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John Hagee Says Barack HUSSEIN Obama IS NOT The Anti – Christ!

Posted by Job on April 8, 2008

I happen to agree with apostate heretic Hagee on this one incidentally. Others that I have discussed this with are considering the source (apostate heretic Hagee) and as a result are even more suspicious of Obama than before.


10 Responses to “John Hagee Says Barack HUSSEIN Obama IS NOT The Anti – Christ!”

  1. Did you hear how (Mormon) Glenn Beck started by saying:

    The Evangelical Joke ah Vote…

    He kind of made it seem like a slip of the tongue, but he’s been in the media game long enough to know how to drop a line he intended to drop and make it appear accidental. He’s still bitter his man Romney didn’t have a chance with most who are called “evangelicals”.

    Neither John Hagee or Obama appear to be “The AntiChrist” from what we’ve seen of them thus far. However, both Hagee and Obama are antichrists in the 1 John 2:18 sense of the plural use of the term.

    Hagee presents a false dual covenant, that is not of Christ. Making him a false christ, by way of the false dual covenant that he promotes. Hagee has denied the true fullness of Christ. See: John Hagee, the Biggest Apostate Heretic of 2007! (*Updated*)
    So John Hagee is a false christ, an antichrist.

    Barack Hussein Obama Junior, is also an antichrist. He follows a false (Black Liberation Theology) gospel, denies Jesus is the only way to salvation, belittles things in scripture that speak against abominable sin such as homosexuality, he seeks to influence churches with his false doctrine and has made that known already. See: Pastors: Keep Obama Balaam out of your pulpit!
    Obama IS being praised as if he’s the “hope” for man. See: Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Idolatry Hits New Heights! Pastor John P. Kee Makes a Gospel Styled Song Claiming “Hope” and “Brighter Day” in Obama.
    So Obama has very much become an antichrist in the doctrine he promotes and in how he is idolized by men.

    Note, that I said Obama does not appear to be “The AntiChrist” from what we’ve seen of him thus far. That does not mean I will always feel that way. I keep my eyes open and take it one day at a time.

  2. Charles D. said

    More importantly, Hagee never denied that he was!!!!!

    What’s his middle name anyway, so I can see if it equates to 6-6-6?????

    Chas 😉

  3. Devon said

    Obama is dangerous and a lunatic, but he is definately not the Anti Christ….I can’t believe that people would think so??? He is certainly anti christ….but he is not THE Anti Christ….

  4. Charles D. said

    Thanks a bunch. Now that I have the official word from a “dangerous and a lunatic” expert, now I can rest easy. You do realize that you’ve made yourself such an expert don’t you?

    I thank you, Barack thanks you, and the “dangerous and a lunatic” community thank you.


  5. Devon said

    Uh Charles, I didn’t call everyone that supports Obama dangerous and a lunatic…I said he was…

    I am sure their were lot’s of decent people that supported Hitler and Stalin and Pol pot etc etc and they only found out later that these were madmen…

    Not to put Barack in that Company but the point is, decent people can end up supporting a horrible candidate.

    P.S. Still waiting to hear why you are supporting Barack outside of his skin color?

    Take Care

  6. Charles D. said

    “Still waiting to hear why you are supporting Barack outside of his skin color?”

    I wouldn’t be that shallow! And besides I’m going to tell you and (“us”) why I support Barack…..Gist shy o’ D rapture.


  7. Cheri said

    I beg to differ.
    Anyone read the left behind series.

  8. Cheri said

    check out

  9. Mathew said

    The pope is the antichrist. His number is 666 in latin Vicar of christ. He sits on 7 hill which is rome, he and the church murder millions of saints in the black ages, which revelations says he who murdered the saints. Also note that the Vatican created Islam and pope kissed the Koran. Call no man father according to mathew in the bible. He cannot save you only the blood of Jesus can. You must repent of your sins to Jesus through prayer not man. Read Revelations 17 and you will realize what I say is true do not be deceived by this false religion.

  10. jack reylan said

    China has just started using biologically cloned humanoid drones in its factories and military to counter population aging from one child policy. This biocloning was started by Tong Dizhou in the early 1990s to produce star athletes but was later taken up by the PLA military. The clones are grown in the wombs of slave women from allied African dictators. and have been known to appear on American soil as illegal workers. Food and Drug Administration investigators say the Chinese spiked pet food with melamine so that they would appear in tests to have more value as protein products. They sell drywall which emit suflide fumes! Given their blatant disregard for American safey in products they sell, because they don’t care if we stay alive after we enrich them, it is worrisome that these clones have not been adequately tested for potential disease transmission. Why aren’t anti-American professors who were hawking phoney Japanese “quality” complaining about their fellow reds in China?

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