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My Main Concern With Barack HUSSEIN Obama: His Victory Would Make Liberation Theology Seem Rick Warren Purpose Driven!

Posted by Job on April 9, 2008

I have heard about the nightmare scenarios about a Barack Obama presidency: the anti – Christ thing, the Muslim thing, the inexperience thing, the far – left thing, etc. and to tell the truth none of them concern me terribly much. Allowing them to do so would require my dismissing from consideration the things that some of our past presidents – and our current one! – have done, or pretending that I find John McCain or Hillary Clinton in any way more to my liking. On the last point in particular, let me tell you that in their own way, each of them is immensely dangerous to the interests of Christianity!

But speaking of Christianity, do not mistake this as a statement that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is the one most worthy of opposition, for I legitimately feel that such is the case. Still, in Christian terms, there is one aspect of an Obama presidency that I find extremely worrisome: the potential that his presidency would lead to a mainstream acceptance of liberation theology. Perhaps not the radical and separatist version espoused by Jeremiah Wright and James Cone, but definitely a more commercialized, homogenized, domesticated, works – centered (PURPOSE DRIVEN?) version of it.

Now as you may know, liberation theology was given to the world by the Roman Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council. For a time there was a chance of it becoming very influential to mainstream Catholic and Protestant Christianity, but the doctrine suffered a major setback when the very Roman Catholic Church that birthed it began opposing it in a major way in the 1980s. But were Barack Obama to win the White House, there is the potential that this system could again assert itself.

You see, many may underestimate what electing a black President would mean to America’s black citizens. It is not that blacks feel that Barack Obama would enact a raft of laws and policies favoring blacks. Rather, it would be a major symbolic victory, a sign that America is turning its back on its racist past and ready to accept a fairer future. It would signal that at long last, blacks are fully recognized and accepted as equals – as Americans – by a nation that in every way imaginable denied conceding such. You think this to be foolish? Well consider this: we are less than 25 years removed from blacks being regularly featured on television commercials. That occurrence coincided right about the time of the celebrity of Michael Jordan and the success of “The Cosby Show.” Many companies feared that featuring blacks in their commercials would result in white consumers shunning their products! And yes, it has been less than 15 years since blacks began to regularly play quarterback in the NFL. When asked about the controversy in the early 1990s, NFL head coach Jimmy Johnson stated on Fox Sports that a lot of coaches regarded blacks as not being smart enough to read NFL defenses. This trivia may seem to be just that, but it is evidence of how racism so deeply permeated and tainted everything in American life, even the trivial, and it explains why people that are black like me are capable of getting so worked up over things that appear to be so small! But to so many blacks, the election of Obama would signal that the long nightmare of being second – class citizens is about to end.

This is not to say, of course, that all or even most of these people are obsessed with racial victimization. Quite the contrary, conservative views on race such as those espoused by Bill Cosby are much more popular in the black community than is let on. Many blacks are very much concerned about the cultural problems in the black community: crime, illegitimacy, educational failure, etc. It is just that we are unwilling to discuss them in response to the baiting of conservative racists (who can be of any race) that wield these issues not intending to contribute towards solving them, but rather to use them to justify racism (including but certainly not limited to their own). But in Barack and Michelle Obama, such blacks see hope in that respect as well: Harvard Law School graduates, married, and parents of two daughters. Even Barack Obama’s drug use makes him only a more practical role model in the eyes of those who found the aforementioned Cosby Show “too perfect” and “evading the real problems of the black community”, sort of the ideal anti – hero for our cynical postmodern times. So yes, blacks would look to the Obamas as role models for themselves and the black community, and Barack Obama in particular to serve this role for the very troubled black male.

So were Obama to fulfill these dreams for black America, everything that took Obama to the mountaintop, that got him to that brass ring, that he used to bring to fruition the wildest fantasies of the descendants of slaves, would become absorbed into the shared collective black experience. And a great part of Obama’s everything is, of course, none other than Jeremiah Wright. Jeremiah Wright’s theology, doctrines, sermons, mentoring, etc. (the media is not shy about calling Wright Obama’s “father figure”) will all become a major part of the narrative of how a confused biracial young man went on to become the first black President. And of course, scores of black people will want to apply what worked so well for Barack Obama into their own communities, their own churches, and their own lives.

Let me say two things about this. First, it is the American way! All Americans of all races have been assimilating the traits of successful people, of leaders, into their own being since this country was founded. And yes, the cult of personality has always been very much a factor in American religious life. Second, with respect to the black community in general, there is already precedent. Who is unaware of the huge impact on black religious life that one Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had? Well, as important as Dr. King is to black America, King never became president (a fact that Hillary Clinton, for reasons that made no sense unless she was TRYING to lose the race, taunted supporters of Obama and King with back in January during the very week of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday … let me point out by the way that if Hillary Clinton and the Republicans in nominating McCain – a fellow that most Republicans don’t even LIKE – are giving Obama every possible shot at victory). So then, the effect of Obama on the black religious landscape might even exceed that of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s!

But that is just American blacks, right? Wrong. There has been a provincial, chauvinistic even, tendency among blacks to overstate this, but American blacks are quite often trendsetters. American blacks set trends for blacks in other regions: Africa, Latin America, etc. Now liberation theology is already more of a factor in those regions than in America, so Obama’s election would give the advocates of that belief system in those areas precisely what they need (and that speaks nothing of the Hispanic, Asian, and white adherents of it). And yes, blacks do set trends for whites in America. American whites, in turn, set trends for white people elsewhere in the world. So world, liberation theology brought to you by Barack Hussein Obama. What, Obama is a Muslim? Well, what better belief system for the secular moderate Muslims to buy into? And the secular moderate Hindus? Buddhists? People that are just, well, secular and moderate? And so on …

Again, a key component to remember is that it will NOT be the same liberation theology as advocated by David Cone and Jeremiah Wright. As a matter of fact, not even the black nationalism or Afrocentrism portion of the messages of Cone and Wright will be overly offensive in time. After all, the current image of Martin Luther King, Jr. is nothing like the man with exceptionally radical views and confrontational methods that actually lived. Does anyone remember that Muhammad Ali was once a member of the Nation of Islam? Nope. And even Malcolm X had his black history month commemorative soda cups sold by McDonald’s! The same will be done with liberation theology. It will be packaged and sold like a commercial product just like everything else in America, and when that happens, it may just find a nation – a globe! – of willing consumers in our churches just waiting to devour it. And why not? In their determined zeal to run away from the true Jesus Christ of the Bible, the cross, and the empty tomb, has not Christianity shown itself more than willing to devour everything else? This, people, is no different, and when you consider a great many of the other falsities ingested into popular Christianity over the ages, liberation theology, black or otherwise, is not so radical after all. Is it?

The Three Step Salvation Plan


15 Responses to “My Main Concern With Barack HUSSEIN Obama: His Victory Would Make Liberation Theology Seem Rick Warren Purpose Driven!”

  1. Christian Prophet said

    Same argument was used against Romney’s Mormonism. The deeper argument would be that Christianity redefined altogether as Socialism might become popular. See:
    The Three Step Salvation Plan

  2. Job said

    Christian Prophet:

    The argument is still good. Keep in mind that this is not a political site but a religious one. I do not tell people who to vote for, or who not to vote for.

  3. John Kaniecki said

    Christian Prophet,

    Hi hope you are well.

    May I ask why you call yourself a Christian? It seems from your link that you are connected with the LDS church. Also you have A Course in Miracles which pretends that one of your prophets having revelations from Jesus. And to top it all off you have a monthly message from the Holy Spirit. (How nice that God would oblige you to give such a timely and regular message.)

    Let me ask you this do you believe in revelation outside the Bible?

    And if so who gets it?



  4. Job said

    John K:

    Good one. Thanks brother in Christ!

  5. Charles D. said

    Does even make sense to me. The responses do not either. Maybe it’s just me.

  6. Hey so-called “Christian Prophet”, we’ve got a few things we’d like to talk with you about over here.

    So how about you stop trying to LINK DROP your blog of heresy.

  7. Jezz said

    It doesnt matter what he believes, Obama is a constitutional law professor and the country is best served by someone who knows, understands, and lives by the constitution. This is the founding document that can keep the country together while guaranteeing we preserve our freedom of worship

  8. Job said


    I understand your desire to contrast Obama with George W. Bush. But please understand: George W. Bush and his advisors know the law. They just choose to break it. In reality, they are not the problem. The American people are the problem, because they allow George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Congress, etc. to break the law over and over again without consequence. We don’t even vote them out of office (as we had a chance to do with Reagan, Clinton, Nixon, LBJ, and the younger Bush), let alone demand that they be impeached, imprisoned, etc. Are you aware that the only federal official to have been impeached and removed from office in modern times, former federal judge Alcee Hastings, was INNOCENT? And Hastings voted to NOT to impeach the GUILTY Bill Clinton DESPITE having been wrongfully convicted and removed from office by a bunch of HYPOCRITICAL LAWBREAKERS himself. Hastings was removed from office by people that ignored the lawbreaking of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush, and after he himself has been elected to Congress, he defended the lawbreaking of Bill Clinton. Hastings has not even spoken up forcefully about William Jefferson, either about the fact that the fellow has been credibly accused of the same crime that he was FALSELY ACCUSED AND REMOVED FROM A LIFETIME APPOINTMENT FOR, or the fact that the tactics that the government used to demonstrate Jefferson’s guilt WERE THEMSELVES ILLEGAL AND THE PEOPLE WHO AUTHORIZED AND COMMITTED THE ILLEGAL TACTICS USED TO GAIN EVIDENCE AGAINST JEFFERSON SHOULD GO TO JAIL BEFORE JEFFERSON DOES! So now we have reached the point where innocent victims go on to be as corrupt as their accusers.

    So, having a constitutional lawyer in the White House will not help us. Only a nation that demands that the President and Congress follow the law will. And we haven’t had a nation like that in a long time.

  9. Charles D. said

    Yet and still Barack Obama is eons ahead of Bush and his cronies, who by the way, do not know the law, rather, they break existing laws, create sham executive policies, knowing full well what their agendas are and not giving a tinkers dam whether the masses like it or not.

    I am secure in my beliefs that Obama will be the greatest occupant in the white house since either of us can remember or have read about. I could care less how much “know nothings” continue to attack or turn others against him. Just have to carry those brothers kicking and screaming into this new era.

    You’re dead-on Jezz. You know the signs of the times. Keep it up!

    With a huge smile on my face, I can afford to laugh at those who know no better. Talking about manifest destiny; baby you got it, rather you will get it. I’mma laughing all the way to the polls. 🙂

    TeeHeeHee 😉

  10. Jezz,

    I was seeing reports recently of how Team Obama is trying to attract Conservatives in the same way he’s done in the past. But claiming his “Constitutional Law” experience and hoping Conservatives take the bait. But when we look at his record, one of the things he claims to protect and is pitching RIGHT NOW in Pennsylvania in a hope to win Conservative votes, is the 2nd amendment and claims he’ll protect the right to bear arms, because PA has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the nation. His record on 2nd amendment issues proves he does not honestly uphold the US Constitution at all. Obama says how he is against the historical freedoms provided by the 2nd amendment himself.

    – Limiting gun sales to 1 a month.
    – Seeking to ban what he calls “assault weapons”.
    – And

    Obama Disagreed With The NRA That “People Should Be Unimpeded And Unregulated On Gun Ownership;” In Favor Of Handgun Registration And Licensing Requirements.

    This nation was not built on men having to “register” their guns with government. Governments that “register” guns only end up taking them away, before putting the populace under stronger dictatorship.

    This talk of Obama’s Constitutional Law experience is nothing but an effort to make him appear to be something he’s not. He’s a Liberal who puts the US Constitution under his feet as much as some of his Conservative counterparts.

    Now aside from that, Jezz did you know THE US CONSTITUTION CAN’T SAVE ANYONE?

    You can wrap yourself in it all you want, but the US Constitution is NOT a God breathed document and WON’T save your soul. Only a firm belief in the truth of Jesus can help anyone, not the Constitution. You seemed to avoid all that this post is about. How Obama is a student of and promotes a false doctrine.

  11. The line “But claiming his “Constitutional Law” experience…”

    Should read “By claiming his “Constitutional Law” experience…”

  12. Job said

    Charles D:

    Bush and his cronies know the law. Haven’t you read their many briefs and summaries that their (equally criminal) solicitor generals and attorney generals argue before the (very criminal) Supreme Court during which they blatantly claim that the law does not mean what it says, and where it does mean what it says it should not be followed? It is as if John Ashcroft, Ted Olsen, Alberto Gonzales, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, and company went to a class on twisting, mangling, dissembling, nullifying, and ignoring taught by oneness pentecostals. Not that I am comparing the freemason – written Constitution to the Holy Spirit – authored Bible, I am just saying that both groups of liars use the same techniques, the high government officials in their secular capacity (which Romans 13 makes clear that they are supposed to exercise honestly and faithfully … these people are not like the prudent King Darius that Isaiah spoke of so highly!), or the oneness pentecostals in their pathetic attempt to emulate Christianity.

    Now following the words of the Holy Spirit that inspired Paul to write Romans 13, Martin Luther once stated that he would rather be ruled by a wise Turk than a foolish Christian. As to whether Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a wise Turk (for we know that the fellow is not a Christian of any sort) remains to be seen, and if he governs after the manner of the King Darius (or the pharaoh in the time of Joseph), then I will credit him as doing such. But I will say this: based on his numerous and multi – layered connections to the group of committed globalist types … and yes fellows like Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Newt Gingrich, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, George Bush, etc. are in this same group … I sincerely doubt it. Are you not aware, for instance, that one of the primary fundraisers for Barack Obama, is also one of the primary backers of John McCain? Soros has been funding Obama since at least 2004 during his Senate campaign (during which he had no significant opposition in the primary or the general election), and has been funding McCain since at least 2001. So no matter who wins Election 2008, Soros will have his guy in.

    You may accuse me of being a conspiracy theory mongerer, but the truth is that no one has been elected President OR chosen Speaker of the House OR Senate Majority leader without being connected to this cabal in quite a long time, and that these folks all promote basically the same legislative agenda no matter which party they are in or what ideology they claim to have. And yes, many of the people that have become leaders in key areas outside of politics (academia, entertainment, finance) are affiliated with these people and push their very same agenda. Think about it.

    So maybe you think that this fellow who went from being a flat broke unkown community activist and college professor who had to use a few cute tricks to get elected to a state senate seat in 1996 (he used quirks in state election laws to get all of his opponents disqualified from the race!) and getting crushed in a U.S. House race in 2000 (Bobby Rush dominated him big time) to having a better than even chance of becoming president in 2008 will get into office and only to turn on the people that put him into it, fine. I just want you to tell me that if he does such a thing, how long do you think he will be allowed to live? I have an audio series on here from a FBI chief that states that John F. Kennedy was killed not long after deciding to get us out of the Federal Reserve and IMF and move us back to the gold standard. You know, there was never a guy who had more potential as a politician than Jack Kemp. Former football star, successful in business, excellent Cabinet Secretary, successful Congressman, produced a lot of good ideas, and was better on civil rights issues and had a better relationship with the black and Hispanic community than any white Republican (and nearly all black and Hispanic ones for that matter).

    So, whatever happened to Kemp? You tell me. He was never elected to Senate. He never advanced to the House leadership. His presidential campaign never went anywhere because despite being beloved by the business community and party activists, like Independent Conservative’s Duncan Hunter he couldn’t raise any money or get any media attention. And when he was nominated for vice president with Bob Dole … you see how that turned out. Well, sir, Mr. Kemp, despite his significant merit (or perhaps because of it), wanted to abolish the federal reserve, get us out of the IMF and WTO, and put us back on the gold standard. I gotta tell you, that if Mr. Hussein Obama is not going to advocate taking us out of this anti – Christ global economic system, he is no wise Turk. But again, if he does advocate such a thing, he will A) never set foot in the White House or B) not inhabit it very long if he does.

    And oh yes, forget about Obama doing anything about the United States not so slowly being turned into a puppet vassal of the Vatican Holy Roman Empire great harlot Catholic Church. Obama lists three spiritual mentors. One is Jeremiah Wright, but another is Father Michael Phleger, a Roman Catholic priest who like Jeremiah Wright preaches the liberation theology doctrine that the Roman Catholic Church invented to get and keep the black and brown third world Roman Catholics from following the likes of Simon Bolivar and Che Guevara. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the European Roman Catholics decided that they had no more need for liberation theology anymore, and had John Paul and the guy that would go one to replace him distance themselves from it … but never officially condemn it!

  13. Charles D. said


    Legal issues arising out of the Executive Branch are primarily written, assembled, and argued before the courts that you mentioned; without Bush or Chaney having even seen them. Granted, staffer in the Old Executive Office Bldg staff briefs for the president’s daily briefing and positions Books, however, the president rarily sees those. I took your statement to mean that Bush or Chaney, et al, actually KNEW THE LAW!!! aRE YOU SERIOUS?? George W, had a C- average coming out of Yale and his major was not LAW and neither was Chaneys’ Don’t you know that our president have trouble with anything having to do with with reading, writing, and comprehension. You give him far too much credit.

    Also, the Administration’s positions on abortions, gun control, etc comes from the platform of his party and the positions argued in the courts are nothing new coming into the light, but were known well before G.W. took office and eminate from the Republican National Committee. He as a man does not know the law nor is he interested in knowing the law. Harriet (whatever her last name was)Meier I think, was not exactly burning up honors in law school. She was the president’s counsel and she gave him advice that cost her job. Nominating such talent for the supereme courts speaks volumes about how much GW knows about the law.

    Someone is 75%-80% of the decisions made in government are made by staffers. Where would he get the time, or brains I might add? We already know that lobbyist prepare legislation in hearing form, especially, where their interest are involved. Thats what makes him appear weak and where Obama differ. By that I mean although he’s not going to do everything either, but, he certainly will not sign everything a staffer sticks in his face; he’s a better judge of talent than GW, in fact, a staffer would be afraid to stick some dumb stuff in his face – they would be too afraid to do so because they already knows that he’s no idiot and tthat’s the reason GW staffer recognize that flaw in a man who can’t find countries that he have to deal with on a globe.

    I’ll stop there but this is my field and I know how government operate. Not what the civic books says, it’s simply isn’t true.


    excuse errors

  14. Charles D. said

    The Solicitor General of the US is like the prosecutor. He bring charges on behalf of the US. Do you realize how many laws, regulations, statutes, and Codes of federal regulations have been created this month alone? Take a look in the appropriate Congressional Daily Daily to get a clue as to that number.

    The presidential budget which is about 6 or more inches thick per volumes and they too contain laws and aboved mentioned regulatory mandates that have the effect of law. Hey GW academic records are available on-line. Read those then tell me if you believe GW knows the law.

    Confidentailly between you and me – nobody knows all of the law, the supreme court just makes laws. Not because they know the law (also, incedentially, legal clerks carry the larger responsibility for those too; not the justices and when they do the laws almost always fall on the side of Dem or Repub idology.


  15. […] Methodist seminaries) there would be far fewer black liberal churches. Now I will grant you that in My Main Concern With Barack HUSSEIN Obama: His Victory Would Make Liberation Theology Seem Rick Warr… I stated that a Barack Obama victory would result in wide acceptance of black liberation theology […]

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