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Pope Benedict XVI Plus George Bush Plus Battle Hymn Of The Republic Plus Five Supreme Court Justices Equals FASCISM!

Posted by Job on April 17, 2008

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Now I was going to ignore Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to America. I believe in religious freedom and tolerance, and see nothing to be gained by unnecessarily provoking people concerning their deeply held beliefs. I opposed the re – publication of the Muhammad cartoons for the same reason. Not only does such behavior fail to advance the cause of Jesus Christ, but it actually impedes the spread of the gospel by producing a public witness of Christians as being fearful, dishonest, aggressive, and lacking in compassion, mercy, and respect. The best example of this is the revolting racist Ann Coulter, who uses the legitimate truth that Jesus Christ is superior as an excuse to vehemently trash (OVERWHELMINGLY NONWHITE!) Muslims while extending politically expedient pluralistic salvation to (OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE!) Jews and Mormons. So despite the incontrovertible error of the Roman Catholic Church, I was going to remain silent out of respect to members of that false religion, as many of them are good people, and I pray that they are brought out of their error into Biblical Christianity just as I was brought out of works – based prosperity/Word of Faith Pentecostal Holiness. 

And then this happens. To the absolute glee of the religious right and warmongers everywhere (and regrettably to those deceived by them, for example the grieving father of a serviceman killed in Iraq that called into the Hugh Hewitt radio show last night – and yes Hewitt both continued his campaign to define religious faith in political/cultural terms and insist that Mormonism was a branch of Christianity based on it), George W. Bush plays “Battle Hymn Of The Republic” for the pontiff (whom Catholics call “the Shepherd”, not “a shepherd, which all pastors are, BUT THE SINGULAR ONE SHEPHERD). Listen, “Battle Hymn Of The Republic” IS NOT our national anthem. Now our national anthem is militaristic as well, but at least there would have been a REASON for playing it … it is our national anthem and therefore an entirely appropriate accompaniment to state ceremonies. Therefore, playing it would not have sent any religious and political messages (quite the contrary, one would be more likely to send a message by NOT playing it). But as for “Battle Hymn Of The Republic“, there is no ceremonial, traditional, etc. REASON to play that song unless you are trying to send a message, and with Bush the message was none other than the Iraq War and our national policy of warfare in general.

You would reply “So? Who did not know that George W. Bush and for that matter the Bush family is anything other than a bunch of warmongering globalists?” Well, THE POPE is what makes it an issue here. Now due to the nature of his position, the pope is SUPPOSED to be OFFICIALLY anti – war. But realize that state visits involving highly influential dignitaries are extremely sensitive matters with every detail agreed to and choreographed in advance in order to remove even the appearance of an insult by both the parties involved and the populations that they represent. And yes, a gigantic percentage of the national and global Roman Catholic Church, from laity to high ranking church officials, deeply oppose the Iraq War and what it represents: a major and global escalation of warfare and related tactics either directly (i.e. Iraq and Afghanistan) or by proxy (i.e. encouraging Ethiopia to invade Somalia). So the playing of this song – which would have been extraordinary even absent this context – would have not occurred without prior personal approval from Pope Benedict XVI himself. And Pope Benedict XVI would NEVER have given said approval unless he supported our military policy on some level, even if that support was not full or official.

Keep in mind: the pope is not under any obligation to make a public ceremony of meeting the president when visiting this country, and he certainly is not beholden to being subjected to conduct that he and his members find offensive and disagreeable while there. So had this not been acceptable to the pope, Bush would have asked to play the song, the pope would have said no, and that would have been it. Had Bush insisted, the pope would have simply refused to meet Bush in a public ceremony (or at all). Under those circumstances, NO ONE would have asked why the pope refused to meet with Bush, for the pope meets with virtually everybody. Instead, it would have been asked why Bush failed to receive the pope. And under those circumstances, an appropriate low level Vatican functionary would have been assigned the duty of “leaking” Bush’s completely unreasonable, inappropriate, and quite frankly INSANE demands to play A WAR SONG IN SUPPORT OF A WAR THAT THE VATICAN’S LONG AND WELL KNOWN POSITION IS TO OPPOSE during the visit to the (already hostile) foreign press, with the result being an international public relations firestorm. In short, on a matter such as this, the pope has all the leverage. He would not have exercised said leverage to consent to this highly unusual request – and in the process crossed the substantial portion of his church (possibly even a clear majority!) that oppose this war – had he not supported the politics, policy, and propaganda behind it on some level. Evidence of this is the absolute glee of the pro – war crowd. 

And then after the Bush reception of the pope (which incidentally was not only unprecedented, but would have been IMPOSSIBLE before Billy Graham’s evangelical – Roman Catholic ecumenism, IMPOSSIBLE before Ronald Reagan created white Roman Catholic and evangelical political ecumenism, and IMPOSSIBLE before Reagan established official diplomatic relations with the Vatican including the Roman Catholic Church’s own ambassador who must be appointed by the executive branch and confirmed by the legislative one … someone PLEASE explain to me how this DOES NOT VIOLATE the First Amendment’s ban on the government’s favoring any one religious view over another) there was a reception that included Roman Catholic Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito, and John Roberts at minimum. Robert Kennedy may have been there too, but Kathryn Jean Lopez, the token minority at the National Review, does not include him as a “favorite” of hers. This woman, who has lately taken to blatantly cheerleading for our nation’s institutions and culture to increasingly reflect – and be governed by – Roman Catholicism, actually claimed that the event “was a terrific celebration at the White House of the pontiff, religious freedom, and  Catholicism“! And here is another entry from this loathsome enemy of Jesus Christ where she manages to A) claim that this nation is prosperous, virtuous, and free because it was founded on Roman Catholic principles (a notion which no doubt will soon be reflected in the religious right’s approved history books an curriculum), B) insult Protestants by comparing it to Mitt Romney’s “accept Mormons as Christians evangelicals just as Roman Catholics accepted you or be declared a bigot and the enemy” speech, and C) make a gratuitous “joking” slam against Protestants just for the fun of it. (This woman is still fuming over the evangelical refusal to bow to the notion that not being in the Roman Catholic Church places them on equal footing with Mormons, oneness pentecostals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientologists, or any other crackpot cult group that wants to lay claim to Jesus Christ.)

Now Christians, I know a lot of you view Islam as a global threat to our faith, freedom, prosperity, culture, and way of life, believe that this threat should be met militarily, and for that reason support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the war on terror in general in some form. I respect those views in the hearts of sincere and well – informed Christians that hold them; I just happen to disagree with them. Still, such Christians have to start investigating the history of the Bush family, their national and international political/business/social associations and activities, and also those of the globalist societies that they are members of or consort with (which now, let us face it, incontrovertibly includes the Roman Catholic Church … this may be gratuitous, but let me remind you that the meeting of Bush and Benedict was literally one between a member of the family that made a lot of money off the Nazi regime and a former member of the regime itself … Benedict was literally a Hitler youth).

Also, study the political, military, and FINANCIAL decisions made in pursuit of this war. It bears no resemblance to actually capturing and punishing the people that have been attacking us and our interests since the early 1990s (in response, let me remind you, to our long term threats, provocations, and military actions against THEM), neutralizing any future threats, or containing whatever threat to the west and its allies that Islam allegedly poses. I will say this: the full scale invasion of foreign nations strategy of Islam has been effectively abandoned ever since their defeat by Charles Martel at Tours. The reason is THEOLOGICAL: the Muslims sincerely believed that their moon god was fighting for them at the time, was responsible for all of their victories, and that global military conquest followed by their version of the endtimes was at hand. So, when they were defeated in such a decisive manner, that forced a change in their theological outlook. Thus, despite the presence of 1 billion Muslims in the world, no one can name the last time that there has been a full scale invasion and subjugation of a non – Muslim country. (By contrast, Muslim areas have been invaded and/or controlled by the United States, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, India, etc. in just the past 50 – 75 years!) Why is this the case?

Again, refer to the fact that THERE ARE NOW ONE BILLION MUSLIMS. Immigration, evangelism, and reproduction has proven to be a much more effective method of spreading their faith than the sword, and if anything going off and launching an invasion of any western nation (which would be technologically superior AND have the backing of other western allies) would not only be suicide, but it would lead to crackdowns of the very same liberal immigration policies that have allowed millions of Muslims to enter (and spread their faith to) western nations over the past few decades. As such, the Bosnia – Serbia – Kosovo mess is a perfect illustration of the current Islam strategy. And who did the United States back? Why the very Muslims that brazenly stole a large chunk of a Christian nation for themselves. 

Which proves that the entire war on terror AND the basis for it is a sham. Were it real, we would have done two things.

1) We would have gone after specific groups with a history of violence against us and our allies AND the nations that supply them with money, weapons, and hiding places. America has done the opposite by not only maintaining diplomatic relations with known terror sponsors like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority (which is actually the closeted homosexual Yasser Arafat’s PLO, people!) to speak nothing of our “special relationship” with Pakistan (which we had with Iraq not too ago!), but we are increasing the pressure on Israel to negotiate with Hamas (just as we forced them to negotiate with the PLO, and see where THAT got Israel … less land, more intifadas, rocket attacks, a collapsing economy, and a deteriorating internal political situation). Excuse me, but what are we supposed to gain by declaring the domestic army of a sovereign nation (Iran’s Revolutionary Guard) to be a “terrorist group”? Even better: what justifies this action? The ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE that they are helping folks that share their religion FIGHT THE SUPERPOWER THAT INVADED THE NATION NEXT DOOR? Sure, like if the Soviet Union had invaded Canada and Mexico during the Cold War we would have just sat around twiddling our thumbs waiting to be next. We were willing to go to start a nuclear war over the Soviet Union putting missiles in Cuba, but Iran is supposed to just do nothing after we A) put them on our axis of evil list, B) attack the regime of the neighboring country that we put in power to attack THEM in the 1980s, C) attack the nearby Afghanistan regime that we put in power to drive out the Soviets in the 1980s, and D) spend YEARS leading an international chorus demanding economic sanctions against them after the manner that caused the deaths of from 500,000 to 1,000,000 people OF THE NATION NEXT DOOR, sanctions that were used to weaken THE NATION NEXT DOOR to prepare for an invasion of THE NATION NEXT DOOR. Why? BECAUSE IRAN IS STARTING THE VERY SAME NUCLEAR PROGRAM THAT WE ALLOWED PAKISTAN TO COMPLETE WITHOUT BATTING AN EYE? What makes it OK for Pakistan to have the potential for weapons of mass destruction but not Iran or Iraq, ESPECIALLY SINCE USAMA BIN LADEN IS HIDING IN PAKISTAN RIGHT NOW!?!? Oh well, ignore all of that information. Just repeat the right wing line: Iran hates us because we are prosperous and free and they are a bunch of backwards savages with a strange religion. We are such a peace – loving, fair nation that has never bothered or been a threat to anyone but instead has always tried to act in everyone’s best interests, so hatred, fear, resentment, etc. against us just HAS to be irrational, right? Well put it to you this way: we starved 1 million innocent Iraqis to death knowing full well that the people who ran that country would always have plenty of food to eat. Hmmm …

2. Much simpler (and shorter) than 1: practically end immigration from Muslim countries. But notice how anyone who proposes this gets condemned in the international press and by all of the “relevant” political and religious leaders as a dangerous far right xenophobe. 

Since the Bush administration (and the administrations that preceded it and will follow it) are on record as vehemently opposing those steps – and anyone who advocates them! – what they are obviously engaging in is not a war on terror or on radical Islam. Instead, it is a policy of increased militarization for increased militarization’s sake. Even more concerning than the actual military action (again whether directly waged by us or by proxy) are the matters concerning intelligence, national security, and money. For the first time in world history, the various global powers have virtually carte blanche to monitor the personal and financial activities of any person or group. All it takes is an allegation of being a terrorist – a loosely defined term – and you can be detained indefinitely and without due process, including but not limited to being secretly whisked overseas to a nation where torture is legal. And where there are still (for now) limits to what they can do against people without sparking a public outcry, not so regarding assets: money and property. Keep in mind, they do not have to seize it, which would raise due process issues. All they have to do is freeze it to keep you from using it, and it has the same effect, and doing so to any individual’s or group’s (think church!) assets on a “temporary basis” requires virtually no evidence at all that needs to be made public. In the course of prosecuting this, the government has been quite prudent. They have gone after large numbers of people and groups that they know are probably guilty while at the same time going after people that they know are innocent. They are not after the guilty folks, because claiming that they are fighting terror by shutting down some charity that raises a few thousand dollars a year for Hamas when Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. are funneling them hundreds of millions in cash and weapons (again, something that we are doing nothing about) is ridiculous. Instead, they are seeing how far they can get away with detaining and freezing the assets of the innocent. The answer: pretty far indeed. It is only going to be a matter of time before what has been made acceptable to people and organizations with Arabic and Muslim names is going to be commonly accepted by these cultures to everyone, just as everyone now accepts being searched at airports (which the citizenry would have opposed tooth and nail less than a generation ago). 

So make no mistake: Benedict’s allowing the Battle Hymn of the Republic to be played during a state visit (which, incidentally, was not given for the Dalai Lama, a fact which not a few Buddhists expressed chagrin over, leading the loathsome Michael Medved to dedicate a show to denigrating Buddhism and the Dalai Lama … hard to appreciate coming from a religious right type that will go to the mat defending Mormonism) was nothing less than an expression of support for the Bush regime – and the new world order globalists that he serves – policy of global military and economic aggression. It also signals that Pope Benedict XVI himself is part and parcel of and servant to this same group of global imperialists just like Bush. And most importantly of all, it signals that Bush and Benedict have become brazen and bold enough to publicly celebrate this fact, with no thought given to the notion that they have to hide their ties, beliefs, and intentions. They could care less about who knows, just as Bush could care less about his approval ratings.

I am honestly of the opinion that this event was one of triumphalism. They were announcing to America – and to the world – that the globalist takeover of this nation was complete, and that America is irrevocably signed, sealed, and delivered. I do not know how long it is going to take, but everything else is going to be just a matter of winding things down and allowing things to fall into place. It could take 5 years, it could take 100, but the global consolidation is going to happen. After all, it is no accident that Bush’s releasing proposals on global warming that endorse our moving ever closer to global economic and political integration was timed to so closely coincide with the pope’s visit. After all, the pope has been on board with the global warming agenda for some time now.

It is also a good time to point out how both sides of the political aisle have contributed to these developments. For instance, conservatism pulled off the merging of evangelicals, Roman Catholics, Mormons, and Jews to create the ecumenical pluralist religious right, and in doing so effectively muted the political voice of Protestant fundamentalists. Liberalism, meanwhile, contributed their part by allowing any criticism of this state of affairs to be called “anti – Catholic bigotry” (piggybacking on the black civil rights movement!). Indeed, such rhetoric was key to creating the climate where the Supreme Court could rule to legalize school vouchers: the religious right was successful to use the language of the left to convince the body politic that the only reason why no one had ever seen the obvious wisdom of sending low income inner city PROTESTANT black children to Roman Catholic schools en masse (after all, they provide SUCH GREAT DISCIPLINE for the boys and OUTSTANDING MORAL INSTRUCTION for the girls!) was because of the HORRIBLE discrimination and persecution against Catholics in our past. Hilarious that the very same conservatives that will go to their grave denying that this country was ever racist against blacks – or if it were that any legal remedy is required to address it – are perfectly willing to sit around and call virtually everyone living in this country 50 years ago of allowing their interpretation of the First Amendment to be motivated (or distorted) by their animus of Roman Catholics. If nothing else shows who is actually running this country now, that does. 

Since the American piece has fallen into place (even if all of the details have yet to play out, but trust me they will in very short order to the point where this nation will be unrecognizable within 10 years, and no I am not talking about demographics), what – apart from getting even more involved in the third world, which by the way George W. Bush was a huge trailblazer on – is next? My conjecture: Israel is next. 

Now please view Independent Conservative’s antichrist One Has Landed. Pope Benedict XVI in America. Why This Event is Nothing to Cheer About! for a more theological treatment of the implications of the Pope visiting America and being so vigorously received. It includes the following:



16 Responses to “Pope Benedict XVI Plus George Bush Plus Battle Hymn Of The Republic Plus Five Supreme Court Justices Equals FASCISM!”

  1. Jeff Lloyd said

    Could you possibly be any more crazy?

  2. nan said

    to call anyone on this earth Holy Father is totally wrong. He is NOT holy and neither is he the father. There is only one HOLY FATHER and that is God. The pope is treated and worshipped like he is God. All religions bow to him, and that in itself tells me a whole lot about churches who profess to know and worship God yet bow down to this person. Any man that allows people to worship them is not holy. They didn’t even worhip Jesus like that, and I thank God that Jesus wanted to one to worship him, but to only worship THE FATHER (God). That is a hot mess in DC

  3. John Kaniecki said


    Nice job Job.



    I recall my mother dragging me and my friend Alan as a child to New York City to see John Paul drive by. We waited for an hour and saw him all of twenty seconds.

  4. Devon said

    I still think Job that you are far far into these conspiracies which you only have scant evidence for…ie Bush family background, etc etc……

    Let me say this about Islam…I am a student of Islam…I grew up with Liberal muslims and studied Islam at the U of C… my younger days, I had a Turkish gal (2 years and a bit) who taught me about Ataturk and Islam….I have studied the Quran, Sira, Various collections of hadiths, etc etc…..

    Islam has been a study of mine LONG before 9-11 or the Twin Tower attacks of 93…

    ISLAM is a huge problem….perhaps the most dangerous facing the world….only liberal secularism/socialism etc etc may be more dangerous….

    Islam has been on the attack for 1400 years….Long before there was ever a Bush President or a State of Israel, Islam has been on he march…

    The only reason the last 300 years they have retreated is because poverty finally began to take over and they were not able to conquer the rising West…

    The intent of Islam has always been open…that is takeover of the world by all means…same with Marxism…..these facts are out in the open…they are not hidden in some nefarious Club of Rome, CFR, Bildbergers, etc etc ……

    We have seen Western Civ ripped to shreds from inside by the Left with radical secularism….from Germany to California….and Islam is on the outside…

    To glibly ignore what Islam teaches and has done for 1400 years is absurd…..again…see the plain evil…its right there…

    When America was a new nation, Islamic pirates were raiding your ships in the Mediterreanan! Christians and Jews have been brutalized by Islam for 1400 years….Hindu India suffered the worse massacre in human history by the muslims according the secular American historian, Will Durant, when 60-80 million hindus were slaughtered in less then a century when the sword of islam invaded centuries ago!

    Am I saying Islam is the only thing that we face? Of course not…but it is massive….

    And as for your moral relativising between Iran and America…oy….even the worse U.S. Presidents..whether that be Carter or the current Bush or Nixon etc etc…NONE of these men can be remotely compared to the known murderers that run Iran……

    You seem to have this continuing flaw in your writing where you relativise so often and that is simply wrong…and perhaps that is because you see conspiracies quite often?!

    Can you not see the difference between traditional Conservative values (admittedly no one is holding these up these days) and the Liberal agenda on the left???? Can you not distinguish that one side is better for a nation…..or are all men and women corrupt that hold any political office regardless of their ideology?

    This detracts from all the good things you say…..

  5. Charles D. said

    Maybe the “gal” was messing with your head. If you were still together, she’d drop your butt for a description like: “I had a Turkish gal (2 years and a bit.” How redneck can you get??
    First it clearly shows that you didn’t respect her, labeling her as a country tart.

    What’s UofC never heard of it ub that specific term. Your assertion that “Islam has been on the attack for 1400 years” clearly demonstrtaes that you did not get your tuition worth at U of C and maybe entitled to a refund; I’m sure UofC will be glad to get your name off their rolls as having eber graced their doors.

    You think you’re talking to idgits here, boy? Or, are you just shooting off at the gibs to demonstrate that you’ve watched a VHS on Islam? Either way, save it for someone in your “group,” they will probably know no better.

    AND! Before you decide to “pop-off” at the gibs in retort; are you sure you’re up for that? Then, Bring-it!!!!!! R/N, I anot shurd!!!


  6. Job said


    There is scads of evidence on the Bush family background. It is out there for everyone to see. It is just that people who decide to support conservative politics choose to ignore it. Bush is a committed globalist with no respect for the laws of his own country just like all of our recent presidents. The best example is illegal immigration. Congress passed a law requiring Bush to build 370 miles of border fence. Bush has openly stated that he has no intention of obeying that law. The only reason why no one has called him on it is either because A) they don’t want the border fence either in the case of the Democrats or B) they will continue to support him no matter what he does so long as he has an “R” behind his name in the case of the Republicans. Which is worse … the executive branch deciding that they are not going to enforce a law approved by the legislative branch in the case of Bush, or Bill Clinton having sex with an intern and lying about it under oath? The very same people who bloviated for YEARS about how Clinton was destroying our constitutional republic with his brazen disrespect for our system of laws and checks and balances aren’t saying a thing about this.

    His brother Jeb is the same. I lived in Florida during the time that he was governor and supported him big time, even ignoring the fact that his “privatization of state services” scheme was nothing but a scam: he awarded huge NO BID government contracts to his friends and campaign supporters to do state work WITHOUT the oversight or accountability that the state agencies that had been doing the work had to meet. (Sounds like Halliburton, Blackwater, and similar in New Orleans and Iraq to me, what about you?) Jeb Bush actually claimed that he was making government smaller and more efficient with his privatization scheme. Please. He wasn’t eliminating any government functions, just using tax revenue to pay his rich friends and cronies to do the same work. Well actually, his rich friends and cronies didn’t DO the work … the regular folks that worked for their companies did. Except that by giving NO BID contracts to his friends, they were able to use private corporate employees instead of state employees that had higher salaries, benefits, and union protections. This meant that all savings that came as a result of paying workers less went into the pockets of Bush’s contributors and business partners.

    Oh yes, Jeb Bush had the “disobey the law” thing down too. THIS is when I began to oppose the fellow (while still generally support his brother): Florida voters passed a constitutional amendment requiring the state to build a train line from central Florida to south Florida. Jeb Bush refused to comply! He stated “the voters passed this not being sufficiently educated about the issue, so I am going to spend the next two years letting them know how much it costs and how it is big government and then we will have another ballot initiative.” And Bush stated that HE HAD NO INTENTION OF FOLLOWING THE STATE CONSTITUTION AND BUILDING THE TRAIN EVEN IF IT PASSED AGAIN! His stance: you can’t make me follow the law because I am in power. Following the law is for little people. That is the same stance of his brother, and that is the same stance of the entire cabal that he runs with.

    As far as the Muslims go, they have been attacking us for 1400 years … well then, Muslims must not be very bright, because they sure haven’t had a lot of success! Listen Devon, whatever the history there is between Islam and the west, for the last 100 years we have killed a lot more of them than they have of us. It is just that we have the attitude that when they do it, it is so horrible, but when we do it, it is OK.

    Want to compare body counts between us and Iraq? Even if you buy the notion that Iraq was behind BOTH World Trade Center bombings, the Oklahoma City bombing in the 1990s, the bombing of our embassies in Africa and the attack on the USS Cole (as some Bush partisans do claim), you are still at less than 5,000 people. Meanwhile, a minimum of half a million Iraqis died due to sanctions against that nation between the two wars fought by the two Bushes (not to mention frequent bombings by the Clinton that came in between). People who have an interest of doing so debate the number of civilian Iraqis that died during the Gulf Wars, but pretty much no one disputes the number that died because of sanctions. That was one of my primary reasons for supporting the war initially: that it would end the sanctions!

    But the very people who go around with their flags on their lapels and 9/11 on their bumper stickers could care less about all of those dead Iraqis. Why? Because they have bought into the anti – Christ mindset that the life of an Iraqi is worth less than the life of an American. What is one of the most common defense of the war on terror these days? “Well, there hasn’t been another attack since 9/11.”

    Do not get me wrong: I believe in a nation defending its citizens. But what is going on in Afghanistan and Iraq have NOTHING to do with national defense. Especially when you consider the fact that the first Iraq War (against the very same regime that we put in power to fight the very same Iranian regime that we, er, put in power a few decades earlier!) was the only reason why Al Qaeda declared jihad against us in the first place. We kill MILLIONS of their people, overthrow their governments for puppet regimes which we later over throw too, and then we have the ABSOLUTE GALL to begrudge their resenting us over it? I am actually wondering why these people don’t do MORE to get us, why they don’t run more attacks, or why they don’t stop selling us THEIR OIL.

    That is right, I said the dreaded “O word.” If the Muslims hate us and want to attack us so badly, why don’t they just stop selling us oil? They know that if they were to do so, our economy would collapse overnight and within two years the whole lot of us would be reduced to eating rats! Again, if the Muslim world hates and is at war with us, they are the worst warriors in the world, because if they wanted to they could bring us to our knees without even firing a shot.

  7. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    It goes deeper when you ask the question ‘Why do Americans feel the way the do?’

    This country has been indoctrinated by lies and half truths. Genocide of the indigenous natives has been called ‘Manifest Destiny’ and thus it was allright. Expansionist wars have been labled as ‘self defense’. Slavery after all wasn’t that bad. There is no codemnation for the founding fathers who owned slaves as it was accepted at the time.

    Explore the American psyche. It will tell you everything America does is good and right. Sure we made some mistakes but only minor ones.

    The truth is from the second Thanksgiving on we have tread down a murderous path. I do not exonerate those evil acts of other nations. They too most likely lie to their citizens and twist the truth for their own ends. But I am not living in a foreign nation so I turn my thoughts and energies to the one we live in.

    Yet there is a Truth out there. That truth is the Lord Jesus Christ. We do not measure what we do by American law we must measure what we do by God’s standards. If you do you will see we fall short in many many ways.

    I would challenge anyone to take a long hard look at God’s Word and the actions of this nation. They do not walk hand in hand in fact they are going in opposite dircetions.

    Jesus was not a capitalist let me assure you that. We must put the welfare of the masses over the profits of the corporations.



  8. dickkopf said

    @ nan:

    Did you happen to hear that diva-cat sing “Happy birthday, Holy Father, happy birthday to you!”?

    You rightly opined, “There is only one HOLY FATHER and that is God.” In fact, “Holy Father” is used only once in the New Testament: John 17:11.

  9. Nate said

    Kudos to Job and Nan! What does Job mean in Hebrew?

  10. Job said


    I do not believe that Job is a Hebrew name. Job was not a Hebrew, but lived in Ur, in the Chaldees. Tradition has it that the book of Job predates the five books of Moses, before the Jews became God’s covenant nation.

  11. Celtic said

    The Pope does not support the Iraq war. Just saying that makes you ignorant, as his views are very well known. If you watched the entire White House ceremony, you would have seen that the Papal Anthem and the American anthem were played at the very beginning. They were trying to give him a slice of Americana by playing the Battle Hymn, just as they included the Revolutionary War pipers earlier in the program. The Battle Hymn of the Republic recalls the Civil War and is part of Americana. Stop being so paranoid. Why, oh, why does this country have so many bitter, paranoid people?

  12. G. d' Assunto said

    You should read what happend to the Christian Middle East in the 6th and seven centuries when Moslem invaded it. As far as Islam is concerned, this article seem to have been written by an ignorant or a “dhimmi”.
    People, stop making all over this mortal mistake repeating this mantra broadcasted by the moslem themselves and echoed by brainless politicians: Islam IS A RELIGION OF PEACE .

    ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION. It is an political subversive ideology of conquest, period !

    Never mind Bush & Al, ALL the current conflicts on the planet involved moslem at war with their non moslem neighbours.

    Is it Bush and his buddies who are involved in the persecution of non moslem in Pakistan, in Egypt,Palestine (where the christian population went from 20% to 2% due to the constant threat of palestinians moslem thugs !) in Turkey, in Nigeria, in Sudan, in Indonesia etc. . . .etc. . . ? NO ! ! Moslem never needed the existence of Israel or the presence of corrupt individuals such as Bush and Cheney.
    Their ideology has ALWAYS provided the necessary fuel for an acute hate to persecute and kill in the countries where they have the political majority. Their “laws” prohibit the activities of other religions or different political system, Freedom is totally inexistant in Islam, where ever you turn your head , islam present always the face : threat, menace, blackmail and pathological intolerance.

    It has always been that way during 14 centuries, perfectly documented, a fact that is not in the favor of your credibility, which lead me to believe that your take on the subject is purely ideological , denying a fact that 2 world wars have occulted: the secular ennemy of the West, of China, and of a great part of Asia and Africa is and has always been Islam.

    The biggest genocide ever commited on the planet, has been perpetrated by moslem in India: 80 to 120 millions people massacred, millions others submitted in slavery. And look at Kashmir, Moslem think et say on countless wbesites: “We have to finish the job in India”. On what planet are you living to ignore those facts ?

    I was born in the Middle East, Lebanon, speak and write fluently arabic. I know how absolutly lost and wrong you are about Islam.

    It is forgivable to make mistakes, but not to persist in making them, hiding behind a faked angelism. This is the same behavior that I can only compare to the ideological position of leftists in Europe, also known as islamofascists (no the word was not invented by G.W.B., he only borrowed it from a french philosopher, historian and political economist Pierre-André Taguieff).

    G d’ A.

  13. Job said

    G. D’ Assunto:

    I am no friend of Islam. However, if you believe that the war in Iraq was against radical Islam, you are mistaken.

    1. Saddam Hussein was a nominal Muslim. He was motivated by power, money, and nationalism.
    2. We toppled a secular Iranian regime in the 1950s for a religious one. Why? Oil profits for British Petroleum. We replaced that regime with a religious regime that has exported terror since.
    3. We put the secular Saddam in power, true. But we removed the secular Saddam regime, creating the chaos between the religious Shi’ites and Sunnis.
    4. WE SUPPORT THE RELIGIOUS SAUDI ARABIAN REGIME. That is what makes this whole “war on terror” issue nonsense. Saudi Arabia is a religious regime that funds and exports terror all over the world, and we pretend that they are our allies.
    5. Of all the Muslim nations in the world to attack. Iraq should have been the last. Not only were they a secular former ally, but they had been stripped of their fighting capacity and morale by 10 years of UN sanctions.
    6. Far from fighting Muslims, the Bush administration has actually been more aggressive in politically correct appeasement than was the Clinton administration.

    I could go on, but you see my point. Even if there was some justification for going to war with 1 billion Muslims over the guy that our own CIA recruited and trained (Usama bin Laden) hitting us back (was there a link between Usama and Saddam … of course … they were both recruited and trained by the CIA at about the same time and they probably attended the same little classes together … they probably exchanged business cards at the CIA class reunion) what we are doing right now has nothing to do with that. What we are doing is not winning the war against Islam or making us safe. All we are doing is killing innocent people. Maybe you are fine with that just because they are Muslim, but the Bible that I read calls it MURDER.

    The amazing thing is that the west could defend itself from Islam if it really wanted to. We all know how to.

    1. Stop legal and illegal immigration.
    2. Stop buying their oil.

    And that is, well, just about it! It is just that simple. Nothing short of those two things will work, but doing those two things would absolutely work. We are not doing either one. We are not even trying to do either one. No one is even seriously suggesting it. That is why all this talk about “the war against radical Islam” is what it is … hot air. That is why all of these “” websites are just that … hot air. They are just excuses to justify fear, hate, and mistreating and killing innocent people. If it wasn’t “radical Islam”, these same people would be coming up with other people to hate and fear. I remember at one point it was even the Japanese! There were even movies and books during the 1990s about how the Japanese were going to get us. The guy who wrote “The Hunt for Red October” … his book “Executive Orders” about the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the president getting killed in an attack strikingly similar to 9/11 and Jack Ryan having to run the government by himself … the Japanese were the bad guys in that one. Michael Crichton, the Jurassic Park guy, came out with a Japan bashing book as well (in which rich Japanese guys had the nerve to – gasp! – fornicate with white women! Oh the nerve! Oh the humanity! The dumbest one I saw was a TV show “The Highwayman” from the 1980s starring “Jacko”, that Australian guy from the Energizer commercials … they had this plot where this Japanese industrialists had this plot to kidnap all our factory workers and replace them with robots.

    I have to admit that Islam is a much bigger threat to us than Japan ever was, and yes I do know how devastating Pearl Harbor was. But that does not change the fact that pretending that Bush is actually doing anything about that threat does more harm than good to us and everyone else.

  14. […] Pope Benedict XVI Plus George Bush Plus Battle Hymn Of The Republic Plus Five Supreme Court Justices… […]

  15. Devon said

    Islam, Job, has been guilty of FAR FAR FAR more murders then the West could even come close to…..Just ask the Eastern Christians and Hindus that have been obliterated the last 14 centuries…

    Again….what you are doing is looking for dubious conspiracy’s that lack any substance….

    LOOK at the obvious in front of our eyes daily….it is out in the open the great evils that are done…

    We waste far too much time hopping down bunny trails whilst ignoring the obvious…

    If I had to point out the major evils of our day they amount to 2 or 3….Islam, Liberal Secularism, Materialism……no conspiracies here….simple plain truth…

  16. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Why don’t you ask the Incas and Aztecs how murderous Christianity can be. Of course I denounce those so called ‘Christians’ as false.

    Also what happened in the USA. I also denounce those ‘Christians’ as false.

    Devon near completed genocide is a very evil thing. In the Americas it was done in God’s name. Why do you think the percentage of native Americans claiming to be Christians is two percent.

    Get your facts straight. The USA was not a vast empty wilderness it was inhabited by some of the most sophisticated societies ever to grace this planet. Furthermore the United States Government is an illegal entity built on lies, broken promises and thievery.(Though I obey all of its laws.) One day these lands the pale man has stolen will be given back to the indigenous peoples. God hates evil, no matter who perpatrates it.

    I do not deny Islam is a false religion. Yet there are many different aspects to Islam. I’ve met many who were peaceful. To categorically denounce a group is a precarious thing. Islam is not on the same level of evil as the Nazis were.



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