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Two Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Is More Honest Than George W. Bush

Posted by Job on April 14, 2008

The Three Step Salvation Plan
1. Hillary Clinton openly acknowledges her support for abortion, homosexuality, and globalism where George W. Bush supports the same while lying about it.

2. Hillary Clinton made this comment in the link below. “She said she doesn’t presume anything about God and she thought Abraham Lincoln was right to not act as if God is on our side. “In fact, our mission should be on God’s side,” Clinton said.” Of course, the Bible makes it clear that God is on the side of the Christian. Hillary Clinton’s statement otherwise is a tacit confession that she is not a Christian! George W. Bush, meanwhile, regarding the war in Iraq, stated A) that God was on our side and B) that God told him to invade Iraq. Well, since B) cannot be true (as anyone who understands the new covenant and knows as a result that we are not supposed to be establishing God’s Kingdom on earth through warfare as did Old Testament Israel), how can A) be? 

Of course, this does not mean that Hillary Clinton is any more inherently honest or closer to God than George W. Bush. She takes her positions because that reflects the mainstream opinion of the Democratic Party, which requires by definition a knowing explicit rejection of Biblical Christianity. The Republican Party, meanwhile, requires that your tricking people into THINKING that you represent – or are at least willing to align yourself with and accommodate – Biblical Christianity. So, where Hillary Clinton and the Democrats lead those who have knowingly accepted opposition to the Bible for themselves, George W. Bush leads those who THINK that they are supporting the Bible but are actually being led and deceived into opposing it! And yes, Hillary Clinton lies to her “base” too. Do you honestly think that this woman actually cares about peace, the poor, children, or even the plight of women? Well, feminists and poverty advocates, it was Hillary Clinton who came up with the idea to portray Paula Jones as a low income mentally unstable woman OBVIOUSLY out for money, very little different from the racist “a little bit nutty a little bit slutty” treatment that Anita Hill received in the Clarence Thomas controversy.

So what is the Christian to do? One part of me wants the Republicans to continue to win so that more and more Christians will continue to recognize their continual betrayal by the hands of their party. (Fans of Mike Huckabee, whose candidate was subjected to an unprecedented smear campaign by members of his own party bent on making you vote for a Mormon whose record is actually to the left of Harry Reid on social issues, this means you. Get out now.) One part of me wants the Democrats to win so that the Christian Republicans can see exactly how futile their efforts are.

But ultimately, my decision is as it has been: tell Christians that both parties are deeply committed to the same anti – Christ globalist agenda (even Huckabee – or should I say especially Huckabee – has strong ties to the Council on Foreign Relations, encouraged illegal immigration, and don’t think you are ever going to hear him say anything of substance against the federal reserve, the United Nations, or the Vatican!) and that it is their Christian duty to be on God’s side by opposing both! When Moses demanded “Who is on the Lord’s side, come to me!” in Exodus 32:26, only the Levites came. Christians, your duty in this wicked time is to be Levites in the political sense, and not be conformed to the worldly mindset that you have to pick between the two evil choices that this Satanic system will provide you with in November.

By the way … when someone asked Hillary Clinton “Why does God allow evil to occur”, she stated “I don’t know, that is the first thing that I will ask Him.” Apparently Theodicy 101 is not a component of modern liberal Methodism …


7 Responses to “Two Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Is More Honest Than George W. Bush”

  1. Job, Hillary said her Lincoln statement as part of her response about whether God wants her to be President. She said it just after saying “I could be glib and say, well, we’ll find out.”

    It was all a slick way for her not to proclaim she felt God wanted her to win. Any POLITICIAN hoping to play on Christians would have said something similar.

    You do realize John Kerry played that Lincoln line back when he was running and various Democrats have played it like a broken record ever since.

  2. Job said


    But the contrast with George W. Bush claiming that God told him to invade Iraq was still good though. Amazing that he wasn’t voted out of office by the very same Christians that Hillary Clinton is now trying to fool over that, but oh well, I was one of them who did not so I cannot talk …

  3. Charles D. said

    Because Barack is more honest than either of the three. SO! That means Hillary is second? and GW is 3rd? I’m sure there are others in between but you’ve limited it to pres or pres candidates.

    I want to post the song I wrote for Barack on IC’s site. This is a request to do so.

  4. Request denied! Charles, we’ve already seen John P. Kee proclaiming his “hope” in a man.

    I’ve got something on deck regarding your buddy Obama. The short article cited in this post does not skim the surface of how bad that forum was regarding their responses and even some of the questions. But I’ll expose just a little soon.

  5. Devon said

    I don’t think Bush is nearly as strong for the homo agenda and abortion industry as someone like Hillary or Obama are though…

    Again…I think your morally relativising a little to much Job…I’ll grant you, I sure would like to see someone in the Whitehouse with strong Social Conservative values but this election this year, the prospects are dismal to say the least…

  6. Charles D. said

    “I’ve got something on deck regarding your buddy Obama”

    Leave my boy alone, IC. I intend to accept your invite, look forward to the snacks, I will be back on today with days that I’m off or will take leave. See ya

  7. Angela said

    Great post. I will be opposing both sides, as well. Here’s a similar article I found several years ago: It also was eye opening and led me to prayerfully reconsider my view of politics.

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