and will not go unpunished.

    At a minimum you could cut and paste the current subject to read: LIARS AND SINNERS -101 “Juanita Bynum Takes Her Demonic Apostasy Lies To Divorce Court TV Show – Equally sinful lies followsare listed in the below posts.”

    Some people just hate rejections. I have stated what I intend to do in #45 above; that would have ended it for a sane person, it has not and you can see why. Also, I am certainly not the turn-the other cheek kind of person and I can and will hang with the worst of them. Therefore, if this person direct another barb at or about me, she’s going down, hard.


  51. Marianne said

    what are you going to do to hurt me? You have always been hostile, and insulting to me and others. If you come near me, I will report you to the authorities.

  52. Marianne said

    bye Job

  53. Charles D. said

    “If you come near me,” You wish! Don’t make me turn my wife loose on you; she is far less forgiving than I have been this far.

    “I will report you to the authorities.” GREAT! Then, they too can have a hearty laugh at your expense. Truth be told, you have problems of the mental kind and you have a terrible sense of need. In your yester-evenings’ post, you had me all figured out. If you go back and read some of yours and J-loser’ prior postings you would never touch another computer. I don’t know what it is about the water in N.C., that makes the mostbase of its’ citizentry looney as all get up.

    Please know that J-Loser, presumbly for his own gratification introduced all of this stalker business and you like a blooming idiot volunteered to be the victim! You big patheic slim-fast wannabe, if you should be so lucky to find someone blind enough to stalk you, then, keep your d-mouth shut and take him to meet mother.

    What you are doing and what you have written certainly isn’t generated by someone with a ?graduate degree? in…..(remind the folks what your degree is in again, please). I only know the school, at least I know that it is either ITT Tech or DeVry and that you must have attended on the G.I. Bill, because I can see your war wounds in your face.

    One thing that truly bother me and should rightfully bother others as well: 1) you are not as religous as you pretend to be. That is made clear by the way you write and what you write 2) You cannot for the life of you interpret scripture, also, by this feigned “prayer,” included at your comment #46, you don’t even know how to pray, at all. You would be the Publican standing in the temple and speaking loud for the sake of listeners, but with a relationship with God (and that’s excusing your awful grammar, syntax, etc. the whole works. MY POINT TO YOU IS: There are brothers and sisters on this blogsite who are steeped in the faith, the mature ones have already recognized your spritual short-comings, many I have described here; it is very strange dor a non-functioning believer to know so much about demons and foul-spirits without having first hand knowledge.

    You’re not smart enough to make the WICCA cutiff; so tell us where did you get all of this information? I fully recognize that demons cast blame to throw others off their trail, however, you on the otherhand *and maybe that racist Jesse Helms) are certinly not believer and is therefore not saved.

    You wrote “is just a spirit. his host is dormant when he speaks, and is not responsible for what he says. So will he reveal the name of his host?”

    Where did you learn all of this “host” “dormant” knowledge? First hand? You are one scarey witch to those not protected by the Good Shepherd!

    sine die

  54. AdinoEznite said

    Marianne wins.
    Jesusman wins.
    Nan wins.
    Charles: does not win.

    Why? The first 3 were gracious, kind, and forgiving in their speech.

    The final contestant is in need of deliverance. After that, he should seek counsel on how to live in a civilized society.

    Spewing invective and personal insults came only from Charles.

    The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

    Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

    The 1st 3 exhibit the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Charles exhibits the works of the flesh.

    Disregard other dates of postings, what matters is the current dialogue. One’s spirituality bears witness in all conduct, not just a selected sampling.

  55. Marianne said

    Obviously prayer in Jesus name, invoking the blood of Jesus, bothers you. So does a direct confrontation to your insulting, hateful behavior.

  56. Charles D. said


    Dear “Madeupnameperson” aka as marianne; if God is on vacation and left you in charge and the final authority for just a little while, I NOR DID ANY CHRISTIAN GET THE MEMO!!! he could have done better and my God does not make mistakes! So crawl your your nig filthy %#@*# back under the rock that you descended from and take a flying leap into the realm which you rightfully belong.

    “Disregard other dates of postings, what matters is the current dialogue.”
    Your mistake Number No. Uno God calls all to repentence for ALL sins, not just the ones you cherry pick.

    “Spewing invective and personal insults came only from Charles.”

    Mistake No. Duece: You are blind to these very sins, in this very post, which translate into your willingness to issue absolution to some, but not all. My God is not a respecter of persons, thus, proving again your worthiness to claim impartiality.

    “The final contestant is in need of deliverance. After that, he should seek counsel on how to live in a civilized society.”

    Number thrice and most serious of all: Is thinking either myself, or, any Christian gives a “who put up” what you think in the first place! If I am operating in the flesh, then, you should thank God if for no other reason that I am not operating in your area code, because truly, I would tag you about your head and shoulders, until you got the religion that you very falsely profess to have. NOW, take your rotten N.C. bad smelling, bad tasting used up, witchcraft spewing hind parts back to whereever you came from. By the name you chose to hide behind, you smell of an illegal!!! Now Begone, you wicked deceiver, be gone!!!


  57. Charles D. said


    “[Obviously prayer in Jesus name, invoking the blood of Jesus, bothers you.] So does a direct confrontation to your insulting, hateful behavior.”

    It is not the prayer in the name of Jesus that bothers me; rather, it is the vain words of a purveyer of empty, meaningless, babbering and utterences, by a hellbound vixen who is capable of doing and in fact does everything on this side of the very hell to which she/he is heading that bother the daylights out of me and such of His who are children of the lights.

    You on the other hand, seemingly is not bothered by any of the sins of ommission or commission, that you very demonstratively commit as frequent as you open your filthy mouth or takes a breath! Again, sine die! Further comments from you is to me a sign that you really enjoy pain and thrive in such an environment. Since no one else pays you personal attention, you have fixated your very being here. Further replies from you are neither necessary or desired.

    You act like a drunken sailor: give me, lend me, can I borrow, can I have more! You are disgraceful to yourself and others who know you. What is it going to take to be rid of you and your alter egos??? What???

  58. Marianne said


    you have no authority over me, and no authority on this site. You cannot tell any one what to do here, and your verbal abuse will not win you any votes..

    you are manifesting the spirit I described.

    you have a religious, violent, male jezebel spirit which has to come out

    everyone recognizes it but you.

    on this very web page, comment # 24, you said:

    ” he (Jesusman) now uses my Holy Name only to repeat the same sins; what shall I do with him?”

    this is blasphemy!!!!! You are not God, and your name is not holy.

  59. Charles D. said

    Listen you ignorant sl*& (sorry), but I have to get your “Devry graduate attention. Had you engaged what little of a brain you have left, before engaging that cesspool of a mouth, you would have understood that I was responding to a comment made by J-Loser who was pretending to be God.

    I pref’ed that comments with (and I quote): “[I think God is] going to look at causation before He punishes (not that He don’t truly know what is in either of our hearts), then, He might ask how could all of this have been overted. I think [He will surmise that:]” then followed up with the comment that you cherry-picked, a la Hillary Clinton, attributes to me.

    Anyone reading these pages knows better than to expect a correction or apology from you because to do so will be an open ommission that 1) you certainly don’t have a graduate degree from anywhere because even Devry and ITT require that you be able to read and write, and you in all of your infinite stupidity think readers here are going to overlook those skills that you lack.

    2) I am proud that you don’t have editorial ;iberties on this site because your sanitorium level utterence in #58 above would never have seen the light of day.

    Okay fatso, now that you have demonstrated that you have no morals, you can neither read, write, or comprehend, that you sin like a drunk he-hant, that you have no shame, that you will always be a deep country redneck, and that you never get enough; exactly what does that make you? You call it.

    You’re funny 🙂 ; and equally pathetic. You have to notice that J-Loser have abandoned you and this weight you will have to carry alone. Now, if you follow-up with a single syllablit is your verification that you are all of the things I have articulated and much more, and much worse! You call it. Bring it _ _ T C _!!!!!!!

    TeeHeeTeeHee 😉

  60. Charles D. said

    Now, if I’ve called it right, you will come back with how much you love Jesus. As I have stated in previous comments, that, I am absolutely amazed by you people and people of YOUR ILK: You only look for and find Jesus after you’ve taken a shallack’N

    Go fer it…..pun intended. BTW I noticed you haven’t commented about the attack on your uncle Jesse!!! That would be Helms! Recognizing that NC educational system is at the bottom of the list, take all of the time you want and all of the help you need.

  61. Marianne said

    this is a demonic rant.


    J-loser is a gentleman. he was defending me.

    you have no idea who Jesus is, but you need to find out. Your soul is lost.

  62. Marianne said

    J loser is what you call him.

    J winner is what i call him

  63. Marianne said

    people have given up on you. that is why people are silent.

  64. Charles D. said


    “Now, if I’ve called it right, you will come back with how much you love Jesus. As I have stated in previous comments, that, I am absolutely amazed by you people and people of YOUR ILK: You only look for and find Jesus after you’ve taken a shallack’N”

    Theres something to this, it’s not magic……
    You’re still funny and true to my word, you just completely attempt to cover your last blunder. Talking about repenting – I’m sure not going to advise you to – you’re too far gone.

    Now that you have proven yourself to be a sinful vixen, everytime you rear that odd-shape head, expect a bruising!!!

  65. Charles D. said

    “people have given up on you. that is why people are silent.”

    Everyone except you. I wonder why that is………..!! maybe because others are not catching the left and right hooks, the same as you??? You call it.

  66. Charles D. said

    Time out! It’s dinner time. Choosing between you and dinner……NO CONTEST!!

  67. AdinoEznite said

    Hi Charles!

    “Is thinking either myself, or, any Christian gives a “who put up” what you think in the first place!”
    This is way too funny! If you didn’t care you wouldn’t have responded. But… YOU DID!

    WOO HOO!! Charles Cares! WOO HOO!!!
    Charles, you are awesome! Man! I had NO IDEA you cared so much!
    Thank you Charles! Thank you!

    Living by assumption is a shallow way to live. I am not Marianne, never met her, have no idea who she, you, or anyone else is that post here. Don’t live in NC. Have lived throughout the USA.

    The really interesting thing is that the only person stirring you up is yourself. I came across this site for the first time this morning.

    Here is an example of what Marianne is referring to:
    #57: From Charles:
    ” to which she/he is heading that bother the daylights out of me and such of His who are children of the lights.”

    If you look at your wording you’ll find the error in the last word. You used plural. The Living God, the God of Abraham and the Fear of Jacob, is singular.

    This indicates you are a polytheist. That would show you are a devilish person who has no discernment regarding Truth vs. error. A proper use would be “children of the Light.”

    Another quote:
    ” if God is on vacation and left you in charge and the final authority for just a little while, I NOR DID ANY CHRISTIAN GET THE MEMO!!!”

    You simply demonstrate your lack of knowledge of Scripture. Knowing what verses say is a superficial knowledge. Correctly discerning them and being able to accurately combine them to provide correct orthodoxy and orthopraxy requires the Holy Spirit and a dedication to His Word.

    Really, you show you have no clue as to what happens in salvation. During salvation, the Holy Spirit enters into us. This is God Almighty Himself.
    A. Is Jesus God? Yes.
    B. Is the Holy Spirit God? Yes.
    C. Is the Holy Father (not referring to the Pope) God? Yes.

    Do the math Charles.
    If A=B, and,
    If B=C, then,

    Thus, if God Almighty enters into a believer they are then the person of Christ. You are in direct conflict with the fact that genuine Christians do have the mind of Christ, of God.

    One can not both praise God, whom we have never seen in full revealed Glory, and also curse men who are made in His image (Imago dei). Yet you do that. You insult Marianne and call her “fat”.

    Another example:
    “So crawl your your nig filthy %#@*# back under the rock that you descended from and take a flying leap into the realm which you rightfully belong. ”

    So you claim I’m black. Hmm. Wrong, the normal result of living by assumption. Error of logic on your part. Assumption is the lowest form of intelligence.

    Filthy: Nope, wrong again. I take a bath every month whether I need it or not. (Charles, this is called a “joke”. I bathe twice a month. Actually every day)

    “the rock you descended from”:
    The only rock I descended from would have been the Rock of Ages, the Cornerstone.

    “take a flying leap into the realm”:
    This is in opposition to Jesus Christ. Jesus said He did not come into this world to condemn it, but to save it. He said that He came to destroy the works of the Devil. Is not sending people to Hell the goal of the Devil?

    Yet you come to condemn, by vicious, illogical, useless condemnation you come to support the work of the Devil.

    So, since you do not support the work of Christ, and
    Because you do support the work of the Devil, perhaps
    You should consider that your actions here are anti-Christ, that you are a worker of Satan, of iniquity, and that you neither know God nor love Him.

    Matthew 7:16 (KJV): Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

    Hebrews 6:7-9: For the earth which drinketh in the rain that cometh oft upon it, and bringeth forth herbs meet for them by whom it is dressed, receiveth blessing from God: But that which beareth thorns and briers is rejected, and is nigh unto cursing; whose end is to be burned. But, beloved, we are persuaded better things of you, and things that accompany salvation, though we thus speak.

    Which do you think: Is God referring to plants or people?

    Charles, have you ever considered you might not be a Christian?

    I grew up in a church, thought I was a Christian, but it wasn’t until I was born-again by the Spirit of God that I was able to walk in God’s love.

    The mark of a Christian is love.
    1 John 4:6-10
    We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error. Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him. Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

    You have shown neither Love, nor Truth.

  68. AdinoEznite said

    Hi Charles!

    BTW, are you Charles Manson? He acts the same way as you, so I wasn’t sure.
    Just curious.

    “If I am operating in the flesh, then, you should thank God if for no other reason that I am not operating in your area code, because truly, I would tag you about your head and shoulders, until you got the religion that you very falsely profess to have.”

    Appeal to Force is one of worst errors of logic. A pathetic attempt at a violent threat indicates you’re unable to father children, and simply shows you are indeed in the flesh. And that’s okay. I’ve gone up against really bad people in Jesus’ name, and they’ve all had to back down. Nazis, gang members, drug dealers, stupid people. All had to back off because of my proper use of His Name. Do you know who the 7 sons of Sceva are? If not, find out.

    While the rest of the contributors use normal language and logical thought, Charles uses corrosive abrasive language.

    Charles’ post #53: “maybe that racist Jesse Helms”
    Charles’ post #56: “So crawl your your nig filthy %#@*# ”

    Hmm. Charles, what do you have to say about your hypocrisy? Your words, no one else.

  69. Charles D. said

    You’re stupid, you’re Marifatanne, and you’re a bore! I’m not Mr. Manson and never wished I were, UNTIL NOW!!!!! Sweet dreams!!!

  70. AdinoEznite said

    Marianne rocks!
    Jesusman rocks!
    We need more gentlemen. Thanks for defending Marianne!

  71. AdinoEznite said

    So CharlesD:
    What about your hypocrisy?

  72. AdinoEznite said

    If I were a bore
    Why did you respond?

  73. AdinoEznite said

    CharlesD, if I’m stupid, why can’t you spell correctly, use correct grammar, or even form a correct sentence?

  74. Charles D. said

    “Do the math Charles.
    If A=B, and,
    If B=C, then,

    You’re so sophomoronic, while you’re doing the “if” stuff, if my aunt had %%*s she’d be my uncle. If if and buts were fruits and nuts, then everyday would be Christmas! If you had a single brain in your head, then, you’d play in a more safer environment. Cuz playing with me is like going to court, you don’t know how you’re going to come out of all this……….. 8)

  75. AdinoEznite said

    So if your auntie had basis points, she’d be your uncle. Are you so sure she’s not?

    And, you still haven’t provided an answer for your hypocrisy:
    Charles’ post #53: “maybe that racist Jesse Helms”
    Charles’ post #56: “So crawl your your nig filthy %#@*# ”

  76. Charles D. said

    “AdinoEznite Says:
    April 26, 2008 at 4:51 pm
    CharlesD, if I’m stupid, why can’t you spell correctly, use correct grammar, or even form a correct sentence?”

    Nice copy-catting. One reason is because you don’t know the difference, but also, and maybe most importantly, cuz you’re an illegal and I can get you deported!

  77. AdinoEznite said

    “more safer”
    Beautiful! What a show of intellectual force. (farce?)

  78. AdinoEznite said

    Hard to get a citizen deported.

  79. Charles D. said

    Those aren’t basis points those are the real deal, arn’t they beauts! And while you’re on the subject, you are the most remarkable example of why some abortions are necessary!!

  80. Charles D. said

    “intellectual force. (farce?)” it happens to the best of youse
    Ah hahah Ah hahah 8)

  81. AdinoEznite said

    If you know the difference why can’t you converse intelligently?

  82. Charles D. said

    AdinoEznite Says:
    April 26, 2008 at 4:55 pm
    Hard to get a citizen deported.”

    You can bet your &%%$# I will see NLT Monday morning. Gotta go now. Toodles

  83. Charles D. said

    Marianne Says:

    Hey Fatso, hahaha, you’re such a rube!!!!!

  84. AdinoEznite said

    Charles D. now promotes human sacrifice and genocide:
    “Those aren’t basis points those are the real deal, arn’t they beauts! And while you’re on the subject, you are the most remarkable example of why some abortions are necessary!!”

    A basis point is 1% of 1%. When you use 2 % signs together, you are referring to fractional percentages which are also called “basis points”. This is something most homeowners and credit card holders refer to all the time. Example: 6.9%: this is 690 basis points. 100 basis points are 1%.

    Since you didn’t know that, I’m glad to help you grow in knowledge.

  85. Charles D. said

    ” AdinoEznite Says:
    April 26, 2008 at 4:57 pm
    If you know the difference why can’t you converse intelligently?”

    Cause it would be a one-sided conversation! Much like the one you normally have with yourself. Hahaha :0

    Both of youse (split pers types) are rubes!!!!

  86. AdinoEznite said


    Sorry, but I think you were denied parole at the last hearing. That swastika thing still carved into your forehead? So, I think the NLT is the last place you’ll be able to visit.

    Oh wait, you’re not Charlie M, you just act like him. My bad.

  87. Charles D. said

    AdinoEznite, you are absolutely dumber than dirt. It’s going to be nice leaving you ti toss N’ try coming up with some thing original. Never happen. Look up – look down –see my thumb, gee you’re dumb.!!

  88. AdinoEznite said

    #87: Here, CharlesD regresses to 3rd grade

    “It’s going to be nice leaving you ti toss N’ try coming up with some thing original. Never happen. Look up – look down –see my thumb, gee you’re dumb.!!”

    Great spelling.

    So what’s it like in Charlies’ World? If you look up in a rainstorm will you drown? Are the muted grays too intense for you?

  89. Marianne said

    the devil is the accuser of the brethren

    Charles, you are out of control. Realize people are trying to help you

    ridicule, and false accusations, and threats are NOT the sign of a true believer.

    I am still waiting for you to explain your obsessive fascination with my education, address, and physical appearance, and most interestingly, a place I have not lived in for 35 years.

    Do you attack me to get my attention? SO, you have it. Now let me help you. Tell me who you really are.

  90. AdinoEznite said

    Yes Charlie, all kidding aside, we really do.
    You are in mortal danger.
    Let her know.

    Hey Marianne, I wasn’t too hard on him was I?

  91. Marianne said

    thanks….he needs this discussion

  92. Marianne said

    Charles is a child inside. He never grew up. He has wounds from early childhood and young adulthood that stunted his spiritual growth. Satan has him bound. A religious spirit has him deceived.

    The child inside has to reject the spirit that binds him. He cannot do this alone. He needs to lean on Jesus for his strength. I support his liberation.

    charles, tell me who you really are, how you think you know me, and let me help you.

  93. Marianne said


    you said you would give more hints. go ahead and do this. who are you and how do you think you know me?

  94. AdinoEznite said

    Hey Marianne!
    Thanks for the kind words.

    Either he is a child right now or as you said damage prevented him from growing.

    I remember when I was in sin. Getting out was really tough.

    It’s exactly like Jesus bringing Lazarus forth from the grave. Bound from head to toe, He told His disciples: “Go, and loose him”.

    He didn’t go Himself, He sent His people to do His work.

    Have a great day!

  95. Marianne said

    I plead the blood of Jesus over Charles right now, and humbly ask my Father God to release Charles into the arms of His precious son Jesus.

  96. AdinoEznite said

    Praying for CharlesD right now. In agreement with Sister-In-Christ Marianne…

  97. Marianne said

    the spirit is not letting him answer

  98. AdinoEznite said

    Well, I’ve got to clean house now. I’ll be praying.

  99. Marianne said


  100. Marianne said


    does this have to do with a barn when you were young? what someone did to you?

  101. Marianne said

    praying for you “Charles”

  102. Marianne said

    Once again, I plead the blood of Jesus over Charles right now, and humbly ask my Father God to release Charles into the arms of His precious son Jesus.

  103. Charles D. said

    You two are so in over your heads. One of you make the other appear dumber than you should be, then, you start over again.

    You all are definitely not short in self-agrandizement or thinking that you have in-roads to the Lord. One’s gone to clean the barn and the other feels lonesome. I waited just to see how long you would continue wasting your time. Someone should do a retroactive roe v wade yhing and put you out of your misery.

  104. Charles D. said


    I know you to be a woman of God. Take a look at a few of these comments and tell me if you see any thing resembling a relationship with God.

    I know I went out on a limb, under the circumstance, when dealing with bewildering spirits, sometimes it is easier to wallow in the mire. I recognize that is not the “Right” way, but when I deal with racsim as well, I will draw on my account of liberty and make it worth it. If you rather not, I understand and you are still my sister in Christ.


  105. Marianne said

    To sister Fran,

    WE have not met, but yes, please take a look at the discussions in order. There are many comments. Another person and I were concerned about Charles. If you are his friend, maybe you could help him. We feel he has a spiritual problem, and maybe it takes someone he trusts to work with him.

    He demonstrates several threats of physical harm, makes false accusations, makes claims of a past romantic encounter with me, is obsessed with my address, physical appearance, and education, and uses profanity and in one case, commits blasphemy.

    If you have a close relationship, please help him. His verbal abuse of others is only alienating him from everyone.

  106. Fran said


    I know you have heard the saying “got your goat” Well, further back in conversations between the two of you, that’s what I thought was going on. Everyone can’t identify with what you started out doing , but somewhere along the line the conversation changed. I don’t know if it was because of not understanding where you were coming from, and something was said to you make you change your tune towards her or what.

    Now it seems as though they believe that there is an unclean spirit operating in you and they are trying to call it out.(cast it out)

    Whatever the case, they didn’t resist, and got pulled in themselves.

    You’ve said many times that you were secure in your relationship with the Lord, and leave it at that. Peoples opinions of other people don’t matter.

    Now you resist so that you don’t get pulled in again.


  107. Marianne said


    if you approve of all his profanity and abuse, then you are no better than he is. He has insulted and attacked everyone here.

  108. Charles D. said

    I agree and can clearly see it. On one level I could see it all alone, however, from the school of St Peter, I rather take the sword to the ear; in fact I was hoping the spirit would give them “what for” I am leaving these to it and they can determine for themselves when the spirit turns.

    Thank you Fran, love you and keep you in my prayers. I will bring you up to date on the MBStudy in an email before I turn in for the night.

    Pray for me as well – I feel contaminated.


  109. Charles D. said

    See that foulmouth/minded vixen, she is possessed. IC had to put her in her place about what she did not know about the Bible, so, when I find that thread I will point it out and it clearly shows that this demon-possessed spirit has a veil over her eyes and mind.


  110. Charles D. said

    Fran I am willing to leaves these pigs wallowing in their mire. Thank you for rescuing me. This kind takes prayer and fasting. Meet you on another thread and in emails.

    Be Blessed my Sister


  111. Marianne said


    you are a fraud.

    and your friend is gullible. she did not even bother to read your verbal abuse.

    so you recruited someone who would blindly side with you.

    IC proved nothing. I proved by point with scriptures. we just do not agree on the interpretation of the scriptures.

    you are back to name calling and curses. I guess your girlfriend would approve of that too.

  112. Charles D. said

    The blogMaster have been made aware of your unwanted, undesired comments. Do not write to me or comment to me again! Just let it go.

  113. Fran said


    Where does it say anywhere in my comment that I condome profanity or abuse?

    Now you’re saying if I do that I am no better than Charles. That’s what I’m talking about, Peoples opinions of other people don’t matter.

    Somewhere along the line the taunting began and you got pulled in. Face up to it. The adversary reeled you in hook, line, and sinker. Don’t get angry at me. You’re not alone. We all get pulled in when we allow our feelings to take over. We need to catch ourselves hopefully before we go to far.

    Let it go. Don’t get stuck. It’s an old trick of the adversary. When you stop thinking about it and talking about it, then you can move forward in the things of the Lord.

  114. Fran said


    I made my above comment before I had seen your comment #111. While you are trying to pull the log out of Charles eye, you should try getting the splint out your own.

    Calling me gullible and girlfriend, and stating what I have not read is something that you have no knowledge of.

    You are not gonna be right everytime you open your mouth. I will not be provoked and go off on you.

    I am a New Creation in Yeshua and that won’t work here.

    Be Blessed

  115. marianne said

    Charles is an abusive personality and you gave him your support.

    There is no log in my eye.

    But since you lack discernment, there is no use discussing this. You obviously did not read his abuse because you were not interested.

    it is a shame that such profanity, hate speech, and abuse is allowed on a site that is supposed to be Christian.

    Charles is the accuser here. and I do not appreciate him stalking me, name calling, finding out my address, threatening to hit me, making sarcastic, snobbish, and dishonest remarks about my education (which is a higher quality than he claims), becoming obsessed with my physical appearance, claiming he was a past boyfriend of mine, and other harmful threats.

    I guess you approve of such behavior. This site could be so much better if the management would monitor behavior that is unbecoming a Christian.

    Honoring unchristian behavior as Christian is not a sign that you know what Christian behavior is. I hope you finally get tuned in.

  116. AdinoEznite said


    As a new comer to this site, I’ve seen nothing from Marianne that is abusive. Everything from CharlesD, except when sweet talking to you, is. That’s the reference to you being C’s girlfriend. You come across the way a co-dependent girlfriend would.

    Please be wary of Charles. The way you phrased your views to Marianne came across as slightly condescending.

    Charles has threatened violence against her and myself.
    He uses foul language and calls her fat.

    Marianne has consistently shown the fruit of the Holy Spirit in her conduct and speech, quite the contrast to Charles.

    So please quit defending his errors. He plays the wounded puppy, don’t be fooled. There is something really wrong there. Avoid co-dependency and the Stockholm syndrome.

  117. Fran said

    If you had any discernment, you would never have had the ongoing conversations you had with Charles.

    You don’t want to discuss anything with me. You want to tell me how to think, and how I should feel concerning yours and Charles behavior.

    You are coming across as though you think you are holier than thou. What is your problem?

    Marianne do not be decieved. You are not the only one on this site baptized in the Holy Spirit.

    You are not the only one with discernment. If you had so much discernment operating in that vessel of yours, you wouldn’t say half the things that you are saying right now. Hey, get a grip.

    You come across as being puffed up and self righteous. I pray that this is not your issue, but you definetly have some issues that you need to deal with. You have a need to be right and like I previous said, you are not going to be right everytime you open your mouth. No one is.

    I’ve read things that you posted and commented on,and you should take the time to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to you. Calm down and stop listening to the adversary and yourself, and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying, cause I’m more than sure He is not telling you to keep ranting on like you’re doing.

    Charles may have needed to be reminded of some things, but now it is you whom is in need.

  118. Fran said


    Is this a joke or are you serious? Charles is a big boy and Mariane is a big girl and I’m not talking about size. Do you get my drift.

    I was asked a question from Charles, and from the above comments I don’t see anyone asking you anything.

    As far as you being a new comer, what does that have to do with anything? Maybe you should remain a newcomer and don’t try to tell me about coming to the defense of Charles. If you think my comment is defense, then you don’t know what defense sounds or look like. Those are your feelings and you need to keep them to yourself. Now you want to talk about defense, what are you doing addressing me about Marianne?

    You are coming across as a busy body. Sticking your nose where it does not belong. Trying to make two wrongs a right.

    I have read all of the name calling and etc. That’s the only way that you would know what I’ve done, if I tell you.

    So you think I come across as a co-dependent girlfriend huh? Well it sounds as though you ‘ve been that route. Did you get free or are you still there?

    Whatever I said to Marianne, I said to her and not you. Now you say it sounded slightly condescending. If that’s what you think, then so be it.

  119. Charles D. said

    Marianne “plays the wounded puppy, don’t be fooled. There is something really wrong there. Avoid co-dependency and the Stockholm syndrome.”

    Works both ways. See, here you have described yourself and Marifatso, And you and yourself towards MariFatso, only this time she sucked you in playing the wounded puppy, the plump one.

    “That’s the reference to you being C’s girlfriend. You come across the way a co-dependent girlfriend would.”

    If that isn’t judging I don’t know what it is. You are equal to, but not better than your cohort. (look it up)*

    “snobbish, and [dishonest remarks about my education] [(which is a higher quality than he claims),]”

    The brackets denote your real investment in all of this, however, you continue to show that you have rarily seen the insides of a real school. What educated person do you know or even heard of who would say something like “higher quality” A hhigh school graduate would laugh you into a frenzied stupor. Not only is it an inappropriate remark for what you are trying to say, but cannot say because you’re lying about your schooling, “my education, which is a higher qualitythan he claims” I doubt if you are a high school graduate! Even Devry wouldn’t let you get away with that, and ITT students would have you too embrassed to come to class.

    Okay, assume you were going to remain ignit and wanted to properly state what you have; you would want to say something like: “which is of a higher quality than he maintains.] and if you were going to be a country bumpkin, then you could leave “claims” in, but then you would have to tell people you graduated from an on0line diploma mill to be believable.)

    I know you are not going to think me and I don’t expect you to. Think about it this way, had I not pointed this out to you, you would have gone on continuing to post silly comments while new readers would laugh behind your back; so bottomline, I saved you some future embarassment. For you info, the reason I feel no self-image problems if I split an infinitive here or there (ask someone to help you with that one), misspell a word, or any other academic 4-par, it is because I really earned my degrees, at least my university awarded me two to hang on my walls, so I could care less what you and the dumber one thinks.

    I still say, you are a remarkable example of a civil war era plantation occupant, say a lesser sophisticated Scarlett O’Hara. Lawdy he’s dun gone and tarnished ma reputation, what lil I had left! Wot I’m gonna dew, whot I’m gonna dew!!!

    You two hags need to find a life, then, become saved because right now …………………well I will just leave it to you and whom you serve. I mean other than each other.

    Bye Now.

  120. Charles D. said

    Hey Fran

    I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but, this Marianne is the person who in order to fit in, thinking EVERYBODY here hated Barack Obama, made a starling announcement on these pages that Barack himself called Hillary Clinton a monster not that he would have been wrong or untruthful).

    I questioned it and she maintained it as fact. Later that day, when it was announced that Barack did not even know of the Monster incident and that one of his campaign staffers had been fired; I brought this to Miss Thing’s attention and asked that she correct what she herself had said or that she should apologize for spreading a false rumor. The threads are still active in the event she denies it because God knows she can certainly can and will deny things in order to save face as she has done countless times on this site.

    I say this to tell you that a read of her past postings will clearly show that she’s no virgin in the name calling game, she’s just not very good at it. There is not a single thing said by me that hasn’t been said by her, except that, and again, she’s just not very good at it, or, much good at anything else, as I can surmise. She is as profane, vulgar, and obtuse as a drunken sailor. She and the other one have no idea what this site is about because she came here seeking to belong, she have this extensive need to be seen and to be wanted.

    I cannot understand why she don’t spend more time on her on blogsite; okay it looks like instabt death, something the devil would use when imitating “light” and you know what I mean. Everything I have alledged are still contained in Job’s files. For that I am glad because she can lie faster than a 747 flys.

    No less than 3 times on this very site I asked her to beg off. Well, you can see how she continue to come and get it. She has to be one lonesome depraved person. She has already littered this site with this foolishness that I need to be saved or delivered as she puts it. I would hate to be delivered into any parts of what she has shown to be. The illegal’s delemima is that she hooked up with her for what they share in common and which have to do with cultrial background, simpleton ways, and just plain stupidity. Little does she know that the dumb one will drop her like a bad habit. I wonder why they don’t discuss the Bible, scripture verses, or anything having to do with the holy Sprit.Reason 1 is neither knows anything about anything having to do with God.

    In order to clean these pages up; lets you and I diaglogue with each other about things of God. I am going to show you my gratitude for reminding me of common things that we use to share in terms of the “Word.” One of two things will happen. Readers will learn something, or, the Holy Spirit will perfect His ministry and demons, since they don’t like the light, will either flee or become more obselete than they already are.

    Again, because we haven’t spoken in a while, I have continued to keep you in my prayers. I know you have and are being bless because the spiritual evidence abide in your speech and your manner of defending the faith. I am going to sign off and we can pick up after church tomorrow. I will bring you up to date on some new projects with the Brotherhood, aka Men’s Bible Study.

    Take care my sister and continue to be blessed.


  121. Marianne said


    AdinoEznite is a guest on this site, whether you like it or not.

    unless this is your site, and not Job’s, you do not control who comes here.

    AdinoEznite is a sincere christian who was trying to help with Charles and his abuse, so she is as welcome as anyone.

    if you want to control a website, then start your own.

    same true for Charles

    my degrees, by the way, came from major universities, in a very difficult major field. my degrees hang on my wall too.

  122. Charles D. said

    Good Morning My Sister Fran

    Be Blessed on this wonderful Sunday.

    Reference you know what, I mean who; you can clearly see what I meant by: No matter the subject, she will always come back to and lie about her education/degree(s). But that’s only because she have none of either. Watch how the lies reveal themselves:

    I have intersperced my comments in (..) her lies in [..]

    “my degrees, by the way, [came from]” (a college graduate would have said my degree “were awarded by, then probably name the school”) major universities, [in a very difficult major field.] (Now, this is sheer lunacy. An educated person would never write such giberish because what’s difficult to her os a breeze for someone else; she said that too impress, all the while making a donkey of herself; if that is possible.) [my degrees hang on my wall too.] Okay, this is outdated too with a country bumpkin flavoring. Infprmed minds of today no longer hang degrees on walls, unless they are “professionls” say a doctor or lawyer. Because whereever she’s from, the idea of obtaining a degree was high premium, this is a holdover from her warped upbrining. It is no longer fashionable to do so and she stole that from what I wrote last night. Truth be told, I don’t have either my BA or my MPA hanging on my wall, however I do get my “class of___” mags from my each of the universities where I matriculated. I could find one of them at this moment even if I tried. The end product of my degrees are contained in my gray matter, not my wall.

    There is such a thing as an “educated fool” however, in her case that is one word too many in her case.

    I’m back on after church today. Take care.


  123. AdinoEznite said

    Hi guys,

    First, I am a man, married 9 years. No, not to Marianne.

    Second, I have multiple business degrees, from private and public universities.

    Third, I have been in church since 1964. Been a Christian since 1978. Been a Holy Spirit filled Christian since 1986. I cast out demons, heal the sick, prophesy, am a leader in our church. Been on a few US missions trips, planning my 1st international one.

    Fourth, I attended a major and genuine Christian university, graduated with honors.

    Finally, I am an independent businessman. Was a senior analyst with a major bank.

    On my name, do a Bible search, you’ll find Adino the Eznite. My name is within that name.

    Just an FYI as to my qualifications.

  124. Charles D. said

    Hey Fatso:

    “AdinoEznite is a guest on this site, whether you like it or not.” If the dumb one is a guest, what are you? Job never told me that you were on his customer service staff.

    And even if he had, I would have suggested that he either hire someone with less degrees or tighten up on his TQM and QC. You do know what those terms mean don’t you? Bet you don’t. What about “QASP” If you don’t name these terms (which are required in the field that you loed about, then, you lay bare for all-time visitors to see.

    I will check after church, so, put up or shutup at least for a season!

    Good Luck 8)

  125. Charles D. said

    Betcha ewe from the country and I bet ewe’re talking about Bob Jones! How’m ah doing. Tell you more about yourself when I get out of church today, in view of your previous comments, a real church.

    You are sufficiently connected to MariFatso about the edmacation thing. Can’t wait to dialogue brotha, licking mah lips as I write. Having me a bumper crop hot digadidog!! 😉

  126. AdinoEznite said

    Charlie boy,

    The most interesting thing is that you claim loudly your Christianity yet you demonstrate the following:
    1. You are a racist, you hate black people. You also hate women judging from your treatment of Marianne. To call a woman fat is to hate women in general. It also shows your immaturity.
    2. You are a hater. Pretty much all of your posts show that.
    3. You do the work of the Antichrist by telling people you’d like to see them in Hell.
    4. You are a polytheist, you can not discern between the children of the Light, and, the children of lights.
    5. You curse people, made in God’s image, and have no common courtesy.
    6. You’re the one who brought up the education thing. Then you insult others while bragging on yourself.

    Hitler also proclaimed himself to be “doing the Lord’s work”. Look at his actions, do they support or deny that?

    Look at Charles’ actions, do they support or deny that?

    Hey Charles, take a statistics course, pay close attention to H-0 and H-1 hypothesese. These both ask if you have enough evidence to support the claim. They don’t ask if the claim is true, but merely is there enough evidence to support the claim.

    In this case, there is enough evidence, from your own hand Charles, that support my and Marianne’s claims.

  127. AdinoEznite said

    What’s really amazing is CharlieManson.. oops, sorry, meant CharlesD… my bad…

    Anyway, let me restart. You claim others are fools yet none have used that language except you.

    You can’t carry a conversation without high school antics.

    Wow, you know some common business acronyms! Whoa! My first experience with TQM and QC was in 1983. I worked in the offices of a manufacturer that carried 90% of the world market. I also worked in a Japanese manufacturer working QC. The Japanese engineers were impressed when I started counting in their language. I also re-engineered one of their processes and made it much more efficient.

    In addition, I worked with a manufacturer of industrial filters that diagnosed and prevented passage of particulate under 5 microns for locomotive engines, power generator plants, etc.. Part of that included study and recommendations of the ISO-9000 series.

    Hey CharlesD, do you know what 1-3-5 trinitrotoluene is? What does the 1-3-5 stand for? Did you come up with the answer yourself or did you have to ask someone or look it up?

    Hey CharlesD, when an electron jumps from the 2nd ring to the 1st in helium, what color is produced?

    Hey CharlesD, what color is produced at 10 octaves above Middle Concert C?

    Please explain if there’s a relationship and if so, what that is, what implications there are from it.

    What sound frequency does the earth’s rotation produce? Do you think that maybe that’s the reason why all classical musicians can tune their instruments identically worldwide, simultaneously? Why is that?

    Do you think that maybe there’s a connection between sound and light and energy?

    The most ludicrous part of your arguments is that you brag on knowledge of TQM and QC, yet your language denies that. In other words, you THINK you’re intelligent, but your words show otherwise.

  128. Marianne said

    I have undergraduate degrees in Medical Technology and Biology, and a master’s degree in Biochemistry. (If you look at my website, you might occasionally see a science oriented article.) Being in the university system for 30 years, I am well accustomed to atheists. If you look for me on the internet, it does mention my affiliation with the University of North Carolina, which is obviously NOT Devry , as he claims. I work in scientific writing, and have recently gotten approval on a investigator initiated Phase I-II Drug study at UNC through the FDA.

    I have been Christian since for 50 years, and have always been faithful to any church attended, no matter where I lived. I currently attend church locally. I am also strongly supportive of Jewish concerns, and support Israel in its current struggles.

    I have also cast out devils. An this is what concerns me about Charles. I deal with one just like him about 2 years ago. I wonder if this is how he thinks he knows me. It has a personality just like the spirit I encountered, and he claims to know me from somewhere, and seems to be fascinated with me enough to snoop around, finding facts about me, like where I live, and how close he is to me.

    I do not think Charles is married. No woman could stand him. I think he is gay and attends that Metropolitan Community Church for gays. If so, he would not be a real Christian, just someone who likes to repeat religious talk he has heard.

    As for his educational status, what he says is very doubtful. His confused language betrays him.

  129. AdinoEznite said


    1. Take your own advice:
    A. Quit being a busybody.
    B. Quit assuming you are right in every case.

    2. I merely explained the reasoning of Marianne as I saw. I didn’t ask you any questions.

    3. Take the time to READ. Your claim about no one asking me anything is false. Again, this requires READING. If you would read in depth, you’ll see his errors.

    All caps were used to ask you to undertake the simplest of duties necessary to obtain adequate knowledge of the issues at hand. I simply ask you to do what you should have done in the first place.

    Charles’ errors:
    – Foul language
    – Personal insults (Calling Marianne fat, a slut, using characters for cuss words)
    – Intimating terrorist activity, aka, stalking, against Marianne
    – Threatening violence against others
    – Using racist insults (he used the “N” word against me)
    – Unable to properly express orthodox thought by demonstrating polytheis beliefs
    – Telling people he wished their mom murdered them in the womb
    – Telling people to go to Hell
    – Hypocrisy
    – Just being mean. He has a choice in his words when he types. It’s not like 2 people in a shouting match where words get spoken by mistake in the heat of the argument. All his words were by his choice.

    Which of these are you defending?

    Look at Marianne’s posts. Does she use any of these things?

    Look at mine: the only possible error was asking if CharlesD was really someone else, a famous person.

    What does the Bible say? (New King James Version)
    Proverbs 18:17
    The first one to plead his cause seems right, Until his neighbor comes and examines him.

    Proverbs 11:9
    The hypocrite with his mouth destroys his neighbor…

    Proverbs 14:21
    He who despises his neighbor sins;

  130. AdinoEznite said


    I KNEW you rocked, I just didn’t realize how well!

    I will be praying for your safety. Maybe C.D. was set free but never was born again, and 7 more came along to a clean, swept, but empty house.

    Your thoughts on how stalker guy got his knowledge are proper, b/c that’s how it happens.

    I’m so glad you are in that school system! That is awesome! I’ll be praying for you and your witness. My wife is a hospital pharmacist, been with her hospital for 20 years, one of the top pharmacists there (more than 60% above average for interventions, to prevent wrong meds, dosages, or better meds that do the same for a fraction of a cost (like, $200 vs. $6,000). She deals with a lot of atheists and pseudo-christians.

    You obviously know the answer to the 1-3-5 question.

    I went to the FBI once about a former roomate, a devil worshipper, who bragged about raping and murdering women. He & I had a few conflicts, he always had to back down. He also had a full auto Mac-10, lots of scars from gang fights, bad drug deals, etc., so he was no cupcake.

    One conflict was him screaming in my car as we were driving down a highway at night, trying to show how powerful the devil made him.

    I got mad, pointed at him and stated, “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!” He shut down immediately and didn’t say anything else.

    God’s Word whipped the devil!

    I don’t scare easily. I used to, until I learned about the power of Jesus’ Name, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the power of God’s Holy Word. And, that the devil is really afraid of us!

    Think about it. EVERY human being on earth, either a potential or kinetic threat to the devil! Imago Dei unleashed!

    Perhaps Charles will get revelation today at church, and be able to join the Song of Forgiveness! That would be awesome!

  131. Marianne said


    naive question
    5 microns for locomotive engines, power generator plants?

    how do you get good air flow? When I am in the lab, we have to apply pressure to get flow through a 5 micron filter.

    that is pretty good, under 5 microns inhibits even bacteria

  132. Fran said


    From your post above to me, I see you got very little sleep.(#121)

    This comment is for you and your new found friend.

    I see that you both like to twist things, and I don’t have the time to waste on neither one of you.




    On that note I’m done conversating with the two of you.

  133. AdinoEznite said

    That’s a valid question.

    These are fluid filters.

    Under 5 microns gets through most filters. The abrasion results in premature failure.

    I just saw in a plastics magazine (maybe somewhere else) about filters smaller than that. So, just now I looked online and found Oil Purification Systems company. They make a 3-micron filter. Here’s a sample of their site:

    What is the difference between the OPS-1 and standard full flow filters?

    Standard full flow filters will filter out particulates in the 20-40 micron range, while the OPS-1 filter will remove particulates down to 3 microns. The OPS-1 Evaporator removes liquid contaminants that create acid, oxidation, sludge and dilute oil. The OPS-1 system refines the oil by removing all contaminants to maintain oil quality and extend additive package life.

    In case you’d find a use for their product, here’s their URL:


  134. Charles D. said

    Hey AdinoGrillCheeseEznite

    #124 was actually directed to you. Talking about Vain? You’re the spitting image of the word. “I’ve done this, my first experience with that was 19blahblah. What does this mean? Imma small business, I was on a governemtn expedition to…” Who cares and get lost. You’re just another hick whose yet to learn your limitation.

    Neither Fran nor I are either impressed or think that you’ve made any sort of mark in your field (that’s cotton field in your case) or society in general.

    In all of your glowing slendor, you’ve addressed neither the “Bob Jones question and you stayed miles away from QASP!

    I might glance the remainder of your dribble if you respond to the two items you missed. At the present time you’re in much the same boat as your friend in terms of education and/or accomplishments. Do Something. Had to laugh at your racial assignment of me, “biggot” that is. Oh yeah! I hate black people, what of it?

  135. Charles D. said

    Hey! You don’t have to oops on my account; perhaps it will enable you to self-reflect and discover that you are no different than anyone else in the sinning and judgement departments. Just goes to show……….you as you are.

  136. Charles D. said

    BTW and regarding the fact that “you shouldn’t ever call a woman fat”

    I call them like I see them. If I were talking to a lady I probably wouldn’t. I never called you fat and you were more of a lady than she. That accounts for the fact that the three of us all thought you were a lady. Hence your rebuttal this A.M.

    You are SOOOOOOOOO in over your head. AND! I like the lil lie you slipped in about the FB!, but, first maybe you should check out their statutory scope of involvement. BUT! I bet you impressed the fat one, she knows no better anyway.

  137. Charles D. said

    Listen Fatone!

    “If you look at my website, you might occasionally see a science oriented article”

    And that proves what? Look on my website and you might find an occasionally see a microsoft oriented article, but, that hardly makes me Bill Gates.

    The second reason I hate hearing from you is the fact that you lift my words, reshuffle, than you use them and take credit as the originator.

    Where is this “Metropolitan Community Church” located? I have to tell you up-front that my motive for asking is to demonstrate how dis-jointed is your thinking.
    50 huh? What an awful waste. Maybe you just shouldn’t write on blogs other than your own. To do so, only open you up to ridicule. It amazes me the number of people who include community college certificates as under-graduate degrees. BUT! Lucky for you cause you have neither.

    Just let go!

  138. Marianne said

    just wondering…. pressure too high would blow the filter and then everything would come through. I use 5 micron filters to filter sterilize liquid media for tissue culture cells.

  139. AdinoEznite said

    What type of material is used for the filtration material?

  140. Marianne said

    oops..what was I thinking? I automatically think decimal points, whether one is there or not when I see “micron”

    .2-.22 micron, not 5

    either PES or cellulose acetate

    the FDA had a recall for some sizes due to rupture.

  141. AdinoEznite said

    I wondered how that could be. Microorganisms… industrial fluids…


  142. AdinoEznite said

    Hey Fran!

    Thanks for another non-truth in your writing.

    Please demonstrate what was twisted.

    Now, let’s demonstrate your lack of understanding:
    We are typing, not talking.
    So, your rending of Proverbs 18:7 shows that.
    Note: not “rendering”, but, “rending”.

    Do you know the difference?

    Marianne, it’s hard to deal with someone who doesn’t have a good vocabulary. When people cuss and use foul and unnecessary abuse it shows a lack of a proper working vocabulary.

    Next: all caps. This is shouting. Lack of courtesy. With a genuine Christian walk comes concern for others. It’s called “love”. I’ve never seen that exhibited from CharlesD or his sidekick Fran.

    Hard to hear them because their actions are too loud.

    Yeah, we were all online bbhvgfhjnvgfnhy,.ghh
    Sorry, that was my cat typing on the key board.
    Ok, I actually lifted him up & down on it. I just wanted to see what would come out.


    Have a great day!

  143. AdinoEznite said


    In the 1-3-5 trinitrotoluene question, did I type the numbers correct?

    Is it 1-3-5, or, 1.3.5, or something else?

  144. Jesusman said

    I’m Baaaaaack!!!

    First, I noticed Charles went on another fishing expidition to the “about” page on my blogsite. While noticing that the headquarters of the organization with which I am ordained is located in Tennessee, he assumed I’m from there and just lying about being from OH-IO(go Bucks’). I was born and raised in Southeastern Ohio, so technically I’m a Northern hick. I now reside in central Ohio. I did live in Memphis, TN for three months when I was 9 years old, so if that makes me a Southerner, so be it. I would be proud of my heritage if it were so.

    Secondly, Fran is Charles alter-ego!!:)

    Marianne and Adino, you have shown the true fruit of the Spirit. May God’s blessings overflow your spirit.

    Fran/Charles, or whichever name you choose to go by, I still love you and I’m still praying for God’s blessings upon you in abundance. May He bless you and keep you in Jesus’ Name.

  145. Fran said


    Heavenawaits site could stand a lot of help. Help them out.

  146. Marianne said


    it is either

    I am glad to see you back.

    maybe the cat was typing in tongues.

    You guys are always welcome on my site too. 🙂

    I have to come over here to talk.

  147. Charles said

    Testing! Just Testing!
    Job I have not received a response to my email

  148. Charles said

    Well Moderate This: I notice with interest that you have without reason or foundation. moderate comments that I make, yet allow those Johnny come latelys; both use and abuse those who have been with with you longest; even defending you when you come under attack!

    If that is true, you are ONE SORRY SOB and I mean that in the most emphatic manner I can muster. I haven’t gain anything here and I damn sure won’t lose anything by leaving. Don’t bother to send me a back channel email as you usually do because it will be deleted before a cat can lick his ass.

    I had been warned by some of your main stays who are not here any longer, but, stupid me thought you were different and they might be mistaken; they weren’t, and you suck HARD!!


  149. Marianne said

    I want to thank Job and this site.

    God is really blessing my site. Although I had a few posts before that, I really did not start writing until about 3 1/2 months ago. I am already up to almost 18,000 hits in just that short amount of time.

    I can tell from my Dashboard that sometimes people are coming from this site to mine, so Job’s site is blessing me.

    look at my cluster map for just the past month, and all the people from all those countries coming to my blog. It is so exciting when you see how so many people are hungry for the Word of God, and then they find your site.

    Jesusman, someday you will have many hits too, and what you have to offer will also be seen by many. Small humble beginnings can end up as a well traveled site. So be encouraged by this.

  150. Nate said

    Enough of this petty squabble! Charles, go renew your mind in Christ already. Pray for GOD to forgive your sins and read your bible daily.

  151. AdinoEznite said


    You are lost in your sins.

    You can not see what you HAVE gained, because you are blind to your sin.

    What have you gained? People giving Godly advice, countering your incoherent ramblings, trying to reach out to you.

    You won’t stay away, you are drawn to Godliness, as you should be.

    Though you are dead in your trespasses against God, He is using us to reach out to you, to call to you, to try to pull you out of the flames of Hell, where the worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched.

    Charles, you have shown absolulely ZERO righteousness in any post on this set. I looked at some of your other posts, and they are merely religious condemnation.

    Please, for your eternal life, consider the messages we have given. We do not want you to be tortured for even a fraction of a second, but that is where you are headed.

    Repent, call on Jesus to save your soul. He is the ONLY way you can be born again. Just having religious knowledge is not enough. You MUST BE BORN **AGAIN**.

    This is what Jesus told the leader of the Jews. If religious knowledge and practice were enough, Nicodemus would not have need of such demands. Yet Jesus told the most religious (and probably a really nice guy) that he was doomed to burn in Hell unless and until he was born again.

    We all sincerely hope and pray for you to come to know Jesus Christ both as Saviour, as Lord, and as LORD.

    En Agape,
    All of Us.

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