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Third Grader Plot To Murder Teacher Is More Evidence That Child Evangelism Is Necessary

Posted by Job on April 4, 2008

(Matthew 24:4, 2 Timothy 3:1-9; 2 Peter 3:3-10 )

Why would a group of 6-9 third graders, boys and girls between the ages of 8
and 10, have handcuffs, duct tape, electrical and transparent tape, ribbons,
a crystal paperweight, and a broken steak knife? To attack their teacher!
What did this teacher do to invoke the wrath of these children? She scolded
one of the girls for standing on a chair. School officials and police in
Waycross, Georgia, which is located just north of Jacksonville, Florida,
were tipped off Friday to this plot by the children to attack their teacher.
All of the students involved have been suspended, with two girls, ten and
nine-years-old, along with an eight-year-old boy, facing multiple juvenile
charges of conspiracy, possession, aggravated assault, all in the third

Waycross Police Chief Tanner says the students apparently planned to knock
the teacher unconscious with a crystal paperweight, bind her with the
handcuffs and tape, and then stab her with the knife. He went on to add
that the third-graders assigned themselves different tasks including
covering-up the windows so people couldn’t look in down to cleaning up

Of course so many questions remain unanswered at this point. Were these
children seriously going to follow through with their plan and actually
carry out this assault on their teacher that could easily have killed her?
Who are these kids? The teacher who was their target and school officials
described the children as “good kids,” and not known as trouble makers.
What types of home environments do these kids come from? More critical is
what was the thought process that went into this whole scheme? Who
initiated the plot? Why did the other children choose to go along with such
a brutal plan? It will be interesting in the coming days and weeks as these
details emerge.

I am dealing with this sad story today because it is simply another classic
example of what I have been talking about these last 9 years, and sounding
the trump of warning about frequently over the last few years. This nation
is in spiritual freefall. We are in a spiritual abyss. This story of 3rd
graders plotting to brutally attack and most likely kill their teacher is a
clear symptom of a society that is out of control. Kids see acts of
violence as a form of expression. No longer do the vast majority of people
have any sort of moral or ethical compass to guide their lives. Right and
wrong are now determined by each individual.

I have had the sad experience of seeing our society and culture literally
disintegrating over my 5 decades of life. This is NOT the same world, the
same culture, I was born into and grew up in as a child. We legally
slaughter 4,000 innocent babies EVERY 24 HOURS and nobody says a word. The
sin of homosexuality is now accepted as a mainstream lifestyle. Sex is no
longer viewed as a gif from God for a man and woman in the bonds of
marriage, but a sport to be played by anyone, of any age, at any time, with
anyone, in any way. The proliferation of porn and gambling have destroyed
any stigma they used to carry and have helped to further erode the moral and
ethical choices people make.

The daily avenue of escape most people choose are drugs and alcohol, which
further deadens a person’s ability to make wise choices. Living together
outside of marriage is considered perfectly acceptable and God’s holy
institution of marriage has been turned into little more than a legal date
by most. Most children no longer grow up in a loving, nurturing home with
their mother and father, but in every kind of unstable and unhealthy

So why are we really shocked when a bunch of third graders decide they want
to attack their teacher? If you haven’t read the Bible and the various
passages that describe the signs of the last days, we are living in them
right now. Time is very short and Jesus is coming soon. These children in
Georgia are just further evidence of that. Look at the recent news
regarding kids. Gangs of teen girls brutalizing people and involved in
serious crimes like robbery, stealing cars, dealing drugs, and even murder.
An 8-year-old who raped an elderly woman. 12-year-old girls who were
suspended for having a contest on the school bus to see how many boys they
could give oral sex to on the way to school. Those are just a few, there
are many more.

The legitimate question is where are children of this age learning this type
of behavior. First, at home. So many are growing up in Godless, faithless,
broken and blended homes where the only modeling they see by adults is
negative. Second, is the media and technology kids are exposed to and have
today. Please don’t for a second underestimate the power of television,
movies, music, advertising, video games, and the internet has on shaping the
thoughts, ideals, and values of kids today. With very little positive
influence at home, without any spiritual influence in their lives, the minds
of our kids today are being shaped by our Godless culture that promotes
every kind of sin and debauchery you can imagine. Understanding this, why
are we shocked when we see the type of behavior we see from children today?

Let me give you my personal thoughts on these kids in Waycross. When all
the details come out you will find that they are most likely from middle to
above middle income homes. 80% of the kids will be living in homes that do
NOT include their biological mom and dad. Most likely 80% don’t go to
church, though with the state of our churches today I wouldn’t be shocked if
many did attend. FOX recently had a reality program involving young
children of this age who were left on their own with no adult supervision to
create and live in their own town, and they did it. Crime shows like CSI
are blueprints for how to organize and commit crimes.

You will find the child who was the mastermind of this scheme was influenced
heavily by television, and the others were willing followers. Most all of
the kids play video games, which if nothing else, desensitizes them to
violence and cheapens the value of life. If you put all those factors
together with children who have no sense of right and wrong, and this story
is not as unbelievable as it may seem at first blush. These children are
simply a byproduct of a culture and society that is in spiritual freefall
and deteriorating right before our very eyes.

I love you and care about you so much. If stories like this don’t wake
people up to the state of our culture and the times we are living in, I
don’t know what will. I already know many will simply chalk this up as an
“isolated incident.” I wish it was. Seeing over 40,000 emails daily, we
sadly are dealing with sad stories like this that never make the headlines.
I see the results of this deteriorating culture every day in the destroyed
lives of people. I remind you often of satan’s goals, to kill, steal, and
destroy. He is having his way at this time in human history as he virtually
goes unchecked about his business of stealing people’s souls, destroying
their lives, and killing them.

This is a war for the souls of men, and sadly, satan is fighting virtually
unopposed in the culture. If the church would get as zealous about saving
souls as they are about building projects, if ministries would leave the
comfort, safety, and profitability of the Christian media and move their
message to the secular media, if publishers would write books and magazines
geared to and marketed to the lost world as opposed to other Christians, we
could see some dramatic changes in our culture overnight. But sadly, most
are more worried about the temporal pleasures of this world and money more
than souls. So they keep on fleecing the choir to preach to the choir,
while the lost and hurting masses are left to the wolves like Oprah and the
lies of satan who is serious about taking them to hell.

Pray today for these children. They are young, it is not too late for them.
They need the Lord. Pray for their parents. They need Divine guidance to
deal with their children and provide an environment that teaches the type of
scheme they were involved in is not something a person should ever consider.
Pray for this teacher, as God has protected her from what would have been a
horrible experience. Pray for the legal and school authorities as they are
led to properly punish these children for their actions.

In closing, I pray for you today. WAKE UP! This is not some isolated
incident, but this IS the world we live in today. This IS what our culture
has become. The only hope we have, the only answer there is, is for this
nation to turn back to God and Biblical values. Nothing short of a true and
sweeping spiritual revival is going to turn our nation and culture back to
the foundation of faith it was originally based on. Unless that happens, we
will be seeing these types of stories more often, and even more shocking
examples of a culture that is spiraling out of control.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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One Response to “Third Grader Plot To Murder Teacher Is More Evidence That Child Evangelism Is Necessary”

  1. Matt said

    Once again, when some kids go nuts, people blame it on “violent video games”. What about the millions of kids playing video games who never do anything remotely violent?

    It’s the human condition. We’ve been massacring each other since the dawn of time.

    Sheltering kids does nothing to help, I have lots of missionary kid friends (I myself am an MK) who went completely crazy in college, rebelling against their parents… the one common trend among them is that they had strict parents who imposed restrictions on television, video games etc… This does nothing. Meanwhile the kids who had less restrictions imposed turned out as mature christians. You have to face the reality that AT SOME POINT kids will be exposed to the world, shielding them completely from it will do NOTHING to prepare them for the inevitable encounter.

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