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CNN Say Oprah Winfrey Good Christian Folk!

Posted by Job on April 22, 2008

It is amazing how CNN vehemently denounced all of Oprah Winfrey’s attackers in this matter, and absolutely refused to consider any opposing points of view. For some reason, allowing this woman to distort (and redefine?) Christianity unopposed is very important to these people! Click Here For The Three Step Salvation Plan!


16 Responses to “CNN Say Oprah Winfrey Good Christian Folk!”

  1. […] Posted on April 22, 2008 by LorMarie Probably not, but I certainly would not classify her as a Christian  (blog: Jesus Christology). As I’ve mentioned before, I like and admire Oprah. But her […]

  2. Jonathan De Leon said

    Wow this is an interesting video that shows how the media respects Oprah Winfrey. I don’t like the fact that they had people who were not experts in Theology or Psychology. No, instead they had people from different fields. The first woman to respond was a VH1 Red Carpet correspondent! What does she know about religion (rhetorical)? Why didn’t they have Bill Keller on their?

  3. Jonathan De Leon said

    Is Oprah Winfrey a cult leader? She certainly fits some of the characteristics that I learned in my Psychology class (last semester). Lets go through those characteristics:

    1. “Create your own social reality. Provide a cult’s eye view of the world.”
    Oprah has done this in several ways. She has heretical men and women present their erroneus views before millions of (Oprah) Devotees. They gourge themselves on her every word and also listen to those that Oprah endorses.

    2. “Create a Granfaloon (in-group of followers)
    Oprah does have an in-group of followers. She is highly influential. Many people around the world watch her show.
    A. “Draw in newcomers with attention, approval & support.”
    She is portrayed as a good person with harmless intentions and benefecial outlooks on life. I don’t want to slander or stretch out these definitions but I think that her usual giving of gifts to her audience members has drawn and kept people in. I could be wrong though.
    B. “Create a social identity.”
    I don’t think that she this to a great extent. The people who have changed their views to listen to what Oprah says are like converts. Their Bible is a collection of books from various self-help or self actualization cults, etc. These people watch her show and probably apply Oprah’s advice in their everyday lives.
    C. “Create out-group based on hate (others/nonbelievers are evil)”
    Those that criticize Oprah have to face the possibility of losing their reputation or jobs and what not. People who speak out against, in my opinion, are pushed aside and shut up. Whereas those that agree with her and appear on her show have a chance of becoming famous.

    There are other characteristics of cults that I did not mention. I have about seven on the sheet that I was given in Psychology class.

  4. Job said

    Jonathan De Leon:

    Looks like your psych class has it nailed. Would your major be engineering per chance?

  5. Job, this is why when I used some vids from that YouTube account in a post, I made certain not to use any of the vids that spoke about the book.

    The author was good enough to provide vids that don’t mention the book and only warning. But one of the ones promoting her book is getting the most traffic and was the most polished.

    While we all want to warn folks about Oprah, I feel saints need to be careful not to let the thrust of it be tied to peddling. It taints the effort. The sincerity of the effort would not be in question, if someone not trying to sell something were rolling out the vids first. I appreciate the work by the person who made the videos, but doing it in connection with a book sale is tarnish that has been fully exploited by the media now. I’m not saying it’s a bad book, I have not read it.

    Did you hear the VH1 lady talking about Internet regulation? As if YouTube didn’t already have enough!

    See Matthew 24:9-10, we are already in verse 8 “birth pangs” (war, famines and earthquakes). Verses 9 and 10 are next for us saints. Pray and be ready.

  6. Jonathan De Leon said

    Hey Job I am 18 years old and in 12th grade at BHS in Savage, MN. I am about to graduate; on june 6th. I enjoy the field of Psychology, but I also really like theology. has helped out a lot. What do you mean engineering?

  7. Job said

    Jonathan De Leon:

    You know … electrical (computers and electronics), mechanical (machines), or civil (roads and bridges) engineering. Looks like you are a liberal arts guy though 🙂

    Hey, a Christian blogger that drops by from time to time is a college student in Minnesota, and his major is theology. His blog is
    Might want to contact him for advice! Also, has a lot of information and advertisements for colleges that have theology programs in Minnesota, as most of the people that write for it are from that area.

  8. Job said


    Yes, Slice of Laodicea posted several warnings about that Carrington person. The book that she is peddling outright plagiarized content from several outstanding Christian blogs, including some that I direct links to, and they are considering legal action against her. Out of all of the LEGITIMATE Christian ministries that are attacking Oprah Winfrey, they chose this scam artist as a way of discrediting all of Winfrey’s Christian critics by association. It is slick, man, real slick … and answers Jonathan De Leon’s question about why CNN didn’t have Bill Keller on. Even he would have shredded those people to bits, especially Ashleigh Banfield, who was fired from her TV show at MSNBC and ruined a great career trajectory (the youngest woman EVER to get a national news show!) because she would be up every single night partying and drinking and would come to work the next day late, smashed, unprepared, etc. Yep, her plus the VH1 woman are the ones that they got to discuss things related to Christian doctrine. I also was, you know, sensing that the VH1 woman felt that the attacks on Oprah Winfrey were actually motivated by racism, was looking for an opportunity to pursue that angle, but it was never offered to her.

  9. The book that she is peddling outright plagiarized content from several outstanding Christian blogs…

    Well we know this is not the first time that has happened!

    they are considering legal action against her.

    Well are we going to accept being cheated, sound the alarm and move on, or start doing like the pimps and calling in lawyers? There is a 1 Corinthians 6 concern to consider. If they can’t get the author to come to some reasonable agreement without the courts, we should warn saints not to buy the book. But I guess you know more about this than me, first I’ve heard of it. But every time I see these dramatic videos to sell a book I get leery after seeing it happen once before. Not that the complaint that inspires the book is not valid, certainly is, but the person who takes up the effort always seems to have some less than godly methods in their execution of the effort.

    As I was mentioning over at my blog today. Hosting text online is not THAT expensive. It’s even cheap depending on who you use. If these people wanted to give the information away they could. There are even free web hosts they could use.

    66 books, I can’t find one where they charged a fee for written material that was supposed to be gospel. Even the books themselves, there is no evidence their intended recipient had to pay to receive the letter.

    fired from her TV show at MSNBC…because she would be up every single night partying and drinking and would come to work the next day late, smashed, unprepared, etc.

    To get fired from a network nobody watches you’ve got to be low caliber!

    If Oprah was White, the VH1 lady would have respected freedom of speech. If Oprah was White and the person selling the book was Black, the VH1 lady would not only respect freedom of speech, she would take some measures to defend the author.

  10. stuffgirlslike said

    I a not against people writing books, and promoting them on youtube simply because other mediums will not allow you to deal take on Oprah, there will always be criticism, it comes with the territory.

    Having said that I will be going over to slice of laodecia to see what she has to say about Carrington. But why did other bloggers not attack Oprah using youtube?

  11. Job said


    Oh, there are PLENTY of Christian bloggers exposing Oprah’s anti – Christian messages using YouTube and everything else. Lots of them do great work, and most of them are honest folk, not plagiarizers looking to make a buck (plus before even the plagiarism angle was known, Slice of Laodicea http://sliceoflaodicea warned people that the book seemed to be defamatory against Winfrey and Obama and not promoting an actual Christian agenda … and for Slice of Laodicea, who is absolutely fearless, unapologetic, and aggressive in going after people in the strongest terms to call something defamatory, especially about two people who have TONS of LEGITIMATE negative things to discuss concerning them, I just have to say WOW). That was why I stated that CNN had an agenda in using this person to discredit Christian opponents of Oprah Winfrey.

  12. Matt said

    Everyone seems to be focusing on the differences between Winfrey’s beliefs and traditional Christian values but very few on the similarities.

    Why is this?

  13. Job (and everyone else), please check this video out.

    Even minus someone selling a book, speak ill of the “anointed one” and her drones are after you. They (2/3 of them) even admit they are totally biased towards Oprah. None of the 3 see Oprah as the false prophetess she is. (But what did you expect of secular media, it appears the FoxNews guy they talk about is starting to see it though.)

    The VH1 lady is just sick.

  14. The write-up causing Oprah cultists fits, Is Oprah Starting Her Own Cult?

    It’s a good read.

  15. Job said


    Because willful deviation from the teachings of Jesus Christ and of the Bible constitutes abominable heresy that will condemn the heretic to apostasy and an eternity in the lake of fire.

  16. […] not, but I certainly would not classify her as a Christian (blog: Jesus Christology). As I’ve mentioned before, I like and admire Oprah. But her […]

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