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Many CONSERVATIVE Bashers Of Barack HUSSEIN Obama Pastor Jeremiah Wright Are HYPOCRITES!

Posted by Job on April 9, 2008

I have followed the right wing conservative controversy – mongering over Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright in the usual haunts (talk radio, online versions of conservative magazines, etc.) and quickly found myself angrier at Wright’s attackers than I was at Wright himself! Why? Because such people were manufacturing and whipping up in their utterly deceived listeners and readers intense emotions of anger and fear at Wright’s Marxism, anti – Americanism, victimization, rejection of middle class values, opposition to our military and foreign policy (when Wright himself is a Marine!), his association with the hate group the Nation of Islam (when conservatives have their own ties with racist groups and personalities i.e. the Council of Conservative Citizens), and so on and so forth.

It repelled me because the usual suspects were not taking Jeremiah Wright to task for his rejection of Christianity for a false religion. No, they were upset at Wright for his rejection of their own false religion of “Americanism” and that which it stands, a system of cultural, economic, social, and political beliefs, most of which have more in common with the fascist Roman Empire that so persecuted the church and its pagan Greek philosophy underpinnings than anything that the Bible actually contains. It was not about Jeremiah Wright’s rejection of Jesus Christ, because so many card – carrying members of this same movement have rejected Jesus Christ. So, their outrage was over Wright’s rejecting their “America” god!

This was demonstrated particularly on the talk radio shows when they had a string of evangelical preachers – black and white – as guests or callers. All of these fellows talked about how they “never ever ever” discussed politics in the pulpit, how inappropriate it was, and how the pulpit should be only about the Bible. So … when are these people going to start applying that to all of these religious right preacher types that have made their churches political arms of the Republican Party? Pat Robertson anyone? Ted Haggard maybe? John Hagee? Rod Parsley? Second, the talk radio show host would inevitably bring up the time – honored favored conservative talking point concerning the black community: the grotesque HORROR that Jeremiah Wright was not teaching his congregation to take personal responsibility for their actions. First of all, the right is just as hypocritical on this as they are on the “no politics in the pulpit!” nonsense. Let any white person have even the flimsiest case to cry “reverse discrimination”, and the right will turn him into their Emmett Till!

But the bigger problem was their claim that preachers should be espousing “personal responsibility” from the pulpit. To hear the talk radio shows tell it, all the white (and “good black”) pastors were feeding their sermons a steady diet of personal responsibility talk! The pastors were proudly proclaiming as such themselves! And that, my friends, makes me frightened for the state of American Christianity! Do not get me wrong! As a secular cultural or moral value, I have no problem with the concept of “personal responsibility.” (I do tend to have a problem with some of the personalities that use it as a weapon and buzzword, especially when they fail to live up to it themselves.) But the notion has no place in the pulpit. The message of the cross – especially of the Calvinist or Reformed variety – is that were man to be held personally responsible for his actions by a righteous God, we would all be condemned to the lake of fire for eternity! We are not only all sinners, but we are utterly incapable of doing anything about that fact unless God Himself intervenes and saves us. We cannot be intervened by “taking charge of our own lives”, but only by a miracle of a gracious, loving, merciful God freely giving of His own volition something that we can never merit or earn.

And just as God gave us what we do not deserve, we are to do the same, to the best of our limited human capacity. We are to love. To forgive. To show mercy. To advocate for the widow, the orphan, the poor, the stranger. To identify with the least of society, those on the streets and even those in prison! Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did the same, and so must we! Now this whole “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” may be fine rhetoric and principles for living in the secular sphere, notwithstanding it often being favored by people that grew up in gated suburban communities, attended private schools, were admitted to elite universities as legacies, and tapped into their trust funds to start their businesses that were then patronized and given favorable business terms by the clients of their father’s (and grandfather’s) businesses. But that talk has no business in the church! In the church, it is all about giving straps to those who don’t have them on their boots, giving boots with straps to those who don’t have boots, and then doing whatever we can to those who do not have feet or legs, and those who have all those things and do not have the sense about themselves to know what to do with them?

For what were you, hypocrite, when Jesus Christ came by you and saw you lying in the gutter, polluted in your own blood, vomit, excrement, and who knows what else? You were undone, a man of unclean lips and heart! You were a dead man walking! Blind to righteousness! Dead to spiritual things! A hater and enemy of God! Incapable of feeling, giving, or receiving true love! A rebel! A vagabond! A worm! Unworthy of even existing, let alone being mentioned, regarded, or even thought of! And if Jesus Christ had not intervened on your behalf and saved you, that is where you would still be today! So who are you, hypocrite, to bring this abominable false doctrine of personal responsibility into the pulpit to demand of someone else when you were so into your total depravity when Jesus Christ found you that you were unable to be responsible for yourself? And are you even aware that if you are in fact saved, it is not by your own works or virtue but the power of God the Holy Spirit working the perseverance of the saints within your person that keeps you from falling back into your hellbound state! So if are preaching anything contrary to THIS BIBLICAL FACT from the pulpit, oh what an evil wicked wretched liar teaching a twisted perverted falsehood you are! You need to fall on your knees and beg God to forgive you, IF YOU ARE IN FACT BORN AGAIN IN THE FIRST PLACE!

But this nonsense speaks precisely of the problem with so many of the modern churches, even the conservative evangelical churches. They attract people with a false gospel based on what God can do for them rather than how they should abase themselves before and serve God. And they keep people by telling them what great people they are based on the great works they do for themselves! The grace of God, the Bible, the resurrection, and that old bloody cross have been pushed aside for a false gospel of works! A lust for consumerism! The false confidence of militarism! The cult of conformity with the world! And the idolatry of “my country ’tis of thee!” Now do not mistake me for being some flag burning Marxist, because such attitudes violate Romans 13. But what I am saying is that secular ideals like that have no place in the pulpit, because once you put it there, it replaces the cross! It is leaven! The Jews were to eat unleavened bread during the Passover that prefigured the sacrifice of Christ and the subsequent deliverance of the Body of Christ, because A LITTLE LEAVEN LEAVENETH THE WHOLE LUMP! So when you look at so many of these religious right churches, what is their calling card? Not the Blood of Jesus Christ! No, that is too brutal! Too backwards! Too exclusive and exclusionary! No, they rally around the concept of “traditional American family values!” In other words, a works based gospel that allows them to co – opt the pulpit into a secular political movement that omits Jesus Christ that can be manipulated and exploited by those who have rejected, hated, and indeed crucified that same Jesus Christ and to this day are persecuting His church!

Don’t you see, Christian, how easy it is to cast aside unearned grace for works? With unearned grace, the glory goes to the sovereign God. With works, with “family values”, “personal responsibility”, etc. you glorify yourself. You put yourself on a pedestal above the next guy. God decreases so that you can increase and take his place. That is why it is so easy, so tempting, so seductive, so EVIL. And that is why you MUST turn away from it. Why? Because if you are teaching or following this false gospel, then truthfully you are no different from Jeremiah Wright.

And to truly think about it, that is why this “values based” false Christianity exists to begin with: politics. There is a need to avoid the unpleasant fact that people who reject Jesus Christ are going to burn in the lake of fire, so you need a pseudo – religious language that A) allows you to have something in common with people from other religions that share your political beliefs and B) condemn people that do not share your POLITICAL beliefs. They are not condemned to the lake of fire, mind you. In the religious right political context, the lake of fire does not exist. It is actually a liberation theology system actually, where heaven and hell are earthly conditions: if you have the right “beliefs” and “values” you receive “prosperity”, which is “heaven”, but if you have the wrong “beliefs and values”, you are an enemy of the state, which is “hell.” Well I am here to tell you today that the political salvation offered by both the right AND the left are false. Values cannot save you, only Jesus Christ can, and let me tell you, Jesus Christ leave heaven and come to earth, be whipped by cat – o – nine tails, nailed to a rugged cross, be spit and beat on, bear sins and iniquities, etc. to teach you good values! Only Jesus Christ can save you, not false belief systems advocated by culture critics in the pulpit – or in the many house organs of the political right. That is something that Christians cannot ever afford to forget. The Three Step Salvation Plan


4 Responses to “Many CONSERVATIVE Bashers Of Barack HUSSEIN Obama Pastor Jeremiah Wright Are HYPOCRITES!”

  1. Job, shouldn’t the title be: “Many CONSERVATIVE Bashers Of Barack HUSSEIN Obama Pastor Jeremiah Wright Are HYPOCRITES!” ???

    You used “bashers” twice and kind of made a double negative statement.

    Also, did you know Wright used to be a Muslim of some sort?

  2. I just wonder if his former Muslim ties are why he’s cozy with people like Farra-the-Con now.

    This article mentions it:

    Older pastors warned him that Trinity was for “Buppies”–black urban professionals–and didn’t have enough street cred. But Wright was a former Muslim and black nationalist who had studied at Howard and Chicago, and Trinity’s guiding principles–what the church calls the “Black Value System”–included a “Disavowal of the Pursuit of Middleclassness.'”

  3. Job said


    Thanks man. Typing while hungry :-). I knew that Jeremiah Wright’s area of concentration at Howard University Divinity School was Islam.

  4. Charles D. said

    Closet haters!


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