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(Illegal) Immigrants Keeping Roman Catholic Church From Losing Its American “Market Share”

Posted by Job on April 11, 2008

Save the ILLEGAL portion of the title, it was Reuters’ words, not mine … “and immigration is keeping the church from losing its “market share” in the highly competitive field of faith in America.”  I have to tell you … Ronald Reagan in the 1980s did two things for the Vatican (among many others) that would have been impossible for a liberal Democrat to do. He established official diplomatic relations with the Vatican, and approved a “guest worker program” for illegal Hispanic immigrants. Were it not for illegal immigration, the religious landscape of America would look quite different from how it does now! I honestly do recall that conservatives attempted to justify Reagan’s blind eye to illegal immigration by claiming that Hispanics, being hard working family oriented Roman Catholics and all, would “naturally” align with Republicans, who would then use them to offset the Democratic Party’s advantage with blacks. When you look at how formerly solid Republican states like Arizona, California, Illinois, and New Jersey have gone Democratic since thanks to the huge influx of Hispanic voters, and more areas that were at least swing states are now even more solidly Democratic for the same cause … well there is a reason why Reagan has to serve as a mythic legend in right wing circles instead of an actual human being, because regarding him as a mere mortal would mean at some point being forced to examine his actual record, and not just on immigration but also judicial appointments, abortion and other religious right issues, terrorism and the Middle East, taxes and spending, etc. The amazing thing is that even a lot of theologically conservative pastors that were driven from the Republican Party and the religious right by George W. Bush, Newt Gingrich, and similar still keep the Reagan myth going, claiming that “the party has lost its way and betrayed ‘the Reagan revolution.'” I guess a lot of us still need on our myths! Well let me tell those people something:

1. Reagan put two pro – abortion judges on the Supreme Court, and at least one of those (O’Connor) when he had a solid pro – life majority in the Senate. Reagan got away with this by claiming that he just had to have the first female justice on the Supreme Court, as if feminism and civil rights were oh so important to the fellow that gave a bunch of racists like Ed Meese and Pat Buchanan prominent posts in his administration. Oh yes, in addition to abortion, O’Connor went on to make a ton of other decisions to further the globalist agenda.

2. “Reaganomics”, the ridiculous idea that it was OK to run huge deficits so long as the economy was growing, and that indeed deficit spending would stimulate economic growth, greatly accelerated our already developing economic problems as well as helped create a culture of irresponsibility and criminality in government and Wall Street, setting the stage for the destruction of our economy so that we would need to turn to the global political and financial interests – including China – to stay afloat. Reagan did trim the fat around the edges of some social welfare spending, but accomplished absolutely no real or lasting victory for smaller government or lower spending.

3. Ever hear of our “enemies” Usama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein? Under the Reagan administration, both were our allies that we supplied with plenty of training and weapons. We should have taken care of both fellows after the Soviets were driven back from Afghanistan (assuming that keeping the Soviets out of Afghanistan was ever a prevailing interest in the first place, but then again Reagan did inherit that strategy from JIMMY CARTER), but we didn’t. The great “friend of Israel and terrorism fighter” Reagan left a huge mess in the Middle East. All of his strategies and policies failed or backfired, and he lost virtually every military confrontation in the region, unless you are willing to settle for killing the infant child of the ruler of Libya in an airstrike as a victory (it was illegal to kill Qaddafi himself, so since we knew from intelligence which side of the house Qaddafi slept on and his child slept on, and about the time that Qaddafi tended to go to bed, we bombed the bedroom of an infant child because THAT was “legal”).

4. And yes, conservatives, Ronald Reagan would have supported the “comprehensive illegal immigration reform bill with amnesty/path to citizenship” also. And yes, Reagan would have refused to build the border fence just as George W. Bush CRIMINALLY has.

But go on below to read the article below, which contains just a little of the true legacy of “the gipper”, the fellow whom the right would have you believe teamed up with Margaret Thatcher and POPE JOHN PAUL to defeat the awesome power of the Soviet Union’s command economy.


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