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Saving Us From Ourselves By Evangelizing the Emergent Church Audio Series

Posted by Job on April 15, 2008

Lifted From’s entry  Evangelizing the Emergent Church (Saving us from ourselves). An audio lecture series.

I was recently involved in a lecture series on Postmodernism and the Emergent Church. It was held at Cornerstone Church in Riverside CA. I would recommend a visit if you live in the area. Good churches are hard to find, ya’ know? Craig Hazen from BIOLA starts things out, then there is Jay Wetger of Frontline Ministries and Troy Lambert. Great stuff. Then there is my little addition at the end of things. I hope you find it useful. (Just click the link to the site and then click, “download” on the far right of the page beside the lectures.)

All the best,

Christopher Neiswonger

12/30/07 Evangelizing a Postmodern World, Christopher Neiswonger

12/16/07 The First Foundation Stone of Christian Worldview, Jay Wegter

12/9/07 Postmodernism and the Church Troy Lambert

12/9/07 The Power of Biblical Worldview in Evangelism, Jay Wegter

12/2/07 Finding Christ in the Postmodern Matrix, Craig Hazen


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