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Posted by Job on April 22, 2008



  1. stuffgirlslike said

    Rationing always makes the situation worse because you start having food lines, it is better to let the price rise and then this will encourage greater production from farmers.

  2. Hello Stuffgirlslike,

    The price is rising and fairly quickly. The issue is one of supply versus demand.

  3. Kyle said

    Update! Update!

    This has now hit the worlds LARGEST retailer. Sam’s Club (Wal-Mart) is now limiting rice sales. This is a wake up call when the world’s largest behemoth retailer can’t even procure rice for the US.


  4. Kyle said

    I don’t know about stuffgirlslike but I do know about stuffpeopleneed and that’s food. Also Stuffgirlslike you merely can’t blame this on rationing. In one part like IC said it’s supply and demand but it is also monetary inflation. click the link below.

    Commodities like rice are screaming higher because of deliberate price inflation caused by money creation. It’s RIGHT IN THE TITLE OF THE LINK I GAVE YOU. The article poses the question as to whether it is prudent to continue lowering interest rates further causing commodities to rise. However, the Fed will do anything to prop this economy up including bringing the rate to 0 if they have to and have the printing presses at full blast. So in essence we are partly responsible for the current food crises.


  5. Job said


    Got the emails?

  6. Kyle said


    Yes I did and thank you. I’m in the midst of putting up the first post this weekend. I hope you did this as a joint venture though.


  7. stuffgirlslike said

    Kyle you are right this is an inflationary spiral caused by fractional reserve lending and commodity prices are an indication of the money supply growth.

    But people are not ready to take on central banking and the Banksters who are making a killing financing the Iraq war and charging interest for just running the printing presses.

  8. Job said


    Not a joint venture, sorry! But if you need some help, just email and I will be glad to do so. I admit: there is a learning curve. This is my third blog (don’t ask about the first two, I was a Word of Faith/prosperity doctrine guy when I had them!) and I was running a website for over a year before then. But after a month or so, you will get the hang of it! Word of advice: the Frequently Asked Questions link that I sent you will be a lot of help!

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