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Marcus and Joni Lamb Endorse Juanita Bynum!

Posted by Job on March 29, 2008

From Marcus and Joni Lamb Compromise Again!! on Theology Today.

On January 21, 2008, I posted a blog regarding comments Marcus and Joni Lamb had made at a meeting of so-called Christian leaders held at the Charisma Magazine headquarters. I questioned the Lambs integrity then, and was reluctant to label the Lambs as hypocrites. Last night I watched Daystar, airing a repeat of a past Share-a-Thon featuring “Prophetess” Juanita Bynum whooping and hollering and raising money for Daystar.

In light of the “prophetesses” appearance last night, this statement makes Marcus Lamb a hypocrite;

We must have personal revival. Marcus Lamb, founder of the Daystar Television Network, fought back tears as he lamented how far leaders have fallen in this day of Christian superstar scandals. “When was the last time we fasted?” he asked. “When was the last time we studied the Word just to hear from God?” Lamb believes “an alarm was sounded in 2007” that is calling each of us back to the simplicity of devotion to Jesus.

Keep in mind that Lamb made the above statement after his Fall Share-a-Thon when he had Bynum, Paula White and Jamaal Harrison Bryant appearing in re-runs raising money. Each of these three has had major personal public scandals in the past year and each of these three has either been divorced or in the process of getting one at the time of their appearance on Daystar’s Share-a-Thon.

So, what does the tear filled “Little Lamb of God” pull two month’s later? He shows re-runs of Juanita Bynum prancing around in a white robe begging for money for his network. Does this look like lament to you? Does this look like a man whose fasted and prayed over his choices as to who he should be using to raise money for a “Christian” network?

Maybe in the fall of 2007 we could have given Lamb a pass on his poor judgment. After all, we all make mistakes but this is beyond making a mistake. What this is the very definition of compromise and hypocritical behavior and hardly exhibits the fruit of a Christian leader or a Christian network.

It’s fairly obvious Lamb utilizes the talents of famous people like Ms. Bynum to raise money whether they are Christian or not so what’s next? Maybe Tom Cruise can make an appearance or how about Oprah Winfrey? I’m sure those two would bring in big bucks and they have at least one thing in common with the rest of Lambs circus of the stars…..they don’t preach Christ crucified either.

Marcus Lamb is a hypocrite ladies and gentlemen. His network hosts more heretics then a hyper preterist conference. Lamb can’t and shouldn’t be trusted as he has clearly demonstrated the survival of his “Christian” network means more to him then demonstrating Christian integrity.

I titled the post I made in January “Only Time Will Tell” because I wanted to give the Lambs a chance to demonstrate their integrity. I guess it didn’t take too long for them to show their true colors did it?


11 Responses to “Marcus and Joni Lamb Endorse Juanita Bynum!”

  1. Marianne said

    Juanita Bynum did not fall….she was already down there.

    see video


  2. pamela said

    how quickly we are to judge. remember the Word–about the splinter and the beam…judge not …..
    we tend to forget that to err is human, to forgive is divine. i pray that IF they are all you say they are that they repent and turn from their wicked ways. And if they do not, well…that’s between them and God. Be careful how you speak to and about Gods chosen. Hate the sin…love the sinner
    God bless

  3. Linda B said

    There is a difference between judging a person by their action and judging their heart, which only God can do and that is what the scripture you incorrectly quoted means. Please know that I am not attacking you, but you are implying that both the writer of the article and the first comment posted are judging the Lambs and Miss Bynum unfairly, when it doesn’t appear to be the case. We are told in the scriptures to test all things, especially people who claim to be preaching God’s Word, we need to have discernment and be watchers on the wall.
    I for one firmly believe false teachers should be called out, they are wolves in sheeps clothing and are deceiving far too many in the churches who are taught never to “judge” and to just follow whatever their pastor says, without any searching of the scripture or guidance from the Holy Spirit, no wonder the church is in the mess it’s in!
    I am not saying it’s ok to just slander anyone we feel like but come on, have you ever watched Joni and Marcus? they are far from what I consider Godly teachers, they preach a watered-down, ear tickling teaching and have nothing but false teachers on their show, which I don’t watch at all, I watched it a few times and that was enough for me to see it’s just as full of apostasy as TBN.
    Actually the Bible does teach us to judge, and to be careful, to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves. Far too many people are taught wrongly on this and the end result is not trusting the urging of the Holy Spirit when we see these false teachers, to turn away from them.
    We all need to seek the Lord day and night and pray and read His Word and ask for help and discernment in these things.
    I apologize for the long winded reply but something in Pamela’s reply struck a chord with me and I felt led to address it, I pray my reply is taken in a spirit of love and not of division.

  4. Lynn said

    Where does this leave someone like myself who is a shut in? I am disabled, and too sick to go to church. I was going to church, and even the church I was going to was not my taste. Oh, the preaching was good, but not strong. But it was the music that bothered me. I moved here 10 years ago with my new husband, and did not know where to go to church, and this was the largest, most beloved christian church in the city. The pastors are kinldly and love the lord. There preaching was seeming to be getting watery, though. But the music was all praise and worship, and loud, with full guitar, bass, drums, dancing tamborine lady and more. It was not what I got saved into, which was a Baptist church, which sang old time hymns, and was more conservative.

    Anyway, I can no longer go to church, as I am disabled, and use a wheelchair, an electric wheelchair, and cannot afford a wheelchair van. My wheelchair weighs 800 lbs. And I couldn’t sit through a service anyway, I am too sick. I have been house bound for over two years, except for doctors appointments and hospital stays. I don’t know what it is like to be outside for more than 5 minutes at a time, to feel the sun and wind on my face. How I would love that.

    I am forced to look on the tv and online for my preaching. And I do need preaching. I fight depression, as well, and it is only God that keeps me alive and focused. I try to read as much as I can, but my medications make it hard, as I am on a lot of morphine and other medications. Who am I supposed to watch? I like some of the shows on Daystar. I watch it everyday. It is better than Word. I like Charles Stanley, for example. How can I have a ministry from my bed? Can you give me some answers?

  5. Job said


    Thank you for your challenge. I will point out that many churches, local fellowships, offer ministries for the sick and shut – in.

    Second, I shall say that the NRB Network, while not perfect, is vastly superior to Daystar, TBN, TCT and the Word Network.

    Fourth, I suggest primarily using the Internet. In particular, strongly consider Sermon Audio, which is They have a feature where if you sign up for a free account, the churches registered through Sermon Audio that are closest to you will show up in terms of their distance to you.

    Please let me know if you are having any issues with either finding the NRB Network on television, or in particular using Sermon Audio. Thank you!

  6. LindaB said

    I hear your frustration in your post loud and clear, and I will pray for you. I too am disabled but am blessed that I can still walk and drive so I am not shut in like yourself, I am sorry for your situation and can’t say I understand how you feel because I couldn’t possibly, all I can do is offer a word of comfort and encouragement to you.
    Even though I CAN still get out let me tell you it is getting harder to find a church that doesn’t water down the Word, at least where I live. We moved to where we live now two years ago, we had to get away from the city, the noise and crowding were making my health worse and both my husband and myself are country people anyway. Long story short, we had to leave our church, a good, KJV preaching, teaching church. All this was after much prayer btw. Well, we started looking for a church close to home, we prayed and searched, prayed and searched. Thought we found one but it turned out to be bad, real bad.
    So now we are back at square one all over again. Both my husband and I have health problems so it is becoming more of an issue to be able to go any distance to fellowship, which we have to do if we want to stay at our old church. It isn’t easy and I wish I could be of more help to you but perhaps the link Job posted would help, plus you can watch good teachers like R.C. Sproul and Alastair Begg online.
    I will be praying for you and I hope the Lord helps you find something you can watch that will minister to you.
    God bless you and keep you well.

  7. Bob Baker said

    I’ve been a Christian over 40 yrs. I got into a fundamental pentecostal church and was misguided for years. I have a hard time listening to a lot of preachers but we have to let them preach as long as they aren’t misleading people. Some things are just that-things! Some things are misleading the body. When the disciples complained to Jesus that some were preaching salvation and were not using the right attitude, whether to promote Jesus or to spite Jesus, Jesus said to let them preach because salvation was still being received by people.

    We are to judge what is happening and warn people if people are preaching wrong things that will cause people to miss eternity. As we judge so shall we be judged. Meaning, if you say it’s wrong to steal, do you? If we judge according to the statutes of God we are going to be judged the same, SO! The all “grace and love” preaching would believe the lie of Satan that we are not to judge. If we don’t stand for the truth who will? We will stand with God in the last time and be judges. What about the scripture that says we are to go to a brother who is in sin and try to restore him. Who is to judge if a brother is in sin?!

    These highly visible preachers are stupid some times. They are under great attack from Satan. Hold them up in prayer anyway. I criticized two preachers on a telethon one time to God. I called them idiots and God commanded me to give to the telethon for it. He said it was my attitude that he was dealing with and not to be concerned about them, that was His job.

    I have prayed for prominent preachers over the years from Jimmy Swaggart to Binny Hinn and have seen God change them within days. Do you think you can do the same?

    We have a bigger battle to fight. I have a full blown Muslim family that just moved across the street from me. Full covering head to foot.

    I am tired of these Christian witch hunt groups that are only interested in pointing out every flaw in other ministries. My daughter got her life turned around in a Rodney Howard Brown revival in Lakeland. There was nothing conjured or staged about her restoration. She didn’t want to be there. Don’t tell me it was all the devil. If you do, I will have to believe you are an instrument of the devil yourself.

    It’s time for all of us to insist on accountability for our leaders. Yes, they need forgiveness, but I don’t agree they can just turn around and continue as if nothing happened. That sends a bad example to the church and the new Christian. There are consequences and they need to step down for awhile.

    I am glad to see the comments already posted.

  8. paula whiters said

    For the shut-in…The church you attented should have taken care of you once you became disabled. It is the church’s responsibility to take care of widows and orphans and the ill. I am tired of ministries lining the pockets of the principles and doing nothing for the community. However, they do not mind asking and begging the community for money. We as Christians need to require fiscal responsibility and make sure ministries are doing what they should for desperate people. Turn in the limosines and mansions and spread the wealth amongst those who send in letters recounting their hardships.

    • Lynn said

      Paula, I thank you for your sentiments. I do so wish that my church had been there for me. I miss being there in the congregation and hearing the music, and hearing the messages. I miss the people that I knew, but feel saddened by their lack of ministry in this respect- not just to me, but in general.

      I have since gleaned many meaningful blessings daily from Christian television. It is all I have now, in the ‘human’ realm, but I have much in the spiritual realm, and I trust that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, will see my afflication and answer my prayers and entreaties. I need a wheel chair van, a handicapped accessible apartment that is afforable on social security (not an easy feat) and a church with a pastor that knows how to lead the flock in love and leans only on the authority of God’s word and the finished work of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With those things, I can have a meaningful life back.

      As it is, I am now homeless and bouncing from one relative to another, waiting for an apartment to open up that I can afford. We are not a wealthy family, so my answer does not lie there.

      My disease allows me periods of doing “better” and periods of doing “not well”. I have post-polio syndrome, for anyone who is familiar with it, and mine is rapidly progressing, which is baffling, as I do not do much physically. There is a chance there are other, yet undiagnosed things going on with me, I have been told. I have recently been diagnosed with an immune disorder, as well, that also is part of a “yet undiagnosed” other disorder, so we will see.

      At a time when we are looking to the return of our Lord, and the enemy is working overtime to do all he can to discourage Christians and to turn away others who would hear the gospel of truth to beleiving lies instead, we must stick together as a body. I do not get to be with the body of Christ, ever. I live with a non beleiver, who discredits what I say about Christ, and there is no one to pray with me. I would gladly accept any of you over here for an hour or two for a visit.

      But I don’t say this just for myself. As I look through various internet sites and read different blogs, etc, and see Christians cutting up other Christians in these last days because they don’t follow the ‘letter of the conservative, non-evangelical, non-pentacostallaw’, I can’t help but wonder how our Lord feels as he watches. He was human as we are, and so knows the range of human emotion. As God, what does he feel? Does God feel more than love and anger? Do we look foolish in his sight? Does he feel hurt as we bicker in his name? Or are we availing ourselves of his grace with liberality? As Paul said, “What then? shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid.” That then begs the question, what should we, as Christians, in these times, be giving our attention to? What we as individual believers see as one another’s sins or the sins of the world for which Jesus died? I choose to pay attention to the sins of the world and to try to bring the message of Christ in any way I can, which, at this present time, is through any internet portal that will bring me to the attention of an unbeliever, as I scour and search this web every day.

  9. Michelle said

    Lynn, I am so sorry to hear of your health issues. I just sent you out in prayer and will continue to stand in agreement for your breakthrough, as it comes to mind.

    My heartfelt suggestion to you at this time Lynn is to plug into Christian Televison(Daystar &/or TBN)more than ever. I’m confident that as you surrender your heart to the Lord while allowing the annointed men and women of God to minister to you, God will give you the peace you need and open the doors you desire.

    You can also visit the majority of the ministers that are featured on the networks, websites. They generally have streaming live or archives were you can watch specific messages that will minister to your specific need.

    God will look at your heart… don’t miss out on what he has for you due to lack of knowledge.

    Be Greatly Blessed and Encouraged!
    Love you, Michelle

  10. Rh2rich said

    Dear All,

    I am WAY late, to this post, but since the last one was just a few months ago, I wanted to put some thoughts in.

    Having faith in any society has always been difficult, because there are those people who prey on the believer in order to take what they have.

    Sometimes we find ourselves justifying, because we presume that justification is a major contributor to forgiveness, when it is not.

    The truth is that our Bible and our God call us to be wise so that we will not be deceived. But peeling away presumed facts, to find the real fiction, and/ or pushing through the fiction to get to the facts can be an experience that can break most men.

    In this case, having read some of the other things the author has written, I don’t get the feeling that cruelty is at the bottom of the post, just caution. And I think that what is being said needs to be heeded – when we give our money to false prophets we lead to them to hurt others and if on their way – they turn someone away from God – are we no just as responsible?

    We could throw Bible verses at one another all day, and where would it get us? Nowhere. My suggestion is this: Ask yourself, if you stood before God and He said to you, “My son/daughter, I revealed to you that someone was deceiving another and you walked away. Why did you not save your sibling?” If you can think about that question and shrug and say, it is not your place, then what I am saying is not for you. But if you look at that question and feel the slightest tug to jump in and help (like I feel this author has done), then I can say that I am proud of you – because it is a road that is so seldom taken.

    I am sorry that the Lambs chose to support those that have been shown to be wrong or faulty. I am sorry that ministers have fallen so hard – and I am even more sorry that so many have no good preacher to depend on.

    But I pray that God Blesses each of you!!

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